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A true and beginning of the year nutritional needs new fruits, vegetables and milk truth

By Milk True Love So.   Photo by Food Heaven Made Easy

New this year is a great opportunity to start new habits that we adopt. 

When we want adopt a healthier lifestyle plan or new welfare, food experts suggest to enjoy healthy and delicious, like milk cow instead of following fad diets that can be excluded essential for foods goups your health.

Manuel Villacorta (photo), Honored Dietitian-Nutritionist Registered:  "In order to keep your diet again must year to enjoy it. I therefore recommend a balance including cow's milk, fruits and vegetables. Milk true provides great benefits. It's a simple way to get 9 essential nutrients including 8 grams protein high quality. It starts the new year without sacrificing taste or food groups. "

For more, visit:  https://fuertesconleche.com/

"Pleibol!" It slips into the Smithsonian in autumn 2020

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire. Photos by Dallas Morning News & Lelands.com

By Melinda Machado 202-633-3129; machadom@si.edu O Valeska Hilbig 202-633-3129; hilbigv@si.edu , Media Website: http://newsdesk.si.edu

Washington, Jan. 8, 2020 - Before being a champion of the World Series, Anthony Rendon (photo), former third baseman for the Washington Nationals and now Angelino Los Angeles, was a child common, who was hired for the youth baseball at the YMCA in Houston. His shirt when he was small and his "first" baseball card will be shown at the upcoming exhibition of the Smithsonian, "Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues / neighborhoods and the big leagues" at the National Museum of History American from the October 9, 2020.

Rendon's story, like many families who love baseball in Latino communities, showing passion and dedication to the game. The bilingual exhibition will capture the excitement of the sport and highlight how Latinas and Latinos have transformed American culture and society through the lens of baseball, national pastime.

Traveling Exhibition Service Smithsonian Institution (SITES) carry a version of "Pleibol!" to 15 cities by 2025. In Washington, DC, the exhibition opens at the Gallery Documents Albert M. Small of the museum and will showcase more than 60 artifacts and objects such as baseball cards, programs and scrapbooks.

During the twentieth century in the United States and Latin America, baseball Latino communities offered a path to a better future. In agriculture and industry, workers used the baseball field as a space to organize for rights and justice.

" 'Pleibol!' presents stories of the big leagues, but is based primarily on communities and the reality of who and where allowed to play ball, "said Margaret Salazar-Porzio, curator in the Division of Culture and Community Life Museum. "The story shows how we played Latino communities, celebrated and changed the game."

In 2018, Latinos accounted players almost 30% of the 877 positions on the payroll in the major leagues, and there are Latinos scouts, managers and even owners of Major League teams Baseball. "Pleibol!" It focuses on how Latinos and Latinas precursors changed the game in the big leagues nationally and locally in their communities. The objects on display range from batting helmet Roberto Clemente (photo), (who has been in the collections of the Smithsonian since 1981) to the worn shirt of Pedro Martinez of the New York Mets and jacket team Linda Alvarado, co-owner the Colorado Rockies, and unique items like uniform girl Marge Villa, exalted to the Hall of the National Fame baseball, before he became one of the few Latinas play in the league Women's Professional Baseball of United States (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League). These artifacts will be exhibited along with works of art, scrapbooks, shirts baseball teams and leagues Community handmade, demonstrating the importance of baseball in the daily lives of Latino families. Many of these objects are new in the collections of the museum and had never been exhibited.

"Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues / neighborhoods and major league" is possible thanks to the close with more than 30 partners in 14 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico together to give visibility to stories Latino community through baseball. In a series of events collection and preservation for four years (2015-2018), the Smithsonian curators toured the country and collaborated with local partners to document and preserve stories of baseball in the heart of Latino communities. For more information, visit https://americanhistory.si.edu/

Olives from Spain continues to adapt to the American consumer

By PR Newswire

European olive, the ingredient that make a difference in your Christmas dinners

New  York, Dec. 19, 2019 - There comes the time of the year when families gather to share time and traditions. In some European countries, Christmas "starts" on 22 with the hope of winning the special Christmas lottery and continues with rituals and customs as special as riding Bethlehem, prepare Christmas dinners, take the twelve grapes countdown end of the year or wait for the arrival of the Magi with their gifts.

Unique and unforgettable moments where the (increasingly integrated into the American diet) European olive becomes a perfect ally for the Christmas banquet for its culinary versatility and ability to pair perfectly with all kinds of ingredients, resulting in countless creations. In addition, it is a food that combines the four basic tastes: sour, sweet, salty, acid and can be found in countless formats (whole, sliced, boneless ...) and varieties (Manzanilla, Queen, stuffed pepper ...).

The chef José Andrés, ambassador "Have an Olive Day" campaign that promotes European olive in the United States, knows perfectly the benefits and differential values of this food. The culinary innovator, despite being based in DC, continues to maintain its traditions and lives with a place in their country of origin eye. The "Chef Of The Year 2019" by the magazine Tapas, carries nearly three years introducing the Spanish olives in the US market with great acceptance and Christmas is a perfect time to strengthen its presence.

The Spanish know that America is the country of the melting pot, a pot where everything is mixed and where for years no lack of olives. This product, influential pillar of the Mediterranean diet is much more than a food and represents about European values that resonate with American culture as you mentioned dates. These two recipes irresistible, where it joins the best of the two cultures, evidenced by:

Video:  https://prnewswire2-a.akamaihd.net/p/1893751/sp/189375100/serveFlavor/entryId/1_vorlnptl/flavorId/1_t62v1dpm/prn_folder/MNR/prn_id/Publish+Order+Part%3a+PIV999469+file+identifier%3a+2075688/prn_flavor/HD_MP4/prn_filename/Olives+from+Spain

WEB:  https://www.haveanoliveday.eu/

With less than 54 days to Super Bowl LIV and the Committee of the Super Bowl Host Miami offers a preview of the event Super Bowl Live presented by Verizon

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Karla Fortuny, coordinator of media relations, The Committee of the Super Bowl Host Miami (786) 260-7592, kfortuny@miasbliv.com

The general description of the Super Bowl Live presented by Verizon and preliminary schedule for the festival fans are announced a week organized by the Host Committee at Bayfront Park

Miami, Dec. 23, 2019 - To celebrate the official countdown has 54 days to Super Bowl LIV, The Host Committee for Super Bowl Miami (MSBHC for short) provides a general advance of the Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon, the free festival for fans that will last a whole week and will highlight the vibrant cultural and music scene in Miami, which will take over the entire Bayfront Park during the week of the Super Bowl.

Photography band world-renowned and multi-platinum sales 'Fitz and The Tantrums', who will lead the Super Bowl Live presented by Verizon on Saturday 1. February. (PRNewsFoto / Miami Super Bowl Host Committee)

"Super Bowl LIVE completely transform the Downtown Miami," said Rodney Barreto, director of MSBHC. "Our team has worked hard to bring the game to all and create a memorable, fun and interactive for the Super Bowl for both visitors and residents."

Super Bowl Live presented by Verizon will take place from 25th January to 1st. February 2020. The festival for fans will feature evening concerts in the Amphitheater, the Huddle Down Community Stage, setting the Road Section to the 11th Super Bowl Tailgate Town with a culinary scenario, the Environmental Village Environmental Section, water live shows, night parades, fireworks and more. This will be the first time visitors and the general community will have the opportunity to celebrate everything related to the Super Bowl in a free event for the public in Downtown Miami.

In addition to Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon, fans will also kick off the most fantastic week of the year the opening night of the Super Bowl on January 27, 2020 at 7pm at Marlins Park and continue to celebrate the culmination of the season 100th NFL Super Bowl Experience at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The Super Bowl Experience open on January 25, 2020, with interactive games, autograph sessions and more. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit  https://www.nfl.com/super-bowl/event-info

StarKist® presents the figure to collect Charlie the StarKist TUNA ™ in Pop collection! Ad Icons hand Funko

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Michelle Faist, 412-323-7457, Michelle.Faist@StarKist.com

Pop vinyl figures! of the famous brand ambassador will be on sale for a limited time in the store Funko; to commemorate this great news, StarKist will make a donation to Feed the Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating child hunger

Pittsburgh, Dec. 18, 2019 - StarKist Co. has partnered with Funko, the manufacturer of pop culture around the globe, to present the figure of Pop !, vinyl limited edition Charlie the Tuna ®. Funko, known for its wide range of advertising icons (icons d) of pop culture, pay tribute to the famous mascot of the StarKist brand.

Charlie officially debuts today as Funko Pop! Ad Icon and figure sold exclusively at https://shop.funko.com/ at a price of $ 15.00. To commemorate this great news, StarKist will make a donation to Feed the Children, a nonprofit international organization dedicated to alleviating child hunger inside and outside the United States.

"We are happy to offer fans the best representative of the maritime world the opportunity to purchase these Pop! Ad Icons , " said Andy Mecs, vice president of marketing and innovation StarKist Co. "Charlie the Tuna ® has over 50 years giving him a StarKist ® fin, so we are excited to celebrate the mark left on pop culture with these figures. "

"We are excited to Charlie to join the list beloved Ad Icons that continue to delight lovers of pop culture," said Molly Hartney, marketing director Funko. "It is important to think about those who have less this holiday season and Funko StarKist recognizes the commitment to the work of Feed the Children".

StarKist will also hold a sweepstakes on Facebook to give figures fifteen Charlie the Tuna ® StarKist with the seal Pop! Ad Icons their more fortunate fans. Follow @StarKistCharlie for more information. The official rules for the draw are available at                                                                https://www.facebook.com/starkist/app/208195102528120/

If you purchased Infants' Tylenol, you may be entitled to receive cash from a class action lawsuit

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Children Dreams

Los Angeles, Dec. 16, 2019 - Milstein, Jackson, Fairchild & Wade, LLP Los Angeles, CA Heideman Nudelman & Kalik and PC in Washington, DC announced the achievement of a settlement proposal with Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. ( "JJCI") around the packaging of Infants' Tylenol. The plaintiffs argue that the packaging of Infants 'Tylenol (the text "Infants" and the image of a mother holding her baby) misleads consumers to the make believe that the Infants Product' Tylenol is unique / specially formulated for babies, when the bottle containing liquid acetaminophen in the same concentration as Children's Tylenol product and thus leads consumers to spend more buying Infants' Tylenol. JJCI denies all allegations of cheating by the plaintiffs and claims that the security features of Infants 'Tylenol, especially the syringe that comes with the product for safe doses to the administer to very young children, it means that the Infants denominations' ( baby) and children's (for children) are different products. The agreement is the result of not accepting any infringement.

You are included in the agreement as "part of the class action" if it is in the United States and bought Infants' Tylenol at any time for personal or household use between 3 October 2014 and January 6, 2020.

a fund will be created 6,315,000 $ and JJCI has agreed to abide by measures of injunctive relief. After deducting administrative costs, fees and expenses of counsel for the class action and compensation for service plaintiffs cited, the balance will be used to pay claims of the parties to the class action, who may claim $ 2.15 per bottle Infants' Tylenol purchased up to seven vials ($ 15.05) without proof of purchase or an unlimited number of bottles with proof of purchase. You must submit a claim form before the April 13, 2020 to receive a payment resulting from the agreement.

If you belong to the class action and no claim form, your rights will be affected, but will not receive a payment derived from the agreement. If you do not wish to be legally bound by the agreement it should be excluded before 13 April 2020. If you stay in the agreement (ie, if it is not excluded), may object before the April 13, 2020.

For more information, see http://www.infantstylenolsettlement.com/ or dial 1-866-458-2108.  Elkies v. Johnson and Johnson Services, Inc. Case No. 2. 17-cv-07320 (CD Cal.).

Chamber of Commerce Minority in the United States (CCMUSA), launched a national campaign to collect toys for children deported to Honduras under the slogan "The Caravan of Love and Joy of the People of the United States to Children of Honduras, in this Christmas"

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by OtrasVocesenEducacion.org

Miami, Dec. 16, 2019  - The Chamber of Commerce Minority in the United States whose base of operations is in Miami and together with its subsidiaries located in Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and New York, has launched a campaign to collect toys for children in Honduras, where it is estimated that more than 7, 500 pieces of toys carry joy to children deported from the Central American country. Delivery will start from December 23 and ends on 26 of the same month, visiting 17 cities in Honduras. This humanitarian initiative is under the motto "Caravan of Love and Joy of the American people of Honduras to children this Christmas , " take the affable and gracious spirit of America.

"In December, no doubt, is the time that more is expected in the year, hoping to be able to receive a gift. Children and young Hondurans who were recently deported from the United States today live in situations deep crisis, and we want to alleviate them with joy and details from the heart of the American people , "said Doug Mayorga, CEO of CCMUSA, and coordinator of the national effort. "It is up to the US private business sector to do our part, in a crisis that governments can not solve, as it is illegal immigration. This is lack of bread and work, and will only be achieved by establishing business mechanisms for talented people, make Honduras through new business ventures. This initiative love delivering toys is being organized together with donors, US companies and the people in general. "

According to reports CCMUSA, more than 10, 000 children in Honduras were deported to the Central American country in the last 6 months. The needs of Honduran children are huge and today, they have become frontline targets post stress deportation lasting trauma. The humanitarian situation also robs children of health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education and other basic needs. The CCMUSA calls on governments, multilateral agencies, philanthropic organizations in a common front against the urge to protect children living in post traumatic crisis, and are threats to their lives, their welfare and dignity.

On the CCMUSA: It is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, which last November 15 established a center to assist economic development in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This in order to create a new roadmap to the business sector of the country and rural municipalities. Establishing countless programs enterprise resource highlighting the recently deported from the United States immigrants. One of the platforms is assist in opening new businesses, preparing to economic goals. The organization conducts and supports projects to promote entrepreneurship education, inclusion, protection and participation for scholarships to American universities, corporate sponsorship with fortune 1000 companies, and plan public-private partnerships with philanthropic donors in the United States. More information: www.minoritychamber.net .

For deliveries of toys to children aged 5 to 14 years, you can make it reach the center of preparing and distributing the CCMUSA located at 384 Palmetto Drive, Miami Springs, Florida, 33166 or you can call (786)406-2190 or the at the center of national collection (202) 250-0260.

To pick up at your site, please contact: MARIA Loáisiga, director@minoritychamber.net, (786)406-2190

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® and Univision Collaborate to raise $ 4.7M for its national radiothon - Promise and Esperanza®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire & Richard Din, richarddin@stjude.org

Listeners, celebrities and personalities from Univision support the campaign #EstaCamisetaSalvaVidas

Memphis, Tennessee, December 13, 2019 - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ® with 15 different radio markets Uforia Audio Univision, grossed $ 4.7 million during the national event Promesa y Esperanza ® - which it was held on 5 and 6 December. Events like this help to inspire donors to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and ensure that families never receive a bill for treatment, transportation, lodging and meals - because we believe that the only concern families should be to help their children to live.

The event lasted two days radio encouraged the radio, television and digital Univision throughout the country that they become Angels of Hope with a monthly donation of $ 20 or more. With its commitment, monthly donors receive an exclusive t - shirt with the phrase "This shirt saves lives , " the Spanish version of the renowned campaign, "This Shirt Saves Lives", offering the opportunity to join the digital movement supported by - donors around across the country, along with celebrities and influencers of social networks.

"As one of the most influential media organizations in the country, consider it a great honor and privilege to host the annual radio campaign Promesa y Esperanza ® and support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ® https://www.stjude.org/  Our both radio equipment, TV, digital and social networks, is proud to support the campaign - #EstaCamisetaSalvaVidas and mission and the beautiful work that St. Jude takes place every day, "said Jesus Lara, president of Univision Communications Inc radio. "Listeners Univision demonstrate their commitment and support to the work of the hospital to become donors and -luciendo proudly his shirt, #EstaCamisetaSalvaVidas. Together we are committed to ending child cancer in the United States and around the world."

Univision Radio supported this event through all national and local platforms. Various artists, influencers and popular Univision personalities participated.

St. Jude began holding radiomaratones in 1998 and launched its first Hispanic Radiothon nationwide with Univision stations in New York, Miami and Los Angeles in 2006. The National Radiothon took place for the first time in all markets radio Univision in 2009. Since its inception, the national event Jude / Univision has raised more than $ 75 million.

"Thanks to the tireless work of our great affiliates such as Univision, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital can deliver innovative research and cutting-edge treatments against cancer all childhood cancer patients in the US and throughout the world," said Richard C. Shadyac Jr., President and CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising organization and knowledge of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "Together, we will not rest until no child dies in the dawn of life."

GenTrust Financial Advisory Office Opens in Puerto Rico

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Twitter
By Deborah Kostroun, Zito Partners, (201) 403-8185, deborah@zitopartners.com

San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 13, 2019 - GenTrust an investment advisory firm with a fiduciary duty to its customers, has expanded its commitment to serve Puerto Rico with the launch of a office in San Juan. This expansion will allow GenTrust offer even more personalized advisory services for individuals, families and institutions in Puerto Rico and the region.

"Our team of consultants has more than two decades of experience serving Puerto Rican institutions and customers," said George Perez, financial advisor and co-founding partner of GenTrust. "It seemed natural to open an office in Puerto Rico given our understanding of the financial, economic and development in the region. We are focused on being fiduciary for our clients, a responsibility which we believe has been pending for a long time in the community financial of the island. We are delighted to expand beyond our offices in New York and Miami. "

As part of its expansion plans, GenTrust be hiring administrative staff and financial advisors to serve customers on the island. The new office, located in the office building of the Caribbean, will be directed by Elena Hernández, member of GenTrust Puerto Rico and financial advisor. The Ms. Hernandez was born and raised in Puerto Rico and was one of the first students at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, to be recruited by Goldman Sachs to the graduate.

"The economy of Puerto Rico has a future encouraging and we believe it is the right time to establish our office and provide advisory services and financial planning and investment transparently oriented customized solutions, '' Hernandez said. '' Our approach , priority and responsibility as trustees is the interest and welfare of the client, this difference in approach and service is crucial for the welfare of Puerto Ricans and economic growth on the island is the future of the financial advisory industry. ''.

"We believe we are uniquely qualified to help the entrepreneur, investor, individual, family and Puerto Rican institution to preserve and increase their wealth," Hernandez said.

For more information, visit https://gentrustwm.com//

Tony the Tiger® and The Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation join forces to help provide children in public middle schools in El Paso the opportunity to play sports

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Kellogg's Media Hotline, (269) 961-3799, media.hotline@kellogg.com ; Weber Shandwick, Mia McWilliams, (312) 988-2063, mmcwilliams@webershandwick.com ; DICK'S: Press@dcsg.com

Battle Creek, Michigan, December 12, 2019  - The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl will talk in El Paso on New Year's Eve, but the mission dedicated to helping sports in schools media education became a reality today in the "City of the Sun". Kellogg's Frosted Flakes' Mission Tiger ™ joined forces with pioneer who helps kids to play sports, The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation (dsgf, for its acronym in English), and delivered a donation of Sports Matter (in English) https://www.sportsmatter.org, to all sports departments of public middle schools in El Paso (totaling $ 500,000) to help provide a greater number of students from middle schools access to sports.

LaDainian Tomlinson, member of the Hall of Fame of the Football Professional, Tony the Tiger and representatives of the Foundation of The DICK'S Sporting Goods announced today that all public high schools in El Paso, TX receive a subsidy grants for sports, for total - $ 500,000-- on behalf of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Mission Foundation Tiger and Sports Matter of the Dick's Sporting Goods. The duo came together to help give high school students in El Paso, the opportunity to play sports, delivering truckloads of new sports equipment. (PRNewsFoto / Kellogg Company)

This unprecedented partnership between one of the brands of cereal favorite breakfast in the United States and the founding of the company's largest sporting goods in the United States seems hard to believe, but both share the mission of helping Mission Tiger ‖ Sports Matter Mobile to promote sports in schools. Today's efforts are aligned with the initial mission of the Sun Bowl in 1935 to help needy children.

Along with The DICK'S Foundation, Tony the Tiger he called his friend, former player of the Sun Bowl and member of the Hall of Fame football, LaDainian Tomlinson, to give the news. Tony Tomlinson and toured the city to deliver sports teams aspiring young athletes at Wiggs Middle School.

This collaboration is the latest chapter in Mission Tiger (in English), an initiative of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes to promote sports in middle schools across the country. For months, Tony has been planning to take Tiger Mission, which raises awareness and helps fund sports programs in middle schools at risk through a partnership for several years with the nonprofit organization DonorsChoose- Tony the Tiger ™ Sun Bowl, but could not do it on their own. Because of the considerable goal of giving the opportunity to play sport all children of middle schools in El Paso, Tony called The DICK'S Foundation for help to realize this part of his mission.

"In DICK'S believe that sports help people to be better and we are committed to supporting all young athletes who need it through our Sports Matter program," said Aimee Watters, executive director of The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation. "We are proud to partner with Tiger Mission to provide funds and much needed solutions to the communities we serve, especially here in El Paso."

In August 2019, it was announced at Kellogg's Frosted Flakes as the main sponsor of the newly named Tony the Tiger ™ Sun Bowl, which made Tony the Tiger in the first mascot to lend his name to a super game of school football.

"El Paso is a city that has touched all of our hearts this year for many reasons, so along with DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation, we could not be happier to generate this incredible impact," said Brant Wheaton, director of marketing for Kellogg US ready -to-eat cereal segment. "Sports are vital to teach leadership, teamwork and confidence in children, and that is why Mission Tiger and Sports Matter are essential to fill the funding gap affecting sports programs middle schools throughout the country".

Tips for unforgettable celebrations this season!

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Luis Carlos Rabago, Diageo North America, luis.rabago@diageo.com, (203) 690.0860

New York, Dec. 10, 2019 - parties have officially begun! It's time to prepare to enjoy a time of unforgettable celebrations with family and friends. Whereas alcoholic drinks are present on social occasions how are you in Diageo are some tips to help make positive choices to celebrate responsibly.

#JoinThePact to never drive impaired

Before leaving should be organized homecoming ahead and designate a driver or ask for a transfer from the app preference. Never drink and drive, let alone at this time of the year as one in three fatal crashes in the US occur during the holidays (according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 2018). Through the program Join the Pact , anyone who wishes can also be attached to more than 20 million consumers who have pledged to never drink and drive.

Never leave an empty stomach and make sure you eat something before any celebration!

It is always advisable to plan how much you drink before going out and share it with friends and family - this is a way to help meet the plan.

During the celebration, it is always advisable to coordinate fun activities that do not focus on drinking as organizing a fun karaoke night or games.

Collate food and water helps to space the drinks with alcohol.

It is not the type of alcohol, but the amount! Alcohol containing beer, wine and spirits has the same effect on the body. The important thing is to moderate consumption.

Does the celebration will be at home? The best host is one who cares for her guests. Some tips to consider:

Prepare a menu or have enough snacks, from vegetables with dip, popcorn or chips up. The important thing is to serve food always.

Provide water and range of beverages, both alcoholic and non with low alcohol content.  Allow guests to take account of their drinks to the let the finish completely. Constantly fill your glass can cause them to lose track of how much you have consumed.

Facilitate contact of taxi or other transportation options for guests to arrive safely home.

You can learn more interesting facts about the effects of alcohol on the body and tips to celebrate this season responsibly responding to the quiz DRINKiQ:  https://www.diageo.com/en/in-society/drinkiq/alcohol-facts-us/

Post offices will be closed on Christmas Day, on Wednesday, 25 December and New Year 's Day, on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Kim Frum, kimberly.a.frum@usps.gov, usps.com/news

Washington, Dec. 5, 2019  - The post offices nationwide will be closed on Christmas Day, on Wednesday, December 25, 2019 and New Year's Day, on Wednesday, January 1 2020. All post offices will be open after the holidays, and regular mail delivery resumes on December 26 and January 2.

Some offices may have extended hours prior to the holidays, while others may have limited hours on Christmas Eve, Tuesday , December 24th. Although there are no plans for a limited schedule on New Year 's Eve, Tuesday , December 31, customers should always consult their local post offices to verify hours of operation.

Blue collection mailboxes final collection schedules before 12 pm (noon) they will not be affected by the anticipated closing of December 24. If a mailbox has a collection end time after 12 pm, email can be collected before. To collect mail on December 24, please put your mail in blue collection boxes before noon, regardless of final collection times posted on the mailbox. As a reminder, blue collection boxes have no service on Sundays.

Customers who have items to send by mail after hours gathering scheduled on December 24 should consult the Postal Locator (Postal Locator) on the site tools.usps.com to find the local post offices that may be open later .

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

Statements Fred Ryan, chairman of the board of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, regarding the death of Yasuhiro Nakasone

By PR ewswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Star Tribune
By Melissa Giller, 805-522-2977

Simi Valley, California, December 1, 2019 - With deep sadness we learned of the death of former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone. For President Reagan, Prime Minister Nakasone was "a friend, a colleague wise ... and an important ally."

Ronald Reagan and Yasuhiro Nakasone

Together, they worked closely together to strengthen and preserve a close relationship between Japan and the United States at a time when both countries enjoyed growing economies and shared crucial responsibilities in the Pacific. The link between Ron and Yasu stands out among all the relations between the Japanese and US leaders in the modern era. During the eight years that President Reagan was at the front of the government only invited two international leaders to meetings at Camp David; One was the Prime Minister Nakasone in 1986 (the other was the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher).

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute logo

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute extends its deepest condolences to the family Nakasone and the Japanese people. "

Blue Shield of California Launches Initiative to state long term will focus on promoting mental health of students in California

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Oakland, California, December 2, 2019 - A mental health crisis is affecting young people in California. Studies show that one in five students in the US It has a dire need for mental health. However, in California, very few of those affected receive the help they need. 1.2

School-based mental health clinician Rosalind Kingsley-Hurst sits down with a high school student for a one-on-one session. Rosalind is one of 19 mental health professionals recently placed in public schools in Alameda and San Diego counties through Blue Shield of California’s BlueSky initiative on student mental health.

To address this problem, Blue Shield of California BlueSky launch a long-term collaboration with the California Department of Education and nonprofit organizations as Wellness Together, National Alliance on Mental Illness and DoSomething.org.

The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness, active defense and access to mental health resources among students of secondary schools and high schools in California. Blue Shield of California BlueSky increase the presence of mental health practitioners in schools, train teachers to help them detect symptoms of mental health problems and empower students with resources in person and online.

"Mental and emotional health play an essential role in the overall well-being of a person, starting in childhood," said Paul Markovich, president and CEO of Blue Shield of California. "We all go through difficult times, however, the future of each person depends on their ability to cope with life's challenges. Our goal with Blue Shield of California BlueSky is to help students develop their resilience and emotional wellbeing the present, which will give them a lifetime of good health. "

A team of researchers from the Institute Philip R. Lee for the Study of belonging Health Policy at the University of California, San Francisco, assess the Blue Shield of California BlueSky initiative to determine the impact on the results student-level and school.

"Educators are in the forefront in recognizing the adverse childhood experiences as a public health crisis. The studies claim that positive relationships between adults, support among peers and mental health services are essential to help youth overcome these negative experiences. This collaboration is a real example of the intersection between education and health, "said Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, director general of public health of California.

For more information about Blue Shield of California BlueSky initiative and links to resources related to student mental health, visit    https://news.blueshieldca.com/bluesky?utm_source=mail&utm_medium=flier&utm_campaign=SignatureInitiative2019

Panda Express & The Coca-Cola Company invite you to take a Coca-Cola and bring joy in this holiday season

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire & Panda@havasformula.com

Allied Food & Drink Vow to Donate a quarter million dollars Hospitals Children's Miracle Network from November 25 to December 28

Rosemead, California, November 25, 2019 - Panda Express https://www.pandaexpress.com/ and The Coca-Cola Company today announced its "Have a Coke and brings joy" (Get a Coke & Give Good  Cheer) a campaign created to inspire hope and bring joy to children and families in difficult moments this holiday season. From November 25 to December 28, whenever customers purchase any drink Coca-Cola in your local restaurant Panda Express, will be helping both adonar business Christmas gifts and encourage thousands of children in hospitals Children's Miracle Network (CMN) across the country (up to a value of $ 250,000). Hospitals Children's Miracle Network have been associated for a long time the Foundation Panda Cares https://www.pandacares.org/, the philanthropic arm of Panda Express, which supports the health and education of poor children around the country.

"The holidays is a time of year where smiles should be plentiful, yet there are many people facing difficulties at this time," said Dr. Peggy Cherng, Co-CEO of Panda Express. "As a family company founded on values ​​of love and retribution to the community, we hope to bring fun and laughter to children and families who need it most, not only now but throughout the year. All Panda Express family, together with our valuable ally the Coca-Cola Company and our customers have the opportunity to create a chain of compassion and charity throughout the country. "

"The impact of Panda Express and Panda Cares have had on the lives of people is inspiring for us. We share your commitment to help local communities," said Katherine Twells, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Coca-Cola North America. "This season, we are delighted to work together to create a positive impact in favor of needy families in hospitals Children's Miracle Network".
Hospitals Children's Miracle Network is one of 10 children in North America each year, and every minute 62 children admitted to a hospital for care affiliate. The campaign "Have a Coa-Cola and brings joy" unifies Panda Bear and Polar Bear to help sick and injured children who are cared for 170 children's hospitals throughout North America. Each drink Coca-Cola bought at Panda Express will contribute to this important cause, which means that customers will help these two industry leaders to support up to 10 million young lives end of the year.

"Every child treated in hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network has an amazing professional medical team that supports them," said John Lauck, president and CEO CMN Hospitals. "And the same as our hospitals, we have partners outstanding corporate who commit to hope provide and happiness to the sick and injured children receiving treatment every day in our hospitals. Excites us that Panda Express and Coca-Cola join during this time to help children and their families to celebrate this season. "

Coca-Cola has been at the heart of the New Year celebrations for decades, spreading joy with the iconic Coca-Cola Holy , Polar Bear and his Christmas package. All bottled drinks Coca-Cola are included in the campaign "Have a Coa-Cola and brings joy." For more information, visit www.pandaexpress.com/givegoodcheer .

* From 25 November 2019 until 28 December 2019, Coca-Cola and Panda Express will donate 1% of gross sales of all products of Coca-Cola's hospitals Children's Miracle Network up to $ 250,000.

Northgate Gonzalez Market celebrates opening of its newest store in Riverside, California

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Stephen Chavez, (310) 486-4104, stephen@milagro-chavezpr.com

Riverside, California, November 21, 2019 - Northgate Gonzalez Market, Latino family themed supermarket chain top-level California, today celebrated the opening of its newest store, located in Riverside.

In celebration of the opening of the new Northgate Gonzalez Market in Riverside were present: Jim Perry, councilman; Miguel Gonzalez, co-chairman of Northgate Market; Estela Gonzalez, president of the Foundation Reynoso-González; and Alicia Gonzalez, owner. (PRNewsFoto / Northgate Gonzalez Market)

The store is located at 10391 Magnolia Ave ., Riverside, and welcomes the continued commitment of the company to serve local communities with a wide variety of services and items fresh and affordable food quality.

"We are delighted with the amazing reception Riverside Community at the opening of our newest store," said Miguel Gonzalez, co-chairman of Northgate Market. "Our arrival at Riverside is part of a planned expansion of our brand in key markets, and is an opportunity to offer local consumers a real shopping experience to the customer service that will exceed everyone's expectations."

The new store has a community room available for non-profit organizations that need an area for meetings, and plans to introduce classes on diabetes, cooking, yoga and others. In addition, the store Riverside include a medical clinic, Wellness Clinic, where residents can receive medical services.

The supermarket is a success story of economic development for the City of Riverside. The new Northgate Market employs 224 people, and 168 of those positions are occupied by residents of Riverside and neighboring areas.

With an eye on convenience and busy lifestyles of today's buyers, the store will also offer hundreds of new items for those on the move, plus cash services easy transit.

As part of the celebration of the opening of Northgate, the company approached local community organizations and made contributions totaling $ 25,000 to support local programs and services.

The company offers its customers a full service supermarket with great meat department, bakery, tortilla, fresh produce and prepared foods; also has a large section of articles from national and imported Latin American warehouse to provide a true experience of the Mexican nation.

The store will be open daily from 6 am to 11 pm at 10391 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, California, 92505 .

Solis Health Plans organized the ride for seniors "A Walk for Health" 2019 at Hialeah Park and Casino Clubhouse

By PR Newswire & Media Contacts, Velocitas Interactive Marketing + Public Relations, Patricia Beitler / Abbi Sierra, media@velocitas.com | 305-735-9845

Miami, Nov. 21, 2019 - Solis Health Plans organized "A Walk for Health", a walk on the health and well - being for the public of South Florida on Saturday 2nd November at Hialeah Park and Casino Clubhouse ( 2200 East 4th Avenue, Hialeah, FL 33013 ). The event, which was attended by more than 1,000 residents of South Florida, was presented in partnership with the HOPE Foundation, Helping Our People Everyday.

With a focus on promoting health and wellness for people over South Florida afternoon was dancing and a lot of energy activities for older people to stand up and move while having fun. Partners of the event offered massages and other wellness activities.

In addition to the dynamic experience of physical, the festival featured professional dancers, artists, a live DJ, a pavilion to play dominoes and a kid's corner with face painting, along with delicious meals, gifts, raffles and prizes. Among the prominent attendees were state Sen. Rene Garcia and comedian and television personality José Carlucho.

The guests learned more details of the presenters partners of the event: Alivi, CareVantage Medical Centers, Clinical Care Medical Centers, Doctors Health Group Medical Centers, Finlay Medical Center, Medical Centers of Miami, Miami Beach Medical Group, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Omega Health Partners, PrimeCare Family Medical Centers, SunScripts OTC and 2020 Census.

For more information about Solis Health Plans, visit  https://www.solishealthplans.com/

Get Lost in Paradise, the new fragrance by Sofia Vergara

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Gia Gennuso | ggennuso@parlux.com

New York Nov. 19, 2019 - Sofia Vergara, businesswoman, actress and beauty icon, announces the launch of her new fragrance, Lost in Paradise by Sofia Vergara. With its captivating scent, this fragrance transports the wearer to a tropical utopia, full of delicious fruits and lovely flowers.

Inspired by the love of Sophia towards all things exotic, Lost in Paradise is an exquisite fragrance that blends fruity aromas and floral. "I wanted to create a fragrance that instantly raised the spirit of women and allowed to escape their own paradise, a world of fragrant luxury. Lost in Paradise achieved precisely this , " says Vergara, who collaborated with Laurent perfumer Guernec, IFF to develop the fragrance. Guernec says. "I wanted to incorporate nostalgic elements to evoke a feeling of true happiness in a tribute to the historical heritage of Sofia, the cream of Colombian soursop, the opulent white flowers and musk sultry create a pathway addictive escape for any woman who you embark on this adventure. "

A delicate blend of crisp red apple and green pear Nashi creates an intense fruity opening. The body of the fragrance emerges with elegance and opulent white flowers, delicate gardenias, lilies of the valley and sensual orange blossom. Irresistible and vanilla warm and earthy patchouli add contrast and richness to this island fragrance.

Save the Bays: Fashion designer Peter Nygard receives prison sentence in The Bahamas

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by tribune242.com

Nassau, Bahamas, November 19, 2019 - The Supreme Court of The Bahamas condemned the designer of Canadian fashion Peter Nygard to 90 days multándole jail US $ 150,000 for contempt of court in litigation long focused on emails stolen from an ecological group.

The emails stolen belonged to Save the Bays (STB), an environmental group nonprofit organization that has fought Nygard regarding dredging and activities of illegal development at home against the sea of ​​The Bahamas since 2013. These activities have destroyed the flora, fauna and habitat of the sea at Clifton Bay, an area whose natural beauty became famous in the James Bond movie "Thunderball".

In 2016, emails were stolen STB and read aloud in Parliament. In an unprecedented decision, a judge in the Bahamas issued the ruling that two members had violated the constitutional rights of STB and its members, and ordered to remain private email messages.

In October, it was found that Nygard had violated the court order. Nygard has not appeared in numerous hearings of the case in court and did not appear at the hearing on Friday, where Judge Ruth ML Bowe-Darville ordered to draft a complete apology, explaining his absence and promise in writing within seven days stop using emails.

"For decades, Peter Nygard has behaved as if he were above the law in The Bahamas," said attorney Fred Smith, director of STB whose emails were among those read in Parliament. "He has been convicted of contempt of court on four separate occasions by the Supreme Court of The Bahamas. His disrespect reiterated the administration of justice has finally brought consequences. I hope you have the courage enough to return to The Bahamas he claims to love both his sentence and pay a fine of $ 150,000. "

According to the ruling Friday, Nygard fined $ 5,000 for each day that does not comply with the orders of the court. $ 150,000 fine must be paid within a period until 22 November, otherwise it will be sentenced to an additional 30 days in jail and $ 5,000 extra for each unpaid day following the fine.

Luis Alejandro Castañeda of Colombia and Chinasa Ukandu of Nigeria win the "Future Stars" training program of WorldRemit and Arsenal

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Isabel Bolivar, ibolivar@worldremit.com

Thanks to the WorldRemit "Future Stars" program, two youth soccer coaches will travel to London for a personalized training session with the Arsenal Football Development coaches

London, November 16, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - WorldRemit, the leading digital remittance company and Arsenal, announced today that Luis Alejandro Castañeda Vargas of Colombia and Chinasa Ukandu of Uganda are the winners of the Future training program Stars 2019.

Both youth soccer coaches will prepare to travel to London and participate in a personalized training session with the Arsenal Football Development, sponsored by WorldRemit.

Luis and Chinasa were among the eight finalists, four women and four men, who were selected by a panel of judges from WorldRemit and Arsenal, for their commitment to teach football and empower young people, as well as the benefit of their communities.

After a public voting process on the https://futurestars.worldremit.com/    page in which 40,000 votes were received in less than three weeks, Castañeda and Ukando took first place, Luis received the most votes among the male finalists and Chinasa received the highest number of votes in the female category.

About Future Stars - The "Future Stars" program was developed by WorldRemit and Arsenal to celebrate the positive impact that youth soccer coaches have on their communities, helping children who train to develop life skills on and off the court.

Now, in its second edition, Future Stars received more than 1,400 virtual applications from different parts of Africa and America. This is the first time Future Stars has expanded to the Americas.

Luis Alejandro Castañeda - Luis is a volunteer coach for a soccer team for blind children in Bogotá and its surroundings. The team was created by his father 20 years ago to help young people develop their mobility and independence.

"I am very grateful to WorldRemit and Arsenal for this opportunity. I have always dreamed of traveling to London and I will use the experience acquired with Arsenal Football Development to raise awareness about Paralympic sports in Colombia and worldwide," said Luis Alejandro Castañeda, winner from Future Stars and blind soccer coach.

Chinasa Ukandu - Chinasa trains children from 5 to 16 years old. Together with friends, it provides young people with the opportunity to develop football and life skills at the Help the Talent Academy in Lagos state. He completed phase three of the Premier Skills Educator Coaches Course (an initiative of the English Premier League and the British Council) in 2015.

"I am very excited to have won the training in London and I can't wait to meet the Arsenal Football Development coaches. I love a challenge and I will use this opportunity to bring new skills to Nigeria and contribute to my community," said the winner.

NACOPRW leaders convene in San Juan Puerto Rico for their 45th Annual Leadership Conference

By Vilma Colom – National President, NACOPRW, Vilma_Colom@yahoo.net, 1-773-405-3535 & Wilson Nazario, 787-409-8376, wilson.nazario@gmail.com

November 14, 2019, San Juan, P.R. - The National Conference of Puerto Rican Women will hold its 45th Annual Leadership Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Marriott Hotel & Resorts November 15-17, 2019. NACOPRW members and friends – both men and women will gather for the conference entitled: “Building Bridges – Somos Uno”. Approximately 150 NACOPRW attendees including representatives from its chapters in California, Indiana, Illinois, Milwaukee, Pennsylvania, Washington, Tampa, New York and Florida will be in attendance.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to network with Puerto Rican leaders from across the United States who are working together to build stronger communities by fostering new leadership,” said National President, Vilma Colom. Keynote speakers include: Maria Quiñones Sanchez, Councilwoman 7th District, Philadelphia, PA; Julia M. Nazario, Major of Loiza, Puerto Rico; and Carmen “Yulín” Cruz Soto, Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico.

Attendees will benefit from workshop topics including Education, Healthcare, Financial Empowerment and Leadership Development.

The conference will kick off with a welcome reception hosted by the Women Affairs Commission and Club La Candelaria. The reception will take place on Friday, November 15 at 5;30pm at El Capitolio - Salón Leopoldo Figueroa, 1 Democracy Square, San Juan 00902, Puerto Rico.

NACOPRW is a 501(c )3 non-profit organization, which promotes the full participation of Puerto Rican and other Hispanic women in the economic, social and political life of the United States and Puerto Rico. Through the years NACOPRW has been recognized for its involvement in the community and efforts on women’s rights.

Visit our website at http://www.nacoprw.org/ to register or sponsor the conference.

Wingo Hamilton, LLP welcomes Joshua Klinck as new partner

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Dallas, Nov. 12, 2019  - The law firm of specialized lawyers in personal injury law Hamilton Wingo, LLP , based in Dallas, wishes to announce the arrival of the experienced lawyer Joshua Klinck
his team .

"We are pleased to welcome Joshua Klinck (photo), our team of lawyers," said Chris Hamilton, Hamilton owner and partner Wingo, LLP. "We are confident that the extensive experience of Joshua as representing accident victims will take you to zealously defend the interests of the clients of our firm." (PRNewsFoto / Hamilton Wingo, LLP)

"We are pleased to welcome Joshua Klinck our team of lawyers , " said Chris Hamilton, Hamilton owner and partner Wingo, LLP . "We are confident that the extensive experience of Joshua as representing accident victims will take you to zealously defend the interests of the clients of our firm."

Klinck has extensive experience in representing clients affected by personal injury in Texas. Is an experienced prosecutor who has successfully led hundreds of personal injury cases and recovered millions in favor of its customers through settlements and verdicts. Klinck has filed about 19 cases to the verdict of the jury in Texas.

"My passion is to help those who have suffered life-altering injuries by negligence of someone else," Klinck said. "I am excited to reach a firm with a track record proba in obtaining justice and verdicts very generous to their customers."

Klinck graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Texas Wesleyan University and earned a degree at Texas Christian University. It is certified to practice law in Texas, including the District Court of the District of North Texas in the United States.
About Hamilton Wingo, LLP - Trial lawyers Wingo Hamilton, LLP specialize in representing individuals in complex litigation where there is a lot at stake with fees subject to quota litis pact. They have obtained more than $ 100 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients. For more information contact Jason Hartline to the 214.234.7305 or send a message to jhartline@hamiltonwingo.com .

 WEB:  https://hamiltonwingo.com/

MEXICÁNICOS arrives in California and celebrates its 50 episode with one of the most popular bands of Mexican music

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sol Colom, sol_colom@discovery.com , 786-273-4418

Miami, Nov. 13, 2019 - MEXICÁNICOS arrives in Los Angeles and celebrates its 50th episode with a very special job! The original production of Discovery's successful new launches in Spanish loaded with new episodes on Monday , 25 November at 10 E / P during the programming block 'Monday engines'.

Brothers Jorge and Miguel, leaders of the northern regional group Voice Command, want to fulfill a dream: to have a replica of the "fantastic car". This leads to the workshop of Martin with the 1984 Camaro exclusive that Mexicánicos must transform following a miniature replica. Nothing is easy in this transformation, but Martin travels to California to deliver the dream car. This visit becomes an opportunity to discover that his fame crossed the border. He is happy to prove that the Mexican identity is still present in every compatriot who works away from their place of origin. Martin discovers that his transformations and stories function as a bridge between the two cultures. Being Mexican is also a passion, and each of their fans is what recalls.

Creative and temperamental Martin Vaca, along with his team, know that imagination has no limits, and this season are ready to prove again coming back to life a Shelby upscale Mexican a Bronco 79 on a chassis of last generation and Hummer limousine futuristic projection. In addition, for the first time a plane arrives at the workshop and Martin must enroll your best team to paint the vehicle following the exacting standards imposed by aviation rules. The novelties also include a new Chile Bus, a bus that pays homage to the agave and a new grandson.

MEXICÁNICOS is a production of Nippur Media. Michela Giorelli and Rafael Rodriguez are executive producers for Discovery in Spanish. The series will also be available in the app "GO Discovery in Spanish" and fans can access exclusive material, unreleased videos, trivia and interviews @mexicanicos Facebook and Instagram. https://www.facebook.com/mexicanicos
 and https://www.instagram.com/mexicanicos/

Trump not among Hispanics in Florida and difficulty reaching their Democratic opponents, according to a new survey by FAU.

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by latino4u.net
By Jim Hellegaard, 561-319-2233, jhellegaard@gmail.com

Boca Raton, Florida, November 6, 2019 - The approval rating of the President of the United States Donald Trump is at a rather low level among Hispanics in Florida, where it has lagged by wide margin for its main Democratic opponents aspiring to the presidency, this according to a survey of voters conducted in the entire state and conducted by the Initiative survey Economics and Business from Florida Atlantic University (FAU BEPI) at the School of Business.

The Business and Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI) at Florida Atlantic University conducts surveys on business, economic, political, and social issues with main focus on Hispanic attitudes and opinions at regional, state and national levels.

The survey of 600 registered voters shows that Hispanics generally have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, with 48 percent who did not approve of his job performance, while 31 percent do approve of his job performance, and 22 percent do not have some opinion. The percentage of approval Trump is at a rather low level among Hispanics in Puerto Rico, with 64 percent unfavorable and 19 percent favorable. However, Mexico Hispanics are divided, with 43 percent unfavorable and 38 percent favorable. Cuban provided a light in the darkness to Trump, with 47 percent favorable and unfavorable 28 percent.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received support from Hispanics gave 36 percent approval for the performance of their work, against 23 percent unfavorable and 34 percent did not submit an opinion.

In a hypothetical Republican primary, 77 percent would vote for Trump (photo), 12 percent by former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, 7 percent for former Massachusetts Gov. Bell Weld, and 5 percent by the former governor of South Carolina and Congressman Mark Sanford. Republicans accounted for 152 of those interviewed in the survey, establishing a margin for error in the vote of the Primary +/- 7.9 percent.

In the Democratic primary, the US Senator Bernie Sanders has a slight advantage with 27 percent of the vote, followed by former US Vice President Joe Biden to 21 percent, and US Senator Elizabeth Warren with 20 percent. Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development United States Julian Castro completed the top four with a 5 percent. Democrats accounted for 268 of those interviewed in the survey, establishing a margin for error in the vote Elementary +/- 6 percent.

In a comparison of opponents of a potential general election, Biden was the most powerful against Trump with an advantage of 65.7 against 34.3 percent. Warren also presented a similar result by defeating Trump with 64.9 percent against 35.1 percent, while Sanders defeated president with 62.1 percent against 37.9 percent.

Data were collected from October 30 to November 2 through a mixed sample with an online panel provided by a sample Dynata and landline provided by Aristotle Inc. and collected by IVR. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percent.

SCAN Health Plan gets 4.5 stars from CMS for the third consecutive year

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Formula Havas, Lindsay Denietolis, 619-234-0345, scanhealth@havasformula.com

US News & World Report named nonprofit plan as one of the best insurance companies in California Medicare Advantage

Long Beach, California, October 29, 2019 - SCAN Health Plan ®, one of the Medicare Advantage plans largest nonprofit organization in the country, earned a 4.5 star rating on a scale * five points of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) for the third consecutive year. As a result, the company was also nombradaen the list of the "Best insurance companies Medicare Advantage" by US News & World Report for the second consecutive year. In addition, SCAN received a rating of 90 percent in member satisfaction.

"We are very proud to receive once again a rating of 4.5 stars, which reflects the commitment with our employees and supplier partners to provide our members care and services of the highest quality," said Chris Wing, CEO of SCAN Health Plan. "Our rating of 90 percent in member satisfaction is very important because it is based on the experience that members have with the plan. Your feedback helps us to improve constantly and continue to provide benefits and services that help keep older adults healthy and independent. "

After the legislative and regulatory changes affecting Medicare Advantage, SCAN developed plan options to meet the needs of individual members, and is one of only two plans in California that has maintained its rating of 4.5 stars or more for three consecutive years . The star rating system, which established CMS to allow consumers to compare insurance plans Medicare Advantage objective criteria, annually allocates a score of one to five stars to the plans. The system measures factors including clinical outcomes, access to prevention, control chronic conditions and member satisfaction. The rating member satisfaction is based on responses from plan members to the annual survey of Consumer Assessment on providers and health care systems (CAHPS) CMS; These results are published each fall.

SCAN recently announced health plan benefits 2020 in Northern California and Southern California . Improvements in benefits for next year include lower costs you pay out of pocket, greater geographic reach with the debut of SCAN Health Plan in Stanislaus County. In addition, in 2020 SCAN many plans include various services to $ 0, as doctor visits, preventive care, hospitalizations, telehealth and transportation; Many plans also have additional benefits such as Fitbit dental benefits, SilverSneakers gym membership and emergency response systems.

The annual enrollment period for choosing a Medicare Advantage plan in 2019 runs from October 15 until December 7, 2019. In 2020, SCAN will remain available to eligible Medicare beneficiaries in 11 California counties: Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Sonoma, San Francisco, Napa, Santa Clara and Stanislaus now. For more information about plan benefits and registration details, visit https://www.scanhealthplan.com/plans-and-benefits?utm_source=aep_flyer&utm_medium=direct-mail&utm_campaign=aep2020  or  https://www.scanhealthplan.com/

Safety during the holidays is so important to you and the postal service

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Kim Frum, kimberly.a.frum@usps.gov, usps.com/news

Avoid slips, trips and falls during holidays

Washington, October 21, 2019 - Security is an issue that should concern us all year. However, with all the bustle of preparing for the holidays, safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind to most of us.

For the US Postal Service (USPS), safety is always a priority. Here are some tips that can not only help keep our postmen safe while delivering his Christmas gifts, but you and your family.

In the House - Safety, of course, begins at home. You can do some very simple things now to help reduce the risk of injury during the holiday season. If there is snow or ice on the ground, make sure shoveling and throwing salt on the sidewalk and steps so that both you and your postman can walk safely. Clean any accumulation of snow or ice around or on your mailbox.

For those who live in warmer climates, snow and ice are not a problem. But toys, pieces of equipment small garden, yard waste or other items on the lawn, the hallway or the front steps of the house can cause tripping or serious injury. While it is possible for you to avoid tripping, postmen may have their hands full of packages and not see these items. Take a moment to make sure your garden and walkways are free of any obstacles to make it safer for everyone.

"Security is everyone's responsibility, and sometimes we take it for granted," said Linda DeCarlo, director of security USPS. "The mere fact of taking a few extra minutes every day to check the hazards in your home or workplace, or learn to keep secure your pet, you can reduce the number of injuries that would otherwise ruin a good day."

Pet - Walk down any street in any day and see someone walking his dog. Dogs are wonderful companions that bring joy and happiness to their families. But unfortunately, sometimes things happen, and usually happy puppy may end up biting someone.

Some 6,000 postal employees and a staggering 4.5 million Americans were attacked by dogs last year. Many attacks could be avoided if dog owners take a few moments extra precautions. The Postal Service participates in the National Dog Bite Prevention Week * (National Prevention Week Bites Dog) each year and then some tips to keep you, your mailman and your insurance dog during holidays and throughout all year.

If the postman delivers mail or packages to your door, put your dog in a separate room and close the door before opening the door. Some dogs burst through screen doors or glass windows to attack visitors. Dog owners must keep the family pet away in a safe place.

Parents should remind their children and other family members who do not receive mail directly from mail carriers in the presence of family pet because the dog can be considered as a threatening gesture who deliver mail to a member of the family.

The Postal Service give the highest priority to the safety of their employees. If a postman feels threatened by a dog, or a dog is loose or not on a leash, you can ask the owner to collect the mail at a post office until you secure the mailman that the pet has It subdued. If a dog roams the neighborhood, you can also ask neighbors pet owner to pick up their mail at the post office in the area.

For related holidays and additional information, including all shipping deadlines for domestic, international and military mail news, visit the pressroom of Posta Service on site:  https://about.usps.com/holidaynews/?utm_source=direct-vanity-url&utm_medium=vanityurl&utm_term=Direct%20vanity%20URL&utm_campaign=Holiday%20news%20vanity%20URL

Domino's® Campaign Launches 16th Annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sodelba Alfaro, ROX United, salfaro@roxunited.com

Order the St. Jude Meal Deal to support families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ®

Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 21, 2019 - Domino's (NYSE: DPZ), the company's based global retail world's largest pizza is ready to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ® online and in stores across the country. The campaign, which starts today and will continue for 11 weeks to January 5, 2020, is the 16th Campaign of St. Jude Thanks and Giving ® Domino's. Since named St. Jude as its national charitable partner in 2004, Domino's has raised more than $ 57 million to help St. Jude in its mission to save lives: Finding cures. Saving children. ®

Domino's will give customers more channels to donate to help the children of St. Jude, including your requests - that is online, on the phone or in stores.

Customers can also help children of St. Jude St. Jude to buy the Meal Deal - a package that includes two medium pizzas Hand Tossed with an ingredient, an order of 16 pieces of Parmesan Bread Bites, an order of eight pieces of Cinnamon Bread Twists a two liter bottle of Coca-Cola ® and $ 1 donation to St. Jude - for $ 19.99.

"All Domino's hope another successful year to raise awareness and funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital," said Ritch Allison, CEO of Domino's. "We invite customers to help support this incredible organization that does important work in the battle against juvenile cancer."

"I thank these parties for the loyal support of Domino's launched the campaign while St. Jude Thanks and Giving" said Marlo Thomas, national director of community relations for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "Loving and unwavering commitment to Domino's, its employees dedicated and generous to St. Jude Children customers is essential in helping raise the necessary funds to ensure that families never pay St. Jude for anything - not by treatment, travel, accommodation or food - because we believe that a family should only worry in helping your child to live ".

Nespresso launches its first cafe called Cafecito in Puerto Rico and reaffirms its commitment to revive the coffee sector of the island

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Muriel Lussier, Weber Shandwick, 212-445-8283, MLussier@webershandwick.com

Brand and the Hispanic Federation invite consumers to participate in US efforts to rebuild donate coffee plantations and farms damaged by hurricanes Maria and Irma

New York, October 18, 2019 - Nespresso announces the launch of Cafecito in Puerto Rico, the first Puerto Rican coffee exclusively available to US consumers. As the newest addition to Reviving Origins program, this extremely rare and limited edition coffee naturally highlights the earthly aspect of coffee beans Puerto Rico. Since 2018, Nespresso has been working with the Hispanic Federation and coffee producers in Puerto Rico to help revitalize its coffee crop after hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed 80 percent of the coffee plantations and harvesting of the island .

Today, with the launch of Cafecito in Puerto Rico, the Hispanic Federation Nespresso and invite consumers to join revitalization efforts helping farmers get the cafet signal to revive their lands and help their communities thrive.

From 21 to 27 October consumers to donate to the Hispanic Federation they will have the first access to Cafecito in Puerto Rico. Every dollar donated will help plant a new coffee plantation on the island.

"Nespresso has a long legacy of support to regions and coffee communities around the world. We established our Reviving Origins initiative to help farmers to revive their coffee farms in areas where production has been negatively impacted or completely destroyed by natural disasters or other adversities , "said Guillaume Le Cunff, President and CEO of Nespresso USA. "Coffee is vital for the economy and the rich and vibrant culture of Puerto Rico. Leveraging deep understanding of the Hispanic Federation on the needs of the island, we support the livelihoods of farmers and foster economic opportunities while we offer our consumers a truly unique coffee experience. "

In October 2018, working with the Hispanic Federation; the global organization nonprofit TechnoServe and other organizations, Nespresso pledged $ 1 million as part of a three - year initiative to revitalize the coffee industry in Puerto Rico. The initiative plans to reach 1,500 farmers in Puerto Rico through field training and mentoring in agricultural and business skills that will help farmers improve the quality and quantity of their crops and increase their income.

Nespresso Ambassador George Clooney and acclaimed playwright, actor and proudly Puerto Rican; Lin-Manuel Miranda (photo), they joined forces with Nespresso and the Hispanic Federation to defend the importance of coffee cultivation in Puerto Rico and highlight the transformative power that coffee may have on the livelihoods of farmers, communities and revitalization efforts of the island. The conversation about the importance of the coffee culture in Puerto Rico and the needs of the island is documented here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em1OPeOS8fE&feature=youtu.be

"Puerto Rico still need our help and tremendous will need work by public and private organizations to ensure that efforts in the field have a significant and lasting impact , "said Jose Calderon, President of the Hispanic Federation." We are pleased with the progress we are making, but is only the beginning . With the help of Nespresso and its consumers, we are optimistic about the future of coffee on the island. "

Contributions to the Hispanic Federation will support the efforts of the organization to plant 2.25 million new trees in Puerto Rico. From November, Nespresso consumers can further support these efforts simply recycling their capsules using a recycling bag limited edition. Each bag recycling Puerto Rico represents a new coffee tree to be planted on the island. To celebrate coffee, culture and art in Puerto Rico, the bag has an original design titled Inspiration Puerto Rican artist Gerardo Cloquell.

Cafecito Filing of Puerto Rico - Strong and intense, Cafecito in Puerto Rico is a limited edition coffee highlighting the natural earthly aspect of coffee beans Puerto Rico. Perfect alone Cafecito in Puerto Rico also blends perfectly with cream and brown sugar for a "Café Cortadito" a favorite of the inhabitants of the city of San Juan.

Fish consumption: what you should know this Month National Fish and Shellfish

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photos frrom Archive

Silver Spring, Maryland, October 17, 2019 - October is National Fish and Shellfish, and the Food and Drug Administration US (FDA for its acronym in English) is releasing resources that make it easier for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and parents of young children eat more fish and make choices lower in mercury.

The FDA has released four novellas new (available only in English):  https://www.fda.gov/food/consumers/photonovels-hispanic-american-and-chineseamericanfamiliesutm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=photonovel2019, or Comics- style graphic stories that share information about fish consumption during pregnancy and why it is important to include fish in the diet of children for their growth and development. Fish consumption: A Guide for Hispanic families (available in English and Spanish ) and fish consumption: A Guide for Chinese families (available in English and Chinese ) also include updated advice from the FDA (available only in English) and Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA, for its acronym in English) on fish consumption which is especially important for women who are or may become pregnant, nursing mothers and young children. Here are some things to consider when it comes to choosing options healthy and safe fish:

Fish are part of a healthy eating pattern. Fish provide protein, omega-3 healthy, vitamins B12 and D, iron and other minerals such as selenium, zinc and iodine. Fish may have nutritional benefits for growing children during pregnancy and childhood. And, as part of a healthy eating pattern, fish consumption may also offer benefits for heart health and reduce the risk of obesity.

Choose from a variety of fish that have low levels of mercury. It is important to limit mercury in the diet of pregnant women and infants and young children, and there are many types of fish that are nutritious and have low levels of mercury. This table can help you choose the fish you can eat, and how often you eat, based on their levels of mercury.

Avoid raw fish. Raw fish is not recommended for pregnant women and young children, as they often have weaker immune systems and are more at risk for food poisoning. It is recommended that pregnant women and young children eat only foods with fish, meat, poultry or eggs that have been cooked to safe internal temperatures.

For more information about choosing options healthy and safe fish, visit    https://www.fda.gov/food/consumers/advice-about-eating-fish (English only), Consumers: 1-888-SAFEFOOD (toll free), or download the table below:  https://www.fda.gov/media/102331/download (English only).

Laura Termini honored in the month of Hispanic Heritage in Latin Nights gala

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Laura Termini, laura@lauratermini.com

Miramar, Fla, October 15, 2019 -. The actress, author and multi talented Laura Termini received the Award for Outstanding Community and Commitment in the First gala celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month LATIN Nights, an event that celebrates the contributions of Hispanic Americans by the Deputy Mayor of Miramar, Alexandra P. Davis

"My work with the community began when she performed in schools, hospitals and public libraries, when not even speak English. From that moment I understood my contribution as an artist community has been quite a journey. Looking back at my achievements and be honored in front my mother and my Latino community was a wonderful experience and I am grateful, "said Laura.

According to the latest census, Hispanics represent over 37% of the population of Miramar and one-third of Hispanic residents of the City of Miramar are native. Hispanic culture and music are alive, the gala celebrated the contribution of the American Hispanic community in the United States, to celebrate with all residents on October 11, 2019.

Vice Mayor Alexandra P Davis and Laura Termini

About Laura:   Actress, speaker and lecturer Laura Termini, celebrates the tenth anniversary of its bilingual media platform multi-award - winning Wellness and Lifestyle, this year ChicaNOL.com.

Laura Termini was chosen as one of the best Latina bloggers by the White House and the United Nations because of his leadership of chicanol.com well as his desire to make a difference in the community.

Laura's achievements should not be overlooked. He has been touring the United States and Latin America giving speeches empowerment in industry conferences, universities and corporate to share with different audiences how to use the tools in his book "events really unique" to empower, inspire and celebrate women.

Healthy life begins with your medicare plan

By PR Newswire

Choosing a medicare plan for 2020 may be simple with knowledge and proper resources 

Additional information and more available at:  http://multivu.prnewswire.com/broadcast/85924102/press.html

Information on the news: 

This is sponsored by Humana.

The annual period for medicare advantage noted in and prescription plan is here, from October 15 to December 7, and people with their medicare options are reviewing health insurance 2020.

Choosing a plan medicare for you or your loved one can be overwhelming, so it's important to understand your options.

Dr. David Priscal, Vice Regional Service South Florida Health:  "It is important to have all the information to choose the right plan of Medicare. In addition to costs, be sure to take into account the network of doctors and hospitals, the list of drugs the plan prescription drug covers changes to existing plans and differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. This will help you choose the best plan for you and your loved ones. "

For more information, visit medicare.gov or humana.com/medicare or contact:  MultiVu, 1-800-653-5313, extension 3

This information is sent through:  Humana, 500 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter: draft Habitat for Humanity will be held in the Dominican Republic in 2020

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Bryan Thomas, Habitat for Humanity International (Habitat for Humanity), (404) 908-5131, newsroom@habitat.org , habitat.org/newsroom

Nashville, Tennessee, October 11, 2019 - The Dominican Republic will be the 15th country to receive the Jimmy Project and Rosalynn Carter , Habitat for Humanity, announced today the president of the US. UU. The announcement of the construction by November 2020 was held at the end of the 36th Carter Work Project in Nashville, United States.

Former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter announced the Carter Project 2020 by passing a ceremonial tool Cesarina Fabian and Celso Marranzini Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic.

Since they began their work with Habitat for Humanity in 1984, President and Mrs. Carter have helped build, renovate and repair 4,390 homes in 14 countries with more than 104,000 volunteers through its annual work project. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat has served more than 22 million people worldwide.

"We are honored to receive the Jimmy Carter Rosalynn Project and 2020 in the Dominican Republic," said Cesarina Fabian, National Director of Habitat for Humanity in the Dominican Republic. "President and Mrs. Carter are a great example of service. We are so grateful for their commitment to build a world where everyone has a decent and safe place to live."

Building 2020 will mark the third time the project is carried out in the Caribbean. The president and first lady traveled to Haiti to build with homeowners and hundreds of volunteers in 2011 and 2012.

According to the National Statistics Office of the Dominican Republic, the country faces a deficit of more than 2.1 million housing units, increasing from 50,000 to 60,000 each year. About sixty percent of the housing deficit is due to the quality and safety of available housing, and about forty percent is due to the lack of available homes.

This week in Nashville, the Carter hundreds of volunteers came together to build 21 new houses for Habitat for Humanity. Other 38 new houses will be built before 2021 with the support of funds raised for the project. In total, the funds raised during the Carter Project 2019 will have served 59 families in Nashville.

About Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic - With the vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live, Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic empowers families to build strength, stability and self-sufficiency through housing. Since its inception in 1986, Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic has made more than 26,000 housing solutions and has impacted some 135,000 people. Habitat Dominican Republic country contributes to improving the living conditions of families who have no access to a decent place to live, either because they have no home or because their housing is not adequate. This goal is achieved through the implementation of various programs such as the construction of new houses, financial education, activities related to response and risk reduction in disaster, capacity building under construction for families and masons, promoting access to products microfinancing for repair and home improvement for low-income families with technical assistance in construction and the help of volunteers. We empower with housing. For more information, visit    https://habitatdominicana.org/

Video:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i4wqqie3ngiub78/AACuSUKcHz3LJTCwoMqEGLnpa/Historical%20videos?dl=0&preview=Habitat-Carter+B-Roll+05+-+2011+-++Leogane%2C+Haiti.mp4&subfolder_nav_tracking=1

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and Sanitas Medical Center inaugurated a new medical center to promote primary health care based on quality and performance

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Chris Callahan, chris_callahan@bcbstx.com , 972-766-7575; or James T. Campbell, james_t_campbell@bcbstx.com , 713-354-7015

The centers will be present in various communities, I providing access to a variety of medical services under one roof, meeting in person any questions about health insurance.

Richardson, Texas, Oct. 11, 2019 - Sanitas Medical Center (Sanitas) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) inaugurated the first of ten medical centers in the coming months will open their doors in the regions of Dallas and Houston. Medical centers offer a model of advanced primary care focused on comprehensive and holistic health of patients by giving them access to a variety of medical services under one roof.

Earlier this year, Sanitas and BCBSTX announced a collaboration to open comprehensive medical centers for insured BCBSTX, with primary health care, immediate care, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, coordination of health and wellness programs and disease management , All in the same place.

"To address gaps and fragmentation in care that create barriers to good health, our goal with this partnership is to provide primary health care based on quality and performance to increase opportunities to achieve medical outcomes coordinated and high quality for our insured, "says Dr. Dan McCoy, president of BCBSTX. "The work of family doctors is key to achieving optimal health outcomes. These, together with his team of doctors in other specialties professionals, help policyholders and their families to address most of their health care needs, navigate the health system and coordinate care with appropriate specialists when care is needed outside the environment of primary health care.

"The idea is to make flexible options and affordable health care more accessible to our policyholders and their families," Dr. Dan McCoy expands. "We are confident that this collaboration will help promote health care based on quality and performance, and in the process, will influence the cost of medical care for our policyholders."

The centers will reflect the culture and diversity of Dallas and Houston to have doctors and bilingual staff who will provide all clinical services, while representatives of customer service BCBSTX will be on site to help policyholders to coordinate the non-clinical aspects care, answering questions in both English and Spanish on the application process coverage, Medicare and any other matters relating to insurance. Medical centers provide their services to insured and accept BCBSTX patients who pay for their own people and seniors in traditional Medicare coverage.

"We are pleased to work with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to provide high quality care focused on the patient, residents of Texas," says Sergio Martinez, executive director of Keralty Group, the parent company of Sanitas USA. "We believe that patients appreciate the convenience offered by our centers through expanded medical services, extended office hours including weekends and mobile access to our doctors."

Dr. Adriana Higuera, regional medical director of Sanitas, he added. "Patients of all ages can expect the attention of doctors and health care teams that kindness will devote additional time to meet your health care needs Our emphasis on preventive care, wellness programs and disease management and integration with the community will help our patients stay healthy and have peace of mind ".

While most medical centers will open within the next few weeks, the official opening of the centers is 1 January 2020. As schools begin operations in the coming weeks, we invite BCBSTX and insured patients to come to those closest to register and participate in community awareness events centers. Most locations provide their services 365 days a year, but each location will have extended hours on weekdays and weekends for the convenience of the insured.

Lilliana Vazquez and Bryan Llenas Advertised as masters of ceremonies for the awards BRAVO! 2019 HPRA

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Andy Checo, acheco@me.com

Veteran journalists will host the national gala of the organization in New York City

New York, 1Oct. 9, 2019  - The Hispanic Public Relations Association (Hispanic Public Relations Association, HPRA) is pleased to announce Lilliana Vazquez, contributor to the Today Show and correspondent for Access Hollywood, and Bryan Llenas, national correspondent for Fox News Channel as masters of ceremonies for the awards BRAVO! HPRA 2019. The event will take place on Tuesday 15 October in New York City.

Lilliana Vazquez

Vazquez is a conductive awarded the Emmy, influencer, style consultant and producer for the biggest names in show both air and online. On NBC TODAY, Lilliana share their experiences and knowledge with millions of viewers each week, and she can be seen covering the latest in technology, business, travel, entertainment and lifestyle. Access Hollywood correspondent, Lilliana sits with the biggest names in show business, and is the secret weapon of the program in the most important red carpets, including the Oscar Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the Met Gala.

It is currently full national correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the company in 2010 as a reporter for FOXNewsLatino.com, and went on to his current role in 2013. Filled covers national firsts, and recently reported on the trial of El Chapo, the case Jeffrey Epstein and historical protests "Ricky Disclaimer " from Puerto Rico.

Now in its sixth year, the national awards BRAVO! HPRA celebrate the best corporate PR teams, agencies and non-profit, and pioneering work they produce.

The winners of the awards BRAVO! the HPRA include:

Teresa Rodriguez, host of "Here and Now" Univision - Journalist of the Year Award
Lori George Billingsley, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion for The Coca-Cola Company - Award for Diversity and Inclusion
Mike Valdes-Fauli, President and CEO of Pinta - Pioneer of the Year Award
Claudia Romo Edelman, We Are All Human Foundation - President 's Award

Bryan Llenas

Year winning campaigns will be announced at the awards ceremony BRAVO! HPRA 2019. The event is made possible in part by Moet Hennessy USA, Univision Communications, CCOM Group, Cision, Edelman, Havas FORMULATIN and Entercom.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit https://hpra-usa.org/pages/bravo-tickets/

Declaration of the state director of AARP California, Nancy Mcpherson, about the signature of the Governor Newsom of law ab 824

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Aimee Duenas (626) 379-6530, aduenas@aarp.org

Los Angeles, Oct. 8, 2019 - On behalf of the 3.3 million AARP members in California, thank Governor Newsom for signing the AB 824 law, which prohibits agreements' pay by lag "between drug companies and generic recognized brands, which have remained outside the market low-cost generic drugs. Now, Californians have access to more lower cost options for your prescription drugs. We are especially grateful to the Attorney General Becerra for sponsoring and Assemblyman Wood as the author of this important legislation that puts people to earnings. No one should have to choose between paying for food or paying for your drugs. AB 824 law represents a significant step towards the goal of affordable prescription drugs for all Californians. AARP continues to work at the federal and state levels to avoid price manipulation by drug companies that affects most Americans.

Newsom Governor Signs Law AB 824, prohibiting agreements "pay for delay" between companies and generic brand drugs that have kept off the market generic low-cost medicines. (Left to right) The Attorney General Becerra, Director of Advocacy for AARP CA, Blanca Castro, Governor Newsom and Jim Wood Member of the Assembly. (PRNewsFoto / AARP - California)

AARP is the largest nonprofit and nonpartisan organization of the nation, dedicated to empowering people of 50 years or more so they can choose how they live as they age. With almost 38 million members, AARP is working to strengthen communities and fight for matters of greater importance for families: health security, financial stability and personal well - being. AARP also produces publications with the largest circulation in the country: AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit    https://www.aarp.org/espanol/ (in Spanish) or https://www.aarp.org/ (in English). Also follow us on social media in @AARP and @AARPadvocates.

Hennessy collaborates with Maluma to mix the pace of many nations

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Citlalic Peralta, BCW, 212-601-3055, Citlalic.Peralta@bcw-global.com ; Jacqueline Long, Moët Hennessy, 212-251-8504, Jacqueline.Long@moethennessy.com

Cognac to Colombia, collaboration shows the path of "Never stop. Never settle." Superstar

New York, Oct. 3, 2019 - Hennessy , the world 's best selling cognac, and world - renowned artist Maluma formally announce a new partnership in time to Hispanic Heritage Month to liven the essence of the brand mantra "Never stop. Never compliant." with the Latino audience. Support the music industry has always been in the DNA of Hennessy, recognizing creative minds that mix a pace that never stop and never settle, just like Maluma, whose music transcends cultures, languages ​​and nations, it maintains its authenticity. The collaboration is rooted in common themes such as family, community and legacy, and will include support for his US tour, original content, multichannel promotions and an article special limited edition collection, all with the purpose of inspiring others to "Never stop. Never settle."

"Hennessy has a long history of celebrating cultural icons that go beyond the limits of the possible, and Maluma could not better fit this criterion being someone who makes history right before our eyes. The determination of Maluma to take their music more beyond the limits, combined with his passion and energy for their profession, are a true inspiration and perfectly reflect our values, "said Giles Woodyer, senior vice president of Hennessy US.

The ratio of eight generations between the Hennessy family and the family of Master Blenders Fillioux, occupies a central place in the history of over 250 years of producing cognacs. And like Hennessy, Maluma recognizes the importance of the family in creating a legacy. In fact, the artist's career is something greater than himself, as evidenced by his stage name, he chose carefully to take his family with him everywhere: Ma is her mother, Marlie; Lu is his father, Luis; and Ma is by her sister, Manuela.

The highly anticipated tour 11:11 Maluma US, featuring songs of whom has been listed one of the artists who make the crossove r this year, will begin the partnership, alongside the release of content captured during the recent artist Business property Hennessy in Cognac, France. Hennessy shows the artist tireless dedication to his profession, reflecting the producer's own commitment to excellence cognacs. And it will chronicle the many factors that have catapulted to global stardom Maluma. In addition, digital content will highlight the songwriting process and preparation for the performances of Maluma and his way of "Never stop. Never settle." destined to become what many consider the most influential musical icon of this generation.

Video:  https://www.multivu.com/players/Spanish/8615651-hennessy-maluma-hispanic-heritage-month-never-stop-never-settle/

Acacia Network Annual Gala

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Melany Compres, Acacia Network, mcompres@acacianetwork.com

A celebration of collaboration and advocacy

New York, September 30, 2019 - Acacia Network celebrates its long history of service to the communities once a year at our annual gala, to be held on October 16, 2019, from 6: 30 pm to 11:00 pm at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel. This annual event raises awareness and funds for the important work done Acacia throughout the state of New York and in Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Arkansas and Puerto Rico. About 500 people gather to celebrate the biggest partners and supporters of the organization, showing their contributions to our work and the communities we serve.


Community Recognition Award:  The Community Service Award this year will be awarded to Denise Scott for his commitment and dedication to our work in New York and Puerto Rico. A community leader, activist and strong supporter of the developers managed by minorities, Scott has advised, assisted and supported Acacia Network is to become the leading nonprofit developer is today.

Career Award:  Hector Diaz congratulate the winner of our Career Award. Diaz is a pioneer in the Latino community and has helped advocate and promote policies, innovations, programs and services for all residents of New York. Hector has been a partner of Acacia Network since its inception and his work has laid the foundation for much of what we do today in Acacia.

"We are just weeks away from the Gala Acacia 2019, where we will celebrate leaders and local and national influencers whose work has a positive impact on our communities. Come celebrate with us and recognize the power of the leaders as advocates and innovative! "said Raul Russi, president and CEO of Acacia Network.

For more information, contact Julia Jones in jjones@promesa.org

About Acacia Network, Inc.:  Acacia Network, an organization of integrated care with offices in the City of New York, Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse in upstate New York and in Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Connecticut, Arkansas and Puerto Rico, is the organization Latin integrated care nonprofit organization nation's largest. The network includes more than 60 members, administered under the supervision of a senior leader and an executive team. With 63 years of combined experience Acacia Network it has demonstrated its ability to scale comprehensive high-quality services for thousands of the most vulnerable residents in the communities we serve. Our mission is carried out through three main service delivery systems: primary health care, behavioral health care and housing.

Tanger Outlets Launches the 26th. Annual campaign Rosa Tanger in support of the ongoing fight against breast cancer

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Quentin Pell, Quentin.Pell@tangeroutlets.com

He will be produced in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and local organizations

Greensboro, North Carolina, September 26, 2019 - In honor of the 26th. PinkStyle annual campaign Tanger, Tanger Outlets offers buyers special savings in return for their support for the ongoing efforts to end breast cancer.
From today until 31 October, the campaign offers buyers of Tanger unlimited use of the Pink Savings Cards (Pink Cards savings) in two formats: a mobile phone card or a physical card in your wallet. For $ 10 the Pink Savings Cards give their recipients a discount of 25% all month in the mall. Customers can save a lot on the best brands and designer fashion, among which include Ann Taylor, Coach, Under Armor, Kate Spade, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Michael Kors and many more, making a great "pink" impact on The fight against breast cancer.

Individual centers also held local events, including walks / 5K races and other activities to enhance the shopping experience and shed light on the awareness of breast cancer. The proceeds from the campaign will support local organizations against breast cancer and also to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), the organization against breast cancer better qualified the country, according Watch Charity organizations and Charity Navigator.

"We are excited to continue working with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and local organizations this fall," said Steven B. Tanger, CEO of Tanger Outlets. "We are committed to supporting research that one day lead to a cure of the disease that has impacted so many families. Our goal for 2019 is to join forces as the solid and united force we are, and continue to fight for a cure."

In 2018, they raised more than $ 908 million in total for research against breast cancer. Since 1993, Tanger Outlets is proud to be involved in the fight against breast cancer, devoting the last 26 years associated with local and national levels to make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.

For more information about Tanger Outlet Centers, call 1-800-4TANGER or visit the website of the company in https://www.tangeroutlet.com/ .

Gaby Natale and CENTURY 21® join forces to empower Latino entrepreneurs nationwide

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By question@aganarmedia.com

Madison, New Jersey, September 24, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - Gaby Natale, winner of three awards Daytime EMMY® and bestselling author, and Century 21 Real Estate LLC, have joined forces to energize and empower Hispanic women from coast to coast of the United States.

Gaby Natale, award-winning author EMMY®y successful

From 2019, Natale will support the campaign Empowering Latinas (Empowering Latina) brand, a scholarship that allows Latinas get a real estate license and provides ongoing guidance with real experience, practice to prepare them for the success in the real estate market. The collaboration also includes the participation of Natale as keynote speaker at key industry events including One21 Experience® 2020, the largest global brand conference held in Los Angeles next February.

"CENTURY 21 is glad to work together with Gaby Natale for Empowering Latinas campaign. She personifies the same impeccable work ethic and passion that the recipients of our scholarships , " said Karim Amadeo, head of the Spanish department and national advertising of CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. "We are proud to help entrepreneurs Hispanic women through this program and we believe that Gaby is the ideal place to meet our objective partner. We look forward to working with her in this program it grows to fulfill its mission to promote education and professional goals of Hispanic women across the country. "

This multi-year collaboration will open in San Diego during Hispanic Heritage Month when Gaby will join the team of CENTURY 21 for the national convention of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and L'ATTITUDE, to convey a message of self-reliance, entrepreneurship and financial empowerment Latino.

"As a creator of content, entrepreneur, speaker and author, my goal has always been to raise the female voice. When CENTURY 21 came up with the idea of ​​coming together to empower Latinas, I knew immediately that it would be an epic collaboration. My biography and my entrepreneurial message aligns perfectly with the ambitious attitude that real estate agents need to succeed. I am willing to appear before the audience! " Natale said.

HPRA-LA honors courageous voices in its annual scholarship awards evening

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Stephen Chavez, (310) 486-4104, stephen@chavezpr.com

Los Angeles, Sept. 24, 2019 - The (Hispanic Public Relations Association, Los Angeles, HPRA-LA) Hispanic Public Relations Association, Section Los Angeles Latino honored three brave men who are using their influence to motivate the Latino community, in its annual scholarship awards evening, held at the Conga living in lA Live on Thursday 12 September.

HPRA, Section Los Angeles, honored with three Latin brave voices Bravery awards at its annual fundraising evening for scholarships. Martha Arevalo, executive director of CARECEN; Cecilia Bográn, Univision journalist Los Angeles; and Isabella Gomez, star of "One Day at a Time". (PRNewsFoto / HPRA-LA)

Nearly 200 top executives of marketing and public relations, representing the movie and music industries and corporate, government sectors and non-profit organizations, participated in the evening delivery of scholarships and prizes awards, and danced all night the rhythm of the cumbia and salsa, as the theme this year was "a night in Havana". The "Queen of Media Spanglish" RaqC Raquel Cordova, served as emcee.

"! What an exciting evening was a magical moment to share goals HPRA: empower its members with support, resources and training, and provide guidance and assistance to Latino students interested in the profession of public relations," he said Stephen Chavez, president of HPRA-LA for 2018-2019 and CEO of ChavezPR. "We pay tribute to three inspiring women who are leaving a mark on the world, while they are giving every effort to draw attention to the needs and problems of our diverse community."

The Voices of Courage (Voices of Courage) awards paid tribute to Isabella Gomez, actress hit television show "One Day at a Time"; Martha Arevalo, executive director of CARECEN, advocacy organization immigrant rights; and Cecilia Bográn, a prominent television journalist Univision Los Angeles.

During his 35 years of professional association awards HPRA-LA have raised more than $ 400,000 for scholarships for deserving Latino college students who are interested in obtaining a degree in Communications.

The scholarship winners this year were Melody Waintal, a senior at the University of Southern California (USC); Diego Perdomo, a senior at USC; and Karina Valenzuela, a junior at Pepperdine University.

Bam Adebayo, Miami Heat, CVS Health helps to start free health checkups in Miami

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Ethan Slavin, SlavinE@aetna.com, 860-273-6095

48 Project Health events help eliminate barriers to access, affordability and quality care.  The Health Project has provided free health services local for more than US $ 16 million since 2007

Miami, Sept. 20, 2019 - As part of a commitment to developing healthier communities, Health CVS (NYSE: CVS) celebrated the expansion of its annual campaign free health screenings Health Project ( Project Health ) with a community event to be held on Thursday, September 19 at CVS Pharmacy, 8330 Mills Dr., Miami . Thursday's event is one of 48 free health screenings to be held in the Miami area from now until year end.

State Sen. Annette Taddeo (front row, center, pink dress), Bam Adebayo, power forward Miami Heat (second row, center, white shirt) and Mayra Boitel, vice president of CVS Health (front row, right, red dress) together with employees and representatives of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, attending an event Health Project on Thursday, September 19th. Thursday's event is one of 48 free health screenings to be held in the Miami area from now until year end.

State Sen. Annette Taddeo and center of Miami Heat Bam Adebayo were available during the event, along with Mayra Boitel, CVS Health, community members and leaders of CVS Pharmacy sector to discuss the importance of being proactive for Personal health through good nutrition and abstinence from snuff.

"Early screening and health prevention are crucial in our community, and these funds will help provide free services to those who need health," says state Sen. Taddeo. "The Health Project will be vital to ensure that the much needed basic medical care is available to residents of our community, and it was an honor for me to join community leaders in the delivery of the check to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation."

"CVS Health is committed to expanding access to care affordable quality, both through our retail presence as national and local non-profit organizations and institutions that share our belief that the best health begins in the community" Mayra says Boitel, vice president, director of marketing alternative products from CVS Health. "It was wonderful to be in Miami to celebrate the expansion of the Health Project, and we look forward to offer local residents free health checkups for the rest of the year as part of our commitment to creating healthier communities."

Project Health events, which will be held from Thursday to Sunday at select stores around Miami until year end, are open to the general public and do not require an appointment. After the checkup, patients have access to consultations in place with nurse practitioners or physician assistants bilingual analyzing the results and refer those in need of medical attention and additional follow-up free nearby medical facilities or low-cost or your doctor Headboard.

"For me, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle both on the court and off," says Adebayo. "I am delighted to be here today to see firsthand how it is helping the Health Project people to control their blood pressure, weight and cholesterol by free medical checkups, because events like this prepare the Miami community for future healthier".

To view the full calendar of Project Health events, visit:      https://www.cvs.com/project-health?WT.mc_id=L_ProjectHealth_Direct

FUD celebrates Hispanic Real Heroes in Hispanic Heritage Month

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Kyle Zegarski, 6022852622, kzegarski@bar-s.com

Phoenix, Sept. 20, 2019 - The culture, customs and achievements of Hispanics living in the United States are held especially during Hispanic Heritage Month and for the second year, the FUD brand is recognizing a group of Latino and Hispanic True Heroes (Real Hispanic Heroes) for its efforts to improve and their talents, which are a reflection of the values ​​of our Hispanic community.

FUD, which is a trademark of the company Sigma, was born in Mexico almost 70 years ago and, looking to grow their products cold meats and cheeses, they threw themselves into the adventure market their products in the US to late 90's.

"FUD is a Spanish brand and knows personally the challenges of reaching a culturally different country, to adapt to the circumstances, because as a brand also live these situations, that is why we want to recognize these heroes," he says Rafael Amezcua, marketing team member of FUD US

Sergio Sandoval is one of True Heroes Hispanic FUD. He is NASA aerospace engineer and works at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, California. To fulfill his dream of reaching the stars, Sergio had to leave his family, learn a new language and new customs, but always putting up his Hispanic origin.

Sergio celebrates FUD because, on his way to NASA, the most important thing for him was to rely on the Hispanic community. Of them he received support, strength and inspiration that motivated him to overcome any challenge presented to him, because he knows he is not alone.

"NASA is not a US organization, NASA is an organization of the world, because everything we found changes textbooks in any country. It is an example of what we can do when we unite," Sergio said.

To know in detail the stories of Hispanic Real Heroes FUD 2019, visit her website  http://www.fudusa.com/heroes/ and social network of FUD USA on Facebook where each week, from 15 September until 15 October, will be made known stories, images and videos of this group of Hispanics represent a pride in Hispanic Heritage Month.

Four coaches of the Americas shortlisted as "Future Stars" by Arsenal and WorldRemit

By PR Newswire-Hispanix PR Wire
By Isabel Bolivar, ibolivar@worldremit.com, Marketing Manager, North America

Coaches will be rewarded for their contributions to their communities with youth shirts Arsenal for their teams

London, September 19, 2019  - WorldRemit announced that four candidates from the Americas have been shortlisted for Future Stars program. Among these 4 coaches, there is a woman.

Gilberto Silva - Arsenal player

WorldRemit and Arsenal launched the second edition of Future Stars program in August to recognize the valuable contributions that youth soccer coaches make to their communities to teach children life skills on and off the court.  Through the program, WorldRemit sponsor two winners, one male and one female, flying to London for a session pr personalized That Work with coaches from Arsenal Football Development.  Registration for Future Stars closed on 4 September, and more than 1,438 coaches were nominated, from all over Africa and America.

A panel of judges WorldRemit and Arsenal Football Development reviewed the applications and selected 20 semifinalists, including 4 coaches of the Americas, based on the following criteria:
*Coach's commitment to improve the lives of members of their community
*The impact the coach has had on young people in their community
*The strength of the proposal transmit coach training received upon returning home
In recognition of his commitment to using football to improve relationships within their communities, the 20 semifinalists will receive t - shirts Arsenal for their youth teams.

What 's next for the semifinalists?  Of the 20 finalists, the jury will select eight coaches, four men and four women, as finalists. Their stories will be shared in futurestars.worldremit.com in late October and the two winners will be chosen by a public vote on the website.

Daniel Canning, CEO of WorldRemit for North America, said: "Congratulations to the 4 semifinalists of the entire American continent!

Our mission is to connect communities, no matter where in the world they are. Future Stars created to celebrate the amazing work they do football coaches to support young people, and we were very impressed by the quality and diversity of applications this year. "

Simon McManus, head coach of Arsenal Football Development, added: "Arsenal is delighted to partner with WorldRemit to recognize coaches who use the power of football to inspire and support young people around the world.

We have one of the world 's most successful women 's teams and are committed to promoting greater participation of women in sport. Through this edition of Future Stars, we hope to further expand the positive impact that coaches have on their communities. "

Coaches on the list of finalists Future Stars of the Americas:  
Colombia:  Luis Alejandro Castañeda Vargas, football coach Cundinamarca in Bogotá and Vivian Johana Pirateque Garzón, coach Iguaran FC Academy in Bogota.
Mexico:  Arnaldo Correa Plata, coach of Mexico City.
Jamaica:  Tashana Samantha Vincent, trainer at Ballaz International and St. Hugh Preparatory in Portmore.

A revolutionary football minicamp leads to disadvantaged areas

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Jennifer Arnold, US Soccer Foundation, jarnold@ussoccerfoundation.org , 202-872-6662; Eduardo Zamarripa, Musco Lighting, eduardo.tamezzamarripa@musco.com , 641-670-1608

Washington, Sept. 18, 2019 - Boys and girls around the country, including thousands in underserved communities will have new access to 'safe play places' (Safe Places to Play) for the next seven years thanks to a new and improved Mini-Pitch ™ System designed for youth soccer.

These modular courses -designed by the US Soccer Foundation and Musco Lighting- are equipped with lights to increase the number of hours that children and adults can use the space, benches to observe the development of the game, lockable storage equipment and a guarantee full long term to eliminate maintenance costs. As a whole, the system minicamp provides a compact but versatile unit that enables fast and trouble-free installation, adapts to urban areas or other areas where space is limited, and provides a safer place for children to play and to gather to the community.
Although participation in youth sports is definitely associated with better health and better academic performance, more than 80 percent of children living in households with incomes below $ 25,000 will not benefit from team sports. In addition, one out of three Americans do not have a park within 10 minutes' walk from his home, leaving too many children without access to a football program or a safe place to play freely.

To address these barriers, the foundation and its partners are creating 1,000 new mini-pitches across the country for 2026 and working to provide youth development programs football at these sites at no cost to participants. In addition to providing access, creating mini-pitches have lasting benefits for the community: 98% of communities reported that people in your community is more active and 96% report that the community feels safer with the addition of minicamp. In addition, football minicamp serve as meeting places for families in the neighborhood, and nearly a third of children who come to play in them are newcomers to football.

"Just are not enough safe places where children can play, especially in disadvantaged communities," said Ed Foster-Simeon, president and CEO of the US Soccer Foundation. "We are creating these minicamp right in neighborhoods where children live and go to school, so that they are easily accessible to children. The addition of lights in every minicamp, thanks to our partnership with Musco Lighting, allow more children and families can play, especially in the darkest winter months. This means that even more children can benefit from all our gaming. "

"The main mission of the foundation is to empower youth with confidence, teamwork and life skills developed through participation in football, and that's a mission in which we firmly believe," said Joe Crookham, president Musco. "This system minicamp will enhance our ability to expand these opportunities more efficiently to more communities that need way. We are very proud to partner with the foundation in this important initiative."

This model will be used for new projects minicamp of the US Soccer Foundation. In the past five years, the US Soccer Foundation has created more than 200 mini-pitches across the country, with another 100 more to come next year. Currently, there are more than 15 minicamp this new system in use in Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Manchester, New Jersey; Newark, New Jersey; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Orlando, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona.

To learn more about the work of the foundation to bring all football, visit  https://ussoccerfoundation.org/its-everyones-game/

How to recover after a hurricane

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by cnnespanol.cnn.comcnnespanol.cnn.com
By usamedia@gsa.gov, 202-969-7143

Washington, September 16, 2019 - Hurricane Dorian caused strong winds, rain and floods in some parts of the country. If you are in an area that was affected by this storm, we recommend the following tips and links.

If you want to help the victims after a hurricane, follow these tips. Presented by USAGov In Spanish.

Go home after a disaster.  Returning home after having evacuated could be dangerous if the conditions are not yet conducive. Always follow the instructions of state and local government officials. Do not return to your home until local authorities inform you that it is already safe to do so. Do not enter if you perceive any risk such as gas smell, flood water around the house or downed power lines.

Volunteering and donations.  After a disaster like a hurricane, many people want to help the victims, working as volunteers or making some kind of donation. The most responsible way to collaborate is by sending cash to trusted and recognized organizations. The sending of money does not entail the logistical difficulties of transferring donations in kind and, in addition, it helps the recovery of the local economy by allowing purchases to be made in the affected communities.

How to replace vital documents.  If you lost important documentation during a natural disaster, remember that the process for replacing documents may vary depending on the state in which you live. Follow these general guidelines to begin the process to replace birth certificate, passport, driver's license and more.

Avoid charity scams.  If you are thinking of donating money to organizations that help victims, follow these tips so you don't fall into the hands of scammers looking to take money from anyone you want to help. Beware of alleged "charities" that claim to make donations to those affected. Here are some tips to avoid fraud:      https://www.consumidor.ftc.gov/destacado/destacado-s0011-estafas-de-caridad

Find more up-to-date information on assistance and resources available to people affected by Hurricane Dorian on the    https://www.usa.gov/espanol/recuperacion and https://www.fema.gov/es

Stars promote global awareness campaign on pet adoption Remember Me Thursday®

By PR Newswire-Hspanic PR Wire

Bethenny Frankel, spokeswoman 2019, and nearly 100 celebrities unite lovers and animal rescue centers in a campaign for homeless pets

Rancho Santa Fe, California, September 12, 2019 - This month, the Helen Woodward Animal Center again activists and advocacy organizations animal welfare worldwide on the occasion will join the seventh annual edition of Remember me Thursday®. The campaign, held the fourth Thursday of September, asks the animal lovers and organizations animal rescue create a collective and unstoppable for homeless pets live in permanent homes, rather than die waiting for them voice. Popular lighting ceremonies candles and a global outpouring of enthusiasm in social networks draw attention to the millions of stray animals still awaiting adoption, and encourage communities to opt for adoption and reduce the number of million pets which they are subjected to euthanasia each year. As in previous years, some well - known figures have offered to lend their support to the cause, including autoformada entrepreneur, TV producer, philanthropist, writer of books named in the bestseller lists of The New York Times and Mom Bethenny Frankel , who has been named official spokeswoman for the campaign Helen Woodward Animal 2019. the Center invites the world to join these celebrities and philanthropists participate in this very special day: Thursday 26 September, 2019.

Remember Me Thursday, the fourth Thursday of every September is celebrated, is an international day of awareness on social networks that draws attention to the millions of pet unowned waiting in shelters, and reminds pets that never received a second opportunity. In this video, Mike Arms, president and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, shares what inspired him to start this movement.

Official spokesperson of the campaign 2019, Bethenny Frankel (photo), is the founder and CEO of Skinnygirl a lifestyle brand that offers practical solutions to women, such as the recent launch of the Skinnygirl Jeanswear Collection. Frankel became famous for the first time thanks to the Bravo series "The Real Housewives of New York City" channel. He participated as a guest on ABC's "Shark Tank," which has been praised by critics, and Forbes magazine named her on its list of the 100 most powerful celebrities. Frankel recently signed a multiyear contract with MGM Television and Mark Burnett to generate unscripted television projects she will produce. In addition, Bethenny created the global initiative "Strong B: Disaster Relief" for disaster assistance. The program of this initiative offers people gift cards and bank cards very necessary and crucial supplies, so can help in real time, and has raised approximately $ 1.25 million in cash cards and has collected more than $ 20 million in supplies assistance to victims. Bethenny shares her home with her rescued Biggie Smallz and dogs, who daily bring joy and laughter to your life. The love you share can be seen in the public service announcement Remember Me Thursday® of Bethenny, which can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vr__OXZhQs

About his love for animals, Frankel said: "Many pets are in animal shelters waiting to adopt them in this Remember Me Thursday ®, I ask you to accompany me to become the voice of these pets as.. official spokesperson for 2019, I ask you to join us in social networks on September 26 and tell the world that pet adoption is the solution! "

For more information about Remember Me Thursday® and a full list of celebrities and welfare organizations of the participating animals, visit https://remembermethursday.org/

AT&T, PepsiCo, Yum! Brands, Pinnacle Group and other companies subscribe to the Promise to Hispanics and commit to diversity in the workplace at the Hispanic Leadership Summit: Dallas

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Isabella Carrillo, 203-536-6066, Isabella.Carrillo@edelman.com

97 companies across the country have pledged to fulfill the Hispanic Promise

Dallas, September 10, 2019 - The We Are All Human Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, announced today that the Hispanic Promise now counts with 97 signatories at the conclusion of the Hispanic Leadership Summit: Dallas. This represents an increase of 46 companies since its Chicago summit in April 2019. Through the promise, a national commitment that is the first of its kind, companies commit to hiring, promoting, retaining and celebrating Hispanics in place. of work.

On September 9, the Hispanic Leadership Summit: Dallas convened prominent local leaders from companies such as AT&T, PepsiCo, Pinnacle Group, Texas Instruments, Southwest Airlines and Yum! Brands at the Cox Business School of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) to foster a broad debate about the advancement of the priorities of the Hispanic community in the United States.

"The Dallas summit brought together influential opinion leaders and decision makers from all sectors, which shows the enthusiasm present in the Dallas region to create new opportunities for youth, entrepreneurs and workers in the Hispanic community," said Dale Petroskey, president and CEO of the Dallas Regional Chamber.

Among the companies that have signed the Promise to Hispanics are: AT&T, Berkshire Bank, Boston Scientific, Count Nast, You gave, Ericsson, Ernst & Young, Hall & Evans, IKEA, Justworks, Nielsen, NRG, Pinnacle Group, Siemens, Tech data, Thoughtworks, TMI Consulting, Transdiaspora Network & YUM! Brands

To see the full list of signatories, as well as sponsors and partners, visit here:  https://www.weareallhuman.org/promise/signatories/

"We made history here in Dallas," said Claudia Romo Edelman, a former United Nations professor and founder and CEO of the We Are All Human Foundation. "For the first time, more than a dozen Hispanic organizations, along with several giant corporations, sent a strong collective message to begin Hispanic Heritage Month with the signing of the Hispanic Promise. We hope this is a sign to the country of which, for the American business, the Hispanics are important like employees, consumers and citizens, and other companies must follow this example ".

For more information, visit https://www.weareallhuman.org/

Expression of support for the community of Bahamas

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Abel Iraola, Abelira@baptisthealth.net , 305-331-9712; Georgi Pipkin, GeorgiP@baptisthealth.net , 786-527-9524

Miami, Sept. 7, 2019 - Given the devastating impact it has had Dorian Hurricane in the Bahamas, South Florida Baptist Health wishes to express its deepest solidarity with the people of the Bahamas.

Baptist Health is taking immediate steps to provide support while relief efforts are initiated. Rose Rahming, local representative of Baptist Health in Bahamas, is assisting with the coordination of relief efforts of the National Emergency Operations Center and Office of Baptist Health International in Nassau.

Baptist Health South Florida is working with the Bahamian authorities to deliver significant quantities of medical supplies to the hospital operating in the region, the Princess Margaret Hospital located in Nassau. Baptist Health has also notified the authorities of Bahamas that is ready to provide transfers of patients affected by the storm.

Locally we have partnered with headquarters in South Florida Operation Helping Hands, which has been activated by United Way of Miami-Dade, to provide relief to the disaster to our neighbors and friends in this time of extreme need in Bahamas.

After a hurricane of this magnitude, the economic contributions are essential to provide the most effective way to address the most immediate needs of the affected areas helps. Operation Helping Hands ensures that funds are used by organizations that have the expertise and infrastructure to deliver immediate assistance needed. One hundred percent of the funds raised through Operation Helping Hands will go directly to those affected by Hurricane Dorian Bahamas.

For over two decades, Baptist Health cultivated a deep friendship with our neighbors in Bahamas. Although the road to recovery will be long, we are ready and we are committed to assist the people of Bahamas in the days, weeks and months to come.

For more information, visit:  https://newsroom.baptisthealth.net/ and ttps://baptisthealth.net/en/international/pages/default.aspx

Request for Proposals: Texas Communities Count

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire

A photo of a large group of people standing in the shape of Texas.

Austin, Texas, September 5, 2019 - As part of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health’s 80th Anniversary initiative, the foundation will invest $2 million in complete count efforts in Texas for the 2020 U.S. Census. Our primary focus is to aid collaborative approaches that aim to reach traditionally hard-to-count (HTC) populations, communities and geographic areas throughout the state. The goal is to encourage participation in the 2020 Census so that every person in Texas is counted.

Every 10 years since 1790, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the nation. An accurate and complete census is necessary to determine fair allocation of federal dollars for resources, services and infrastructure that support our everyday quality of life. The foundation seeks proposals that support (1) direct, local, on-the-ground complete count efforts or (2) statewide coordination of these local efforts. Strategies should focus on hard-to-count (HTC) populations, communities or geographic regions in Texas that are designated as health professional shortage areas (HPSA) and utilize collaborative approaches to increasing participation in the 2020 U.S. Census.

Depending on the quality of the proposals received, the foundation plans to award 80 percent of funding to local get-out-the-count (GOTC) efforts and 20 percent of funding to statewide coordination. The foundation seeks to award multiple grants to local GOTC efforts, for which each proposal can range from $5,000 – $75,000. Additionally, the foundation seeks to award multiple statewide coordination grants, for which each proposal could range from $50,000 – $125,000. The number of grants awarded is contingent upon the quality of proposals received.

Applications are due by Monday, September 23, 2019 at 3:59 p.m. CDT.

Learn more about the initiative by downloading the official request for proposals overview:  http://hogg.utexas.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Texas-Communities-Count-RFP.pdf

Ben & Jerry's addresses racism and criminal justice reform with a new flavor: "Justice ReMix'd"

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Laura Peterson, Public Relations Manager, Ben & Jerry's, Laura.peterson@benjerry.com , (802) 825-2129; Spruill Zerline Hughes, Managing Director, Communications, Advancement Project National Office, zhughes@advancementproject.org , (202) 487-0967

The ice cream company associated with National Office for Advancement Project a campaign for social justice

Washington, Sept. 3, 2019 - Ben & Jerry's believes that everyone deserves to savor the sweet taste of justice, regardless of race or wealth. The iconic ice cream company has partnered with National Office Advancement Project to launch Justice ReMix'd, flavor created to highlight structural racism in a broken criminal legal system.

These are big issues to address them a company, but Ben & Jerry's has advocated for social justice and equity for much of its 40 years. "Our approach to generate social change is to highlight the work carried out non-profit organizations on the ground," said co-founder Ben Cohen. "We provide all the resources we have to support them;. Our corporate voice, our connection with fans, our community of shops Scoop Shops, and of course, ice cream Somehow, it becomes easier to talk about difficult subjects eating one or two ice-cream balls".

National Office Advancement Project is a multiracial national civil rights organization working with local grassroots organizers on issues of racial justice. "Our country needs to invest in services that build communities rather than those who demolish," said Executive Director National Office of Advancement Project, Judith Browne Dianis. "This means an end to a system of detention before based on personal fortune, which locks people because they are poor, black or brown judgment. It means dismantling the duct school to prison, leaving criminalize students and investing in creating education and high quality services. it's time to reimagine security and justice ".

At the grassroots level, Ben & Jerry's is installing its Scoop Truck in several states to generate conversations, activate community members and give away ice cream. It is a tactic that has proven effective for growing social movements. In St. Louis, the Scoop Truck backed the Coalition Close the Workhouse attending 27 events, giving away 13,420 scoops of ice cream and generating more than 1,500 messages to public officials. In Miami, Ben & Jerry's is working with the organization Power U Center for Social Change in appeal to the Board of Miami-Dade School to prioritize the allocation of funds for mental health and therapists rather than more security and surveillance.

Described as cinnamon and chocolate ice cream with pieces of cinnamon bun dough and spicy brownies, taste ReMix'd Justice is part of the multi-year campaign of Ben & Jerry's for the reform of criminal justice. Justice seekers sweet tooth can find the bold new flavor in stores nationwide (suggested retail price $ 04.06) and the Scoop Shops. To learn more about the taste and the campaign for the reform of criminal justice in the company, visit  https://www.benjerry.com/ .

SCAN program improves access to mental health care for the elderly and their caregivers

PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Lindsay Denietolis, Havas Formula for SCAN, 619-234-0345, scanhealth@havasformula.com

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society publishes the results of the Insights program, showing reduced depression and anxiety and improving overall quality of life

Long Beach, California, August 27, 2019 - SCAN Health Plan® , one of the Medicare Advantage health plans non-profit largest in the country, today announced the recent publication of the results of its Insights program, an innovative approach to providing behavioral health services to seniors and their caregivers in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (Journal of the American Geriatrics Society). The Insights program is offered by Independence at Home, a community service SCAN, and provides assessment services and administration for certain conditions of behavioral health at home offered by clinical social workers and licensed marriage and family therapists, at no cost, and the primary language of the patient; thus reducing the obstacles in addressing common mental health in this population.

SCAN authors from left to right: Gretchen A. Brown, Denise Likar, Romilla Dr. Batra and Pedro Carbajal-Madrid.. (PRNewsFoto / SCAN Health Plan)

"Since the launch of the pilot Insights program in 2016, we have provided services successfully to a demographically diverse population that is plagued by various obstacles in mental health care," said Dr. Romilla Batra, executive medical director of SCAN Health Plan . "By offering advice without cost, culturally and linguistically sensitive directly into the homes of patients, we have noticed a considerable improvement over depression, anxiety and overall quality of life, not only among older people, but also among their caregivers. "

According to the National Council on Aging (National Council on Aging), one in four older adults experience some form of mental disorder, including depression, anxiety, anguish and grief. As still obstacles to proper care mental health for many older adults, their ability to maintain health and independence is affected. Perhaps more than any other age group, the stigma surrounding mental health affects older adults, who are reluctant to seek help. Access to treatment, inadequate insurance coverage, lack of mobility and transport, and cultural or language differences with qualified suppliers is further complicated by the lack of understanding of the treatment options. Since it is expected that the number of seniors will double by 2020, the need for mental health services will become more critical.

"As the aging population continues to grow, we must identify and remove obstacles that prevent older people and caregivers receive the necessary support," said Batra. "In SCAN our goal is to meet the needs of the elderly where they are. We remain committed to reducing these obstacles and, through programs such as Insights, improve patient outcomes and help older people maintain their health and independence" .

President of Parks, Disney experiences and products Bob Chapek reveals the next generation of storytelling in Disney Parks

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Rachel Green, Rachel.E.Green@Disney.com

New details of Avengers Campus coming to California and Paris are shared, transforming Epcot, expanding Disney Cruise Line and Disney singularly experiences outside the parks

Anaheim, California, August 25, 2019  - Today at D23 Expo 2019, the President of Parks, Disney experiences and products Bob Chapek revealed details on how Disney will bring to life the next generation of immersive storytelling .

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Bob Chapek (center left) was joined onstage by Make-A-Wish America President and CEO Richard Davis (center right) and several Wish kids whose lives have been touched by the power of a Disney wish, Aug. 25, 2019, at D23 Expo 2019 in Anaheim, Calif. Chapek debuted a heartwarming video demonstrating how some wishes are so powerful, they stay with you for a lifetime. (Paul Morse, photographer)

Chapek welcomed thousands of fans as he shared more about the ambitious plans that await one of the most extraordinary periods of expansion in the history of Disney. From Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser and timeless transformation of Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort to Avengers Campus next to the Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris and the Disney Wish reaching sea in January 2022, there are more ways than ever for visitors are the protagonists of their favorite stories.

"The vision of Walt for our theme parks were to be places where Disney stories would come to life in incredible ways, and the most creative and talented artists and dreamers the world team, there is no lack of inspiration," Chapek said.

The audience was astonished when Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke joined Chapek on stage to give an interpretation that swept everything from "Step in Time" (Go to the beat) to announce the first attraction of Mary Poppins in a Disney park, which will reach Epcot. Live music continued in the auditorium when the award-winning composer Pinar Toprak played the new anthem of Epcot at the piano. The well-known singer Jordan Fisher He also surprised the visitors with a preview of the soundtrack for the new Disneyland parade.

The morning was filled with exciting announcements of plans for parks, resorts, cruises and Disney.

10,000 dancers from around the world take the New York Marriott Marquis in occasion of the International Congress of Salsa New York Goya Foods 2019

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Patch
By Natalie Maniscalco, Retro Media NYC / Natalie@retromedianyc.com / 845.659.6506

In partnership with the People Festival in Spanish

New York , August 20, 2019 - The International Salsa Congress in New York Goya Foods (# goyaNYISC2019), the largest festival of dancing and Latin music lasting several days, celebrates its anniversary 19 with 10,000 dancers from all over the world who gathered at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, on Thursday August 29 to Sunday September 1, 2019 will be given.

From beginner to professional dancers, the conference brings together people of all cultures, ages and backgrounds from more than 40 countries, in order to experience the Mecca of Latino culture and entertainment. "We are excited to celebrate the event more fun in one of the most beloved cities in the world Latin dance, and we could not do without the support of our sponsors and attendees who travel from near and far to enjoy four days of experiences unforgettable! "they declared Vilma and Manny Villavicencio, and Luis Guerrero, NYISC owners.

The event will consist of 60 workshops and intensive dance courses multilevel shows for youth and adults by teams and couples dance world famous, and social non-stop dancing to the beat of the music of Doug Beavers, nominated artist Award Grammy; Herman Olivera; Moncho Rivera; and Tony Vega. The festival also hosts the "Old Skool Room" for dancers who have frequented the famous nightclubs of NYC from the 1950s to the present and are dedicated to preserving the tradition of the styles of Cuban, Puerto Rican dance and new York and Latin folk music, with live music by Johnny Rodriguez Jr. and the Dream Team.

"When it's time to hold a party, there are three things that Latinos never forget to include: food, music and dance, and for this and so much more, we celebrate the music and dancing of our culture and help gather thousands of fans around the world on the track's largest NYC! dance, "said Rafael Toro, director of Public Relations of Goya Foods.

The sponsor T-Mobile will also offer free dance classes and parties held at the flagship store T-Mobile in Times Square, in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday.

The event is held in partnership with the edition of 2019 the People Festival In Spanish, who will return to the City of New York on 5 and 6 October to celebrate the communities, cultures and Hispanic celebrities During Hispanic Heritage.

For tickets and more information, please visit  http://www.newyorksalsacongress.com/

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmKgePraN5I

Sky High for Kids is committed to raising $ 20 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

By PR Newswire-Hispaic PR Wire
By ALSAC / St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Jennifer Godwin, jennifer.godwin@stjude.org , (901) 275-5596

Memphis, Tennessee, August 15, 2019 - Sky High for Kids recently announced a commitment to raising $ 20 million in St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for an area of ​​research that bears his name in the new Advanced Research center to open in 2021 on the campus of St. Jude.

Brittany Hebert, founder and CEO of Sky High, shows a drawing made by a patient of St. Jude. (PRNewsFoto / ALSAC / St. Jude Children's Resea)

The organization, which has helped raise more than $ 5 million for St. Jude since 2007, will continue its commitment to fundraising over the next 13 years to support and promote the mission of St. Jude: discover the cures that save the children driving progress in the battle against childhood cancer. Research Hospital, St. Jude develops clinical cancer research than any other children's hospital, turning his discoveries into lifesaving treatments for the benefit of patients worldwide.

High Sky members visited St. Jude to meet with many of the families of patients benefiting their fundraising efforts.

They also heard the words of Dr. Ewelina Mamcarz, who noted the latest findings of the hospital through gene therapy and an innovative new treatment for the disease commonly known as "bubble boy disease".

"Through their vision and generosity, the organization Sky High finance transformative research and will be recognized by designating his name a whole area of ​​the Center for Advanced Research. This will give hope to families who come to St. Jude and families everywhere who benefit from the research that we share freely, "said Richard Shadyac Jr., president and CEO of ALSAC, organizing fundraising and awareness of St. Jude Children's research Hospital. "Thanks to the support of Sky High, St. Jude can continue their pioneering research in vital scientific fields, leading to discoveries that could lead to cures for cancer and other diseases."

Donors and volunteers Sky High for Kids visit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital during his annual visit. (PRNewsFoto / ALSAC / St. Jude Children's Resea)

Advanced Research Center will play an important role in these discoveries as it will host various shared resources, including a biorepository, advanced microscopy and genetic modification. There, scientists will have cutting-edge resources and have the opportunity to make progress in a space that fosters teamwork and generate new ideas.

"My path to Sky High began with a turning point when I walked through the halls of St. Jude for the first time," said Brittany Hebert, executive director of Sky High. "We want to achieve significant and lasting throughout our life for children battling pediatric cancer, impact and we are convinced that this project will help future generations with innovative research being conducted at the Center for Advanced Research ".

Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez of the City of Doral in Miami Dade County located designates the Lic. Nancy Clara as a representative of the city in Argentina, to manage rapprochement between the two territories

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Nancy Clara, nancymclara@gmail.com

Doral, Florida, August 20, 2019 -. The Mayor of the City of Doral, Juan Carlos Bermudez businesswoman gives Ms. Nancy Clara, representing the City of Doral in Argentina, to boost the benefits of the city, between the southern entrepreneurs. The excellent location given by Money Magazine in him # 22 as a city with excellent quality of life, security and economic development to live in the United States, ranks as a favorite city for Hispanics and Americans to live in Miami.

On the premises of the Mayor of Doral will be presented the official distinction Lic. Clara, commercial management for representing the community of Doral in the southern country, be carried successfully.

The intention is to bring all out to young city that in just 15 years of existence, has become the center of international trade with an economy that exceeds $ 69 trillion.

Mayor of City of Doral, along with the degree Nancy Clara

With a population of 68 million residents, 34% of it between 35-54, multilingual, schools with the highest grades A -B, brings together the most ponderous companies in the country such as: Carnival Cruise, The Miami Herald Univision Network, Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, Walmart Stores East LP, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Perry Ellis International, Inc OCASA, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, among others.

Nancy Clara pledged to work for the benefit of the City of Doral, giving concer one of the few smart cities developed in the United States as an excellent investment alternative for those who want to start a new life in Florida or file their business there.

Within this framework, it is presented to the City of Doral in the Argentine provinces Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Salta, San Juan, La Rioja, Cordoba, Mendoza, among others; where Lic. Nancy Clara develop its business agenda.

It is very important outreach work of City of Doral who is performing the licensed Clara, committed to our city since its inception. That is why, with the full support of the city to strengthen and build ties between Argentines wishing to settle here. Notably, the city has the presence of Vice Mayor Claudia Mariaca who is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina in October and will be traveling to his hometown.

City of Doral was chosen by the World Council on City Data ISO 37120 certification with since it owns 14.746 per 100,000 businesses, incorporating 324,000 jobs in South Florida.

Among the awards he has received the city is like "The major Florida city for business creation as Business Week and the second major city in the United States to live well and friendly business, according to Forbes magazine.

Located in the heart of northeast Miami-Dade County, is connected by the two principals county highway and only one kilometer and a half from Miami International Airport is the # 1 US in international transport of goods and ninth in the world.

For me it is an honor to represent Argentina in the city I saw growing since its inception, where my children have studied and where I developed my work over the years. I thank Mayor JC Bermudez for giving this representation, that respect and work with a lot of pride in the city.

. Ms. Nancy Clara has held positions as Director of the Argentine American Chamber of Commerce shaping its mandate (2017 -2019) the Binational Chambers of Commerce, Vice President Association of Hispanic Journalist - FAHJ (2014 - 2017) where he managed to bring together the media Hispanics in Florida to enhance its influence in the community and has recently taken over as Presindet of the Association of Mercosur women Corporate in the US, where his primary goal will be eduacar to current generations about the fundamental role of executive woman in the field and decision-making and corporate governance.

One - third of the US adult population says that fear of massacres firearms prevents them from going to certain places and events

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sophie Bethune, 202-336-6134, sbethune@apa.org ; Elizabeth Lewan, 202-336-5901, elewan@apa.org

Hispanic adults are twice as likely than non - Hispanics to feel frequent or constant stress related to mass shootings white

Washington, Aug. 15, 2019 - A large majority of adults in the United States feels stress caused by the massacres with firearms, and one-third of adults say they fear mass shootings them prevented from attending certain places and events, according to a new survey on stress and gun massacres conducted by the American Psychological Association (American Psychological Association, APA).

"It is clear that the massacres firearms are causing damage to our mental health, and should concern in particular that are affecting the daily lives of many of us," said Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, executive director of APA. "The more events of this type occur in places that concur frequently, the greater the impact on mental health. There is no need to directly experience these events to feel affected. Just hearing that occurred may involve an emotional impact, and this can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. "

To better understand the impact of the shootings on stress and health in the aftermath of the recent and tragic massacres of El Paso and Dayton, APA commissioned nationally representative survey. It was conducted online by The Harris Poll between 8 and 12 August, and was attended by 2,017 adults aged 18 and over residing in the United States.

The current survey found that more than three quarters of adults (79%) in the United States say they feel stress as a result of the possibility of a mass shooting. In addition, many adults report that are changing behavior as a result of fear of massacres with firearms. Also, nearly one in three adults (32%) feel that they can not go anywhere without worrying about being victims of a shooting; while about the same percentage (33%) say that fear prevents them from attending certain places and events. In addition, about a quarter (24%) of adults reported changes in their lives because of fear of shootings.

Cundo asked which sites will cause stress related to the possibility that a slaughter occurs, the most common responses of adults included public events (53%), shopping (50%), schools or universities (42%) or cinemas (38%), while only one in five (21%) ensures that you never feel stress as a result of the possibility of a gunfight.

"The massacres with guns are a problem of public health, and we need to adopt a comprehensive public health approach to understand and devise lasting political solutions," added Evans. "It is important that people and legislators realize that it is not an insoluble problem, but something whose possibility of change is in our hands".

Hispanic adults (32%) are more likely than non-Hispanic white adults (15%) to say they feel stress related to the possibility of shooting frequently or constantly. Hispanic adults and African Americans are also more likely than non-Hispanics to ignore how to cope with stress they feel as a result of massacres with firearms (44% of Hispanic adults and 43% of African Americans vs. 30% of white adults white) adults. Meanwhile, adults blacks are more likely to feel that they or someone they know will be victims of a mass shooting (60% compared with 41% of white adults and 50% of Hispanic adults ).

Women say they feel stressed more often than men about the possibility of a shoot (85% vs. 71%) and parents of children under 18 are almost twice as likely than those without children of those ages say they feel stress frequently or constantly to the possibility of a slaughter with firearms (28% vs.16%). In addition, 62% of parents say "live in fear that their children may be victims of a mass shooting."

To download related graphics and information about stress management after a shootout, visit the website  https://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/stress/index

For more information on stress and behavioral health, visit  https://www.apa.org/helpcenter

The Internet domain .PR turns 30!

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Alan Wallace, Afilias, director of corporate communications, I press@afilias.info, +1.425.691.8757 cell

Puerto Ricans serving and PR industry for 30 years 

San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 15, 2019  - Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc., the registry operator for .PR, the top-level domain (TLD) of Puerto Rico, and Afilias, its technology partner, today announced that the domain .PR reach the milestone of 30 years of service to both the Internet community and industry Puerto Rican public relations, August 27, 2019.

Oscar Moreno, CEO of Gauss Research Laboratory said. "We are pleased to reach the milestone of 30 years of providing Internet addresses representing both the Puerto Rican people and professionals of public relations in the world We are very proud of this achievement, which underlines our technological capabilities and our ability to contribute to the improvement of Puerto Rico. the domain .PR always be a key partner in the future of Puerto Rico. "

"We are fortunate to provide technology to support a TLD so popular and growing," said Hal Lubsen, CEO of Afilias. "Thirty years on the Internet make the domain .PR is almost as old as the Internet itself, and Oscar and his team have done an amazing job. We congratulate you sincerely for this important achievement."

Today, .PR is home to thousands of sites, including leading companies such as Puerto Rican www.ElNuevoDia.pr , local sites for global brands like www.lincoln.com.pr , and practices of public relations as www.clarity.pr . The domain .PR joins other TLDs "country code" to offer a special meaning beyond a geodiseñador (eg ME: Montenegrin code that is marketed as a personal address, and domain .IO: corresponding to the territories of the Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean territories), popularly known to be the "input / output" of technology companies). Companies astute public relations know that the domain .PR allows them to differentiate themselves quickly from the millions of other agencies that exist on the Internet.

In addition to managing the TLD, Gauss Research Laboratory has been a responsible and generous of Puerto Rican and global Internet community member. This week, .PR has organized a training workshop for its Caribbean neighbors DNS together with LACTLD, an association of TLD managers in Latin America and the Caribbean. The domain .PR assembled all the global Internet community in San Juan for ICANN29 in June 2007, and ICANN61 in March 2018 the latter being the first major international event after Hurricane Mary. The domain .PR sponsored STEM classes (especially robotics and programming), the deaf community (Colegio San Gabriel FENAPUS), the workshops "NASA Forum for Teachers K-12" for more than 500 teachers, and more: https : //domains.pr/social.php . It also provides free names to all units and government departments.

The .PR TLD was the subject of an important technical update in early 2018, when Afilias became its technology partner and enabled the EPP ( Extensible Provisioning Protocol , or Extensible Provisioning Protocol) for registrars. EPP capacity fully automates the creation and management of names, which makes .PR reach the global standard and opens the door for more registrars to offer. Since then, the distribution has grown more than 50%. The EPP joined DNSSEC (2005) and IPv6 (2006) to ensure that all domain names .PR work in a registration system last generation has full redundancy and more secure and reliable. This helps even more "hurricane-proof" and assures .PR site managers names supporting their sites and emails will be operational no matter what the weather may bring. Local service for .PR names will be even faster in 2020, when authorized in Puerto Rico own name server you will be activated.

To help promote its 30th anniversary, organizations and companies of Puerto Rican public relations and other stakeholders in a direction .PR can take advantage of special prices for participating registrars in August and September. This is the ideal time to buy a domain name for your company, mission or agency that sets you apart from your competitors time.

Sacred Global inaugurates new academic proposal in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, and joins the expanding list of businesses Puerto Ricans in the United States

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire. 
By Arminda Resto, Mr. Publicist, AResto@Latin2Latin.com, 954-376-4800
Photo by inSagrado - Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

Miami, Aug. 8, 2019 - The prestigious University of the Sacred Heart, San Juan, Puerto Rico, started two years ago a process of academic and institutional transformation to meet the new challenges and academic trends offering an innovative educational experience in the classroom is the world.

It's just during this time that Puerto Rico, home to more than 3.3 million US citizens suffer the terrible onslaught of Hurricane Maria, one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of the United States. This tragedy brought new challenges for higher education institutions on the island. The material destruction and resource scarcity creates great mobility limitations and difficulties in access to educational facilities, emigration reaches at least 8% and many students take the arduous task of care and support in rebuilding their homes, limiting their time and educational priorities.

To address this need, the University of the Sacred Heart developed a first set project these variables and creates an academic program based on access to education remotely, but live with the same quality and benefits offered in a classroom lessons.

This is how it is developed Sacred Global, which is the School of Professional Studies at the University of the Sacred Heart, with a real-time virtual platform, known as video-face (synchronously). This initiative was partly thanks to the alliance with the Faculty Resource Network of New York University (NYU) and staff of the University of Cincinnati; and it is built on the latest trends in vocational education and the labor market, which clearly reflects the institutional mission and vision of the Sacred Heart.

Global sacred allows students and professionals to take courses and taught by professors from renowned universities in the United States and Puerto Rico by-face video through the Zoom platform where they are allowed students to have a complete interaction modality certificates and live with the teacher. The vast majority of courses are taught in Spanish.

In order to expand beyond the island, Sacred Global decides to expand to Miami, FL because of the large Hispanic diversity that exists in this city as well as its ties to Puerto Rico and Latin America.

Global sacred joins the list of many Puerto Rican businesses that have decided to expand into the United States in recent years.

"As last government official, exposed to the many challenges of the public education system (both elementary and university levels) and as a university professor in New York City in the last six (6) years, I have seen how education has evolved a giant step in the world, with changes in approach, methodologies, curricula, disciplines and technology that were not covered even 5 years ago. the use of artificial intelligence and interactive teaching methods already are, and will remain, a pillar of pedagogical improvement , "said Jorge Silva Puras, Director of Global Sacred.

Global Sacred platform currently has more than 15 synchronous courses covering the disciplines of digital marketing, data analytics, graphic design, technology, health, photography, among others.

Leclanché and the Government of Saint Kitts agree to build the largest project generation and storage of solar energy in the Caribbean

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.

A storage system solar photovoltaic and battery fully integrated lithium - ion battery will provide clean and reliable energy to residents of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis, DALLAS, and Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, Aug. 7, 2019 - The Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis, the state power company St. Kitts Electric Company ( SKELEC) and Leclanché SA (SIX: LECN), one of the major energy storage companies in the world, announced the project of solar generation and energy storage largest ever built to date in the Caribbean.

Photo bu Facebook

The Honorable Ian Patches Liburd, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Correos, Urban Development and Transport of St. Kitts and Nevis, said: "We are ready to embark on this vital project solar + energy storage as a key part of our drive towards energy renewable, which is critical for the future development of our country. "

The solar power plant of 35.6 MW and installing storage batteries 44.2 MWh will be built on land provided by the government in the valley of Basseterre, adjacent to the city of Basseterre and the current power plant SKELEC on the island of St . Kitts. The project will provide residents of this federation of two Caribbean islands a source of clean, reliable and renewable energy, with fixed cost savings compared to the current system of diesel power generation. The system will provide between 25% and 30% of current power generation needs of the nation, while replacing the same amount of capacity generated with diesel.

"The solar storage project will help strengthen the financial soundness of SKELEC over the next 20 years, while significantly reducing the cost of fuel in the islands during that period , " Liburd said. "The expected cost of installing the solar park will not only be beneficial for the energy demand of the federation, but represents the most viable option to secure the financial future of SKELEC".

Leclanché will be the prime contractor for engineering, procurement and construction for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) system and the system of energy storage batteries (BESS, for its acronym in English).

"We want to thank the Prime Minister Timothy Harris, Minister of Public Infrastructure Liburd, the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, and the board and the executive team SKELEC for his tremendous vision, cooperation and efforts to support this exciting project" said Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché. "This project marks the first time a solar system scale megawatt stabilized by a system of lithium - art for energy storage, can be used to deliver a true 'baseload' power to utility on a Caribbean island. This sends a strong signal to other Caribbean countries and the rest of the world that there is a cleaner, economical and viable diesel "alternative.

Photo by www.pv-magazine.com

The Liburd Minister said. "We are pleased to partner with Leclanché, one of the leading providers of storage solutions power the world in this historic project for the citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis The project generation and storage batteries solar power represents a major step forward in the government's efforts to ensure affordable for our country cleaner energy future, safe. This project offers many benefits for our residents, businesses and the millions of tourists who visit St. Kitts and Nevis every year " .

"The cost of this project for the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis is zero , " said Bryan Urban, executive vice president and chief of the division of business stationary Leclanché. "The cost will be recovered in full over 20 years through savings created by the switch to clean, reliable solar energy."

The laying of the foundation stone of the proposed energy and solar energy storage is scheduled for mid-October 2019, with completion expected by September 2020.

For more information, contact info@leclanche.com or visit  https://www.leclanche.com/

EWTN Family Celebration 2019 in Denver include presentations in Spanish

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Michelle Johnson, Director of Communications, EWTN Global Catholic Network 5817 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, Alabama 35210 -2198 USA, (205) 795-5769 - Office, (205) 441-6248 - Cell, (205) 795- 5781 - Fax, mjohnson@ewtn.com

With parents Pedro Nunez and Agustino Torres, Pepe Alonso and Alejandro Bermudez

Irondale, Alabama, August 6, 2019 - (EWTN) - For the second consecutive year, EWTN will present lectures in Spanish included in the annual family celebration channel. The event will be held at the Magness Arena in Denver, Colorado, on September 21. It will be a big celebration that could only be produced by the family of EWTN. (For more information visit  https://www.ewtn.com/familycelebration/espanol to register for this free event).

For the second consecutive year, EWTN will present lectures in Spanish included in the annual family celebration channel. The event will be held at the Magness Arena in Denver, Colorado, on September 21. (For more information visit www.EWTN.com/celebracionfamiliar to register for this free event).

"This is the first time that Father Pedro Núñez, Pepe Alonso, Father Agustino Torres and Alejandro Bermudez will be together at an event," said Michael P. Warsaw, President and CEO of EWTN. "We are all looking forward to this great opportunity!"

As you know EWTN Spanish audience, Father Pedro Núñez of the Archdiocese of New Orleans is the host of "Know Your Catholic Faith First" and a great author and speaker who travels widely throughout Latin America and the United States. Alejandro Bermudez, host of "Face To Face," is director of the Catholic News Agency (CNA) and CNA.

Jose "Pepe" Alonso, is the charismatic host of "Nuestra Fe En Vivo," she is an international speaker who works in the area of ​​vocational training, and Father Agustino Torres, CFR, is host of "click Pure Heart" and co-host of "icons." Father Agustino works with youth and destitute, and speaks extensively on the teaching of the Church on human sexuality, vocations and missionary discipleship.

Enrique Duprat, vice president of programming and production in Spanish to EWTN, calls this group "heavyweights Catholic television in Spanish."

As previously announced, presenters side of the English language include Dr. David Anders, Father Mitch Pacwa, Johnnette Williams, Father Joseph, Father Mark, and Innocent Parents and Angelus Montgomery.

All guests will have the opportunity to be part of the studio audience for a taping of a special EWTN program presented by Father Mitch Pacwa.

In addition, there will be many opportunities for Adoration and Confession, and children will be delighted to meet some of their favorite characters from "EWTN Faith Factory". EWTN Radio broadcast live on site all weekend and staff of the National Catholic Register will be available to answer questions. Guests will even have the opportunity to join EWTN in its mission of evangelization to become a missionary friend of EWTN!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Festival People in Spanish convene Latino voters and multigenerational communities in the triumphant return of the beloved cultural event to New York City

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Martha Luna

By Bradford Bridgers, 310.268.7221, Bradford.bridgers@meredith.com ; Elvis Lizardo, 212-522-9658, elvis_lizardo@peoplemag.com

Twitter's first collaboration with the brand amplified to a national audience during the two - day celebration of culture, entertainment and community during Hispanic Heritage Month

New York City, Aug. 1, 2019 - People in Spanish, the leading media brand in the Hispanic market and pillar Meredith portfolio Latino, will bring together in one place several generations of Latinos return of the beloved Festival People en Spanish to New York City on 5 and 6 October 2019 during Hispanic Heritage Month. As the largest consumer event Meredith Corp. and most experienced live free of this type, Festival People en Spanish celebrate the history and culture through live content and curated by the editors of the brand experience. The program this year will include deep conversations with community leaders and celebrities, musical performances and engaging activities for consumers who will focus on the empowerment of the Hispanic community.

This year's Festival theme, "Together we are" highlight Latino contributions to culture and the future of America. People in Spanish Festival will use as a platform to motivate the Hispanic community and encourage civic participation and voter awareness towards the crucial election of 2020. The program will focus on the importance of the Hispanic voter and the voice of each person is heard, particularly of younger Latinos.

"Studies conducted in People in Spanish will continue showing that the US Hispanic community feels 100% and 100% Latin American, and that duality is what we celebrate with Festival. As the Hispanic No. 1 brand, is our duty to inform, inspire and motivate, as well as entertain, and we are excited and honored that serve as the basis Festival to celebrate our culture, communities and agents of change, "said Monique Manso, director of People in Spanish. "Today it is clearer than ever that the voices and contributions of Latinos in this country are significant and can not be erased or be ignored. It is our duty to get that safe space for us to remember our achievements while preparing the ground for the future. Especially as we get ready to have a powerful impact on the 2020 election. "

Festival 2019 will have a new home: The Armory in Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan. This place is located in the heart of the Hispanic community, with 72% of Latino residents and inspired the acclaimed and award-winning musical "In The Heights" by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which is considered a love letter to the Latino community New York City.

Besides the new enclosure, it is also the beginning of the collaboration of People in Spanish with Twitter to bring the two-day festival celebrating a national audience and increase attention to the Hispanic Heritage Month. For the first time in Spanish People work with the social network and will give advertisers the opportunity to interact with Hispanic consumers through the Festival content on Twitter. Our partner can join the conversation in real time via live content from the event.

 For more information, visit https://peopleenespanol.com/

Cinépolis acquires Moviehouse & Eatery to expand the presence of Restaurant movie theaters in the United States

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Media Relations of Cinépolis, Murphy O'Brien Public Relations, Cinepolis@murphyobrien.com , 310-586-7174

Austin, Texas, July 29, 2019 - Cinépolis, the second largest operator of cinemas in the world in terms of number of viewers of films, has announced the acquisition of Moviehouse & Eatery, one luxury chain cinemas Texas restaurant with 5 establishments in operation and one under construction. At the close of the transaction, Cinépolis operates 258 cinemas in 26 establishments in seven US states.

Lobby of a Cinépolis, New York (PRNewsFoto / Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas) complex

Cinépolis, a giant global cinema with nearly five decades of operating experience, currently operates 5,941 cinemas in 738 cinema complexes, with presence in 17 countries, and entertains more than 338 million viewers per year.

Alejandro Ramirez Magana, CEO of Cinepolis said. "We are fully committed to providing our global expertise to the US market This is a strategic transaction that will help us expand and strengthen our luxurious hotel, the best in its category in this market and around the world".

Arturo Lopez Martin, director of Investment Cinépolis, said: "Cinépolis is the leading luxury company in the United States and around the globe We are truly excited about the prospects of this transaction, as we continue to invest in the potential of film experiences. differentiated ".

Leslie Sloan, cofounder of Moviehouse & Eatery, said: "Cinépolis shares the same high standards we hold in Moviehouse & Eatery is the perfect company to bring Moviehouse to the next level We are excited that Cinépolis extend the experience of Moviehouse viewers all. the country". Rodney Speaks, co - founder of Moviehouse & Eatery, added: "Cinépolis gives them the Moviehouse & Eatery employees the opportunity to grow with a global exhibitor". Speaks and Sloan, who were real estate entrepreneurs before venturing into business Restaurant theaters, are intended to continue working with Cinépolis to build new theaters in the United States.

Since the opening of his first film in 2012, Moviehouse & Eatery has quickly become one of the largest operators of luxury cinemas with restaurant in Texas with 5 cinemas and 47 cinemas in the metropolitan areas of Austin and Dallas, which they are aimed at a demographic segment family oriented and high-resource. Each establishment offers dishes prepared with original ingredients, and plush reclining seats and full service bar and restaurant that uses technology call button. Moviehouse & Eatery also offers premium large format auditoriums, type "Bighouse" in three cinemas and luxurious halls to eat in all establishments. Moviehouse & Eatery is poised to continue its growth, and a sixth film is under construction in the suburb of Woodlands in Houston, and is expected to open in November 2019.

With immediate effect, the acquisition expands the presence of Cinépolis in the United States, and there are no immediate plans to make any operational changes or is oriented guests, the Moviehouse & Eatery brand. Moviehouse & Eatery continue to operate independently until further notice and keep all employees, programs and events scheduled today. Moviehouse & Eatery provides excellent talent, outstanding service and very complementary strengths Cinépolis, which strengthens its ability to offer a premium experience to their guests and to create substantial value for its shareholders.

Dechert LLP acts as legal adviser to Cinépolis. SOLOMON PJ acts as financial advisor and Hightower and Associates acts as legal advisor to Moviehouse & Eatery.

From Broadway to Louisiana: Bonnie and Clyde “America’s Most Wanted Musical”

By Facebook and Noticias Sur P.R.

July 18, 2019 - “This world should be notified, it’ll be a bumpy ride. Thanks to Bonnie & Clyde!” Calling all Louisiana friends, or those willing to travel- Thibodaux Playhouse, the official Community Theater of Thiboduax, Louisiana is about to wow audiences with our cultivating production of Bonnie & Clyde!

Based on the true story of America's most notorious lovers, this show will take audiences by storm in this sexy and compelling adventure. Fearless, shameless and alluring, the Tony-nominated BONNIE & CLYDE, from the legendary Frank Wildhorn, is the electrifying story of love, adventure and crime that captured the attention of an entire country.

Congratulations to the cast of “Bonnie and Clyde the Musical” running Summer 2019 - July 19 (sold out), 20, 26, 27 (7:30 p.m.) & July 21, 28 (2:00 p.m.)  For tickets, visit  http://www.thibodauxplayhouse.com/

Clyde Barrow - Quinn Lapeyrouse (at right)

Bonnie Parker - Josie Olivia (at left)

Buck Barrow - Mason Clark
Blanche Barrow - Hayley Rhodes
Ted Hinton - Stephan Donovan
Young Bonnie - Camille Ledet
Teen Bonnie - Alayna Pullaro
Young Clyde - Lincoln Lerille
Teen Clyde - Lawson Lerille

CONGREGATION - Lexi Richmond, Ahnyyah Hunter, Madison Anderson, Kirsten Bazet, Selena Porche, Benjamin Adams, Greg Autin, Kyle Davis
Eleanore - Brittany Bourque
Trish - Kristen Rodrigue
Stella - Madison Anderson
Emma Parker - Melinda Adams
Sheriff Schmid - River Olden
Cumie Barrow - Jena Terrebonne
Deputies Johnson & Bud - Joseph Loupe
Governor Ferguson - Kirsten Bazet
Bob Alcorn - Kyle Davis
John/Joe/Judge - Greg Autin
Henry/Charlie/Announcer - Benjamin Adams
Frank Hamer/Archie - Roger Hernandez

BREADLINE FOLK - Hannah Adams, Brittany Bourque, Kristen Rodrigue, Madison Anderson, Melinda Adams, Jena Terrebonne, Lexi Richmond, Kirsten Bazet, Ahnyyah Hunter, Selena Porche, Kyle Davis, River Olden, Benjamin Adams

CUSTOMERS - Hannah Adams, Brittany Bourque, Kristen Rodrigue, Jena Terrebonne, Kyle Davis, Benjamin Adams

Cop - Kyle Davis, Guard #1 - Joseph Loupe, Guard #2 - Greg Autin, Bank Teller #1 – Madison Anderson, Bank Teller #2 - Lexi Richmond, Shopkeeper - Selena Porche

Still not convinced you should come? How about this? We secured multiple set pieces from the BROADWAY show, including the car that Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes, the duo that originated the roles of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, used in the 2011 Broadway production! How cool?! (photo at right).

We open this Friday (7/19) and that performance is officially SOLD OUT! Didn’t buy your tickets yet? No fear! You still have 5 shows you can pick from to come see us! Tickets available, but going quickly, at  http://www.thibodauxplayhouse.com./ !

Thibodaux Playhouse Inc., 314 St Mary St, Thibodaux, LA 70301.  Phone number (985) 446-1896

Great!..... Message from Thibodaux Playhouse Inc.: Our audiences get to meet our casts in the theater lobby after each show.....

DEC 5 2011 Video:  Opening Night at Broadway: Bonnie & Clyde:  

Goya 2.500 pounds of food donated to Catholic Charities of Boston in celebration of Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Natalie Maniscalco, Natalie@retromedianyc.com, 845.659.6506

Boston, July 24, 2019 - Goya Foods, the food company's largest US Hispanic-owned food donated 2,500 lbs Catholic Charities of Boston in celebration of Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 11:00 am at Catholic Charities of Boston, located at number 185 Columbia Street in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

"At Goya, we always strive to do our part to support our communities and encourage others to do the same." We can not think of a better way to celebrate the festival this year, which works hard to bring the rich culture Puerto Rican to Massachusetts, to provide healthy food to people who need it most, "said Rafael Toro, Director of Public Relations of Goya Foods.

Catholic Charities distributes more than 2.5 million pounds of food each year through its network of food pantries. The donation will go directly to food pantries Catholic Charities in the South End of Boston, Somerville and Dorchester and serve about 4,200 people each week. "We are deeply grateful for our partnership with Goya. Without partners committed as Goya, could not meet the needs of those we serve." In this region, where the gap between the minimum wage needed to live and salary earning many residents continues growing hunger remains a persistent for the welfare of many Bostonians threat, "said Deborah K. Rambo, president of Catholic Charities.

The donation is part of Goya Gives, a global initiative committed to supporting local communities through social and environmental causes. Goya has donated millions of pounds of food to organizations around the world and continues to support more than 300 organizations, events and cultural institutions. " It is an honor to start our weekend of the Puerto Rican Festival partnering with Goya and Goya Gives initiative in the continuing effort to give back to our communities , " said Edwin Alicea, president of the Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts.

For more information on Goya Foods and #GoyaGives campaign, visit  https://www.goya.com/en/

Cycling Sports Group withdraws from Cannondale Cyclocross bicycles CAADX market by fall hazards and serious injury; a reported death

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, July 25, 2019

Summary recall:

Product name: Cannondale Cyclocross bikes CAADX 2013-2016 models

Risk: The fork can break, presenting risk of death or serious injury resulting from a fall.

Remedy: Repair.  Consumers should immediately stop using the bicycle market withdrawal, and take it to the nearest repair for free authorized Cannondale dealer. Cannondale dealers'll replace, at no cost, fork bicycle fork with a spare fully carbon fiber.

Consumer Contact: Or local authorized Cannondale Cycling Sports Group at 844-370-1536 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, by email to dealer custserve@cyclingsportsgroup.com or online at www.cannondale.com and then click Recalls & Notices (Withdrawals and Notices) at the top of the page.

Recall details:  Units: About 9,700 (plus about 1,900 were sold in Canada)

Description: This recall involves cyclocross Cannondale bikes CAADX 2013-2016 models equipped with disc brakes. Cyclocross races combine both routes, roads and cross country.

The bikes were sold in a variety of colors and configurations. Consumers should inspect your bike to determine if it is affected by this recall, confirming the following:

(1) The bike has a prominent CAADX mark on the upper pipe or other location.

(2) The bike has disc brakes.

(3) The interior of the fork leg has a big brand that says "ULTRAX".

(4) The cable to the front disc brake is outside the fork, as opposed to inside the fork.

For assistance in determining whether a bicycle is affected, consumers should take it to an authorized Cannondale dealer.

Incidents / Injuries: Cycling Sports Group has received reports of 11 incidents worldwide of breaking the fork of the bicycle, including five in the United States. Seven of these incidents resulted in serious injuries, which included concussion and an injury to the spine, and there was a death.

Outlets: Authorized Cannondale dealers nationwide from August 2012 through August 2017 for between $ 1,000 and $ 2,220.

Imported / Distributed by: Cycling Sports Group Inc., Wilton, Connecticut

Manufacturing: Taiwan

To report a dangerous product or a product - related injury, visit  https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx (English) or call the information line CPSC at (800) 638-2772 or TTY (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired. Consumers can get information about news and withdrawals https://www.cpsc.gov/es/SeguridadConsumidor/ via Twitter in @SeguridadConsum or by subscribing to receive free e - newsletters CPSC.

African - American mayors Trump ask the government not escape to the Supreme Court in the case of the question of citizenship in the Census

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Donald Gatlin, dgatlin@rabengroup.com , 202-587-2871

AAMA warns government attempts to obtain data Trump citizenship

Washington, July 12, 2019 - The Association of Black Mayors (African American Mayors Association, AAMA) welcomes the Government of Trump does not challenge the decision of the Supreme Court that requires the Department of Commerce eliminate Census question on citizenship.

African - American mayors from around the country had already indicated, in a letter:  http://ourmayors.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Census2020-2.pdf  addressed to Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, and Steven Dillingham, director of the United States Census Bureau, the risk of including a question like this. Against government attempts to circumvent Trump resolution of the Court, the AAMA warns the need to combat any initiative intimidation of vulnerable populations through public data.

"We are pleased that the court with the highest authority of the nation has blocked a blatant attempt by the government of Trump not visible or stop counting millions of people of color who have made our country their home. The resolution reaffirms the State law and accountability that distinguish the greatness of our country, "said Hardie Davis, mayor of Augusta, Georgia and president of the AAMA. "It is time that the government follow the Trump literally the spirit of the resolution in order to prevent the disenfranchisement of our communities."

AAMA appreciates the commendable work of those who defend the struggle for a fair and impartial census. The Latino population, Afro-Latin and from African and Asian diasporas should have a fair allocation of resources in their communities and equal representation in public administration. African-American mayors continue to fight to ensure that the census count is accurate and citizenship data not be used against vulnerable populations.

The sixth annual Latino Conservation Week season starts this weekend (July 13 to 21), breaks the barriers Outdoor and inspire environmental managers of tomorrow

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Robert Fanger, Tel: 317-410-7668, E-mail: robert@hispanicaccess.org

Washington, July 12, 2019 - Communities across the country will enjoy and be able to connect with the extraordinary outdoor areas during the 6th annual Latino season Conservation Week, which starts on 13 July and ends on July 21. There will be as many as 150 events to be held throughout the country, some communities will camp under the stars, surf canoes, walking at sunset and climb with family among many other activities while engaging with nature outdoors and learn about the work of environmental managers.

More than 200 organizations, parks and groups are holding as many as 150 events around the country to celebrate the 6th annual Latino Conservation Week, helps create opportunities for Latinos across the country to demonstrate their passion for enjoying the outdoors and to cultivate their role as environmental stewards. Find an event near you by visiting http://www.latinoconservationweek.com or following #LatinoConservationWeek and #LWC2019 on social media.

"Latino communities have passion for the countryside and outdoor areas and hold a strong belief that we have a moral obligation to be good environmental managers," said Maite Arce, President and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation, who launched LCW in 2014 . "Latino Conservation Week was established to break down barriers and make the Latino population had access to public land, encourage new opportunities for the community to use public lands and inspire the next generation of environmental managers.

Latinos are the largest group among minorities in America, with more than 52 million representing more than 16.7 percent of the population of the nation, and are projected to be about one third of the population in 2050. by 2020, half of all young people in America will be colored. For 2043, most residents of our country will be people of color. In addition, a 2018 report of Outdoor Industry Association found that only 10 percent of Latinos were involved with outdoor recreational activities. In very simple terms, the future depends on public lands involve and welcome the diversity of our youth.

"Latino Conservation Week was created to begin closing the gap through engagement with new partners and connect with more and more members of this community," Arce said. "What started with 17 events in six states has grown to more than 150 events in as many as 25 states." Arce said. "This is a national collaborative effort with the potential to impact Latino communities in large urban environments, emerging Latino communities, and rural communities that aim to celebrate our heritage, culture, spirituality and stories around the national treasure that is the nature."

The activities are in several states and a complete list of events is available at http://latinoconservationweek.com/. Online celebrates following #LatinoConservationWeek and # LCW2019 on social networks.

Gob. Polis, Mayor Hancock and footballing Communities Initiative launched Confirm Colorado Denver as host matches of FIFA World Cup Men 2026

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
Bt Jeremy Story - 720.984.2730 & Amanda McConnell - 918.640.4148, Ground Floor Media

- The Broncos at Mile High Stadium competes for a place among the 10 stadiums selected based on United States -

Denver, July 11, 2019 - After the return of the US Women's National Team. UU. another championship Women's World Cup in France, the Football Association of Colorado (Colorado Soccer Association), which represents nearly 70,000 young players and adults throughout the state, is helping to mobilize a coalition of leaders and communities Colorado to ensure that Denver is selected as one of the host cities for the Men's World Cup in 2026.

Governor Jared Polis of Colorado, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Colorado Football

Association (CSA) launched a community coalition to bring the World Cup 2026 FIFA Men Denver, the Broncos at Mile High Stadium . Back row, from left to right: Matthew Payne, executive director of the Denver Sports Commission; Padraig Smith, executive vice president and general manager of Colorado Rapids; Dr. S. Robert Contiguglia, co-chairman of the Tender Committee; Governor Jared Polis; Mayor Michael B. Hancock's and Nate Shotts, executive director of the CSA. (PRNewsFoto / VISIT DENVER)

Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, and Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, joined representatives of the Football Association of Colorado, the Colorado Rapids, the Denver Sports Commission, VISIT DENVER and several community leaders to reveal the elements of a campaign designed to raise awareness and community support, including its logo, hashtag and website: https://denver2026.com/

"We are very excited to be under consideration, because we have the experience and existing facilities to make this a great success," said Dr. S. Robert Contiguglia, co-chairman of the committee that prepared the proposal of Denver and former President of the Football Association of the United States. "Denver is in an ideal position to be selected, based on feedback from the organizers of the World Cup and the initial support of our local soccer community."

Already among the finalists in competition for the right to be one of the venues of the World Cup, Denver had been singled out as a possible host when EE. UU., Canada and Mexico prepared a joint proposal of North America that won the right to host the championship in 2026.

Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver

"We already have a world-class stadium and an electrifying city, which are elements that organizers want this World Cup," said Nate Shotts, CEO of the Football Association of Colorado. "The next step is to provide channels through which our city, state and region to express their support and enthusiasm, through visits to our website, publishing on social networks and express a high level of excitement that will ensure that organizers and the world know that Denver is ready to be one of the venues of the world Cup. "

Denver has hosted more than 30 international soccer events high-profile include national teams from around the world and, more recently, CONCACAF Gold Cup, which brought together more than 52,000 football fans at the Broncos Stadium at Mile High in June for a doubleheader featuring Cuba against Martinique and Mexico against Canada.

According to a recent study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, the cities host matches of World Cup 2026 can expect an impact of up to $ 360 million into the local economy. The city of Denver, Colorado, and the entire region of the Rocky Mountains also benefit from residual economic activity resulting from exposure globally that come with being one of the venues of the World Cup, one of the sporting events most popular and viewed the world.

Express your support and enthusiasm visiting https://denver2026.com/ and using the hashtag # Denver2026.

Ignacio Peña "Sound the Alarm" (Lyric Video)

By Ignacio Peña, info@ignaciopena.net

Check out the lyric video for Sound the Alarm:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC9zLtjEOIo

WEB:  http://www.ignaciopena.net/

Ignacio Peña "The Same Replies" (Lyric Video)

By Ignacio Peña, info@ignaciopena.net

Check out the lyric video for "The Same Replies":    https://youtu.be/zFKKyszAvGc

Mega 96.3FM announced one of the most anticipated events of the summer: "Summer Concert Series Megaton"

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Vladimir Gomez, Vice President of Corporate Communications, vgomez@sbscorporate.com
(786) 394-9000, Internal: 1144

The event will include the participation of the greatest talents in the urban genre, world - renowned

The first night will be presented Zion & Lennox, De La Ghetto, Jowell and Randy, Jon Lyanno Z with special guest and Eladio Carrion, who will perform on July 13 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles

J Alvarez, Sebastian Yatra, Jory Boy and Alex Rose, with special guest Mariah, will take the stage on the second night on August 31, also in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles

Tickets for both nights of "Megaton Summer Concert Series" are already on sale in  https://www.axs.com/

Los Angeles, July 4, 2019 - lamusica App, Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. ( "SBS") (OTCQB: SBSAA) and the holiday season number 1 Los Angeles, KXOL Mega 96.3 FM always in fashion, will start the summer with one of the most anticipated concerts of 2019: the "Megaton summer Concert Series" (summer Concert Series Megaton) by Michelob Ultra and Adrianna's Insurance®. SBS is important to support the new generation of Latino artists such as Jon Z, Lyanno and Eladio Carrion, and feelings consecrated as Zion y Lennox, De La Ghetto Jowell and Randy.

The first event of Megaton is a show never seen before where the audience can enjoy new artists on stage for the first time in Los Angeles. This Latin celebration will take place on Saturday July 13, 2019 in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The second night of "Megaton Summer Concert Series" presented by Mega 96.3FM will be on Saturday 31 August 2019 at the same location and will include performances by J Alvarez, Sebastian Yatra, Jory Boy, Alex Rose and Mariah as a special guest.

The full list of artists was announced in Mega 96.3FM and social networks. In addition to live performances in the "Megaton Summer Concert Series" will also be interactive experiences offered by the partners brand Mega 96.3FM during the first and second nights. Fans have the opportunity to win tickets listening to Mega 96.3FM in Los Angeles.

"It fills me with emotion offer Megaton series as a platform to launch promising artists in the Los Angeles market. My plan is to expand the series to include more nights and throw these rising stars to the Calibash stage. And of course I also want our audience dancing and had a great time! "said Alessandra Alarcon, president of SBS Entertainment.

With the "Megaton Concert Series" Mega 96.3FM will start the music and fun of summer in Los Angeles. The "Megaton Concert Series" presented by lamusica App is part of the grid concerts of great success and recognition throughout the country SBS Entertainment, including CALIBASH, the biggest concert in the history of radio, with top artists of all musical genres on one stage and millions of impacts on social networks.

For news and information on the "Megaton Concert Series" 2019, visit  https://mega963fm.lamusica.com/

* The artists and events can be changed or canceled without notice.

Lawyer Firm Diego Madrigal III Pendás was appointed Judge of the Circuit Court

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Scott Feltman, 407.920.2373 or 407.352.3535

Orlando, Florida, June 27, 2019 - The Law Firm Pendás has the honor to announce that our lawyer, Mr. Diego Madrigal III, has been elected by the Governor of Florida, Ron. DeSantis, as Judge of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Court. El Madrigal degree was granted one of two vacant positions for Judge in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court.

Pendas Law Attorney, Diego Madrigal (PRNewsfoto / The Pendas Law Firm)

Madrigal is an Associate Attorney in our office in Orlando. Graduated from the University of Florida, College of Law, Fredric G. Levin in 2006. He has represented individuals injured as a result of several accidents. Madrigal has experience in personal injury law, from initial client interview until the conclusion of the trial. He believes in community service and has participated in various committees of the Bar of Florida at the local and state level. In 2012, he was recognized with a New Lawyer Excellence Award, for having provided legal representation non-profit program through the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association.

"It has been an honor to have had Diego as an integral part of the team Pendás I am very proud to have worked with him and to have enjoyed his talent He has served our clients and our firm with excellence.. Is it gives me great pleasure to announce his appointment to the Circuit Court of Florida, "said Luzardo Pendás, owner of the firm.

Dedicated to offering customers outstanding service, the law firm Pendás is a firm dedicated to work for personal injury cases. The firm has offices in the Orlando, Daytona, Tampa, Bradenton, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The Pendás equipment provides real solutions in personal injury cases related to automobile accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, medical malpractice, defective products, insurance claims and whistleblower.

More info:  https://www.pendaslaw.com/

Manny Pacquiao, eight - division champion faces the undefeated Keith Thurman in the fight for the world welterweight title which will be broadcast live in cinemas across the country

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Jessica Nelson / Katherine Schwappach, Fathom Events, 720-262-2753 / 720-262-2713, jnelson@fathomevents.com / kschwappach@fathomevents.com ; Erik Stein, Scoop Marketing for Fathom Events, 818-761-6100, estein@solters.com ; Tim Smith, Premier Boxing Champions, timothy@haymonboxing.com ; Swanson Communications, 202-783-5500, contact@swansonpr.com ; John Stouffer, FOX Sports, john.stouffer@fox.com

Fathom Events, Premier Boxing Champions and FOX Sports present an a only night live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday July 20

Denver, June 26, 2019 - Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao, the only fighter in the world champion in eight divisions, Philippine Senator and frequent welterweight champion of the WBA, returns to face the undefeated superchampion WBA weight of Keith "One Time" Thurman in a stunning duel of 66,5 kilos which will be broadcast live on Saturday July 20 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. With its speed, power and tremendous skills, Thurman represents the most dangerous challenger Pacquiao, future Hall of Famer has faced in his last fights. Surely this will leave the winner algid fight near the top of one of the most interesting and filled with boxing talent divisions.

Tickets for "Pacquiao vs. Thurman" and can be purchased online at https://www.fathomevents.com/events/manny-pacquiao-vs-keith-thurmanutm_source=fathom&utm_medium=press+releases&utm_campaign=pacquaio+v+thurman or at the box offices of participating theaters.

The live broadcast of "Pacquiao vs. Thurman" presented by Fathom Events, Premier Boxing Champions and FOX Sports, will be on Saturday July 20 from 9:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm CT / 7:00 pm MT / 6:00 pm PT / AK 5.00 pm / 3.00 pm HI. Boxing fans across America will enjoy this event in more than 175 cinemas selected Digital Broadcast Network (DBN) Fathom network. The complete list of rooms is available on the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

Pacquiao (07/02/60, 39 KO), a native of the Sarangani province in the Philippines three times Boxer of the Year and Boxer of the Decade of the Boxing Writers Association of America, is the only deputy and senator to have won a world title . Pacquiao's career as a boxer holds victories over at least seven current and future Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

In his last bout, on January 19, Pacquiao made a classic performance against Adrien Broner, four-division champion with a unanimous decision in the 12th round of the 70th fight of his illustrious career. It was his first fight in the United States in two years. Before that, he had scored a shocking knockout win against Lucas Matthysse for his version of the welterweight championship of the WBA in Malaysia, on 15 July.

At 30, Thurman (29-0, 22 KO) is the welterweight champion longest reign since his TKO victory against Diego Chaves earned him the title in 2013. Since then, he defended his position successfully eight times and became unified welterweight champion by beating Danny Garcia split decision and get the WBC title. Thurman was out of cuadrilerato for almost two years due to injuries before returning in January with a victory in a hotly contested fight against josesito Lopez. Its powerful punches earned him the nickname One Time ( "Once").

"Boxing fans from coast to coast lived with emotion chance to see Pacquiao's victory over Broner live and large in their movie theaters nearby screen in January," said Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events. "We are pleased to once again partner with our friends from FOX Sports and Premier Boxing Champions to take another long-awaited appearance of Pac Man to the big screen."

Guinness World Records honors India " La Princesa de la Salsa" with two incredible record titles


By Wilson Nazario, oficinaprensadesfileny@gmail.com, 787-409-8376

New York, New York (June 18, 2019) – Puerto Rican Salsa singer, India is the latest artist to receive honors celebrating her remarkable achievements and chart records in Tropical music. Marking her 30-year career, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the global authority in record-breaking, presented the songstress with the most No. 1 singles on the Billboard Tropical Airplay charts for a female artist and an additional title for her success on the Billboard Tropical Album Chart.

With (10) No. 1 singles and (6) No.1 albums no other female artist has had more success on Billboard’s Tropical charts, earning her the following GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles:

• Most No. 1 albums on the Billboard Tropical Album chart for a female artist (6)
• Most No. 1 singles in the Billboard Tropical Airplay Chart for a female artist (10)

The singer- songwriter, began her professional career in 1986, within the freestyle genre crossing over to Latin music with the debut of her 1992 salsa album, “Llegó La India via Eddie Palmeri”. Her 1994 released “Dicen Que Soy”, solidified her status as “La Princesa de La Salsa” and ushered a string of multi-platinum releases, #1 hits and multiple awards including a Latin GRAMMY. This year India was chosen as the Madrina for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York and performed at the Salsa Festival at the Barclays Center the same weekend.

“I am very proud and honored to receive this recognition from Guinness World Records. This is a culmination of years of hard work and fighting to achieve my goals. We are in a great moment for women empowerment and encouragement. People should follow their dreams and keep going no matter what obstacles they may face. I thank Billboard who has been there with me since day one, to everyone who has been a part of my career in some shape or form, the support of the public, the radio and all my fans around the world! I share this with all of you.” said the singer.

“Puerto Rico is an Island of records. We are proud to welcome La India to the Guinness World Records family,” said Claire Stephens, Official Adjudicator of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

Contact:  Luis Bravo 859-797-7638 (Representante)

South American football Titans Argentina and Chile face off in the first international match to be held at the renovated Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Claudia Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Communications, 786.218.3009, claudia@santacruzpr.com ; Mario Flores, Sportivo, 323.314.1818, mario.flores@sportivo.us

Hit Song® Productions will host the powerful teams on September 5 and will include a spectacular halftime show; Tickets are already on sale

Los Angeles, Tuesday June 25, 2019 - The Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles (CMAS) will host another historic event when the South American rivals Argentina and Chile soccer meet in an international friendly match next Thursday, 5 September at 7 pm This will be the first international soccer game that takes place in the renovated stadium, which underwent a multimillion-dollar makeover. The two countries have some of the best and most famous players in the world meet for the first time in the United States since they did in the Copa America Centenario 2016, when the Argentine team defeated Chile 4-2 on penalties.

Song® Hit Productions (HSP), a US subsidiary of Champagne Productions Corporation (Canada), is proud to present this great game that will include a halftime show with the debut of the first world premiere music HSP.

Rodger Champagne, owner and CEO said about the event: "We could not be more excited about this amazing football match between two football giants, Argentina and Chile, along with our first release of a simple pop music we are proud to launch! operations in the uS Productions Hit Song® this inaugural event mega sports and entertainment and thus establish that we are a world-class brand. "

In addition, HSP is promoting positive social impact and has been associated with several charities, which will be directly favored by fundraising during the event. These include Homeboy Industries, Operation Smile and local football clubs the Los Angeles area. In addition to a lucky local club you will have the opportunity to accompany some of the players to the field for pregame ceremony through challenge "Soccer Club Challenge Ticket "  https://hitsongproductions.com/california-soccer-club-challenge/

For updates and more information visit:  https://hitsongproductions.com/ and part of the action following @hitsongpro on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Pollo Campero USA receives "Emerging Partner of the Year" award for his support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By April Arias, april@thepowergroup.com , 281.630.0129

Thanks to the support provided by the restaurant chain has been possible to raise more than US $ 95,000 intended to support the treatment of childhood cancer and other diseases worldwide

Dallas, Texas, June 24, 2019 - Pollo Campero restaurant chain CMI, has been selected to receive the "Emerging Partner of the Year" award from ALSAC and St. Jude Children's Research hospital, an institution that is at the forefront of research and treatment of childhood cancer and other diseases worldwide.

The tribute was held at the volunteer awards dinner hosted by ALSAC. This recognition was awarded to Pollo Campero USA thanks to its performance and steady growth as a corporate partner of the hospital. During the gala the work of Pollo Campero in the United States as one of the main drivers and volunteers, whose efforts help build and maintain the noble work of this institution, where families never receive a bill, or his treatment was recognized, transportation, lodging and food, because St. Jude families hundred percent engaged in helping their children to live.

Since arriving in the United States, Pollo Campero has maintained a strong commitment to its employees, customers, franchisees and communities where it operates, which is demonstrated in various activities of social responsibility and community support local and national levels.

For more than 20 years, Pollo Campero has carried out several actions that have allowed to raise more than US $ 28 million dollars for the fight against cancer for children in Guatemala and El Salvador. This historical relationship between the company, St. Jude and its allies in these countries, prompted this new alliance in the United States, which in recent months has raised US $ 95,900.00 thanks to the support of customers and partners.

Some of the activities conducted by the company to benefit St. Jude, including fundraising campaigns with customers at restaurants, donations of employees of Pollo Campero, as well as various local support and commitment to continue to benefit activities children.

"Families come to St. Jude because they know we will do everything possible to save their children. The generosity of Pollo Campero has directly impacted these families, and we are honored to recognize the hard work done by their leaders and colleagues "said Evelyn Homs, Senior Vice President of Multicultural Marketing and Business Development at ALSAC, organizing fundraising and awareness for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "As a corporate partner, they are more than just winning, are beloved members of our family in St. Jude".

Luis Javier Rodas, Director General of Campero USA said that "fills us with great pride to receive this important recognition, which is the result of hard work, dedication and commitment of the entire team of Pollo Campero. The enthusiasm for this cause is evident in all levels of the company and the desire to make a real contribution in favor of transcendental work done by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, whose fight is very close to the heart of all CMI corporation ".

Resounding success of the annual food campaign postmen

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Christina Vela Davidson, Director of Community Services, 202-662-2489, cdavidson@nalc.org , or Donna Peremes, Department of Communications, 202-662-2851, peremes@nalc.org

The 27th season is already feeding food to needy families in all 50 states

Washington, June 22, 2019 - The annual Food Campaign National Association of Letter Carriers (National Association of Letter Carriers, NALC), which was held on Saturday, May 11, collected more 76.1 million pounds of food, the third number in its 27-year history.

The subsidiary of NALC in San Juan (Puerto Rico) collected about 2.3 million pounds of food and subsidiaries led the nation in the amount of food collected. Donated food is left in each community and are intended to help local residents.

Photo by Prensa Hispana

Stamp Out Hunger ® is the largest with a one - day nationwide food campaign and depends on the generosity of residents who leave donations of non - perishable food next to their mailbox before the scheduled delivery of mail in the day of the campaign. That day, postmen collecting donations while delivering mail on his usual zip tour and distributed food banks, pantries, shelters and local churches.

The food drive postmen held annually on the second Saturday in May in 10,000 cities and towns in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam. It remains as important as ever, since there are many people facing financial difficulties. Hunger affects tens of millions of people around the country, including millions of children, seniors and veterans.

Letter carriers see these difficulties in the communities they serve and believe it is important to do everything possible to help.

"This is a selfless work for postmen and are proud to see how their impact has grown over the years," says Fredric Rolando, president of the NALC. "It's an honor to help people in need throughout the country, and do it in a way that brings out the best qualities of many Americans."

The time of year is important because donations are becoming scarce in food banks, pantries and shelters due to the winter holidays and the approach of summer, when are suspended most food programs in schools.

With the collected this year, total food collected since the beginning of the campaign in 1993 NALC is around 1,750 million pounds.

Several national partners accompanied the NALC in the recent campaign: the United States Postal Service, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (International Union of Workers of the Food Industry and Business Establishments, UFCW), the National Association of Rural mail carriers, United Way Worldwide, the AFL-CIO, Valpak and Valassis. We are delighted to have had the participation of two new national partners this year: Kellogg Co. and CVS Health.

This year's campaign included a public service announcement with actor and director Edward James Olmos.

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnHvR0F4Be8

Cal / OSHA confirms a company installing solar panels by deliberate violation of fall protection

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Oakland, California, June 17, 2019 - Cal / OSHA has issued penalties of $ 193.905 a company installing solar panels Anaheim for several serious security risks in the workplace even a deliberate serious violation related to an accident following an investigation of a worker who was seriously injured when he fell from the roof of a house in Oakland. Cal / OSHA determined that Nexus Energy Systems, Inc. provided the fall protection required for their workers. .

On December 6, three workers were installing solar panels on the residence in Oakland when one of them lost his balance and fell 15 feet above the concrete driveway, breaking a doll and jaw. None of the workers wore fall protection.

"Falls ceilings are often deadly, so employers must protect employees from fall hazards and provide effective training," said Debra Lee, deputy head of compliance with Cal / OSHA. "This employer knew these dangers and ignored its responsibility to address them."

Cal / OSHA fined Nexus Energy Systems for five violations, three of which were related to the accident in December. Violations include:

Photo by americaeconomia.com

*A deliberate serious violation related to an accident because the employer did not provide fall protection.
*Two serious violations for failure of the employer to provide training and ensure compliance with fall protection measures.
*Two general violations for failure of the employer to implement a plan to protect against heat - related illnesses cash and a program to prevent injuries and illnesses that identifies and corrects the specific risks of the workplace.

Cal / OSHA also fined the employer for two additional violations following an accident that investigators knew that had happened last September when a worker suffered electrical burns while solar panels connected to an energized circuit breakers box. Cal / OSHA noted a serious violation for not providing continuous insulated gloves or tools while working on electrical equipment, and a general violation employer for failure to investigate the industrial accident and take measures to correct safety hazards.

WEB:  https://www.dir.ca.gov/

US child population It grows and changes: 74 million children to shape the future of a diverse America

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Daria Hall, dhall@fenton.com, 718-404-5045 & Beau Boughamer, bboughamer@aecf.org, 410.458.5018

Baltimore, June 17, 2019  - The Annie E. Casey Foundation today urged policymakers to prioritize policies that expand opportunities for 74 million children in the United States, observing a measurable but still inadequate in the past three decades to ensure that all children can realize their full potential progress.

The 30th edition of the KIDS COUNT Data Book, the most comprehensive annual report on the welfare of children in the United States, notes progress in helping children to thrive since the publication of the first Data Book in 1990. But is that nation has failed to break down barriers that affect children of color.

Data Book 2019 KIDS COUNT ® will be available on June 17 in  https://www.aecf.org/

"All 74 million children in our increasingly diverse country have unlimited potential, and we have data, knowledge and evidence to create policies that will help them achieve it.," Said president and CEO of the Foundation Casey, Lisa Hamilton.

*Almost one in six American children grew up in poverty. 2017 was the first year since 2010 that saw an increase in the number of uninsured children. State rankings: New Hampshire and Massachusetts are again in first and second place.
*South and west contain the 18 states with the lowest rating.

The 2019 Data Book explores the growth in child population of America since 1990.

*US child population It increased from 64.2 to 73.7 million between 1990 and 2017. Texas, Florida and California accounted for half of the total growth of the nation.
*The percentage of American children who were Latinos more than doubled from 12 to 26 percent.

From 1990 to 2017, 38 states and the District of Columbia saw double the percentage of children from immigrant families; 12 had seen those percentages quadrupled.

Hotlines can be drawn between areas of great improvement in the welfare and policies that have supported these successes. Policymakers must take additional steps to help all children thrive.

Fall in love with Sprint and stand Football Mode for Gold Cup 2019

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Concacaf, Melissa Rincon, Concacaf Communications, media@concacaf.org ; SUM, Angela Alfano, Communications MLS / SUM, Angela.Alfano@MLSsoccer.com; Sprint, Oscar Meza, Sprint, 817-680-2795, oscar.meza@sprint.com

Overland Park, Kansas, June 11, 2019 - There are now more reasons to fall in love with Sprint (NYSE: S)! In its seventh anniversary as an official sponsor of mobile service in this Gold Cup 2019 Concacaf, Sprint brings the power of Football Mode and share the excitement with customers through its Rewards program Football Mode, experience Futbol Fiesta opportunity to meet football legends, gift tickets to the Gold Cup, in addition to providing users the ability to view games that are practically anywhere with unlimited plans.

Fútbol Mode - "What matters most to Sprint is to help customers connect and enjoy their passion for football, and express their cultural duality," said Alberto Lorente, Multicultural and Sprint Marketing Manager. "Thanks to our unlimited plan this season absolutely everyone can celebrate their passion for football matches with transmission and sharing with others their favorite moments and pride to support their selection without limit."

Football rewards Mode - Sprint has created the platform Rewards Football Mode, which allows users to get in Football Mode by completing challenges to win coupons for more than 500,000 items on Amazon in January. Moments Amazon, winners can quickly redeem their rewards and ensure that they arrive at their doorsteps. To have the opportunity to earn rewards, just download the platform Soccer Mode Rewards in futbolmode.com your mobile phone and you can start!

The Sprint Football Festival experience and football legends - Sprint brings the passion for football match Gold Cup in select cities as a participant of Football Festival experience, allowing fans to get in Soccer Mode. Sprint's collaboration with former football legends lends credence to this extraordinary event that people will have the chance to meet former Mexican star Oswaldo Sanchez and US legend Clint Dempsey and Taylor Twellman. In addition, guests at the Football Festival will have the opportunity to customize your own t-shirt Gold Cup, cool off in the lounge recharge score with interactive game "futbowl" and dance listening to Latin hits with a disc jockey live .

Sprint also organizes a tour Trophy Gold Cup, with performances alongside football legends will meet at select Sprint stores across the country before games.

Photo by El Mundo USA

"Sprint is the ideal place to celebrate together the love and passion for football fans partner," said football legend Oswaldo Sanchez. "I am excited to collaborate with Sprint to bring the show to the fans and put them in Soccer Mode!"

Long and deep commitment to Sprint with football will go further now that the company has announced its collaboration with the Concacaf Gold Cup 2019. The agreement, which will mark the seventh anniversary of Sprint as a collaborator of the Gold Cup, it was facilitated by Soccer United Marketing, official advertising agency of Concacaf.

Gold Cup 2019 Concacaf - Gold Cup 2019 will be the event biggest issue, with more participating nations (16 December 2017), most host countries (three, including games for the first time in Costa Rica and Jamaica) and stages (17 14 in 2017, eight of whom are competing to become host the World Cup 2026).

The 15th edition of the competition will be held at 15 stadiums in 13 US cities, including Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul (opening party this year, for which all tickets have been sold in the ultramodern stadium Allianz Field), and New York. The qualifying rounds will be played in Houston, Nashville, Philadelphia and Phoenix, and the championship game at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 7.

For more information on how you can get in Soccer Mode with Sprint and thrashing big with amazing deals, visit  https://futbolmode.com/unsupported-device/

Dr. Nalini Rajamannan shares his recent interview with Catholic Radio that highlights recent heart surgeries US

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Chicago, June 11, 2019 - On Monday, Mary Fiorito Catholic Radio conducted an extensive interview with Dr. Nalini Rajamannan a cardiologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic and maintains a private practice. Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

At left, Dr. Nalini Rajamannan.

Dr. Rajamannan shared some history of his family, and about being a doctor and also the work he has been doing recently.

One issue that the two discussed a current claim for medical malpractice that recently appeared in The Daily Northwestern. Cardiologist explains how to defend patients affected him as a person and health, as well as their faith and beliefs.

A panel of judges will hear oral arguments on Thursday, June 13 to decide whether the case of negligence involving one of the former patients of Rajamannan, go ahead. The decision could have broad implications for patients.

For more information on this story and Dr. Nalini Rajamannan:

A public hearing will be held on June 13 on whether the case-08 L-012,426 was reopened. Office of Appeals District 1 in 160 North LaSalle St. Chicago Illinois 60601, 16th floor , a public hearing must show identification to enter the court.

Dr.. Nalini Rajamannan is expert in heart valves in the area of cardiovascular medicine. He has been researching heart valve disease for 31 years. Prevocational earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame, his medical doctorate from the School of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Mayo Clinic. He also worked at the Mayo Clinic as a consultant in internal medicine personnel. Currently, medical advisory practice specializing in valvular heart disease Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Cardiology and Valvular Institute, Wisconsin.


Link to the podcast: https://windsofchange.podbean.com/mobile/e/episode-5123-%E2%80%93-an-interview-with-dr-nalini-rajamannan/

March of Dimes Rajan Mehta added to WWE as SET Get honored in Los Angeles

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By Elizabeth Williams: ewilliams@marchofdimes.org ; 415-217-6371

The inaugural event held to five leaders in sport, entertainment and technology

Los Angeles, June 10, 2019 - Rajan Mehta (photo), executive vice president and chief product and technology WWE will be honored along with four other individuals in the sports industry, entertainment and technology during Get the inaugural SET Los Angeles on Thursday 27 June. The event will benefit the March of Dimes, the leading nonprofit organization in the fight for the health of all mothers and all babies. Rajan joins the winner of six Olympic gold medals, Allyson Felix, Marcellus Wiley, co - host of FOX Sports 1 and former NFL player, Kevin LeGrett, president of West Division iHeartmedia, and Don Olender, technological disruptor and CEO Innovate @ UCLA. Jim Hill of CBS2, former NFL player and one of the presenters of the nation 's most respected sports, will be the emcee of this amazing night held at The NOVO at LA Live for unique and immersive event.

"I'm excited to be recognized by the March of Dimes, an organization that has made a difference in the lives of families around the world for 80 years," said Rajan Mehta. "As a father of two beautiful daughters, I appreciate everything that makes March of Dimes to address major health threats that mothers and babies face."

"We are launching an event that celebrates great achievements in sports, entertainment and technology, brings together the business community of Los Angeles in a new way, and, most importantly, creates awareness and raises funds to support March of Dimes and the struggle for the health of mothers and babies, "said Jeffrey Pollack, co-president of Get Set Los Angeles and president of the XFL.

Get SET attendees will receive an exclusive Los Angeles entrance to an exceptional evening on Thursday , June 27 at 6:00 pm at The NOVO, LA Live, 800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90015 . The event will include interactive presentations and activations unforgettable and intimate access to world-class entertainment. This is not your traditional gala fund-raiser! Tickets only cost $ 250 each and are sold in  https://www.marchofdimes.org/events/Event.aspx?eventId=20545&

Itinerant fishing experience begins its inaugural tour for the National Fishing Week and Navigation

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By Bruna Carincotte, executive manager, public relations and social networking, (703) 519-6917, bcarincotte@rbff.org

Free experience, ready to publish on Instagram, will visit US cities throughout the summer

Alexandria, Virginia, June 4, 2019 - More people than ever have the opportunity to experience fishing this year as part of the National Fishing and Boating Week (National Fishing Week and Navigation, or NFBW , for its acronym in English), which will take place from Saturday on June, until Sunday June 9. Take Me Fishing ™, an initiative of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF), is bringing the excitement of the sport nationwide with Off the Hook , an experience free fishing puts rods and fishing reels in the hands of the people across the country.

More people than ever have the opportunity to experience fishing this year as part of the National Fishing and Boating Week (National Fishing Week and Navigation, or NFBW, for its acronym in English), which will take place from Saturday, first June, until Sunday, June 9. Take Me Fishing ™, an initiative of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF), is bringing the excitement of the sport nationwide with Off the Hook, an experience free fishing puts rods and fishing reels in the hands of the people across the country. (PRNewsFoto / Recreational Boating & Fishing)

Off the Hook, an experience made for families and ideal for display in Instagram, provide visitors a fun and practice the basics of fishing, guided by expert guides and helpful introduction. As the start event NFBW, the initiative had its national launch in New York City, where campaign spokesman, ESPN sports narrator and Olympic medalist Jessica Mendoza stopped to fish.

"No need to be an athlete to enjoy the outdoors," Mendoza, "he said and that's exactly what we're showing people with Off the Hook. As a mom, spend quality time on the water with my family is a way simple and relaxing disconnected. Along with Take me Fishing, I hope to show families around the world how easy and fun it is. "

Off the Hook will offer games, snacks and educational opportunities for children to fish while learning about nature and conservation. fishing equipment and bait will be provided. Visitors will not need a fishing license to participate, courtesy of state associations.

After its debut in New York, Off the Hook continue on its national tour, bringing the joy of fishing to different cities throughout the summer. The attraction will stop in the metropolitan area of ​​Washington, DC, from Saturday June 8 to Sunday 9 June. Additional details of the tour will soon be available on the site https://www.takemefishing.org/how-to-fish/when-to-fish/off-the-hook/

"For over 20 years we have been increasing participation in fishing and boating, and Off the Hook is an exciting new chapter in our efforts to get more people out to the water," said Frank Peterson, president and CEO of RBFF. "We are taking this attraction to cities with the purpose of showing that fishing is an activity for everyone. From the lakes of the city of Minneapolis to the docks of Manhattan, anyone can throw a fishing line and catch a fish."

People across the country can celebrate the NFBW no matter where they live, participating in a Fishing Day Free . These are selected days during the NFBW and throughout the summer, when states waive standard license requirements for public water bodies, which gives new entrants an easy chance to try fishing. TakeMeFishing.org offers a variety of resources for beginners and step by step guides and an interactive map of places to fish and sail . Novices can also participate in social networks using the #GetYourFishOn label.

Off the Hook it is possible thanks to the support of Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, LLBean, Nature Valley and Zebco Fishing.

Apple removed from the market adapters wall plug three pin included in the World Travel Adapter Kit due to risk of electric shock

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Washington, June 5, 2019

Summary recall

Product name: Games AC adapter (AC) (AC Travel Adapter Kits World) Apple

Risk: Adapters AC wall outlet three pin can break off and expose the metal part of the adapter, posing a risk of electric shock.

Remedy: Replacement

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled adapters for wall outlet market and contact Apple to receive free replacement adapters.

Consumer Contact: Apple at 800-275-2273 anytime, or online at https://www.apple.com/ and click on Support (Support) and then Apple Three-Prong AC Wall Plug Adapter Recall Program (retirement market adapter AC wall outlet three-pin) at the bottom of the page for more information.

Recall details

Units: About 814,000 (also sold about 81,000 in Canada)

Description: This recall covers adapters for AC wall outlet three - pin included in the World Travel Adapter Kit Apple sold before February 2015. The kits contain wall plug adapters AC three- and two - pegs They are used in different electrical outlets around the world. The recalled adapters were manufactured market for use primarily in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong, and were sold with Mac computers and iOS devices. Adapters for AC wall outlet plugs removed three market are white and have no letters in the inner groove which are connected to a power adapter Apple. Redesigned adapters are white, with gray on the inside of which is connected to the power adapter.

Incidents / Injuries: Apple has received six reports from other countries on adapters for wall outlet that broke and caused consumers to receive an electric shock, including two reports of consumers who were clinically evaluated and discharged without additional medical treatment. There were no reports of incidents or injuries to consumers in the United States.

Outlets: Apple stores and other retail home electronics nationwide and online at Apple.com from January 2003 through January 2015 for about $ 30.

Imported by: Apple Inc., of Cupertino, California.  Manufacture: China

To report a dangerous product or a product - related injury, visit  https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx (English) or call the information line CPSC at (800) 638-2772 or TTY (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired. Consumers can get information about news and withdrawals https://www.cpsc.gov/es/SeguridadConsumidor/.

The General Executive Director of IEHP Receives Meritorious Service Award Loma Linda University Health

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By Inland Empire Health Plan, Susan Arcidiacono, Executive Director of Marketing, (909) 890-2170, arcidiacono-s@iehp.org , Thomas Pham, Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management, (909) 890-2176, pham -t@iehp.org

Loma Linda, California, June 3, 2019 - Bradley P. Gilbert (photo), MD, MPP, General Executive Director of Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), received the Meritorious Service Award Loma Linda University Health during the annual opening ceremony.

Dr. Gilbert was recognized for his significant contributions when providing medical care to nearby communities through partnerships and relevant reforms.

"I feel very honored to receive this award," said Dr. Gilbert, who serves as chief executive officer of IEHP since 2008. "Our important work with Loma Linda would not have been possible without the dedication of many others of both organizations . I hope to continue to work together and develop new ways to ensure that our members have the care and resources they need to have a healthier life. "

Known for its mantra "always do the right thing," Dr. Gilbert is an advocate of health care reform and has been at the forefront of IEHP strategy to address the social determinants of health, such as housing, food and other important issues. Your ongoing support to assist Loma Linda has resulted both organizations to expand their opportunities to provide health care programs and quality wellness community.

In fact, collaboration between IEHP and Social Action Community Health System (SACHS) University was instrumental in achieving introduce Initiative complex care for the Integration of Behavioral Health, an innovative program to improve health outcomes to coordinate physically complex needs and behavior with multiple providers and health care systems in the region. In addition, the Fund Expansion Network IEHP, the SACHS brought new suppliers to the region and increased access to health care for residents of the Inland Empire.

About IEHP - IEHP, Inland Empire Health Plan is a health plan nonprofit Medicaid and Medicare located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. With a network of over 6,400 suppliers and more than 2,000 employees, IEHP offers its services to more than 1.2 million residents of the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino who are enrolled in Medicaid or Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan). Through a dynamic partnership with suppliers, award-winning service and innovative products, IEHP is fully committed to providing its members health care services quality, accessible and wellness based. https://www.iehp.org/

The Home Depot Foundation committed $ 250,000 in response to damage caused by tornadoes and floods

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By Financial Community, Isabel Janci, Vice President of Investor Relations and Treasurer, 770-384-2666, isabel_janci@homedepot.com , news media, Christina Cornell, Corporate Communications, 770-384-3075, christina_cornell@homedepot.com

Atlanta, June 4, 2019 - While a record number of tornados and floods figure continue to affect the Midwest and, The Home Depot ® neighboring states and The Home Depot (The Home Depot Foundation) Foundation have pledged to support the cleaning and care, which includes a financial commitment of up to $ 250,000 by the the Home Depot Foundation.

The Home Depot Foundation is working with nonprofit partners as Team Rubicon, Convoy of Hope, Operation Blessing, All Hands and Hearts and ToolBank Disaster Service.

The Home Depot stores, along with The Home Depot Foundation has sent emergency supplies of water and supplies for after storms to Kansas City, Kansas cleanliness, and Jefferson City, Missouri, while activated warehouses for the distribution of additional supplies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Dayton, Ohio, in partnership with Convoy of Hope. To date, the company has shipped more than 100 truckloads of essential products to assist in the cleanup of affected communities.

"Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by these severe storms," ​​said Shannon Gerber, executive director of The Home Depot Foundation. "We will continue to work closely with our partners nonprofit to assess the needs of affected communities. In addition to financial support, volunteers from Team Depot associates will continue to work closely with these organizations to offer support."

In addition, the employee assistance program at The Home Depot, The Homer Fund, is actively engaged in processing donations for those partners who have been affected by the tornadoes and floods.

Apart from these disasters, The Home Depot Foundation continues to support initiatives for long-term reconstruction in response to hurricanes that have affected Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands of the United States and the damage caused by forest fires in California.

About The Home Depot Foundation - The Home Depot (The Home Depot Foundation) Foundation https://corporate.homedepot.com/community is dedicated to improving homes and lives of veterans of the United States, to train skilled trades workers to fill gaps in the workforce and support communities they have suffered the impact of natural disasters. Since 2011, the foundation has invested more than $ 300 million related to veterans causes and has improved more than 43,000 homes and facilities for veterans in 4,200 cities. In 2018, the Foundation committed $ 250 million additional veterans-related causes, bringing the total committed amount to $ 500 million by 2025.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is unveiled to the world with a spectacular opening ceremony at Disneyland Park

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By Norma Elena Perez, norma.e.perez@disney.com

Anaheim, California, May 30, 2019 - The Walt Disney Company celebrated the historic dedication of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge tonight with a spectacular ceremony at Disneyland Park. President and CEO of Disney Bob Iger unveiled the largest expansion and technologically never advanced from an area with a single theme in a Disney park, which will open to the general public at Disneyland Park on May 31, and in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on August 29.

President and CEO Bob Iger of Disney is accompanied by George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams to commemorate historic moment for The Walt Disney Company

"Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is absolutely amazing and we are very excited to finally be able to share it with the world , " said Bob Iger, president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company. "Now for the first time, fans can immerse themselves in the iconic stories that have captured the imagination of audiences for decades and live their own Star Wars adventures in the most creative, innovative and ambitious thematic area we've ever built."

For the dedication of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Iger was joined against the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars icons that included George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams. At a ceremony exalted by the music that John Williams composed especially for the subject area, media from around the world and special guests were the first to witness the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy roar to life.

"With Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney is redefining the experience at a theme park and setting a new mark for the experiential narrative , " said Bob Chapek, president of Parks, Disney experiences and products. "From every authentic detail to the impressive scale of the subject area, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge exceeds every expectation".

When it opens to the public at the Disneyland Resort on 31 May and Walt Disney World Resort on August 29, visitors will be transported to the remote planet of Batuu *, filled with sights, sounds, scents and flavors. Visitors become part of history to try foods and drinks galactic explore an interesting collection of trading posts and take the controls of the most famous ship in the galaxy aboard the Millennium Falcon attraction: Smugglers Run.

The entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is subject to capacity and be part of the virtual waiting line does not guarantee entry to the subject area. Go to https://disneyland.disney.go.com/es-us/?CMP=ILC-VanURLDLREspan for more information.

Outwitted! Discovery in Spanish offers its audience a unique look into the world of Major League Soccer with its new series "EXCLUSIVE ACCESS"

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By Katie Grant, katiegrantpr@gmail.com

-The new production follows closely Houston Dynamo in their quest to conquer the campeonato-, -Sponsored by Subway and State Farm-

Miami, May 30, 2019 - How the teams of a football championship arm themselves? Discovery in Spanish presents a unique to the world of Major League Soccer look professional soccer league in the United States and Canada, focusing on Houston Dynamo. Dynamo won the MLS Cup in the club's first two seasons (2006 and 2007), but has made the playoffs only once in the last four years. Now, with results driven by coach and great talents are there, the champion of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup 2018 is ready to go after the conquest of the MLS Cup this year. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, the first all-access series produced in Spanish on a MLS team, premieres Tuesday, June 4 at 7 pm ET / PT on Discovery in Spanish, offering the audience unrestricted access to the locker room and homes players to live this great journey that begins with a group of talented people and culminates with a great team worthy of winning the cup.

Discovery in Spanish enters the world deMajor League Soccer with its new series "EXCLUSIVE ACCESS"

Subway and State Farm sponsors the series exclusively on their respective advertising categories.

Throughout the season of six episodes, exclusive access highlight the players that expose not only his athletic skills, but also their desire to succeed in America. The new series shows these players and their families about how they adapt to life in a new country, and share their stories and their struggles both on and off the court. Such is the case of Mauro Manotas, a Colombian striker, 23, whose goalscoring ability has generated interest from a variety of clubs around the world, and striker Rolando Peña, a future native father of Venezuela, whose eldest son is a US citizen.

Other highlights throughout the series characters are coach Wilmer Cabrera, exdefensor and twice World Cup with the national team Colombia, whose ability to manage a diverse costumes and produce great results has earned him the respect of his players. Memo Rodriguez, a native of Houston, 23, has worked his way from his days at the academy of development to reach a first division team, and now struggle to gain the trust of his coach and prove he is more than part-time player. Meanwhile, the Argentine midfielder Tomas Martinez, signed by Cabrera to be the "No. 10" is adapted to life in a new country with his coach that pushes him to strive for a higher level in the field.

DaMarcus Beasley.   Photo by ESPN.com

Headlining the roster Dynamo is a legend and benchmark US soccer, DaMarcus Beasley, who also played football in England, Germany, the Netherlands and Mexico. Beasley, the only American who has played in four World Cups, in addition to English, Spanish dominates very well and has earned the respect of everyone in the club. Can he give another trophy to his team before his 20-year career as a player comes to an end?

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS also introduces a local journalist who covers the Dynamo and meet the team in depth, doctors behind always help ensure that players are physically, mentally and emotionally, and the Battalion, the group of Latino fans that encourages the tireless team and passionately wherever you play.

For more information about MLS (Major League Soccer), visit:  https://www.mlssoccer.com/

Expressions that encourage the return of Amado Guevara "El Lobo" to the National Team of Puerto Rico

By Fútbol de Puerto Rico, National Team Players of PR & Noticias Sur P.R.

April 4, 2019 - The departure of Amado Guevara from the technical direction means that we are going for the seventh coach of the men's team in just 3 years.

Related to his abrupt departure, we think it is fair to express the feelings of his associates.

It should be noted that the previous 6 dismissed technical directors were not iconic soccer figures and did not have the same expressions of support as shown here.

Now it must be the goal of the "Federación Puertorriqueña de Fútbol", its reinstatement, before it's too late.

Lucía Aragón (Amado's wife): Coach Amado leaves with the gratitude and recognition of those he directed, not with the atrocities and lies that @ESPN_JorgeRamos said. Mission accomplished @ pereyraespn. I remind you that he only coached four (4) games. PR has never gone to Gold Cup, World Cup etc.

Cody Laurendi: Lucia you are too kind! It is my honor to play for not only the national team but for @AmadoGuevara20. He is someone who exemplies professionalism and am forever grateful for!

Emmanuel D’Andrea: He did not want to comment on the decision of the dismissals of Guevara and Bertani, but he did want to thank "the effort and the professional contribution they provided".

Joshua Javier Calderón: Thanks to @ AmadoGuevara20 and @juanbfutbol (Juan Bertani) for all their sacrifice and work they have done for our team. I wish the best to these great coaches.

Sidney Rivera‏: Reflecting on yesterday, I’m really happy and proud to have made my international debut for Puerto Rico. The result wasn’t what we had worked for, but this is part of football. I want to thank profe @AmadoGuevara20 & @juanfutbol (Juan Bertani), for the opportunity, their work & their confidence in me.

Juan Bertani: Thank you... It has been an honor. When asked about the island of charm, I will talk about my players ...

According to one of the videos of Amado Guevara, broadcasted on YouTube ... "The legends are written in the light of the full moon"... It is the duty of all of us, to insist that the howl of "El Lobo" be heard once again in Puerto Rico, for the benefit of our football.

The "Pink Luminous Advocacy Project" unisex launches first mobile application to help detect breast cancer

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Nicole Aguiar, WOW MKTG, E-mail: nicole@wowmktg.com, Tel .: 305.273.8373 ext. 206

Miami, May 23, 2019 - Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, a nonprofit organization that supports efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer in places where access to education and medical services are not always frequent announced the release of its latest philanthropic project. The new mobile aplicaciónn Breast Awareness serve to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Diagnose breast cancer early is extremely important to provide a successful treatment to patients when the disease is not yet fully developed. The new application of Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, is the first unisex application for breast self-examination, increases the chance that patients and the general public can have better access to vital in order to detect problems early information, and transform lives Worldwide. Periodic breast self-exam through this new application is the surest way to detect breast cancer early.

Dr. Julio Hernandez, Marylin Dans, Lin Yang, Jennifer Dylewski and Dr. Moises Irizarry during the launch party app Breast Awareness in Miami, FL.

"We are very pleased to introduce the new mobile aplicaciónn Breast Awareness as part of our diverse line of products for breast health from home," said Marilyn Dans, CEO of Luminous Pink Advocacy Project.

"Our hope is that with this application breast self-examination is simpler, frequent and convenient for both men and women, and that we improve the ííndice of detecciónn" Dans added.

The new mobile aplicaciónn supports the idea of ​​the importance of early detection and educate the public to become familiar with their bodies. Breast Awareness offers users the tools necessary to take elexamen from the comfort of your home consistently to help detect any abnormalities requiring immediate action tools.

"The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project ensures that women and men from all over the world have access to this tool detection, including advanced technology," said Erick Cuesta, ambassador of The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project and CNN and Univision.

Mobile aplicaciónn Breast Awareness, which is now available in all languages ​​for download on iOS or Android devices, offers those who are interested in joining the work of Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, the opportunity to do so. Through the application, users can support this philanthropic effort and funds for this non-profit organization. Proceeds support the distribution of devices and sonograms, and the creation of new clinics or other facilities for the awareness of breast cancer in places where access to education and medical services are not always prevalent and many other initiatives.

About Pink Luminous Advocacy Project - Pink Advocacy Project is a Luminous nonprofit organization that supports the work of awareness of breast cancer in places where medical training and information received by the population are limited. Our vision is to help design a future in which breast cancer is no longer the second most common cancer in the world.

SCAN Health Plan celebrates centenary with the launch of stages: Over 100 100

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Lindsay Denietolis, Havas Formula, 619-234-0345, scanhealth@havasformula.com

The series of digital portraits shows elderly Southern California and highlights the beauty and dignity of reaching old age

Long Beach, California, May 16, 2019 - On the occasion of the Month of the Elderly in May, SCAN Health Plan® , one of the Medicare Advantage health plans nonprofit larger profit of country, today announced the launch of "stages: 100 over 100" a social media campaign that records images and stories of people 100 years or more. The digital docuserie focuses on ancient members of SCAN and seeks to raise awareness of older people in our communities and break down stereotypes related to aging.

SCAN member, Alta Regalado, 100 years (PRNewsFoto / SCAN Health Plan)

"Older people are the center of what we do every day in SCAN, and we wanted to create something to take that approach in older people the whole community," said Chris Wing, CEO of SCAN Health Plan. " We hope stages is a kind of call to action all know any elderly person who deserves our time and our attention. We can use this campaign as an opportunity to connect and share with them and learn from them."

The presentation of the campaign coincides with the Month of the Elderly of this year and to recognize more than 80,000 centenarians living in the United States today, stages present digital portraits and stories of some of the members plan health have reached the goal of living 100 years or more. The images and stories appear in social networks SCAN throughout 2019.

"We have over 300 members with 100 years or more, so we thought that would be the ideal start of this series. It really epitomize the beauty and diversity of aging," said Wing. "SCAN is committed to ensuring that older people have access to services and resources to stay healthy and independent, and we are very proud of our contribution to honor these outstanding seniors."

SCAN will feature the collaboration of Robert Duron, a photographer working in Los Angeles, to portray the images and stories of centenarians members. With over 25 years experience in publishing and corporate campaigns, Duron brings to stages a unique visual storytelling ability. For portraits and behind the scenes interviews of centenarians members, Duron accompanying assistants seniors SCAN visits to the largest possible number of centenarians plan members on their birthdays.

"I'm excited to work with SCAN to highlight and recognize older people in our community," said Duron. "It is a privilege to have the opportunity to publicly present the portraits and stories of these unique and memorable people."

For more information, visit https://digitalmedia.vnr1.com/2019/05/03/scan-health-plan-stages/ and follow the campaign on social networks SCAN: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

Life Fitness and Smart Fit 450 held partnership to equip gyms in three years

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Giuliana Cogo, giuliana.cogo@lifefitnessco.com

With a rapid rate of expansion, Smart Fit network reaffirms its partnership with Life Fitness on a new project for gymnasiums in Brazil and Latin America

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Sao Paulo, May 20, 2019  - Life Fitness gyms equipping 450 Smart Fit network until the end of 2021 in the region. With more than 600 units distributed in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador, Smart Fit grew 34% last year, reaching the mark of 2 million customers.

Life Fitness - Smart Fit Picture

For the next three years, the company goal is to continue the accelerated growth in the region. Among his plans is the purchase of equipment for 600 units, including new and remodeled facilities. "To follow a pace of strong growth, we needed a strong and robust company to be our partner in almost all units of this Latam expansion. With Life Fitness, ensure security and tranquility to carry out this process and fulfill our purpose of democratization high level of fitness , "said Thiago Somera, director of Infrastructure group Bio Ritmo, the group handles network Smart Fit.

"Smart Fit is one of our most important throughout the global operating customers and I am sure that the two companies will not measure efforts to make this agreement a lasting and evolving partnership," said Joel Pigott, vice president of Life Fitness for America and North America.

Seen as key accounts, large gym networks such as Smart Fit, have a significant representation in the billing of Life Fitness. "This project is a milestone in our partnership and we are very proud to be part of the group's expansion Bio Ritmo / Smart Fit, with great impact in the field of fitness throughout Latin America , " Pedro Goyn, CEO of Life Fitness noted for Latin America.

About Life Fitness  - world leader in fitness equipment, Life Fitness takes for more than 50 years ago, the mission of encouraging people to seek active lives. Headquartered in Chicago, the company manufactures and distributes cardiovascular equipment, strength, group training, rehabilitation, tables and billiard accessories and furniture for games in over 160 countries - Brazil, has subsidiary since 1999 and already has stores in most of the country. Since 1968, when the exercise bike Lifecycle, electronic product first exercise equipment, Life Fitness is dedicated to creating solutions that benefit both gyms and fitness practitioners she was invented. Over the past decades, concerns and innovations in the world of physical activity have completely changed, and Life Fitness has evolved along with this. Our family, consisting of brands Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group (ICG), SCIFIT and Brunswick Billiards, understands that the exercises are an important part of the daily routine and the best way to know everything we can about our products and solutions fitness is using them every day. Help people live healthier lives is what we do, and devotion to that goal begins with our employees. https://lifefitness.com.br/

About Smart Fit - With 2 million customers in 10 years of activity, the Smart Fit gyms network has 600 units distributed throughout all Brazilian states and in Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador. Created to democratize access to physical activity high level, it offers affordable plans with monthly installments from R $ 69.90, and accession provided. The brand is part of Grupo Bio Ritmo, the fourth network that grew in units over the past five years and the fifth in the ranking of the brands that more evolved in turnover over the same period, according to the global report 2017 IHRSA. More information https://www.smartfit.com.br/

Wells Fargo provides a subsidy of $ 1 million to LISC to boost small business and economic recovery in Puerto Rico

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Colleen Mulcahy, for LISC, 312-342-8244 or colleen@mulcahycommunications.com

The new fund Kiva Puerto Rico LISC Match Fund is providing microcredits to innovative local entrepreneurs

New York, May 13, 2019 - The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Support for Local Initiatives, or LISC, for its acronym in English) is using a grant of $ 1 million dollars Wells Fargo to support economic recovery in communities devastated by hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

The grant is helping to fund the new fund Kiva Puerto Rico LISC Match Fund, which is expected to finance 70 companies across the island over the next two years. The fund is already beginning to disburse capital with its first loan to support Editorial Sparkles, a publisher of children's books illustrators and storytellers Puerto Ricans. Other loans are supporting a food production business, led by a local chemical engineer; a clothing business, led by a trio of young designers; and a small farm gourmet mushrooms, launched by an agricultural entrepreneur. The loan amounts ranging program $ 500 and $ 10,000.

"We recognize that small business recovery after a natural disaster can be long and stressful," said Connie Smith, who heads the Capital Community program Miscellaneous Wells Fargo, which provides funds to help many small business owners. "This grant puts more resources in place to help many talented entrepreneurs from Puerto Rico to rebuild and create a new momentum in the small business community."

Small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all companies on the island, and 81 percent of its loan demand is for small amounts of dollars, according to a survey conducted in 2018 by the Bank of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York . Moreover, the number of microenterprises with incomes of $ 50,000 or less, has been increasing, as their need for capital, according to the Federal Reserve found New York.

"Puerto Rico has a great potential for economic growth through the activities of our small and medium enterprises," said Ana Maria Cintron (photo), director of Local Cause Corp. and manager of capital access Kiva in Puerto Rico. "Having an alternative access to capital as Kiva is a change in the area of ​​financial support to existing companies and developing countries seeking unconventional ways to finance his plans. The contributions of Wells Fargo and LISC are key to the development and growth kiva locally, and we are more than grateful to have them as partners in the goal of achieving great economic impact on Puerto Rico. "

Other supporters of the fund Kiva Puerto Rico Match LISC include new fund managers: Pathstone Corporation, Foundation for Puerto Rico, Center for Entrepreneurs, Inc., Window Solidarity, Inc., Santurce and Pop Group, Inc. and Cause Local.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our communities , " said Javier E. Zapata-Rodriguez (photo), deputy director of economic development of Pathstone and one of the Fellows Rubinger 2019 LISC , who is working on a documentary on hurricane recovery the island.

"It is business owners who otherwise would have difficulty obtaining loans because they are considered too small, new or innovative to assess their risk," he said. "The counterpart fund Kiva recognizes their potential, understand how to assess the risk of microcredit can close that gap and capital for these companies can build and grow."

To lend money to a small business in Puerto Rico through the bottom Kiva LISC visit  https://www.kiva.org/lender/liscpuertorico4001

South Shore Furniture comfortable removed from the market due to serious risks of rollover and entrapment; a reported death

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, May 9, 2019

Summary recall

Product name: Chests (Chests) British style with three drawers (drawers)

Hazard: The recalled comfortable unstable if not secured to the wall; therefore present serious risks of rollover and entrapment which may result in death or injury to a child.

Remedy: Refund Repair

Consumers should stop using all comfortable that is not properly secured to the wall and place children in an inaccessible place immediately. Consumers should contact South Shore to choose one of the following options recall:

Consumers can receive a full refund and request a free collection of comfortable;
Consumers can also withdraw from one side of the dresser slides for sliding drawers and receive a package with a shipping label pre-paid by the company to send the sliding runners and request a full refund, or
Consumers can receive free anti-tip kit and request free installation, once, at home.

Consumer Contact:  South Shore free at 855-215-4932, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST, or online at https://www.southshorefurniture.com/ca-en and click Recall Information (Information recall) for more information .

Recall details

Units: About 310,000 (plus around 6,900 were sold in Canada)

Description:  This recall involves comfortable (dressers) British style with three drawers (drawers) sold in nine colors. Each drawer has a metal handle. The model number is printed on a label on the back of the dresser. Convenient measure 27½ inches high, 31¼ inches wide and 15½ inches deep, and each weighs about 56 pounds. Model numbers and colors are:

(3046033-Real cherry), (3070033-Black), (3070223-Black), (3159033-Chocolate), (3159223-Chocolate), (3050033-White), (3050223-White), (3113033-Natural maple), (10430-dim gray), (10433-oak gray), (10680-Pine Forest), (10682-rustic oak)

Comfortable with three drawers corresponding model numbers listed ending with the letters A, B, C, D or E are also included in this recall.

Some models comfortable with three drawers listings were also sold as part of sets of three-piece bedroom plus comfortable, they included a bed and a nightstand. In the case of breech games only comfortable with three drawers are included in this recall.

Incidents / Injuries: South Shore has received two reports of incidents rollover comfortable recalled. One report indicates that a child suffered bruises and scratches on his leg. Another incident reported the death of a two year old girl in an incident involving a comfortable three empty drawers that was not assured.

POS: Online at Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Target.com and other online stores from October 2009 through July 2018 for about $ 60.

Imported by: South Shore Industries, Ltd., Canada.  Manufacturing: Canada and Mexico.

To report a dangerous product or a product - related injury visit  https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx (English) or call the information line CPSC at (800) 638-2772 or TTY (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired.

Century 21 Real Estate and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Foundation to realtors most recent roots of Houston with the scholarship program "Empowering Latinas"

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Erin Siegel, Century 21 Real Estate LLC, 973.407.2145, erin.siegel@century21.com & gunpowder Advertising, Aleyso Bridger, aleyso@bcommideas.com

The scholarship program inspires and mentoring promising Latino actors to achieve the extraordinary

Madison, NJ, May 8, 2019 - Century 21 Real Estate LLC , in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation today presented roots to 40 realtors with new licensing program "Empowering Latinas "(empowering Latino), which awards grants to help Latina entrepreneurs to obtain a real estate license. Houston's winners were selected from over 285 applicants from the local area who are seeking to realize their dream of a career in real estate. Among Latinas with new licenses include sales executive, personal trainers, accountants, housewives and paralegals.

Century 21 Real Estate and Hispanic Heritage Foundation honor newest Houston real estate agents at "Empowering Latinas" scholarship celebration event

"At Century 21 Real Estate, we understand the importance of providing opportunities to attract young people and various actors in the real estate industry," said Michael Miedler, president and CEO of Century 21 Real Estate. "Through this program, we can identify this new generation of leaders and equip them better to achieve their own personal career goals. Each of these entrepreneurs embodies the relentless spirit of the CENTURY 21® brand and can not wait to see how they manage extraordinary things. "

Each honored received a scholarship to cover tuition fees Academy course real estate 180 hours, and the cost of examining real estate agent in Texas. In addition, each winner was assigned to work with an affiliate broker CENTURY 21 Houston area as a mentor, offering them the opportunity to hone their craft with a professional reliable industry. This year's winners were honored last night at a special festive event hosted by Maria Esther Mendez, television personality and host of "Univision Houston".

"As a mother of 5 children, decided to go into real estate because I wanted to make a change in my career and find a way to help others in my community to achieve their dreams of having their own home," said Yulitzia Fuentes, winning a fellowship in 2019. "Before joining the scholarship program, I worked as a waitress, receptionist, manager of a legal office and sales manager. Through this opportunity, now I have the tools and inspiration to focus on my goals and become a leader with the support of professionals in the real estate industry. I am excited to join the ranks of ruthless agents CENTURY 21 affiliates who are making their mark right here in Texas. "

To see the complete list of the 40 winners of scholarships and mentoring program "Empowering Latinas" and learn more about their stories, visit    https://espanol.century21.com/empowering-latinas.

Silverspot Cinema presents the grand opening of his film in Downtown Miami

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Soledad Gonzalo, 305-260-3519 x3331, Sgonzalo@silverspot.net

Miami, May 7, 2019 - Silverspot Cinema is pleased to announce the completion of the construction of his films in Downtown Miami.

Rendering Metsquare

Silverspot offers film lovers an integral clothing cinematic experience to our customers in a unique and incomparable way, where you can enjoy the best of world cinema complemented with a wide range of food and beverages.

In its rooms, it has high quality laser projection, reclining seats maximum comfort by incorporating a swivel to enjoy meals and drinks during the function table. In addition, facilities include two lounge areas and bar, which offer a global experience with high-end amenities.

With construction completed, the theater almost doubles the number of movie screens open above for a total of 17 screens, 1483 seats three 3D screens and private event space totaling more than 75,000 square feet on six levels.

Downtown location in Miami makes Silverspot, its flagship film across the country. "We are proud to contribute to the incredible growth of Downtown Miami and we hope that everyone in our community can appreciate and share this new space," said Gonzalo Ulivi, director of Silverspot Cinema.

At the opening launch of our emblem auditorium, hand our ally Bardan Cinema with Dolby Atmos, which reproduces surround audio form, moving, to create a powerful experience it will take place. In addition, this auditorium sets a new standard for visual quality by having a giant screen 51 feet long by 21 feet high, complemented by the laser projector RGB Flagship of Cinionic Boat for premium large format screens, which projects images more bright, crisp, rich in terms of contrast and high fidelity to reproduce more accurately, the director's vision and the creative team of the film.

"We are excited to introduce Silverspot as the main destination where you can find movies, a gastronomic offer and a light bar to taste the best and delicious drinks. A new experience for Downtown Miami" Ulivi said. "Silverspot is a space for the cinematic arts offering a wide range of movies from Hollywood to the best cultural offerings with film festivals and independent productions."

The host of the inauguration on May 9, will Jaie Laplante, Executive and Programming Miami Film Festival Manager (Media RSVP to events@spark-agency.com ).

WEB:  https://silverspot.net/Browsing

The Häagen-Dazs stores advertised "Free Cone Day" on Tuesday , May 14

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Lindsey Warriner, Interfuse Communications, 415-984-6172, lindsey.warriner@interfusecomms.com

The "Free Cone Day" celebrates his fans with free ice cream, a new loyalty program and certification Better Bee

Minneapolis, May 7, 2019 - On Tuesday , May 14, 2019 between 4 pm and 8 pm, ice cream lovers across America can celebrate the " Free Cone Day " by visiting the shops Häagen -Dazs participants to treat yourself with a free ice cream in a sugar cone in a waffle cone or in a cup.

Visit the Häagen-Dazs Free Cone Day on, Tuesday, May 14 stores.

"Haagen-Dazs know that when you give your best, you deserve the best. That is why we are celebrating our customers with free ice cream on May 14, as part of our ongoing commitment to support bees and as a new way to get awards at the Häagen-Dazs stores, "said Adam Hanson, president and CEO of the Häagen-Dazs Shoppe Company, Inc." We are pleased to celebrate the 'Free Cone Day' every year as an opportunity to thank our fans, and to continue to recognize pollinator that make possible the creation of our ice cream "loyal.

Haagen-Dazs loves bees - Haagen-Dazs is built based on the passion for transforming the finest ingredients in an extraordinary ice cream. To continue with this task, Häagen-Dazs is reaffirming its commitment that has kept for 10 years, to help its partners more workers: bees. Bees are essential to the environment, helping a third of the world's crops, including some ingredients used in creating more than one third of the ice cream flavors Häagen-Dazs. Without bees there would flavors Swiss Almond Vanilla, Strawberry and Rocky Road!

As a new major step of the initiative Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees , a few select flavors of Häagen-Dazs are in the process of obtaining certification Bee Better . Developed by our old partner Society Xerces , certification is a rigorous standard verified by third parties requires the elimination of practices use of harmful pesticides and the creation of large and suitable for bees on farms environments. When consumers choose products with Better Bee certification, they can be confident that its decision directly benefits the farms that prioritize the conservation of bees.

Starbucks coffee removed from recycled Bodum plunger market due to laceration hazard

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, May 1, 2019

Summary recall

Product name: Presses (or French press) recycled Bodum + Starbucks

Risk: The plunger knob French press coffee can break and expose the metal rod, posing a risk of laceration.

Remedy: Repayments:  Consumers should stop using the coffee market plunger withdrawn immediately and contact Starbucks for instructions on returning the coffee to receive a full refund as a credit facility. No returns will be accepted in establishments.

Consumer Contact:  Starbucks toll free at 888-843-0245, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST, or online at www.starbucks.com and click Customer Service (Customer Service) at the bottom of the page and select Starbucks on recall information (information recall) for more information.

Recall details:  Units: About 230,000 (plus around 33,200 were sold in Canada)

Description:  This recall involves the coffee plunger (or French presses) branded Bodum + Starbucks partially made of recycled materials. A plastic structure dark gray, with a lockable lid and a knob and a handle light gray, held in place by glass cylindrical glass French press coffee cups 8, the filter and the piston. Press the coffee measure about 9 inches high by 4 inches in diameter. SKU code 011063549 article is printed on a white label on the base. Bodum and Made in Portugal (Made in Portugal) are engraved on the plastic base dark gray.

Incidents / Injuries: Starbucks has received eight reports of breaking the plunger knob in the United States and a report of breaking the plunger knob in Canada, resulting in lacerations or puncture injuries.

POS: Starbucks stores nationwide and online at Starbucks.com November 2016 through January 2019 for about $ 20.

Imported by: Starbucks Corporation, Seattle, Washington

Manufacturing: Portugal

To report a dangerous product or a product - related injury, visit  https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx (English) or call the information line CPSC at (800) 638-2772 or TTY (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired. Consumers can get information about news and withdrawals https://www.cpsc.gov/es/SeguridadConsumidor/

The AIDAnova, Carnival Corporation, is the first ship in supplies of liquefied natural gas in the Mediterranean

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Media Contacts Carnival Corporation, Roger Frizzell, Carnival Corporation, rfrizzell@carnival.com , (305) 406-7862; Mike Flanagan, LDWW, mike@ldwwgroup.com , (727) 452-4538; Media Contacts AIDA Cruises, Hansjörg Kunze, Vice President of Communications and Sustainability, Tel .: +49 (0) 381 / 444-80 20, Fax: + 49 (0) 381 / 444-80 25 , presse @ aida. of

Miami, April 27, 2019 - Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE / LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK), the largest leisure travel company in the world, its brand AIDA Cruises, based in Germany and numerous representatives of political, business and tourism port today celebrated the first arrival of the first world cruise powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Barcelona.

The AIDAnova, Carnival Corporation, is the first ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world that call at the Port of Barcelona and the first LNG supplies in the Mediterranean. (PRNewsFoto / Carnival Corporation & plc)

Upon arrival the largest cruise port in Europe, the AIDAnova -the newest ship of AIDA Cruises, the leading cruise in Germany was supplied for the first time in the Mediterranean with LNG, the world's cleanest fossil fuel. Currently, next to Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona is the second point of departure and arrival of the seven-day trips AIDAnova in the Mediterranean. With Carnival Corporation association with Shell Western LNG BV (Shell), the cruise will supply LNG is usually in the Spanish metropolis.

Put into service on December 12, 2008, with four dual-fuel engines and three gas tanks on board, AIDAnova is the first world cruise that will work in port and at sea with liquefied natural gas low emission volume. Emissions of particulate matter and sulfur oxides are removed almost completely, while the emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide are greatly reduced. Two tanks each have a length of about 35 meters, a diameter of 8 meters and a capacity of 1,550 cubic meters. A third smaller tank, with a diameter of 5 meters, 28 meters long and a capacity of approximately 520 cubic meters.

It's been over 10 years since AIDA Cruises and Carnival Corporation began investing in LNG propulsion technology. Two other ships of this new generation of AIDA will join the fleet of AIDA in 2021 and 2023. Carnival Corporation is at the forefront of the industry with the adoption of LNG, with a total order for 10 "green" next-generation cruise which they can be powered by LNG in port and at sea, and whose delivery dates are between 2019 and 2025.

Among the notables aboard the AIDAnova, which represents an exciting new ships for AIDA Cruises generation details are new culinary and entertainment offerings such as Time Machine Restaurant (the restaurant of the Time Machine), a ride with gastronomic delights and a study of floating television. Passengers can also enjoy the popular Theatrium 360 degree cover adventures Four Elements, with three water slides and a garden climbing under the dome of a retractable glass roof and the Beach Club to relax on board. The AIDAnova also has a large fitness area of ​​3,500 square meters, a study of outdoor exercise, a penthouse with two decks, single cabins, 17 restaurants and 23 bars.

Until early November 2019, the AIDAnova sail on seven-day trips, with stops in some of the tourist destinations in the Mediterranean popular among German: Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia (Florence), Marseille and Barcelona.

All current AIDAnova cruises can be booked at travel agencies, by calling Customer Center AIDA at +49 (0) 381/202 707 07 or https://www.aida.de/

See more at https://www.carnival.com/

DIR and Cal / OSHA honor Memorial Day Workers

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Radio Continental

Oakland, California, April 29, 2019  - The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and its Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal / OSHA) recognize Remembrance Day 2019 Workers (https://www.gov.ca.gov/2019/04/26/workers-memorial-day/) and honor California workers who lost their lives at work. This international day of commemoration is held annually on April 28, the date when Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, which guarantees all workers the right to a safe and healthy workplace.

"Observing the Day of Workers' Memorial is a powerful reminder that safety regulations in the workplace are established to prevent incidents that can cause serious or fatal workers injuries," said the director of Cal / OSHA, Juliann Sum. "Here in DIR and Cal / OSHA we are committed to protecting the workplace every day of the year and ensure that the rights to safety are maintained."

A total of 376 Californians lost their lives at work in 2017, (https://www.dir.ca.gov/DIRNews/2018/2018-104.pdf) and nearly half (46%) of them were Latinos. The causes of deaths are from preventable accidents to violence in the workplace. These tragedies affect communities, both large and small, throughout the state.

Cal / OSHA was the first in the country to adopt a Program of Prevention of Injury and Illness (IIPP) regulation statewide in 1991 and also the first to adopt an emergency regulation for prevention of diseases caused by heat in 2005. the emergency regulation became law in 2006 and amended in 2010 to add procedures to a very high heat in order to protect workers who work outdoors in sectors such as agriculture, construction, landscape gardening and extraction of oil and gas. Regulating prevention of diseases caused by heat was amended again in 2015 to increase workers' access to water, lower temperature limit that workers should be in the shade, and expand training of workers working outdoors to recognize and address the signs and symptoms of disease caused by heat.

In addition, workers statewide are protected by the permissible exposure limits that exceed applicable federal minimum and cover a wider range of chemicals. California is proud to have adopted the standard of health care on prevention of workplace violence most comprehensive work in the country and being the only state to enact a rule to protect workers from communicable diseases by aerosol. These combined efforts help California maintain rates of injuries and fatalities in the workplace below the national average.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health of California or Cal / OSHA, is the division of the Department of Industrial Relations that protects workers from California health and safety risks at work in almost all workplaces. The Division of Consultation Cal / OSHA offers employers free and voluntary programs to improve health and safety help. Employers should call (800) 963-9424 for assistance Consultation Services Cal / OSHA.

Employees with questions or complaints related to work can call the Call Center of DIR in Spanish or English to 844-LABOR-DIR (844-522-6734). Information Line Workers California, 866-924-9757, provides information recorded in Spanish and English on a variety of topics related to work. Claims may also be filed confidentially in district offices Cal / OSHA (https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/Complaint.htm).

State of California, Department of Industrial Relations:    https://www.dir.ca.gov/

Myriam Hemberger receives the March of Dimes Prize 2019 for his pioneering research on the biology of the placenta

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Michele Kling, (914) 997-4613, mkling@marchofdimes.org ; Laura Herperger, laherper@ucalgary.ca

Baltimore,  April 29, 2019 - For its pioneering to explain the biology of the placenta research, crucial for pregnancy in humans and most mammals, Myriam Hemberger (photo), organ PhD , has received the Award for Development Biology March of Dimes and Richard B. Johnston, Jr., MD., 2019. March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit health of mothers and babies profit organization.

Dr. Hemberger, a professor in the departments of Biochemistry and Molecular and Medical Genetics Biology at the School of Cumming Medicine at the University of Calgary, Canada, is a world leader in the study of placental development, with an emphasis on impact the placenta on the results of successful pregnancy. Over the years, she has made seminal contributions to our understanding of epigenetic gene regulation leading to the successful formation of a placenta in the uterus.

His article in 2018 in Nature on the prevalence of placental defects in embryos of mice with severe developmental defects changed the rules in this area as it highlighted the potential contribution of the placenta to fetal malformations in a much higher proportion of cases than previously he thought.

As part of this work, Dr. Hemberger and his colleagues have also done pioneering research, the discovery of a close connection between placental defects and the condition congenital heart, which won the inaugural Magee K. Mellon Award Richard Foundation in 2018.

"Dr. Hemberger has made incredible progress in our understanding of the complications of pregnancy and developmental defects," said Kelle H. Moley, MD, senior vice president and scientific director for the March of Dimes. "We are excited to honor our top prize in research. The work of Dr. Hemberger to explain the events that occur early in development, including the connection between the heart and placenta, will make it possible to obtain in the future a better diagnosis and treatment for healthier mothers and babies. "

The Prize in Developmental Biology March of Dimes and Richard B. Johnston, Jr., MD is awarded to an outstanding scientist who has profoundly advanced the science that our understanding of prenatal development and is based pregnancy each year. Shortly before the death of Dr. Jonas Salk in 1995, the March of Dimes created this award as a tribute to him. Since 1996, the prize has been awarded 23 times, 10 times a single individual and 13 times a dyad working in the same area. A large number of winners have subsequently obtained or previously won other major awards, including the Nobel Prize.

The FDA began a public education campaign to encourage safe disposal of unused opioid analgesics home

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Gloria Sanchez-Contreras, 301-796-7686, gloria.sanchez-contreras@fda.hhs.gov

"Eliminate the risk" educates the public about the proper disposal of prescription opioids

Silver Spring, Maryland, April 25, 2019 - Today, the Food and Drug Administration US (FDA, for its acronym in English) announced the launch of new educational campaign to help Americans understand the important role they play in the removal and proper disposal of prescription opioid painkillers from their homes. This new initiative is part of the ongoing work of the FDA to combat opioid national crisis and aims to help reduce unnecessary exposure to these as well as preventing new addictions. The campaign " Eliminate the risk " is aimed at women aged between 35 and 64 years of age, who are most likely to participate in health care decisions at home, and often are those that control access of opioids and other prescription medicines at home.

"The epidemic of addiction and overdose of opioids is one of the tragedies of larger public health that we face as a nation and no group is immune," said Dr. Amy Abernethy, MD, principal deputy commissioner of the FDA. "We know that many people who abuse opioids prescription report have obtained them by a friend or family member. If every household get rid of opioid analgesics once they are no longer medically necessary for the purpose for which they were prescribed, this would have a major impact on the crisis of opioid suffering families and communities in the United States. "

Opioids are potent prescription drugs to reduce pain can help patients control successfully, provided they are prescribed for proper condition and used properly. However, when used improperly or abused, these drugs can cause serious damage such as addiction, overdose and death. In 2017, retail pharmacies expended more than 191 million prescriptions for opioids to nearly 60 million patients either first or resurtirlas. As many as 90% of these patients reported not finish what they prescribed, potentially leaving millions of prescription opioid unused medicine cabinets and other parts of US households if they are not removed as it should. That same year, 47,600 people died from an overdose of opioids. According to the National Survey on Health and Drug Administration Services Against substance abuse and mental health, half the people who abused opioid prescription those obtained with a friend or a familiar.

As part of the campaign "Eliminate the risk , " the FDA unveiled a new package of content, available in both English and Spanish, including public service announcements (PSA, as they are also known) for radio, television and press; fact sheets; graphics and ads for social networks; and emblems for websites, people, service providers and health organizations can use. These contents are available at no cost to media, health service providers, consumer groups and other organizations working to combat the crisis of opioids. The unit also recently updated information about the disposal of opioid prescription unused on your website, Disposal of unused drugs: all you need to know , which can help people determine what the best disposal option according to your situation.

"Too many Americans, both teens and adults, access to opioids for the first time to find them in the medicine cabinets of their parents, relatives and friends. There are millions of pills opioid unused that should not be available or on hand in our homes" said Dr. Douglas Throckmorton, MD, deputy director of programs control Center Drug evaluation and Research, FDA. "Our campaign 'Eliminate the risk' serves both to educate Americans about this issue as to provide easy steps to follow so they can immediately eliminate opioid prescription from their homes and avoid contributing inadvertently to the risk that a friend or a loved one use these drugs improperly or abused. "

Collection options medicines are the preferred way to get rid of most unnecessary drugs safely, including opioids. Authorized centers can be found in retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies or clinics, and police stations. Some authorized collection centers can also offer programs mailing or "mailboxes" collection to help patients get rid of your unused medications safely. The next National Day Drug Collection demure is the April 27, 2019.

FDA: Videos about the disposal of opiates:    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLey4Qe-UxcxZnk51frLQZUCjjXD4fURwb

ATS International Trailer Bridge and take corporate donations even further

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Ilona Fischer, Director of Marketing, 904-751-7100, ifischer@trailerbridge.com , www.trailerbridge.com

Business leaders support Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico with the first charity golf tournament "Rally for Puerto Rico"

Jacksonville, Florida, April 22, 2019 - Trailer Bridge, Inc., in association with Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS), announced the results of charity "Build 2019" presented by Rally by Puerto Rico, its inaugural charity golf tournament clients, partners and local business leaders, held last week at the exclusive TPC Dorado Beach East course. The event daylong was designed to maximize corporate donations and as a result, generated more than US $ 60,000 in donations for Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico (Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico).

Rally event for Puerto Rico, presented by Trailer Bridge and ATS

"We are very excited to have brought to the island this event, the first of its kind to support such an important cause, and we are happy with the generous donations of our partners to Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico," says Mitch Luciano, director executive Trailer Bridge.

All the auspices of participants for the event were paid directly to Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico rally was limited to 72 players and 37 participating companies made donations totaling US $ 63,750.

"Trailer Bridge and ATS covered all costs of the event so that all funds of the participants and sponsors went directly to support this incredible organization," says Jay Thomassen, director of ATS International.

Jacob Wegryzn, general manager and director of Government Affairs Trailer Bridge, adds: "We are committed to continue to help provide relief and assistance to our local community, so we organized Rally for Puerto Rico in order to achieve the greatest possible impact and offer maximum support ".

Trailer Bridge and ATS have a long commitment to support the communities we call home through volunteer work and financial support. We are proud of our long-term partnership of community service in Puerto Rico and our new relationship with Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico, and we are delighted to see it flourish alongside many other organizations Trailer Bridge and ATS support each year.

Our vision (Nuestra Visión) continues to expand its premium programming with the inclusion of the Mexican League Tournament Men 's Soccer after serving his first year on the air

Miami, April 8, 2019 - Our Vision continues to increase its range and diversity of premium and excellent content. Since January, the channel has the Tournament of the Mexican Football League, with exclusive access to the Clausura 2019 Soccer Ascent. It also offers the most important Mexican films of all time, along with a variety of news, sports programs and children's programming directly from Mexico.

Photo by Ascenso MX

Our Vision offers a television channel 100% authentic Mexican, via transmission in HD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one of the largest and most important library of Mexican movies, with more than 2,300 titles , UNO TV news and sports news Claro sports, as well as live sports and special events.

"One of the most important things in this excellent add -on to our channel is that it continues to give visibility to our seriousness and commitment to the television network to continue adding premium content, invest and grow to become a reference point for our target audience "said Victor Herrera, executive director of our vision.

Our Vision, which specializes in offering Mexican programming to Mexican viewers, Mexican-Americans and Hispanics living in the United States, also recently celebrated its first anniversary in the air and will be at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, from 7 to 10 April 2019.

NAB Show brings together the entire digital ecosystem and is represented by professionals in the fields of television, cable TV, broadcasting, streaming, advertising, technology, communications and many more, who gathered in Las Vegas will be given six days to advance their careers, gain knowledge, experience, cutting-edge training, experience firsthand the latest technology and connect with industry innovators that are making progress in art and science of business content.

About Our Vision: Our Vision debuted in November 2017 and is part of America Movil, Mexican telecommunications company listed Forbes Global 2000. Our Vision offers original programming with movies and TV ONE news and sports news Claro Sports as well as live sporting events to be broadcast directly from Mexico. For more information about our vision and its contents, visit  https://nuestravision.tv/

Video:  https://prnewswire2-a.akamaihd.net/p/1893751/sp/189375100/serveFlavor/entryId/1_3bcnaew2/flavorId/1_gya1poui/prn_folder/MNR/prn_id/Publish+Order+Part%3a+35648651+file+identifier%3a+1694614/prn_flavor/HD_MP4/prn_filename/Nuestra-Vision-2019

Young Living out to the heavens to set a world record

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Young Living Diamond members climb balloons hoping to set a world record

Lehi, Utah, April 12, 2019 - Young Living Essential Oils , the world leader in essential oils, went to heaven today in Seville, in what could be the largest private launch balloons in Spain. In total, 450 members of Young Living Diamond boarded 39 balloons exhibiting signs of Young Living and moved on the streets and neighborhoods of Sevilla.

450 Young Leaders Living up to the skies in 39 hot air balloons during an epic adventure in Sevilla, Spain (PRNewsFoto / Young Living Essential Oils)

Earlier this week, Diamond and executive staff members of Young Living, including cofounder and CEO Mary Young and President and COO Jared Turner arrived in Seville for the annual retreat Diamond Company. Young Living offered to these members-premier leaders the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Seville from above in hot air balloons.

During this retreat, the Diamond members also toured the new distillery and farm Associate Life Sevilla Young Living in Almaden de la Plata, Sevilla, for a firsthand look at the roots that Young Living is planted in Spain and worldwide . In 2018, Life Sevilla joined the company as its brand associated farm. Young Living Essential Oils focuses on bold targets and changing the world, such as the Promise 5 x 5 . As part of this promise, the company plans to launch five or more new associates or corporate - owned farms - as Life Sevilla - every year for the next five years.

Mark records is not new for Young Living. For 25 years, the company has been at the forefront of the industry by providing pure, high quality homes worldwide essential oils. "From our commitment to quality Seed to Seal® our Pledge 5 x 5, our company is full of historic moments , " said Jared Turner, president and COO of Young Living. "What better way to kick off a record year mark with an event marking records for our top leaders?"

Know what it means to be a member of Young Living visiting  https://www.youngliving.com/en_US

Attorney General of the State of Washington announces class action settlement for consumers who have bought a TV or monitor containing cathode ray tube

By PRNewswire-Hiapanic PR Wire
By Jonathon Mark, 206-464-6193

Seattle, April 12, 2019 - If you are a consumer of Washington who bought a TV or monitor between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007 which contained a cathode ray tube you may be eligible to participate in conciliation.

The Attorney General of the State of Washington reached a settlement agreement in the context of an antitrust lawsuit over the price of CRTs (cathode ray tubes, "CRT") incorporated in televisions and computer monitors. A CRT is a vacuum tube that was used to display images on televisions and monitors before LCD technology, Plasma and LED image is popular again.

Who is included in the settlement?

Reconciliation benefits consumers (individuals and corporations) and government agencies Washington Washington State who have purchased one or more televisions CRT or CRT monitors between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007:

Consumers Washington: You are eligible to participate in conciliation if you or your company:

They bought a TV with CRT or CRT monitor between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007, and
They resided or had its headquarters in Washington at the time of purchase, and
They bought the TV with CRT or CRT monitor with a retailer (or someone other than the component manufacturer CRT), and
They bought the TV with CRT or CRT monitor for personal use and not for resale.

Government agencies in Washington State: The Attorney General of the State of Washington also managed a reconciliation on behalf of the state government agencies involved in the lawsuit.

For more information: 1-800-332-9084,    http://www.crtsettlement.atg.wa.gov/

If you bought electronics, for example, a laptop, a power tool, a video camera and / or any other article containing a cylindrical lithium - ion since 2000, could receive money from more than US $ 113 million agreements

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Oakland, California, April 3, 2019 - Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP discloses the following statement regarding the lawsuit In re Lithium Ion Batteries Antitrust Litigation.

Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. and Samsung SDI America, Inc. ( "SDI"); TOKIN Corporation ( "TOKIN"); Toshiba Corporation ( "Toshiba"); and Panasonic Corporation, Panasonic Corporation of North America, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and SANYO North America Corporation ( "Panasonic") (collectively, the "defendants in conciliation"), have accepted agreements that resolve allegations that allegedly fixed the price cylindrical lithium - ion batteries. This may have made people and businesses to pay more for products containing cylindrical lithium - ion batteries. Agreements with all manufacturers of lithium ion now total more than US $ 113 million, including agreements previously approved by the Court with LG Chem, LG Chem Ltd. and America, Inc. ( "LG Chem"); Hitachi Maxell Ltd. and Maxell Corporation of America ( "Hitachi Maxell"); NEC Corporation ( "NEC"); and Sony Corporation, Sony Energy Devices Corporation and Sony Electronics Inc. ( "Sony").

I am included?

You may be included in the class if, as a resident in the United States and during the period from January 1, 2000 and May 31, 2011, you bought one of these new products for personal use and not for resale : (i) portable type PC "laptop" notebook PC type "notebook" or "netbook"; (ii) mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, audio player or digital camera; (iii) video camera; (iv) power tool; or (v) replacement battery for any of these products. The product must have been purchased from anyone other than the manufacturer of lithium - ion batteries, for example, a retail store.

Additional information about the agreements available in  http://www.reversethecharge.com/

Because it must pay attention to signing your tax preparer

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Diario Información
By Gigi Jones, gjones@ctec.org , 916.296.6913

Tax preparers who do not sign tax returns are one of the worst problems during the last minute rush

Sacramento, California, April 9, 2019 - It happens every tax season. Preparers unreliable taxes set up tables in malls or rent office space from February to April. Produce countless tax returns, often touting statements "big and fast" taxes.

"We call them ghost tax preparers because they disappear after tax season. Never stay in one place or sign tax returns, and this makes it difficult to find them, " said Susie DiMaggio, president of the board of the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) , a non-profit organization ordered by the state that administers the registration of more than 40,000 unlicensed tax preparers.

By law it requires that tax preparers sign (typed or handwritten) statements of federal and state taxes preparing as proof that they have retained their services - a detail that preparers ghost tax expect taxpayers overlook .

"It seems small, but it is one of the most important details," said Esperanza Escobedo, CRTP and member of the board of CTEC. "The validity of your tax return actually depends on your signature."

This is how Phantom tax preparers work. Print tax returns for clients, then told you to sign and send by mail. What many taxpayers fail to note is that, instead of a name, the tax return says "autopreparada". For electronically filed tax returns, his name has also been omitted.

Other typical fraud include ...

*The coach hits a commercial label on the tax return rather than sign with your name. Customers receive the copy you "tag" to make it appear as if it has been "signed", however, often a blank copy without a commercial label is presented.
*The coach said that "forgot" to sign the tax return and promises to sign it after receiving payment.

California taxpayers should always verify that the tax preparer is legally qualified. State law requires that anyone who comes to prepare tax returns have to be an attorney , certified public accountant (CPA), tax preparer registered with the CTC (CRTP) or enrolled agent (EA) .

Taxpayers may denounce tax preparers ghost ctec.or g . CTEC is a nonprofit organization established in 1997 by the California State Legislature to protect taxpayers from fraud and incompetent tax preparers.

ALERT CPSC: CPSC and Fisher-Price warn consumers about the Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play product due to reports of deaths when babies are turned in the product

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by The Toy Book

Washington, April 8, 2019  - The Safety Commission US Consumer Product (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) and Fisher-Price alert consumers on the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play due to reports of deaths when babies are tumbled in the product. According to medical literature, babies usually start to roll over themselves to 3 months. CPSC is aware of 10 deaths of babies in the Rock 'n Play that have occurred since 2015, after the babies being rolled back to be on the stomach or side, without being subject. 10 children were 3 months old or more.

Because deaths continue to occur, the CPSC is advising consumers to stop using the product at three months of age, or as soon as the baby shows the ability to roll over . The CPSC has previously warned consumers using fasteners products to an inclined sleeping baby.

Fisher-Price advises consumers to stop using the product when babies can roll over themselves, but deaths reported show that some consumers continue to use the product when babies are able to turn around without wearing the harness holding three points.

CPSC and Fisher-Price remind consumers to create a sleep environment that is safe for babies, either using a crib, a bassinet, a pen or a product sleeping inclined: never add blankets, pillows, stuffed teddy or other items to the place where the baby sleeps; and always put your baby to sleep on his back.

The Commission voted to publish a finding that the health and safety of the public require immediate notification.

To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call the CPSC hotline at 1-800-638-2772, or visit    https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx. Further recall information is available at https://www.cpsc.gov./

Are you putting off care for your car? Do not delay any longer

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by La Crónica
By Rich White, (301) 654-6664, rich.white@autocare.org ; or Lynn Konsbruck, (312) 768-7362, lkonsbruck@maxmarketing.com

Careless maintenance can cause damage to the vehicle, car trouble

Bethesda, Maryland, March 26, 2019 - Are you behind on oil changes and brake inspection? Whatever the service, to postpone necessary maintenance, you could be causing considerable damage to your vehicle and increasing the likelihood of a breakdown. With National Car Care Month in April to reach the Car Care Council nonprofit suggests that no delay and give maintenance to your vehicle today.

"Many people do not know the consequences of postponing vehicle maintenance required. Neglecting vehicle service not only can create problems if ignored, it can lead to high repair costs in the long run," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. "With nearly 80 percent of vehicles requiring service, a new part and / or repair your vehicle it is likely to need extra attention."

The Car Care Council recommends a plan vehicle service , keeping a free copy of the Guide for the Care of the car in the glove and making procedures more common routine maintenance to maintain optimum performance of your vehicle.

*Check all fluids including engine oil, power steering, brakes and transmission as well as the solvent for wipers and antifreeze / coolant.
*Check the brake system every year and to review the forums brake discs and drums when going for the oil change.
*Check the tires, including pressure and spent state. Uneven wear indicates the need for wheel alignment. Tires should be checked to verify that there are bumps and worn areas
*Check hoses and belts to make sure they are not cracked or brittle, frayed, loose or badly worn.
*Check the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) as the heating and cooling performance is very important to stay comfortable in the car and for safety reasons, such as defrosting.
*Check the wipers and lighting so you can see and be seen. Check that the interior and exterior lighting is working as it should and replace worn wipers so you can clearly see when driving in precipitation.

"Be sure to thoroughly inspect your vehicle every year, including making a pitch and wheel alignment," White said. "If you suspect a problem, do not delay and treat immediately before minor problems become difficult and costly repairs."

About the Car Care Council - The Car Care Council is the source of information for consumer education campaign "Be Car Care Aware" (Be aware self care) that promotes the benefits of care, maintenance and repair of vehicles for consumers. For the latest news on auto care, visit the online newsroom council in http://media.carcare.org . To request a free copy of the popular Car Care Guide (self - care), visit the website for consumer education council in http://www.carcare.org/ .

"Hispanic Leadership Summit: Chicago" We Are All Human scheduled for April 26. Leaders meet to boost the priorities of US Hispanics. UU.

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Chicago, April 4, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - Leaders -local, regional and national Hispanic community, a diverse range of industries and sectors- will meet on Friday, April 26 for the Hispanic Leadership Summit Chicago (Hispanic Leadership Summit: Chicago), the first of a series of regional summits held this year the non-profit organization, we Are All Human . Regional summits aim to deepen the identification of strategies and actions to promote the priorities of the US Hispanic community. UU.

They are co-organizers of this regional summit in Chicago Dr. Juan Andrade Jr., president and cofounder of USHLI; Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman; Jose Luis Prado, President and CEO of Evans Foods Group, and Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of We Are All Human.

Featured speakers include:

*Teri Arvesu, vice president of Content Univision Communications, Inc.
*Raul Raymundo, CEO of The Resurrection Project
*Howard Tullman, executive director Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech *Entrepreneurship of the Illinois Institute of Technology
*Monoswita Saha, area manager Education, IBM Corporate Citizenship
*Madrid Mark, CEO of Latino Business Action Network (Latino Action Network Business)
*Michael Lev, a member of the Editorial Board of The Chicago Tribune
*Michael O'Grady, director of the board, president and CEO of Northern Trust
*Samara Mejia Hernandez, director of Math Venture Partners
*Ricardo Estrada, president and CEO of Metropolitan Family Services

Hispanic Leadership Summit: Chicago is consolidated on progress made in the first annual Hispanic Leadership Summit, We Are All Human, held in December at the United Nations. In this inaugural event, over 250 community leaders voted on a "Vision 2020" for the US Hispanic community. UU. that focused on three key priorities: access to education, economic empowerment and improving the image of Latinos and Hispanics. Here , you can find a report summarizing the results of the Hispanic Leadership Summit, 2018 edition.

The Chicago event will delve more on the priorities of all of the Hispanic community and will invite debate and discussion on specific actions to be taken to ensure significant progress towards "Vision 2020", especially in anticipation of the presidential elections next year. In 2017, Hispanics became the largest minority community in Chicago, nearly a third of the total population of the city.

"Chicago is the ideal choice for our first Hispanic Leadership Summit regional city," said Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of We Are All Human. "Engaging Hispanic leaders at the regional level, we can give support to local leaders to take action and build on the momentum achieved by our" Vision 2020 ". As the presidential election approaches, we want to ensure that the voice of the Hispanic community is heard. we want all Americans to know that the priorities of US Hispanics. UU. are no different from their own. "

The summit takes place in Chicago Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel , from noon to 5p.m. CST; Registration opens at 11a.m. CST. The event is in conjunction with the 37th. Annual Awards Gala and National Leaders Summit Career (National Leadership Career Summit & Awards Gala) which takes place on 25 and 26 April at the Radisson, organized by the national agency and non-profit, the Hispanic Alliance for Improved careers (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, AGO ).

Here you can find the complete program for Hispanic Leadership Summit: Chicago, and the list of members of the Strategic Advisory Committee of the event:  https://www.weareallhuman.org/hispanic-leadership-summit-chicago-2019/

Cal / OSHA sanctions contractor after an accident that crushed a worker

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

American Canyon, California, April 2, 2019 - Cal / OSHA has fined a contractor the Bay Area for serious safety violations after a worker was crushed fatally in a construction site in San Rafael on 18 September 2018. investigators determined that West Coast and Land Development, Inc. did not follow the rules when stacked plywood (plywood) vertically without secure.

State of California Department of Industrial Relations

The accident occurred when two employees of the company Concord were framing and installing a reinforcing wall on the third floor of a house under construction. A worker was to take a sheet of plywood a stack 26 placed vertically against the wall. A foreman worker found the body 20 minutes later with the stack of plywood on top of it.

"Plywood, plasterboard and similar material stacked vertically create life-threatening hazards to employees" said Juliann Sum, director Cal / OSHA. "As demonstrated by the tragic accident, employers must save or flat materials ensure that the materials are secured when stored vertically to avoid serious and even fatal injuries".

Cal / OSHA issued $ 26,540 in penalties to West Coast Land and Development for eight violations. In addition to the serious violation related to an accident plywood sheets stacked vertically without securing them against tipping or falling, heavy penalties were issued for breach of employer:

Watch an opening on the second floor of the house to prevent employees from falling for it
Protect workers against the danger of impalement exposed reinforcing steel protruding
Protect workers against falls in work on elevated surfaces at heights of over 15 feet

*a regulatory violation for failing to get permission for a project related to construction was issued, and general violations were issued for failing to assess the hazards in the workplace and protect workers against rock or loose soil on a dig site, and for not providing handrails and staircase railings on the sides and edges of stairs without protection.

*a serious violation is punished when there is a real possibility of death or serious injury as a result of the rape. Violations are classified as an accident-related injury, illness or fatality is the result of rape.

Employees with questions or complaints related to work can call the Call Center of DIR in English or Spanish to 844-LABOR-DIR (844-522-6734). Information line for Workers 866-924-9757 California provides recorded information in English and Spanish on various topics related to work. Claims may also be filed confidentially in the district offices of Cal / OSHA .

Attorney Dan Newlin announced the free concert with the presentation of the global superstar Pitbull and Nacho to honor police officer Kevin Orlando Valencia

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By  Elizabeth Forrest, Dan Newlin Attorneys Injury, email: Elizabeth.Forrest@newlinlaw.com , direct: 407-250-6524, main line: 407-888-8000

Orlando, Florida, April 1, 2019 - Dan Newlin Attorney has once again helped put together another great free community concert, with performances by global superstar Pitbull and Nacho, but this time a much greater cause, honoring the police officer Kevin Orlando Valencia.

Dan Newlin lawyer once again helped put together another great free community concert, with performances by global superstar Pitbull and Nacho, but this time for a much greater cause, honoring the police officer Kevin Orlando Valencia.

Dan Newlin lawyer himself exoficial police, said: "When a tragedy is often a prominent news happens, then people seem to forget. We can not let our community will never forget the official Kevin Valencia, and how he and his family are still suffering and struggling today. As a community, it is important that we show the highest level of respect and honor for the official Kevin Valencia, and hold a free community concert is a great way to show our support for the Valencia family. "

The free concert with performances by Pitbull and Nacho will take place on June 1, 6 pm to 11 pm in Central Florida Fairgrounds.

"Do not bring anything to the concert, just come to show their support for the Valencia family," says attorney Dan Newlin.

Kevin official history of Valencia:  On June 10, the official Kevin Valencia, 27 years old, appeared to work as he had done in the previous three years. Valencia officer was prepared as always to respond and serve the citizens of our community in times of emergency. At approximately 11:30 pm, the official Valencia was sent to attend a domestic violence call in the city of Orlando; Upon arrival, Gary Lindsey, a criminal with previous conviction, opened fire against Valencia officer. He struck him in the face frontal sector; the bullet pierced his eye and into the brain.

Lindsey bunkered for 21 hours, during which it killed four children kept retained, before signing himself and end the hostage.

Valencia officer was rushed to a local hospital, where he underwent an intensive brain surgery.

After receiving emergency care at the Orlando Regional Medical Center, Valencia officer was transferred for specialized in Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta, where he underwent his 11th attention. Consecutive surgery.

However the official Kevin Valencia recently returned home in Central Florida, still in a coma for the very serious wound received in the shooting.

Unfortunately, the police sergeant Orlando Eduardo Bernal said the condition of the official Valencia remains almost unchanged.

Dan Newlin Attorneys Injury is a law firm specializing in personal injury, great preparation and nationally recognized, which provides services in the state of Florida. Our lawyers are experts in the area of ​​personal injury law and are dedicated to assisting clients who have suffered injuries without own risk. Dan Newlin Attorneys Injury currently consists of a team of 75 lawyers and 150 support staff; we pride ourselves on providing personal, professional and expert representation to our clients.

Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys - Recovered Over $ 1Billion for Personal Injury Victims

The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 will honor Grammy winner and Latin Grammy Marc Anthony with the Order of the Golden Sphinx

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 28, 2019 - The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 announced that the winner of six Grammy and Latin Grammy awards Marc Anthony (photo), will be honored and presented with the award Order of the Golden Sphinx 2019 at the 7th annual gala of the Order of the Golden Sphinx at the Pierre in New York City on April 15, 2019.

The Order of the Golden Sphinx, named after a traditional symbol of Hasty Pudding Institute, is the highest honor awarded by the Institute, and recognizes individuals in the entertainment industry for their outstanding contributions to the performing arts. The winner represents the institute's mission to support and promote the performing arts among its members at Harvard and the community in general.

Previous winners of the Order of the Golden Sphinx award include Michael Lynton, chairman of the board of Snap, Inc. and former CEO of Sony Entertainment; David Heyman, producer of Gravity and the universe of Harry Potter movies; Clive Davis, legendary music producer and creative director of Sony Music; Daryl Roth, producer of Broadway, winning ten Tony Awards; Paris Barclay, who won two Emmys and president for two periods of the Directors Guild of America; and Derek McLane, who designed more than 350 productions, winning Tony Award and two Emmy Awards.

"It is our privilege to present the Order of the Golden Sphinx 2019 to Marc Anthony and his contributions to the world of the performing arts are well known," said Andrew L. Farkas, president of the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770. "Marc is extraordinarily talented and it has inspired people, young and old, all over the world with his music and his generous spirit, and continues to raise those around him while celebrating all that is good in this world. "

"I am honored to receive the Order of the Golden Sphinx this year's award," said Marc Anthony. "Growing up in New York City, I benefited from performing arts programs in our community. Cultivating new talent worldwide is the future generations everywhere".

MARC ANTHONY is one of the most influential artists of his time and a true ambassador of Latin music and culture. He has received countless gold certifications and sinkers of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and is credited with having more than 30 hits on the Billboard charts and more than 4.7 billion views on YouTube. His latest album, Marc Anthony 3.0, released on July 23, 2013, has received an American Music Award; GRAMMY® nomination; five Premios Lo Nuestro; two Youth Awards; ten prizes Billboard Latin Music; Billboard three awards and special recognition of the television network Univision.

WEB:  https://www.hastypudding.org/

JUUL studies among users in California underscore the impact of using JUUL on the ability to quit smoking cigarettes

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Theodore Kwong, theodore.kwong@juul.com

44% of users surveyed in California reported JUUL quit after 90 days

San Francisco, March 25, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - JUUL Labs today released initial results of our ongoing behavioral science research that indicates that JUUL products are helping adult smokers in California to quit smoking combustible cigarettes ( "switching" in English) at rates unprecedented. These are the first data obtained statewide released by JUUL Labs on our internal investigation.

Data from studies of 1,273 current smokers adults 21 and older who bought products JUUL in retail outlets were collected and online [1] indicated that lived in California, and completed a follow-up survey 90 days after purchase . "Switching" was defined as any combustible cigarette smoking, not even a single puff in the last 30 days. The results showed that 44% of users surveyed JUUL in California who conducted the follow-up assessment at 3 months had stopped smoking cigarettes completely fuels during the previous 30 days. [2]

Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and reports for California Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that:

*11.0% of adults in California smoked cigarettes in 2016
*Lasted 40,000 adults in the state die from smoking-related diseases each year
*They spent $ 13.3 billion in health care costs in California related to smoking-related illnesses in 2009 alone

"We are encouraged by these results of studies demonstrating the possibilities offered by JUUL products provide smokers in California a real alternative fuels cigarettes," said Erik Augustson, Ph.D., MPH, senior director of behavioral research.

"We continue to investigate the factors that impact the ability of smokers to quit, and the results of the study indicate that the flavors could play an important role, as reflected in recent studies showing that participants who used exclusively flavors outside the snuff are 30% more likely to quit than those who use only flavors of snuff. [3] we remain focused on improving the lives of millions of adult smokers in California. "

[1] current adult smokers were defined as those who smoked in the 30 days before purchasing the products JUUL
[2] This analysis of quitting smoking ( 'switching') included an aggregate total of 1,273 respondents who said they lived in California between four national studies; the sample is not representative
[3] Russell, C., McKeganey, N and Haseen, F. (2019) Factors Associated With Past 30-day Abstinence from Cigarette Smoking in a Non-Probabilistic Sample of 15,456 Adult Established Current Smokers in the United States Who Used to JUUL Vaporizer for Three Months. Center for Substance Abuse Research

Daniel M. Friedman & Associates Recalled chargers rechargeable batteries due to fire risk

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, March 27, 2019

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1973 and charged with protecting the American public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call the CPSC hotline at 1-800-638-2772, or visit http://www.saferproducts.gov. Further recall information is available at http://www.cpsc.gov.

Summary recall

Product name: Universal chargers Rechargeable batteries

Hazard: The battery chargers can overheat, posing a fire hazard

Remedy: Repayments

Consumers should stop using the recalled battery chargers market immediately and contact Daniel M. Friedman & Associates for product return and full refund.

Consumer Contact: Daniel M. Friedman free at 855-706-6500, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST, via email at info@betseyjohnson.com or online at
https://betseyjohnson.com/ and click voluntary Recall (voluntary recall) for more information.

Recall details

Units: About 170,500 (plus around 6,900 were sold in Canada)

Description: This recall involves battery chargers Universal Rechargeable Power Banks for use with smartphones and tablets. The recalled chargers come in different colors and shapes, including a unicorn head, a cat with dark glasses and a rainbow between two clouds.

Incidents / Injuries: The firm has received three reports of overheating the charger, including a report of a fire inside a house that caused property damage of up to $ 150,000. No injuries have been reported.

POS: Burlington, Kohl's, Ross and other stores nationwide from November 2016 through January 2019 for about $ 25.

Imported by: Daniel M. Friedman & Associates, a division of Steven Madden, Ltd. of Long Island City, New York.

Manufactured by: Yiwu City Huffman Leather & Accessories Co., Ltd., China

Therrestra group continues to lead the construction in the Caribbean with a new project in Jamaica of 957 rooms

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

The new "Ocean Coral Springs by H10 Hotels" of about 120,000 m 2 construction, be a cutting edge with a stunning design complex composed of two phases, giving opening countless entertainment venues for all ages.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, March 25, 2019 - Therrestra Group, under the leadership of Engineer Hugo Perez Ovalles, continues to intensify its presence throughout the Caribbean region with the implementation of the new project "Spring Ocean Coral by H10 Hotels". This new project represents a new sign of success for the group specialized in design, construction and supervision, recognized in the region to bring to reality quickly and quality tourism projects of the most demanding and recognized worldwide hotel chains.

For the new Ocean Coral Spring, the company will display the values ​​that characterize it as: talent, their resilience and confidence H10 Hotels deposited in Therrestra for the development of 957 rooms to be executed in two phases with a total of approximately 120,000 m 2 construction.

The first phase, with 75,000 m 2 of construction, completed by the end of 2019 and will have 513 rooms in an urbanized with an imposing main building which houses a great gastronomic offer, theaters, convention center, area bowling and other attractive environment. It will also have a luxurious spa and 14 other buildings amenities to enrich the experience.

The second phase, with 45,000 m 2 building and 444 rooms, is the ideal environment for adults and is scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2020. It will have a main building and a lobby accompanied by themed restaurants and other specialized areas, They portend an environment of rest and relaxation.

The group's president, Hugo Perez Ovalles, grateful for the trust placed in Therrestra by the hotel chain, affirming its commitment to developing high quality projects and continue to be an ally of the tourism sector in the implementation of hotel projects exalting the Caribbean as an elite destination.

Satisfied projects to date and grateful for this new challenge, Mr. Perez Ovalles confirmed that "the new Ocean Coral Spring by H10 Hotels is destined to be a world leader in tourism in the Caribbean and we are proud to be part of this initiative. "


By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Wall Street Journal
By Eric Schachter, Eric.schachter@abdata.com

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2019 - In the case of  UBS FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. FROM PUERTO RICO (Docket No. 3-14863 administrative process)


PR GNMA & US Government Target Maturity Fund; PR Fixed Income Fund VI; PR Mortgage Backed & US Government Fund; PR Tax Free Target Maturity Fund I; PR AAA Portfolio Target Maturity Fund; PR Tax Free Target Maturity Fund II; PR AAA Bond Portfolio Fund I; Tax Free PR Target Maturity Fund; PR AAA Portfolio Bond Fund II; PR Tax Free Fund I; Investors PR Bond Fund; PR Tax Free Fund II; PR Fixed Income Fund I; PR Investor's Tax-Free Fund I; PR Fixed Income Fund II; PR Investor's Tax-Free Fund II; PR Fixed Income Fund III; PR Investor's Tax-Free Fund III; PR Fixed Income Fund IV; PR Investor's Tax-Free Fund IV; PR Fixed Income Fund V; PR Investor's Tax-Free Fund V; PR Investor's Tax-Free Fund VI.


Notice carefully read the full distribution plan compensation fund for investors PR UBS UBS Financial Services Inc. of Puerto Rico ( "Notice") because it contains important information about your rights. This publication notice is only a brief summary of the Notice.

General aspects of administrative procedure - On May 1, 2012, the Commission issued an order ( "Order") , 1 which stated that since May 15, 2008 until September 30, 2009, UBS PR made false statements and failed to report important facts to investors in Puerto Rico with respect to secondary market liquidity and pricing of the Funds ( "Operations Deceptive Pricing"). In addition, the Commission concluded that since March 1, 2009 until September 30, 2009, UBS PR effectively prevented investors from selling their shares in the Fund to not execute orders tradeable sale made by investors ( "Sales Operations delayed ").

Pursuant to the Order, UBS paid $26,609,739.94 PR the Commission consisting of $ 11,500,000.00 for disgorgement of profits obtained illegally, $ 1,109,739.94 for pre-judgment interest and established a civil monetary penalty of $ 14,000,000.00. Order the Compensation Fund established under Section 308 (a) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 with its amendments. PR UBS paid a total of $ 26,609,739.94 as ordered (hereinafter "Compensation Fund"). The purpose and intent of the distribution plan is a fair and reasonable distribution of the Compensation Fund harmed by the conduct of UBS PR described in the Order investors.

The distribution plan has been approved by the Commission, and the Commission retains jurisdiction and control over the implementation of the distribution plan.

Who is eligible - The purpose and intent of the distribution plan is a fair and reasonable distribution of the Compensation Fund to investors harmed by the conduct of UBS PR. The allocation plan, as described in greater detail the distribution plan includes two methods for calculating the harm to investors: one for Operations Deceptive Rates and one for Sales Operations Delayed.

Completing a claim - Notice and Certification Form sent to all identifiable and potentially eligible claimants to be determined who were harmed by the Operations Misleading Prices and Operations Delayed Sales in any Fund of UBS Financial Services Inc. of Puerto Rico abovementioned between 15 may 2008 and 30 September 2009. If you did not receive the Notice and certification printed form, you can obtain copies of the website to download them Compensation Fund UBS PR in www.UBSPRFairFund.com Additionally, you can contact the Fund Administrator to request a copy by phone, email or mail to the following address: UBS PR Fair Fund c / o AB Data, Ltd., PO Box 170500, Milwaukee, WI 53217.  info@ubsprfairfund.com, 866-217-4458

To file a complaint and be able to receive a portion of the distribution of UBS Compensation Fund PR, you must submit a certification form postmarked no later than June 10, 2019.

Chilean Salmon Marketing Council announces a new campaign focused on Patagonia, "The Promise of Patagonia" at Seafood Expo North America

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Boston, March 18, 2019 - The Chilean Salmon Marketing Council (Chilean Salmon Marketing Council, CSMC), an entity based in the United States dedicated to strengthening the reputation of Chilean salmon, announced a new advertising campaign, "the Promise of Patagonia" at the Seafood Expo North America (SENA) annual meeting held today in Boston.

"The Promise of Patagonia" focuses on forging the connection for US consumers between the clear and cold waters of Chilean Patagonia, and salmon put on the table. Starting this month, it will be released in print media channels, online and outdoor advertising.

"The mystique of Patagonia is well known," said Ricardo Garcia, general manager of Camanchaca, vice president of Salmones Camanchaca and chairman of CSMC. "We are emphasizing the pristine region of Chilean Patagonia, where salmon are raised in pure coastal waters of the Antarctic. As stewards of this extraordinary ecology, members of CSMC produce proudly salmon high quality using sustainable aquaculture and responsible environmental "Garcia said.

"The Promise of Patagonia" also signal the commitment of the members of CSMC salmon to the welfare of the region and the environment by taking a nutritious, reliable and high quality fish market all year. As evidence of this commitment, SalmonChile, the national association of the salmon industry in Chile, the CSMC and Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey Bay Aquarium®, MBA) collaborated to create Reduction Program Antibiotics Chilean salmon (CSARP) an historic initiative to reduce the use of antibiotics in 50 percent as a step towards achieving a good alternative Seafood Watch® in 2025.

Infographics Chilean Salmon - From left to right: Arturo Clement, President and CEO, SalmonChile; Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly, Director of International Fisheries and Aquaculture, Monterey Bay Aquarium; Isaac Tyler, chief scientist Aquaculture, Monterey Bay Aquarium; Rolando Ibarra Olmedo, head of the Department of Health and Safety, SalmonChile; Wendy Norden, Director of Science, Monterey Bay Aquarium; Melanie Whatmore, Director of Marketing, SalmonChile; James Griffin, executive director, Chilean Salmon Marketing Council.

"A reduction of 50 percent in the use of antibiotics, along with other improvements to the industry, could lead to a recommendation for a good alternative. The improvement on that scale is excellent news for Patagonia, and for all people around the world who enjoy Chilean salmon. we are proud to support this work and hope to see a real change along the way to our goal of 2025, "said Jennifer Kemmerly, director of International Fisheries and Aquaculture at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

"Never before has our industry has made such a bold commitment," said Arturo Clement, president of SalmonChile. "We are excited to work together as an industry and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to achieve this very important goal. We have made remarkable progress in salmon farming in the last four years and we always strive to minimize the use of antibiotics. Collaborate to forward this work is an important step we can take towards a continuous and measurable improvement. "

"We already have companies in Chile with positive ratings Seafood Watch. I have dreamed of seeing the rating of Seafood Watch in Chile, as one country, moving in a positive direction," said James Griffin, director of the CSMC. "It's a highlight of my career to be part of the effort to achieve this moment. We will focus on this in the coming years, and US consumers and people of Patagonia Chile will benefit, but the biggest beneficiary is the ocean and ecology such a pristine part of the world. "

When you go out to eat, see calories

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Silver Spring, Maryland, March 19, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - In today 's busy world, Americans eat and drink about one third of their calories away from home. In general, foods prepared outside the home have more calories, sodium and saturated fat than food eaten at home. Therefore it is important to know your options, so you can make the best food choices for you and your family when they eat.

To help consumers understand food calories when they eat out, the Administration US Food and Drug. UU. issued regulations in 2018 that require calorie information on menus provide many chain restaurants with menus and posters. You have probably already noticed about calories when you eat out. Celebrate now the National Nutrition Month ® (National Nutrition Month) using calorie information to make better food choices when eating out.

Here you can learn more about regulations and ways in which they can make better food choices away:    https://www.fda.gov/Food/LabelingNutrition/ucm604271.htm (English only)

Why are important calories - To achieve or maintain a healthy weight, balance the calories you eat and drink with the amount of calories you burn. With calorie information available at many restaurants and caterers, you can now compare foods and drinks, and choose healthier options.

Calories "in context" - To help put the lists of calories in context of a total daily diet, the restaurants will also include this statement in the menus and posters with menus: "2,000 calories per day is used as a general nutrition advice, but the vitamin needs vary" . Your needs may be higher or lower, and will depend on your age, gender and level of physical activity.

Where it will - Calorie labeling is mandatory in restaurants and similar retail food establishments that are part of a chain of 20 or more stores. Look for information about calories for:

*Foods or traditional meals and fast food restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants where orders from the automotive, theaters, amusement parks and food for purchase / delivery
*Foods, such as sandwiches, ordering from a menu or menu sign with a store / grocery store or deli
*Food "self" of a salad bar and hot food bar in a restaurant or shop
*Alcoholic drinks / cocktails when they are listed in menus

At restaurants that are required to provide calorie information on menus and signs menus, they are also required to provide nutrition information written on menus, including total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugar and protein. When you exit, do not hesitate to ask for more information on topics related to nutrition!

The First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló, will be the keynote speaker at the Women 's World Summit XX Miami 2019

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Maria Loaisiga, Director of Public Affairs, Maria.l@minoritychamber.net, 786.406-2190

The First Lady of Puerto Rico will also be recognized during the Gala Dinner as the Global Humanitarian Women of 2019 for their excellent work after Hurricane Maria in September 2017 by the Island.

Miami, March 14, 2019 - The Chamber of Commerce of minorities in the United States, announces that the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Ms. Beatriz Rossello, has confirmed his participation at the World Summit. women to be held March 29-30 at the Marriott Dadeland Hotel eccentric in Miami Dade County, Florida.

Summit 2019 has four pillars that are "inform, empower, inspire and impact which promote the spirit of mutual prosperity for today's woman. The Ms. Rosselló speak during the conference lunch on Friday 29 March 2019.

Ms. Beatriz Rossello, First Lady of Puerto Rico.   Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The priority of this unique event is to explore ways to empower women sharing stories and present example have presided over this great awakening in the global, both business and the public service leadership. Also it is scheduled, a wide range of important issues that still affect women. These issues ranging from economic development and public service to the wage gap and lack of educational opportunities for women around the world, without losing the human touch that represents them .

It will be a meeting of powerful leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, public officials and corporate senior executives. Together, they will move and inspire with their provocative stories and will echo with its new vision in the coming years.

The guest speakers this year include the Mrs. Ivanka Trump, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Bolsonaro First Lady of Brazil, Ms. Maria Rios, CEO of Nation Waste, with Ms. Casey DeSantis, first Lady of the State of Florida, Waleska Rivera CEO of Danosa in the Caribbean, and other exceptional women.

"The Summit aims addition to business and the importance of public service, provide a human touch, with the official participation of the First Lady of Puerto Rico , " said Doug Mayorga, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Minority of EE. UU. " It will be a unique opportunity, because traditionally our activities are based on business, technology and public and private investment, and this time are taking a human side to the World Summit of Women, she will be accompanied by her husband, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Dr. Ricardo Rossello "adds Mr. Mayorga.

About the Global Summit of Women 2019: It is the world scenario has been prepared, to celebrate the voices of women around the world in business, education, science and good governance. The conference will bring together leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences to share ways in which women can contribute to the goals of sustainable development and accelerate the lead in a bold new way.

About the Chamber of Commerce Minority US (CCMUSA): Founded in Miami Dade in 2000, CCMUSA mission is to build a lasting prosperity for minority businesses in the US. UU, through the expansion of trade, public-private partnership and international cooperation, and implement best practices that are the hallmark of entrepreneurship spirit of our nation. It promotes opportunities against the major obstacles to economic commitment to minority businesses in the United States. The CCMUSA helps companies to promote and market access, as well as identifying opportunities in the Western Hemisphere. For more information www.minoritychamber.net

Energy WRB: What will it take to develop more renewable energy in the Caribbean?

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Denise Ruggiero, 813-251-3737, druggiero@wrbenterprises.com

Tampa, Florida, March 13, 2019 - With the abundance of clean energy resources in the Caribbean - sun, wind, water and geothermal - is a more natural environment for renewable energy generation . So why do not more renewable energy is produced in the Caribbean, and why no more projects in development?

With over three decades of experience developing renewable energy projects and operating utilities, Energy WRB can address some of the challenges that prevent increased generation of renewable energy in the Caribbean.

Contain costs - Most Caribbean island nations lack the scale to absorb the high costs and complexities of developing relatively small installations for renewable energy if compared with those of larger and more developed countries. Populations, economies and a relatively smaller demand for energy, less kilowatt hours are produced to amortize the anticipated investment costs effectively in terms of costs. However, as prices for renewable energy equipment continue to decline and technologies advance, the options of solar, wind and geothermal are increasingly viable and economical solutions for diversified energy portfolios.

Leveling the learning curve - Government leaders with a long - term stable and implementation plans for increased renewable energy vision attract the best opportunities for project development. By working collaboratively, the utilities, government, regulators and developers can help level the learning curve for initial projects.

Understand that the earth is precious - Ensure appropriate land for the location of the project poses significant challenges. There is great pride in the ownership of land, with plots that have been transferred from generation to generation. In addition, there is a history of informal land transactions, leading to unclear property titles. Consequently, these problems can lead to resistance in local landowners against land transactions and long - term leases.

Clarifying investment requirements - Banks, investors and multilateral organizations have mandates, terms, titles and agreements that can be misinterpreted in negotiations with governments, utilities and regulators. It must be clearly defined policies and processes to avoid misinterpretations of the terms of the projects.

Develop conditions for a sustainable future - Develop renewable systems requires reliable and accessible investment audits to avoid price increases electricity. It is a long - term strategy that requires cooperation between stable government policies, companies flexible utilities, competent regulatory bodies responsible investors and credible development partners to design, develop and deliver renewable energy projects as promised.

WRB Energy develops renewable energy projects to help stabilize electricity prices, reduce dependence on imported fuels and boosting economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. Visit  https://wrbenergy.com/ and https://wrbenergy.com/content-solar-jamaicas-first-utility-scale-solar-plant/.

The Nutrition Facts label and MyPlate can help you make healthier food choices

 By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Silver Spring, Maryland, March 12, 2019 - Are you planning to set nutritional goals this National Nutrition Month® (National Nutrition Month), but do not know where to start? The Nutrition Facts label the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and MyPlate the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can help. Learn how to use these simple tools (available only in English) to set goals and keep them throughout the year.

Use the Nutrition Facts label to make healthier food choices.

The Nutrition Facts label the FDA can help you make informed decisions that contribute to a healthy diet. It provides important information on packaged foods and beverages from the ration size up the calories and nutrient information. Here are some ways to make the most of the label.

*When buying food, use the label to compare different foodstuffs. Choose products with added vitamins, minerals and fiber, and less saturated fat and sodium.

*Look at the label to see the calories and use information rations to choose the proper serving size for you.

Plan your meals with MyPlate in mind.

MyPlate USDA shows the five food groups that constitute the essential elements of a healthy diet using a familiar image: a seat at the table for a meal. These are some of the ways you can use MyPlate to hold on to your goals.

*Think about how you can include the five food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy) throughout the day. To ensure the necessary nutrients to consume, choose a variety of foods and beverages from each food group.

*Make small changes in your meals and snacks to be as complete as possible. For example, if you are making pasta, add vegetables to the sauce. Or, if you want something sweet, cut fruits for dessert.

For more information on decision-making for healthy eating, visit:  https://www.fda.gov/Food/LabelingNutrition/ucm20026097.htm      (English only) or download the infographic:    https://www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/LabelingNutrition/UCM603415.pdf

Do you know if there is asbestos in your makeup?

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Marcela Gaitan • (202) 797-4336, mgaitan@healthyamericas.org

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health announces its endorsement of the proposed Security Act Personal Care Products (S.726) before the 116 th Congress

Washington, March 8, 2019  - "Consumers want to know that if they are on sale at the store or online, shampoo, makeup, aftershave or other personal care products they buy are safe, "said Dr. Jane L. Delgado, Ph.D., MS, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (National Alliance for Hispanic Health and the Alliance), the main organization of the country to promote the health of Hispanics.

Photo by Asbestos.com

Alliance today announced its support of the Security Act Personal Care Products (Personal Care Products Safety Act or S.726), presented last night by Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to protect consumers and make it more strict surveillance of cosmetics and other personal care products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English).

The safety of personal care products we use every day has featured in the news recently. Diverse voices, from the editorial board of The New York Times to Kourtney Kardashian and the Food and Drug Adminstration, have called for the safety of cosmetics and personal care products is increased.

"Every day, millions of men and women use cosmetics and personal care products such as shampoo and cream, and assume they are safe, but the FDA does not have the appropriate authority to ensure that the ingredients in these products that American families use every day are safe or remove these products from the market if they are found to be dangerous, "said Dr. Delgado.

Photo by theimmagine.eu

Among the measures that would authorize S.726:

The FDA would have the proper authority to order cosmetics and personal care products that jeopardize consumer safety, for example, a contaminated product is removed; It would require companies to file timely reports on adverse events, FDA would be required to assess the safety of at least five chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products annually, and It would require companies to include information about ingredients and warnings about products for sale online.  The requirements of the law have no impact on the budget and program funds new rates paid by companies of cosmetics and personal care products. "If enacted, this law would offer the first measures of consumer protection cosmetics and personal care products in 80 years. It's something that should have been done long ago, and we are waiting for the measure to pass," he said Dra. Delgado.

About the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance)

The Alliance is the foremost organization based on scientific knowledge and confidence promoter better health outcomes for all. For more information, visit https://www.healthyamericas.org/ or call the helpline Your Family Alliance at 1-866-783-2645.

Princess Cruises Announces Two themed outings "Sabor Latino" 7-day cruising the Caribbean Islands

 By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
 By Negin Kamali, 661-753-1539, nkamali@princesscruises.com ; Relieves Owyoung, 661-753-1542, aowyoung@princesscruises.com

Themed activities aboard the Caribbean Princess includes entertainment, dining experiences and guests of Latin American origin

Santa Clarita, California, March 7, 2019 - Princess Cruises today announced the day an exciting series of Latin - themed cruises, 7 - day cruises to the Caribbean in two of its outlets in July 2019.

Theme cruises "Sabor Latino" promise to deliver the experience of Caribbean cruise, adapted to the preferences of Latin American guests, party nights with DJ, a host of speaking on board, shore excursions in Spanish and cocktails inspiration America.

On the first trip "Sabor Latino" Caribbean Princess will sail roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale on July 13, 2019 for an itinerary cruising the Eastern Caribbean with stunning beaches and old world charm, visiting the island experience private Princess Cays - Princess Cruises in the Bahamas - in addition to the wonderful islands of St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

In addition, on July 20, 2019, Caribbean Princess will sail roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale on a Western Caribbean cruise with ancient Mayan ruins, ecological and beautiful beaches while visiting Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize City and Cozumel adventures.

Photo by Travel Agent Central

To celebrate the spirit of "Sabor Latino" only for a limited time, Princess Cruises offers rates up to 50% discount for the first and second guest.

In recent years, Caribbean Princess has been at the forefront of the major revivals of the fleet, with many features and family - oriented services including advanced technology, family accommodation, new dining experiences and entertainment offerings.

Recently, it was announced that the Caribbean Princess will be in dry dock in June 2019 where will the novelty The Reef Family Splash Zone.

Located on deck 17 aft, The Reef features an interactive water play area, children 's pool, a variety of new options for outdoor seating, a renovated swimming pool, jacuzzi and bar.

Photo by Lingotek

Caribbean Princess was also the first ship Princess Cruises to debut at Princess MedallionClass vacations, offering guests a portfolio of experiences in English specifically designed to enhance your cruise vacation.

Considered a breakthrough in the cruise industry portable device OceanMedallion 1.8 ounces and a quarter-size presents a breakthrough technology that offers personalized service through improved interactions between staff and guests, besides allowing interactive entertainment.

"As the premium cruise line world number one, we're excited to combine our expertise with international flavors cruise" Sabor Latino " , " said Ryan Barton, Director of International Marketing for Princess Cruises. "The issue resonates strongly with our Latin American guests and hope that the evening activities, the authentic entertainment, regional cuisine and other comforts of home away from home pave the way to expand Latin American support."

General information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel consultant or visit the website of the company in https://es-www.princess.com/

If you own or lease or previously owned, purchased or leased certain vehicles Toyota Sienna, you could get benefits of a Class Action Settlement

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Toyota of Kingsport
By Eric Gladbach, King & Spalding LLP, 212 556 2206

New York, March 1, 2019 - The following statement is issued by King & Spalding LLP regarding the Class Action Settlement by the Toyota Sienna Sliding Door.

There is a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit against Toyota Sienna on certain vehicles Agreement. Those included in the Agreement have legal rights and options to be exercised before the expiry of certain deadlines.

What about demand?  The lawsuit alleges that the sliding doors in certain Sienna vehicles have defects. Toyota denies that there is a violation of any law or committed any wrongdoing. The Court did not decide in favor of either party. Instead, the parties decided to agree.

Am I included in the proposed Settlement?  Subject to certain limited exclusions, if you are including the date of March 1, 2019, You own or owned, bought and / or rented or leased a Sienna model years 2011-2018 ( "subject vehicle"); Your vehicle in question was distributed for sale or lease in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and all other US territories and / or possessions of the United States.

This Agreement does not cover claims for wrongful death, personal injury or damage to physical property caused by an accident.

What gives the Settlement? The Agreement provides several benefits, including a trusted program that provides prospective Customer coverage for certain repairs to certain parts of the sliding door, a loaner vehicle for eligible Class Members and reimbursement of certain expenses out of pocket. Some of these benefits require action by the Members of the class before certain deadlines.

What are my options? If you do nothing, it will remain in the Class, you will receive certain benefits and you can not sue Toyota. You can exclude yourself before May 3, 2019, unless you want to be part of the Agreement. You will not receive any of the benefits of the agreement, but retain the right to sue Toyota. You can file a Claim Form before a date to be determined, which will be no sooner than 60 days after the fairness hearing of the Court on June 4, 2019, if you have pocket expenses covered by the Agreement and it is not excluded yourself. You can object agreement, partially or totally, until May 3, 2019, if you do not exclude yourself. Full notice describes how you can exclude yourself, submit a Claim Form and / or object.

For more information or a Claim Form call 1-833-305-3915 or visit

Lucyd hires football player, Richard Sherman, Executive Director of Brand

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Miami, March 4, 2019 - lucyd LTD, the company based in Singapore and offices in Miami, Florida, ranks among the first developers of the latest technologies and trends on this website. The Loud lucyd, for example, are the first smart glasses compatible prescription which reports and monitor phone calls, text messages via voice, listen to music, receive notifications and access WhatsApp without removing the phone from his pocket . All while listening to what happens around them.

The company recently hired football player, Richard Sherman (photo), the San Francisco 49ers, as Director of Brand. In his new role, Richard will not only be an ambassador for lucyd, but also guide the design and development of a new line of athletic performance eyewear with inspiration. With this in mind, the company plans to launch a line of sports sunglasses designer Sherman called Shades, designed together with Richard Sherman, for the third quarter of 2019. The line will offer a selection of sunglasses high quality and style active life at a very affordable price.

Lucyd shared new details about the next product lines and new patent application.

The new line lucyd Loud 2.0, with ten modern styles and a slimmer fit and comfort, is scheduled for introduction to the global market in the second quarter of 2019.

And as part of compliance and corporate responsibilities, lucyd has also launched a discount program for students and military, delivering gift cards $ 10 for students and military personnel.

Significantly, the flagship product lucyd are the lucyd Lens, smart glasses Augmented Reality - or AR - currently under development and is expected to be launched this year.

"With all these positives, and more developments on the horizon, lucyd is poised to become a leader in a new generation of providers glasses for web," says Harrison Gross, Co-founder of lucyd.

About lucyd - Lucyd operates an innovative online store that provides advanced glasses to enhance the viewing experience. For more information, visit  https://www.lucyd.co/

Anne Mahlum, CEO of [Solidcore], runs marathon in Antarctica to raise more than $ 100,000 for 'Back on My Feet', a charity she created to help the homeless through programs run

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Colleen Roche, 212-329-1413, croche@lakpr.com

Washington, March 1, 2019 - On March 17, 2019, Anne Mahlum , businesswoman, philanthropist and successful athlete, run the Marathon antarctica and raise more than $ 100,000 for the section of New York an organization she created, Back on My Feet (BOMF), a non - profit organization that empowers homeless individuals through running. Antarctica Marathon will be the twelfth Mahlum - his first in six years - and complete his goal of running the race of 26.2 miles on all seven continents.

In 2007, Mahlum BOMF began as a simple morning run to a small group of homeless individuals in Philadelphia. Quickly becoming a national organization with a multimillion-dollar budget and a staff of 50, BOMF offers a six to nine months for people who live in facilities for homeless. Members run three days a week at 5:30 am over 50 locations in twelve different cities. Those who maintain 90% attendance after 30 days advance to the stage next steps, which helps them get closer to self-sufficiency through educational opportunities and job training, and counseling, and individual mentoring of employees.

Mahlum said, "When I created Back on My Feet, believed that running could help homeless changing the perception Back on My Feet adheres to equality, respect, discipline, teamwork and leadership. - all of which help members to obtain employment and independent living. the challenge I face when running a marathon in the harshest climate on earth is nothing compared to the hardships to which members BOMF face daily. we inspire ! I am humbled and proud to give something back. "

In 2013, knowing that BOMF had enough strength to thrive without it, Mahlum created and became CEO of the study [ Solidcore ] boutique fitness company (corporate owned entirely). It is currently the fastest growing company in the sector, with 42 studios in 14 states, including New York City and DC and more than 100,000 customers.

The regime [Solidcore] of Mahlum has prepared for the race and to cope with unpredictable weather conditions and freezing temperatures. His return to long-distance running has been perfect, a result of its four classes [Solidcore] week that focus on resistance training and encourage and strengthen muscle fibers small contraction, helping you avoid 'bumping into the wall' most marathoners experience at mile 20.

Harbor Freight Tools rechargeable flashlights removed from the 12 - volt market due to risks of overheating and burns

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, Feb. 28, 2019 - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1973 and charged with protecting the American public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call the CPSC hotline at 1-800-638-2772, or visit http://www.saferproducts.gov. Further recall information is available at http://www.cpsc.gov.

NOTE: The company announced the recall independently and before the January 23, 2019, due to government shutdown.

Summary RECALL

Product name: 12 - volt rechargeable flashlights and 80 lumens

Risk: The flashlight may overheat when charging, posing a risk of burns to consumers.

Remedy: Repayments

Consumers should stop using the recalled flashlights market immediately and return them to any establishment of Harbor Freight Tools to receive a gift card Harbor Freight Tools $ 5 as reimbursement.

Consumer Contact: Harbor Freight Tools at 800-444-3353 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time, by email to recall@harborfreight.com or online at  https://www.harborfreight.com/see_new_products.html and click on "recall safety information" (safety information on the recall) at the bottom of the home page for more information.

Recall details

Units: About 500,000

Description: This recall involves rechargeable flashlights Harbor Freight lumens 80 and 12 volts. The small black flashlight has a soft white button on the side to turn on and off the flashlight. The lantern base is a charger that can be plugged into any standard port 12 volt of a vehicle to charge the flashlight. The number of control unit (SKU) headlight recall is 64109 and is on the label also bears the product bar code. The flashlight is approximately 5 inches long.

Incidents / Injuries: Harbor Freight Tools has received two reports of overheated lanterns. No injuries have been reported.

Unique selling point: Harbor Freight Tools stores nationwide from August 2018 through January 2019 for between $ 2 and $ 4.

Imported by: Harbor Freight Tools, Calabasas, California. Distributed by: Harbor Freight Tools, Calabasas, California.  Manufacture: China

To report a dangerous product or a product - related injury, visit   https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx (English) or call the information line CPSC at (800) 638-2772 or TTY (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired. Consumers can get information about news and withdrawals https://www.cpsc.gov/es/SeguridadConsumidor/ via Twitter in @SeguridadConsum or by subscribing to receive free e - newsletters CPSC.

Perfect water for the Caribbean: Mass Zero Water SOURCE installs hidropaneles in Jamaica

BY PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.
By Chloe Huard, Airfoil Zero Mass Communications for Water, 248-304-1467, zeromasswater@airfoilgroup.com

The SOURCE Mass Zero Water hidropaneles generate water from the air to the Department of Pediatrics of the University Hospital of the West Indies

Kingston, Jamaica, February 27, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - How does a hospital to maintain continuous access to its most precious resource? Mass Zero Water has the answer SOURCE hidropaneles that use only sunlight and air to generate resilient and high quality water.

Accelerator Caribbean Climate Smart was founded in 2017 by Caribbean leaders to strengthen disaster preparedness and response in the region. The objective of the accelerator is create the first climate-smart area of ​​the world to transform Caribbean economies with investment opportunities that promote initiatives for climate. The SOURCE Mass Zero Water hidropaneles caught the attention of Pediatrics at the University Hospital of the West Indies (University Hospital of the West Indies, UHWI). In order to provide high quality water and support the pioneering efforts of Jamaica as one of the few countries to ban disposable plastics, the hospital joined enthusiastically communities around the world put aside the water network for water renewable technologies potable water.

"We are eager to see the impact of this project with the hospital, our first project in partnership with the accelerator," says founder and CEO of Zero Mass Water, Cody Friesen. "This series of hidropaneles SOURCE provides clean drinking water and resilient for staff and patients and represents the impact we have on the Caribbean region as a whole".

Installed on the roof of the hospital, the hidropaneles produce up to 3,000 liters of water per month. This facility is the first of several series of hidropaneles Mass Zero Water completed through its partnership with the Caribbean climate smart Accelerator.

So far, communities in Jamaica did not have good options for access to water. Since the hydraulic infrastructure of the island is often considered too old and inefficient, Jamaicans often resort to bottled water as their main source of water, which increases the problem of plastic waste in the country. Recent water shortages in Jamaica led to various institutions such as the UHWI, to look for better solutions.

The SOURCE hidropaneles generate mineralize and provide high quality drinking water converting moisture in the air, which represents a new source of water insipidus and reliable.

"A first step towards resilience is access to clean drinking water after a disaster. The elegance of this solution is that it offers that possibility while allowing aside water bottles that contribute to our climate challenge. By offering an innovative solution to our most vulnerable populations, Mass Zero Water is an example for others and personifies the type of association wants most Accelerator, "said Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.

The SOURCE Mass Zero Water hidropaneles are now available and have been installed in homes and communities throughout the Caribbean.  For more information visit  https://www.zeromasswater.com/latin-america/ or follow on Twitter Zero Water Mass in @zeromasswater.

If you bought New Balance shoes labeled "Made in USA", a proposed settlement agreement class action lawsuit may affect your rights. Read this notice carefully because it explains decisions and steps you should take now

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By Aubry Wand, The Wand Law Firm, PC, 310-590-4503

Los Angeles, Feb. 25, 2019 - Schneider Wallace Cottrell Wotkyns Konecky LLP and The Wand Law Firm, PC issued the following statement regarding the settlement agreement in demand for shoes New Balance Group " Made in USA ".

Dashnaw and others vs. New Balance Athletics, Inc. (Dashnaw, et al. V. New Balance Athletics, Inc.), Tri bunal US District for the Southern California (United States District Court for the Southern District of California), Case No. District . 3: 17-cv-00159-L-JLB. SUMMARY NOTICE OF CLAIM SETTLEMENT GROUP. A federal court authorized this notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

You can be a member of the group if bought at least one pair of shoe models New Balance labeled "Made in USA" eligible, between 27 December 2012 and 24 January 2019 in California. You can view a list of shoe models that meet the requirements http://www.shoesettlement.com/.

This lawsuit alleges that New Balance violated certain consumer protection laws in the marketing, labeling and selling their shoes "Made in USA". New Balance denies having done anything illegal. The court did not decide which side was right. Instead, the parties decided to reach a settlement agreement.

WHAT PROVIDES THIS SETTLEMENT? monetary compensation
The settlement agreement will provide a fund of $ 750,000, subject to court approval, it will be used to pay (i) valid claims submitted and approved by members of the group; (Ii) costs and expenses related to this notice and claims administration; and (iii) incentive payments to claimants named in the lawsuit for their help in this lawsuit on behalf of the group. If the court approves these payments, it is estimated that $ 515,000 will be available to satisfy the claims of group members. The maximum for each group member is paid $ 10 for each pair of shoes qualifying with a maximum of $ 50 per person and $ 100 per household. This amount may decrease proportionally if the total of valid claims exceeds $ 515,000.

Claim forms must be submitted no later than June 6, 2019 online at http://www.shoesettlement.com/  or mailed to Heffler Claims Group, Re: Dashnaw, et al. v. New Balance Athletics, Inc., PO Box 42220, Philadelphia, PA 19101-2220.

For more information and copies of the full announcement settlement agreement class action lawsuit, the modified settlement agreement and other documents filed in this lawsuit, visit the website of the conciliation agreement http://www.shoesettlement.com/, call toll - free at (844) 271-4789, write to Heffler Claims Group, Re: Dashnaw, et al. v. New Balance Athletics, Inc., PO Box 42220, Philadelphia, PA 19101-2220, or contact the lawyer for the group using the information listed on the website of the conciliation agreement.

Café La Llave opens up new possibilities to enjoy a 'cup of coffee', introduced espresso capsules compatible with Nespresso®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Daniel Fine, danny@delagroup.com , (818)288-3972

Miami and Los Angeles, Feb. 19, 2019 - F. Gavina & Sons , Inc. makers of the popular Latin style espresso Café La Llave and several varieties of coffees made by the family, announced in today the launch of espresso coffee capsules for Café La Llave, compatible with Nespresso machines OriginalLine. This new line comes in packs of 10 capsules (SRP Recommended Price $ 5.99) and is available at Amazon.com , its launch being planned in supermarkets in South Florida later this year.

Photo:  Cafe La Llave Espresso Capsules

Café La Llave has an authentic coffee tradition dating back almost 150 years ago to the humble origins of the family Gaviña rich coffee producing lands in Cuba. Today it is one of the few coffee trademarks owned by Hispanics in the US and is still produced by the same family that created it 47 years ago.

"Café La Llave is the 'Cafecito' and 'latte' with which they grew several generations of my family and is one of the first products created when our company was founded in the United States, that makes this new evolution of the brand very special for us, "said Leonor Gavina-Valls, Vice President of Marketing, F. Gavina & Sons, Inc." we are excited about the introduction of this modern and novel way to enjoy our traditional taste and that it can share with our fans and new generations forever. "

Coffee capsules La Llave espresso offer the same dark roast with a delicious and aromatic flavor but adapted to an easy to do to get a cup of coffee individually. Capsules have an intensity 11 indicative of its strong aroma determined by the dark roast and complexity of the mixture. The line also has Kosher certification and will soon launch a decaffeinated version will.

According to an online survey conducted in 2018 by the National Coffee Association * (National Coffee Association or NCA), 64 percent of Americans have a cup of coffee a day and even despite the increase in consumption of coffee specialized stores (36 percent), 79 percent of coffee is consumed at home. In addition, 41 percent of these consumers have a system for preparing individual cups of coffee, the second most popular method of preparing coffee in the United States. **

"The love of consumers for coffee continues to grow and most interesting is that there are now many different ways to prepare and enjoy it - from manual filtering to cast cold and now with capsules of espresso," said Gavina-Valls . In F. Gavina & Sons, Inc. we use the most modern and sophisticated technologies to stay ahead in quality and continue to prepare different varieties of coffee all with excellent flavor. And with this release we are very proud to have created an espresso that not only delight the most demanding of our grandmothers but also to new generations. "

Ana Quincoces

As part of the launch of the capsules Café La Llave, the company has recruited celebrity chef Ana Quincoces to play the role of brand ambassador during his first appearance at the famous festival in which many stellar figures involved, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF), which attracts lovers of gastronomy throughout the country and is held in Miami from February 20-24. Quincoces, who is also of Cuban origin, will be at the Grand Tasting Village in Miami Beach on Saturday 23 February, offering 'cafecitos' and 'cortaditos' prepared with new capsules Café La Llave and sharing samples of her family recipe, 'Dobos Torte', a cake cookie that does not require baking prepared with Café La Llave. See recipe here .

This year F. Gavina & Sons, Inc. will launch a selection of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso® including several variations of its trademark logo, Don Francisco's Coffee. All coffees produced by F. Gavina & Sons, Inc. are blended, roasted and packaged in the United States directly from the modern facilities of the company in Vernon, California. The company also has distribution centers in Florida.

For more information about the coffee capsules @Cafelallave La Llave follow on Facebook or Instagram or visit  http://www.cafelallave.com/

More taxes on the rich! The cry of the new democratic faces


Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (c) delivers a speech at the Capitol, Washington D.C (United States).

February 18, 2019, Washington - Fiscal policy, especially the raising of taxes on higher incomes, has become the spearhead of the first Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election, and shows the rise of the party's most left wing.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising young congresswoman within the party, and Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled ambitious tax proposals this month that include aggressive tax hikes for the wealthiest, with the goal of tackling increasing income inequality and financing social programs.

FDA acts against 17 companies for illegally selling products that claim to treat Alzheimer's disease

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Gloria Sanchez-Contreras, 301-796-7686, gloria.sanchez-contreras@fda.hhs.gov

Products make unproven claims about the treatment of multiple diseases and conditions

Silver Spring, Maryland, February 11, 2019 - In Englsh - The Food and Drug Administration (US FDA, for its acronym in English) today issued 12 warning letters and 5 letters notification online aimed at domestic and foreign companies that sell more than 58 products, many of which are sold as dietary supplements, they are unapproved new drugs or incorrectly labeled medicines that claim to prevent, treat or cure Alzheimer's disease and number of other serious diseases and medical conditions. These products, which are often sold on websites and social networks have not been evaluated by the FDA and have not proven safe and effective in treating diseases and medical conditions that claim to treat. These products may be ineffective, unsafe and could prevent a person to seek diagnosis and treatment.

In a statement issued today , the FDA commissioner, Dr. Gottlieb, also outlined several important new measures and policy priorities that the agency will take in the coming months to improve the safety of dietary supplements, including efforts to inform more quickly to public about potential safety issues of these products, establish a flexible regulatory framework that promotes innovation and protect the safety of products, and other new measures that the FDA might consider to ensure the safety and integrity of products.

The products named in the warning letters and notice published today are no approved drugs or incorrectly labeled that claim to prevent, treat or cure Alzheimer's disease and several other diseases and serious health conditions, and have been sold in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Products include various types of presentations such as tablets, capsules and oils. It has asked the companies to respond to the FDA within 15 days after receiving the letters to explain how to solve the offenses listed in letters of dependency. Not resolve the violations promptly may result in legal action is taken, including the confiscation of the product and / or court order.

As part of efforts by the FDA to protect consumers suffering from Alzheimer's disease versus medical fraud in the past five years the agency has sent more than 40 warning letters to companies that market over 80 products on illegally that make claims about Alzheimer's disease on websites, social networking and shopping. In recent years we have also taken action against companies and food supplements that make similar claims about serious diseases like cancer and addiction to opiates. While these companies may have stopped selling products or making unproven claims, many unsafe products and unapproved continue to sell directly to consumers due in part to the ease with which companies can move their marketing operations web for new sites .

Photo by MSN.com

The FDA continues to advise consumers to remain vigilant both online and in physical stores to avoid buying products that claim to prevent, treat or cure diseases without any proof of their effectiveness. It is also recommended to medical professionals and consumers who report adverse reactions related to these products or other similar program MedWatch dependence.

For more information:

FDA information on health fraud:  https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ProtectYourself/HealthFraud/ucm270137.htm

Warning letters from the FDA:  https://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/default.htm

Beware of false promises of supposed cures for Alzheimer's:  https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ConsumerUpdatesEnEspanol/ucm631136.htm

Video:  https://youtu.be/Ln4j8eeTSg4

"Heart Smart for Women: Six Weeks to Six Steps in Heart-Healthy Living" (a healthy heart for the modern woman: Six Steps in Six Weeks to Maintain Heart Health).

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Arminda Rest, Senior Publicist, Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications O: (954) 376-4800 | Direct Line: (954) 228-7211, Aresto@latin2latin.com

New York, February 14, 2019 - According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death among Latinas. Compared to non-Latino women, Latinas develop heart disease ten years earlier, and eighty percent of them suffer from one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease or stroke. Despite numerous public awareness campaigns, only one in three Latinas are aware that cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in the population.

Sadder still, fewer women know what are the best options for prevention and effective treatments. It is for this reason that in order to communicate the importance of good health and how cardiovascular conditions affecting the Latino community, Jennifer H. Mieres renowned cardiologists, MD, and Stacey E. Rosen, MD, will officially launch a version in Spanish of his book "Heart Smart for Women: Six Weeks to Six Steps in Heart-Healthy Living (a Healthy Heart for the Modern woman: Six Weeks Six Steps to Maintain Heart Health) on 14 February 2019.

The authors recognize that cardiovascular disease in Latino decrease only when there is increased awareness that cardiovascular disease can be prevented by eighty percent through small and consistent choices in lifestyle. Dr. Rosen says that "This book was inspired by thousands of amazing women who have helped as patients or who met at conferences. We know that our program works and will allow Latin develop an action plan that will provide a lifetime with a strong and healthy heart. "

A healthy heart for the modern woman is backed by research experts and includes the stories of patients and their physicians. The book is based on fifty years of combined experience in the field of cardiology of Mieres and Rosen doctors and create a step by step program for women to adopt essential tools to have a lifestyle that helps prevent disease cardiovascular. The aim of the doctors is that Latinas use his book to demystify science and statistics on heart disease and offers an easy to use program to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

"It is not enough to know about heart disease, it is time for Latin implement this knowledge, so we can see a positive change," says Dr. Mieres. She continues:.. "Dr. Rosen and I designed this easy to use program to promote awareness among women about how best to transform their lives and prevent heart disease This book represents our commitment to educate the Latino community, especially women, who are the guardians of the household ".

Many Latino neglect their health, including celebrities like Julia De Burgos, a famous Puerto Rican poet who died at the early age of 39 years due to poor health care. Therefore, the book launch will take place at the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, 1680 Lexington Ave. New York. NY 10029 , on February 14 at 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Latinas as a reminder of the importance of taking the necessary steps to a healthy lifestyle.

Both "Heart Smart for Women" as the Spanish version, a healthy heart for modern women are available for purchase at Amazon.com. Income received benefit the ongoing work of Katz Institute for Women's Health (Northwell Health).

Jamaica, tourist and business destination, participates in the event Routes Americas

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Aurora Adame, Director of Corporate Affairs, Pacific Airport Group, aadame@aeropuertosgap.com.mx

Kingston, Jamaica, February 12, 2019 - Jamaica as a tourist destination and business at the regional meeting Routes Americas to be held from 12 to 14 February in Quebec, Canada. Routes Americas is a principal forum for airlines and airports in the Americas.

Norman Manley International Airport, Kingston, Jamaica

This time, the main objective of the participation of Jamaica is attracting new flights, airlines and air routes to this Caribbean island. Promote Jamaica as a destination leads supporting the Pacific Airport Group who currently operates the Sangster Montego Bay International Airport and one of just won the concession for the operation of Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

In this international meeting, it is scheduled conducting 20 meetings promoting the Caribbean country with airlines in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Latin America; highlighting the meetings with American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, British Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Southwest, United Airlines, and other agency TUI.

Routes Americas is a forum to warm things up to the global meeting to be held in Adelaide, Australia, in September, in which the Pacific Airport Group will conduct a more intensive promotion of Jamaica as a tourist destination and investment. The event in Adelaide has a global focus, so participating airlines in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and other places, which generally are not present in Routes Americas.

The Pacific Airport Group is committed to Jamaica and its recognition as an extraordinary destination for its natural beauty and excellent tourist offer, as well as an attractive market for foreign investment that promotes sustainability, economic and social development.

Pacific Airport Group, SAB de CV (GAP) is a Mexican company that operates in the airport sector. GAP operates 12 international airports in Mexico and two in Jamaica, with service to over 300 destinations across 35 airlines. Its shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Mexico and New York.

In Jamaica, Montego Bay airport is owned by the government and the concession to operate, it is for a period of 30 years; Kingston airport was concessioned for 25 years, GAP will take control of the operation and administration of this in October 2019.

JSR Services:  Another Puerto Rican woman who starts a company

By Flavia Fernández, flavia@perfectpartnerspr.com, 787-484-7643, (787) 273-4240

Jessica Santiago, Ph.D.

You are cordially invited to 2019 Human Resources Trends and Innovation.

Riverchase Dermatology by Bowes is offering the most advanced techniques to stretch sagging skin with revolutionary procedure Silhouette InstaLift®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Monica Canino, Senior Manager Marketing and Business Development, (516)305-7539 mcanino@riverchasederm.com

Miami, Feb. 7, 2019 - Leyda E. Bowes, MD, Marilyn Zabielinski, MD, and medical equipment by Riverchase Dermatology Bowes are proud to announce the availability of a facelift procedure revolutionary and minimally invasive, Silhouette InstaLift® in Bowes by Riverchase Dermatology. InstaLift® Silhouette is the only facial rejuvenation treatment with a double action only stretching the midface and adds volume to make it look a natural stretch. The procedure increases the volume while restoring midface contours and areas of gradually and naturally cheeks.

Silhouette Instalift, midface - Courtesy of Kimberly Butterwick, M.D. (PRNewsFoto / Riverchase Dermatology and Cosm)

The Silhouette InstaLift® gives both men and women a safe and effective to reverse sagging facial without surgery solution. During this minimally invasive procedure, performed in the consultation, the doctor raises the deeper layers of the skin with innovative technology cone. The treatment takes about 45 minutes under local anesthesia, and unlike stretches past, the downtime is minimal.

"Silhouette InstaLift® is the non-surgical technology to stretch the facial skin more advanced and unique on the market fall," says Dr. Leyda Bowes. "This is the best treatment for patients for whom surgery facelift is not their preferred treatment option. We are seeing tremendous success and satisfaction with our patients who chose this minimally invasive treatment."

"Silhouette InstaLift® is a noninvasive wonderful procedure that quickly in the query, to repair sagging skin that occurs with age. Instantly rises and stimulates production of collagen in a few months, so that the results are not only maintain but improve with time. it is also an excellent fillers and Botox complement "says Dr. Marilyn Zabielinski.

Silhouette InstaLift® the technology becomes glycolide / L-lactide acid (PLGA), a biomedical copolymer organism well tolerated. Over time the body absorbs naturally sutures, while stimulates collagen production to assist in the renewal of healthy skin and achieve lasting natural looking results. The results are immediately visible and improve over a period of three months, with effects lasting stretch.

Silhouette Instalift, midface by Ana Trisan, PA-C - Bowes Dermatology by Riverchase (PRNewsFoto / Riverchase Dermatology and Cosm)

It is a pleasure to carry out an exclusive event Spring Lift on Thursday March 14 with a live demonstration, VIP prices and a raffle for all attendees. Space will be limited and will fill up quickly. To preregister, contact our cosmetic line directly by calling 305.856.6519. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in Bowes @BowesDerm Dermatology for more event details.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with our specialists in aesthetic, call our direct line at 305.856.6519 cosmetic or visit our website,    https://www.bowesdermatology.com/, for more information about this revolutionary procedure.

About Riverchase Dermatology: For more information, visit  https://www.riverchasedermatology.com/

DeWALT drills removed from the market due to risk of electric shock

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, Feb. 6, 2019

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1973 and charged with protecting the American public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call the CPSC hotline at 1-800-638-2772, or visit http://www.saferproducts.gov. Further recall information is available at http://www.cpsc.gov.

NOTE: The company previously announced independently, this recall on January 10, 2019 due to the government shutdown.

Summary recall

Product name: Drills DEWALT DWD110 and DWD112

Hazard: Wiring drill can come into contact with internal moving parts, posing a risk of electric shock.

Remedy: Repair

Consumers should stop using recalled drills market immediately and contact DeWALT to schedule a free inspection and repair.

Consumer Contact: DeWALT toll free at 855-752-5259 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST, via email at recall@sbdinc.com or online at www.dewalt.com and click service and Support, and then Recall Notification Security for more information.

Recall details

Units: About 122,000 (plus about 8,000 were sold in Canada)

Description: This recall involves the reversible variable speed drills and DWD112 DWD110 DeWALT 3/8. Bores are yellow with black accents and have an electrical cord connected at one end. Only holes with date codes 2017-37 to 2018-22-FY-FY are affected. If the drill is marked with an "X" after the date code has already been inspected and is not affected. The model number is on a label on the right side of the hole. The date code is stamped on the body of the drill, under the label. Consumers whose drill does not have a date code, or can not locate the date code, should contact the company.

Product name: CPU.  DeWALT DWD110: 885911037518.  DeWALT DWD112: 885911057319

Incidents / Injuries: None reported

POS: The Home Depot, Lowe's and other hardware stores nationwide, and online at Amazon.com and other online stores from September 2017 through November 2018 for between $ 60 and $ 70.

Manufactured by: DEWALT Industrial Tool Company, Towson, Maryland, United States

To report a dangerous product or a product - related injury, visit  https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx (English) or call the information line CPSC at (800) 638-2772 or TTY (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired.

Connect with us (English): https://www.cpsc.gov/

SilkPro USA and Luminous Pink Breast announce the launch of an international philanthropic initiative on the occasion of World Cancer Day

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Erika Mayor, erika@grupomayor.net

Miami, Feb. 4, 2019 - To mark World Cancer Day, SilkProUSA and Luminous Pink Breast announced the release of Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, a philanthropic organization that supports the efforts of cancer awareness breast in places where lack access to information and medical services. Since cancer is the second deadliest disease in the world, Marylin Dans, founder and president of SilkPro USA, created this organization in hopes of providing access to technologies that can save lives at low cost to marginalized communities inside and outside the United United.

Fernanda Schwyter, Dr. Luis Fernando Correia, Dr. Giselle B. Ghurani, Marylin Dans, Dr. Jose Lutzky, Ana Quincoces and Dr. Moises Irizarry announced the launch of an international philanthropic initiative on the occasion of World Day Against Cancer. (PRNewsFoto / SilkPro USA)

The official announcement was made during an event with a medical panel which offered a special lunch at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami on February 1, to pay tribute to survivors and breast cancer patients, and those who work for this cause. Leading cancer care specialists discussed the latest findings and diagnoses of cancer. The moderator of the panel was Ana Quincoces, TV personality, chef and influential figure in the media.

"Part of our mission is to enable consumers to carry a conscious lifestyle, these events helps to provide education and awareness to women and men about breast cancer in our community," said Marylin Dans, founder and president of SilkPro USA. "Our ultimate goal is to put this knowledge and technology available to everyone, helping millions of women around the world to live."

During the event, attendees were briefed by medical experts like Dr. Giselle Barreau Ghurani, obstetrician - gynecologist.; Dr. Luis Fernando Correia, health correspondent and ambassador of the CURA Project in Brazil; Dr. Moises Irizarry, medical certification in preventive medicine and sports medicine, and Dr. Jose Lutzky, director of the Division of Hematology and Oncology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Panel members discussed the challenges women in Latin America and the need for decisive resources to help those without financial means for medical care or information to know they are at risk face. They also stressed the importance of medical check-ups and discussed the differences in awareness and accessibility by comparing the region with the United States, for example, laws enacted in Brazil in order to convince more women to undergo screening for cancer mom.

Franchisees in Puerto Rico receive top honors in the FASTSIGNS system

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Teresa C. Knight, 787-405-9151, teresa.caballero@fastsigns.com

San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 2, 2019 - Jose Corujo, Juan A. Rivera and Teresa Caballero, own the master franchise FASTSIGNS® Puerto Rico, including three centers were awarded to national level with the FASTSIGNS® Prize in the International Convention FASTSIGNS 2019, recently held in Orlando, Florida.

FASTSIGNS team of Puerto Rico celebrates after winning the 2019 Award FASTSIGNS® (PRNewsFoto / FASTSIGNS International, Inc.)

The award, which is the most prestigious recognition in the franchise network of over 700 centers in nine countries, is delivered to franchisees that best represent the FASTSIGNS brand in your community and network and provide exceptional customer service, advice , corporate culture and employee development. FASTSIGNS Puerto Rico also received an award for his participation in the Franchise Advisory Council.

"For us it is a great honor. We feel that this award is a great recognition because we know the excellent level of our peers within the franchise network. It is impossible to describe how we feel, was very emotional , " Caballero said.

With a strong customer base in the island through a company specializing in POS marketing company, Corujo, Rivera y Caballero turned the business they had in 2012 in FASTSIGNS. The team signed a Master Franchise Agreement to expand the FASTSIGNS brand in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands. UU. and the Dominican Republic.

Photo by News is my Business

In 2012, FASTSIGNS opened its first center in Puerto Rico in Guaynabo, Caguas followed by the center in 2014 and Carolina in 2015. FASTSIGNS Puerto Rico also has a production workshop, located in the Industrial Park Lucchetti, and more than 19 employees contribute proudly to the local economy with their talent for sales and production capacity.

"With conversions, franchise owners have the tools but it depends on each of us bring these tools to market to the next level. As we knew that FASTSIGNS was not present in Puerto Rico, we work to make it known at local and national level" Corujo said. " It took courage, had to stop what we were doing to propel us into something better. Our story is proof that if franchisees adopt the model really pays off. We are extremely proud of all the hours we spend and effort we made to capture and share the FASTSIGNS brand. "

When the island was devastated by Hurricane Mary, in 2017, the three centers were without power for a while and only production center had a generator. They offered financial and emotional support to their employees.

"The situation with Hurricane Maria changed not only us but also the psyche of the whole island. Now we approach problems differently , " Rivera, who owns a franchise with FASTSIGNS Puerto Rico said. "We were forced to keep doing things. It made us stronger, to us and our team. We learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is a light at the end of the road".

"This team excels in visual communications solutions, helping customers achieve their goals and represents the FASTSIGNS brand with great passion, excellence and enthusiasm , " said Executive Director of FASTSIGNS International, Inc., Catherine Monson. "Not only are committed to FASTSIGNS, but also to help their community and have a positive long impact. They were also excellent in helping us increase network FASTSIGNS both nationally and internationally. We are grateful that they are family members FASTSIGNS ".

To learn more , visit:  FASTSIGNS Carolina | fastsigns.com/2119 | 787.946.4465, FASTSIGNS of Caguas | fastsigns.com/2005 | 787.961.6446. FASTSIGNS of Guaynabo | fastsigns.com/609 | 787.966.7446

Cal / OSHA reminds employers: publish annual summaries of injuries and work - related starting on February 1 disease

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Oakland, California, January 31, 2019 - Cal / OSHA is reminding employers in California are required to publish their annual summaries of injuries and work-related 2018. Abstracts must be published between February 1 and 30 diseases of April.

You can download instructions and templates of forms in English General Recordkeeping Summary of Cal / OSHA  https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/dosh_publications/RecKeepOverview.pdf. The general summary gives instructions on how to complete the registration (Form 300) and the annual summary (Form 300A) of injuries and work - related diseases. The annual summary should be placed in a visible and easily accessible in every workplace area. A current employees and former employees, as well as representatives of employees, it should be allowed to review the summary in full.

The definitions and requirements of deaths, recordable injuries and illnesses related to work are explained in the Code of Regulations California, Article 8, sections 14300 to 14300.48 . Employers are required to complete and publish the Form 300A even if no injuries occurred in the workplace.

The publication of abstracts can reveal patterns or potential hazards that require attention and helps ensure that employees are aware of injuries and work - related that occurred the previous year illness. More information about the requirements of publication or how to reduce injuries and illnesses in the workplace is available on the website Employer Information DIR.

(Overaa, a VPP Construction Partner)

Division of Occupational Safety and Health of California or Cal / OSHA, is the division of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) that protects California workers risk health and safety at work in almost all workplaces. The Consultation Services Cal / OSHA  https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/consultation.html,  offers employers free and voluntary help to improve their health and safety programs. Employers should call (800) 963-9424 for assistance Consultation Services Cal / OSHA.

Employees with questions or complaints related to work can call the Call Center of DIR in Spanish or English to 844-LABOR-DIR (844-522-6734).

The Department of Industrial Relations California  https://www.dir.ca.gov/, created in 1927, protects and improves the health, safety and economic well - being of more than 18 million workers and their employers to help meet state labor laws. DIR is part of the Agency of Labor and Workforce Development . For non-media inquiries contact the Call Center at 1-844 DIR-DIR-LABOR (1-844-522-6734) for help to locate the division or program in our department.

Bill Clinton rejects that the funds to recover Puerto Rico end up in the wall

By EFE.   Photo by Diario Las Américas

Bill Clinton says that resources of Puerto Rico can not end up in the wall

Former US Secretary of State and former US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton (i) and former US President Bill Clinton (2i) listen to explanations from farmer Franco Marcano (c), along with farmer Natalia Acevedo (2d) and Spanish chef José Andrés (d), during a visit to a model farm where a project of the World Central Kitchen organization is being developed, this Monday, in Las Piedras (Puerto Rico). EFE

January 28, 2019, San Juan, P,R. - Former US President Bill Clinto rejected today that the money for the reconstruction of Puerto Rico after the hurricanes of 2017 will be diverted to the Donald Trump Wall, during a visit to the island in order to highlight the need for the arrival of federal funds for your recovery.

Clinton, who arrived in Puerto Rico accompanied by his wife, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, said that it does not favor the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and that the money budgeted to recover the island can not end up being used for that purpose.

The Clintons will begin their visit to Puerto Rico with a meeting with the governor

By EFE.   Photo by RTVE.es

January 27, 2019, San Juan, P.R. - Former US President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (photo), begin tomorrow a visit to Puerto Rico to support recovery efforts after the hurricanes of September 2017 with a meeting with the island's governor, Ricardo Rosselló.

The Clinton couple will host the first meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) that they promote in San Juan, on the 29th and 30th, which will deal with the recovery of the island after the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico , especially Cyclone Mary.

The lifestyle choices can help patients with glaucoma to preserve the view

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

The American Academy of Ophthalmology provides recommendations on how people can take control of their health, regardless of medication and surgery

San Francisco, Jan. 22, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss and affects approximately 3 million people in the United States. Since the early stage of the disease there are no symptoms, about half of those affected do not know they have it. When glaucoma causes vision loss, it can not be recovered. During January Awareness Month Glaucoma, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (American Academy of Ophthalmology) reminds society that early detection and treatment, and some lifestyle choices can help protect vision.

Glaucoma damages the optic nerve, which transmits visual information from the retina to the brain. Usually, the disease progresses slowly and gradually destroys peripheral vision. Because people are not aware of the early loss of peripheral vision, a patient may lose most of it before you even know you have glaucoma.

Photo by elmundo.es

Therefore, the Academy recommends that everyone undergo an eye exam full 40 years. This test allows the ophthalmologists-doctors specializing in eye care and eye surgically thoroughly review, including the optic nerve for signs of damage and other problems that can affect vision. Among those most at risk of developing glaucoma include the following:

People over 40 years.
People of African, Asian or Hispanic descent.
The people that identified them high eye pressure for an eye exam.
People with nearsightedness or farsightedness.
People who have experienced trauma or eye injury.
People whose cornea is thin in the middle.
People who have health problems such as diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure or poor blood circulation or other health problems that affect the entire body.

Proper treatment of glaucoma depends on the particular type and severity of the disease. Usually, the initial treatment consists of ophthalmic eye drops or laser treatments. These techniques are effective to reduce intraocular pressure reducing amount of fluid in the eye, and to increase the fluid drainage from the eye.

Photo by esgentside.com

Apart from the drugs and surgery, several recent studies suggest that lifestyle choices can also help minimize the risk of vision loss from glaucoma.

Exercise regularly. A study just published in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, showed that people who are physically active can slow vision loss from glaucoma.

Medite. A new study published last month in the Journal showed that a plan Glaucoma relaxation with meditation can reduce eye pressure in patients with glaucoma and improve quality of life by reducing stress hormones like cortisol.

Do not use the CBD as a remedy "natural" for glaucoma. The CBD, or cannabidiol, is not psychotropic cannabis and hemp component, and touted as a magic remedy that cures everything. A study published last month in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science shows that actually increased eye pressure in mice.

Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables. One study showed that people who ate more vegetables had a risk between 20 and 30% lower for glaucoma. Why? Nitrates of vegetables can be converted to nitric oxide, which can improve blood flow and help regulate the pressure inside the eye.

Do not smoke. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of glaucoma and has an overall negative effect on eye health.

Maintain a healthy body weight. People with body mass index (BMI) higher with increased risk of diabetes, and diabetes puts people at risk for glaucoma. Having a body mass index too low also linked with increased risk of glaucoma.

"Patients often surprised when their ophthalmologist tells them they have glaucoma, because they have no symptoms," said Dianna Seldomridge, MD, clinic spokeswoman American Academy of Ophthalmology. "Therefore it is very important to have an eye test regularly for symptoms of disease that you do not see. The good news is that innovative treatments and surgical techniques today are better than ever."

Trump will reopen the government for three weeks

By CyberNews

Washington, DC, January 25, 2019 - The president of the United States, Donald John Trump, announced on Friday that he has reached an agreement that could end the temporary closure of the government.

Herb Scannell named president and CEO of Southern California Public Radio

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Robert Alaniz, Miracle Strategy Group, (626) 437-3354 & Dan Martinsen, Martinsen Communications, (917) 620-8379

Succeeded by President and CEO Bill Davis, who is retiring

Los Angeles, Jan. 24, 2019 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - Herb Scannell, who has successfully led digital and global media ranging from channel Nickelodeon Viacom organizations, Next New Networks and BBC Worldwide North America to Mitu , it has been selected by the Board of Directors of Southern California Public Radio (SCP) to be its new president and CEO. Scannell will join SCPR in February and succeeds President and CEO founder Bill Davis, who announced his retirement late June. SCP operates the station KPCC, local journalism award-winning leader of Los Angeles, and publishes innovative digital news site LAist, which has recently been relaunched and is aimed at Angelenos.

Herb Scannell named veteran media, to lead Southern California Public Radio / KPCC in Pasadena, CA

"I started my career in radio, and could not think of any time, place or better city to return to this medium that I love," said Scannell. "We are experiencing a revival of audio format. The podcasts are booming and the local public radio is filling the news vacuum caused by the reduction in the number of local newspapers. At the same time, technology is changing the medium with the emergence of intelligent speakers and, soon, smart cars. California and Los Angeles is the center of culture and innovation, and what happens here matters everywhere. I would like to congratulate Bill Davis for their achievements, and to thank the Board of Directors SCPR for giving me the opportunity to strengthen his legacy. "

"We are extremely excited that Herb guide to SCP through its next period of innovation and growth," said Ana Valdez, president of the board of SCP. "Herb has the perfect combination of experience in the media and commitment to public service journalism. And thanks to his Puerto Rican heritage, brings a very deep and personal understanding of the power of diversity and the importance of authentically represent the audience we serve. we are also very pleased that Bill Davis continued his relationship with SCPR as chairman emeritus. "

"I am extremely honored to give the baton to Herb Scannell," said Bill Davis. "I've enjoyed an incredible stage for the past 18 years and am confident that Herb will SCPR to new heights. I look forward to supporting Herb and all the staff of SCP in this transition, as we move forward and make real our potential as a diversified media ".

SCPR, part of American Public Media Group, is a national leader in public service journalism and civic participation. With award-winning programs such as "AirTalk With Larry Mantle", "Take Two" and "The Frame", KPCC produces public affairs programming and local news than any other country's public broadcaster. KPCC writing and LAist has won more local, regional and national awards than any other station news-whether public or commercially Los Angeles. In addition, it is one of the most diverse news organizations in the country, as more than 50% of its journalists are people of color.

The president of SCP and veteran media analyst Gordon Crawford effusively praised Scannell and referred to his leadership in nypr as an important factor the council's decision. "Herb Scannell's experience as a media executive speaks for itself," Crawford said. "The path of Herb combines executive leadership, understanding the governance of non-profit and a history of creating audiences and brands, and this makes it a candidate uniquely qualified to carry out the strategic ambitions of SCPR" .

The Promise and Esperanza® event brings together great figures of Latin music industry and entertainment in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sarah Clark, Sarah.Clark@stjude.org , 901-229-8726; Bilingual Contact: Kelly Ramirez, Kelly@PressPlayCommunications.com, 917-854-4207

This annual event shares the work of the hospital with media figures, celebrities and influencers in preparation for Radiothons Promise and Hope

Memphis, Tennessee, January 22, 2019 - More than 300 Latino figures representatives of radio, television and digital media, as well as celebrities, executives from record companies, corporate partners and volunteers attended edition of the annual Promesa y Esperanza ® St. Jude event during the weekend in preparation for fundraising events this year, including the national radiothon by St. Jude and Univision to be held 7 and 8 February 2019.

Luis Coronel and Zabdi, a patient of St. Jude, sing together on stage at the annual edition of Promise and Esperanza® St. Jude event.

The Promise and Hope St. Jude program raises awareness and raises funds for the mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ® in Hispanic communities across the country. Since its inception in 1997, Promesa y Esperanza has raised more than $ 150 million to support the ongoing battle that seeks to end child pediatric cancer and other life threatening diseases.

Hispanic different formats stations in more than 50 markets around the country participate in events lasting radial two - day charity children of St. Jude, including Univision Communications Inc., Bustos Media and TBLC Media.

Some of the artists and celebrity guests this year were Luis Coronel, Mau and Ricky, Paty Cantú, Erika Ender, Poncho Lizárraga of Banda El Recodo, Walo Silvas, Alan Ramirez MS, Phantom, Virlan García, Ulices Chaidez, Banda Adriel Favela Marilyn Odessa, Cheli Madrid, Jonatan Sanchez, Lupita Infante, Germán Montero, Junior Felix, Banda's fabulous Oliver Ortiz. Winning actor Cristian De La Fuente and his wife, actress Angelica Castro, were the masters of ceremony closing dinner Promesa y Esperanza. Among the special participants Michelangelo Urias, director of the film "The Angel and The Clock" actress Laura Flores, and journalist Gaby Natale, winner of the Emmy Award, among others found.

"We are honored to welcome media figures, celebrities and influencers who believe in our work and are willing to mobilize their followers to support the St. Jude mission of saving lives , " said Richard C. Shadyac Jr. President and CEO of ALSAC, organizing awareness and fundraising for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "Our deepest thanks to our guests, their communities and their supporters for giving us their support over the years. The funds raised through Promesa y Esperanza are crucial, as families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, transportation, lodging or food because we believe that the only concern should be to help families their children to live. "
For more information about Promesa y Esperanza, visit  https://espanol.stjude.org/como-donar/musica/this-shirt-saves-lives-espanol.html

The summit will highlight the preparation and collaboration for disaster in the Caribbean in order to strengthen the resilience

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Maas Leslie Cortes, MHS, Director Clean Water Project,  http://prsciencetrust.org/proyectoagualimpia/

A strong Caribbean: Creating resilience with equity

San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 21, 2019 - The conference "Caribbean Strong: Building Resilience With Equity" (A strong Caribbean: Creating resilience with equity) will be held from 27 February to March 1, 2019, at the Sheraton Hotel and Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The three-day summit will focus on disaster preparedness in the Caribbean region and will be sponsored by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust and the Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health, Inc.

The main speakers at the event will be Richard Besser, MD, MPH, former acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and current CEO of the Foundation Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Georges Benjamin, MD, former chief medical writing and health of ABC News and current executive director of the American Public health Association.

Also they participate prominent local, national and international speakers in panel discussions and workshops on a variety of topics related to medicine and disaster preparedness, including:

Medically fragile populations, Infrastructure, transport and access to electricity, Education and training for community recovery, Public health, Institutional response and resilience, Mental health of the population

On the third day of the summit, participants will work on identifying goals and viable segments response, recovery and preparedness of the disaster cycle goals.

The summit will also feature poster presentations, a living exhibitors and numerous opportunities for networking and sharing knowledge. The papers selected for presentation will be included in the Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, available in print during the event.

For more information or to register, visit  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/caribbean-strong-building-resilience-with-equity-registration-51591509594

Current members of the Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health are entitled to a discount on the registration fee. Click here for details.

About the Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health, Inc. - The Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health, Inc., aims to develop a discipline about medicine to disasters and public health. The aim of the society is to improve global health security through participation and development of health professionals around the world and other people involved in the response and management of major incidents. The mission of SDMPH is to advance and promote excellence in education, research and training in disaster medicine and public health for all potential rescuers health system based on sound educational principles, scientific evidence and best clinical practices and public health.

Port of Everglades receives the authorities of the Chambers of Commerce Argentina and Uruguay, in order to increase trade between the two countries

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By AZ Communications, Amarilis Zozaya, 786-818-7419

Miami, Jan. 17, 2019 - Broward Port of Everglades by Robert Barceló, received the President of the Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce- USA, Ma Cecilia Garicoïts and Director of the Argentine. American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Lic. Nancy Clara to meet commercial developments, promote the exchange and the importance of free zones in the logistics centers of both countries.

The authorities are internalized on infrastructure projects and the operation of Port Everglades and positioning of each country in terms of export volume. Argentina, as a trading partner of the port, is located at No. 11 with a total trade in 2017 of $ 782,227,222, up 19.26% over the previous year. Uruguay, appears at No. 25 with a total of $ 268,601,623, an increase of 3.89%, according to data provided by US Trade Numbers - Port of Everglades.

Robert Barceló Business Development Port Everglades, Uruguayan President American Chamber of Commerce Mra. Cecilia Garicoïts, Director Argentine American Chamber of Commerce Lic. Nancy Clara

Robert Barceló meanwhile said "it is important to show in-depth development of Port Everglades to the directors of the Chambers of Commerce, as they are the intermediaries between producers / exporters and us.

The facility to download the same port containers and loading rail to the final destination, makes it a strategic business partner. Near the Port Free Zone which allows the load to stop is to be marketed in Latin America is, "said Barceló.

Garicoïts explained the importance that today Uruguay with respect to its neighbors, "Our country has an attractive and logistics hub, thus the low costs of the Port of Montevideo, compared to other ports in the region, because it is natural and does not need dredging. Uruguay is ahead in communications and has excellent infrastructure for the installation of logistics companies that handle income products to the rest of South America.

The south, has several free zones where importers can store their products for distribution, without paying import taxes to Uruguay, while these products are in transit to note: Zonamérica and Aguada Park in Montevideo.

Port Everglades

On the side of Argentina, "For example, for some years, both the oil world famous AGD, as organic quinoa and sugar enter their products through Port Everglades. When we developed the strategy of income sunflower oil AGD -. every day, when working with commodities every penny counts is why we decided to enter the cargo Port Everglades and enter the product to the American market by lowering costs, improving the final price and compete in the gondola with established brands " He said Lic. Nancy Clara.

Authorities Chambers, expect to generate knowledge transfer among its affiliates to introduce other forms of marketing where besides having Broward as a destination to enter US, can see it as a county in which established international companies to finish some production processes and accelerate export growth.

Port Everglades: It is located in Broward County, Florida, United States. As Southern Florida is an economic powerhouse, Port Everglades is the gateway for trade and international cruises. He is currently the third busiest port in the world cruises and also the most active in Florida in terms of moving more than 1 million TEUs containers per year.

Maya Cinemas luxury theater opens in North Las Vegas

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Greg Heckmann, gregh@mayacinemas.com , (213) 805-5333

Maya continues its expansion with opening in 8 months second

Pasadena, California, January 17, 2019 - Maya Cinemas Maya Cinemas open North Las Vegas, a modern luxury cinema in North Las Vegas, Friday, January 18, 2019. The complex features spectacular 14 screens include: electric recliners luxury in every theater, reserved seats for all movies in each auditorium, MPX - Maya Premier Xperience, presenting large format laser 4K projection in one of the largest screens in the west, Dolby surround sound Atmos® inserted the one in the movie, seats D-BOX motion where moviegoers can "feel everything" exciting game center game center Energi and expanded food service and Brew Maya wines Cantina.

Maya Cinemas North Las Vegas

Buy tickets now at  https://www.mayacinemas.com/.  He can also sign up to receive movie times weekly by email!

Maya North Las Vegas and MPX Cinemas fulfill the vision of CEO and famous filmmaker Moctesuma Esparza to bring a great theater experience to marginalized communities family - oriented, and this exciting new film in 2195 North Las Vegas Boulevard in North Las Vegas a goal already accomplished.

This is the sixth location for Maya Cinemas and the first outside of California.

"Maya is committed to bringing the best in entertainment, equipment, and above all, fun, all the communities we serve , " said Moctesuma Esparza.

In addition to Hollywood blockbusters, Maya Cinemas North Las Vegas will offer documentaries and independent films in Spanish, Latin American, and international language have been lacking in the community of North Las Vegas.

Maya Cinemas was created in 2001 with the mission to develop, construct, own and operate modern megaplex cinemas premiere marginalized communities, family oriented, and mostly Latino. Maya offers Hollywood movies in cinemas luxury with emphasis on quality design and cutting - edge display technologies, while focusing firmly on excellent customer service.

MAYA CINEMAS, NA, 150 S. STREAM PARKWAY, SUITE 102, Pasadena, California 91105 (213) 805-5333

Olives from Spain, your "small" allied to include the Mediterranean diet in this 2019

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Oscar Westermeyer, Oscar.westermeyer@tactics.es , + 34-915062860

The olive is a rich, versatile choice and a gastronomic pleasure to start the new year

New York, January 3, 2019 - A nutritious, tasty and versatile food that transports us to the Mediterranean. After the usual excesses and large meals each Christmas, Olives from Spain invited to include this ingredient in the diet to maintain a healthy diet and light in the new year.
This fruit is able to transform boring in original elaborations with endless nuances even the most discerning palates dishes, as olives are the four basic tastes: bitter, sweet and salty acid. In addition, it remembers that 15 grams (five units) of olives - produced mainly in the Mediterranean countries of Europe have just 37 calories.

Olive is also a natural source of vitamin E, without forgetting the tradition that surrounds this ancient ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet (intangible cultural heritage). Manzanilla, Hojiblanca, Queen Stuffed Pepper ... Versatility is another of its attributes and can be found in many varieties and formats: whole olives, sliced, boned, stuffed with hundreds of dressings or dressings.

Tasty and light recipes.  Discover three delicious dishes with European olives to enjoy throughout the new year 2019:

WRAP WITH TURKEY ACEITUNA  https://www.haveanoliveday.eu/index.php/videorecipes/sandwiches-wraps-and-burgers/159-turkey-wrap-with-olives


TOPPING FISH WITH OLIVES            https://www.haveanoliveday.eu/index.php/videorecipes/latin-food/152-fish-with-olives

INTERACEITUNA is the Interprofessional Table Olive Organization recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment representing the whole production sector, processing and marketing of table olives. Created to implement various programs and activities of general interest, INTERACEITUNA promotes knowledge of Spanish table olives and conducts research and development related to production and production techniques. INTERACEITUNA has been associated with the European Union to promote this product.

WEB:  https://www.haveanoliveday.eu/

Cal / OSHA penalizes a company of cannabis for security breaches after an explosion that burned an employee

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Fremont, California, December 31, 2018 - Cal / OSHA has fined a manufacturer of cannabis for multiple serious security breaches after an explosion seriously injured that a worker.

On June 19, an employee of future2 Labs Health Services worked alone inside a portable storage container 128 square feet in Watsonville, using propane to extract oil from the leaves of cannabis. Propane was ignited and exploded, seriously burning the worker. He was hospitalized for several days.

During the investigation, Cal / OSHA found that the employer not tested the atmosphere within the storage container for the presence of flammable gases and vapors before allowing the device to be operated. The team created a spark that ignited propane where the employee worked.

"The process of using a highly flammable to extract oil from the leaves of cannabis is dangerous gas , " said Juliann Sum, director of Cal / OSHA. "To avoid injury and mitigate risk, employers in the cannabis industry must establish and implement a program for Injury Prevention and Disease cash, provide effective training for their employees and comply with health and safety standards."

Cal / OSHA issued to future2 of Santa Cruz Health Services proposed sanctions of $ 50,470 for 10 violations. The sanctions include three regulatory violations, four general violations and three serious violations related to an accident. Serious violations related to an accident for breach of the employer were issued:

*protect employees working near flammable vapors
*identify hazards and provide personal protective equipment
*keep the equipment in safe operating condition.
*Other penalties for violations related to inadequate training and failure to establish an emergency *action plan and hazard communication program were issued. Future2 Health Services Labs also reported serious injury in the workplace to Cal / OSHA.

The website Health and Safety Cannabis Industry Cal / OSHA provides useful information employers and workers. Workers in the cannabis industry, including those engaged in cultivation, distribution, retail, and manufacturing test, are exposed to hazards covered under existing regulations Cal / OSHA.

A violation is classified as severe when there is a realistic chance of death or serious injury as a result of the risk. As violations related to an accident are classified as injury, illness or death resulting from rape.

Cal / OSHA helps protect workers from occupational hazards to health and safety in almost all workplaces in California. The Consultation Services Cal / OSHA:  https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/consultation.html#  provides employers free and voluntary assistance to improve their safety and health programs. Employers should call (800) 963-9424 for assistance Consultation Services Cal / OSHA.

Special Three Kings Day event for parents

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Edixon Martinez, tel : 916.591-9991, email: Edixon@Relationshipsca.org

Strengthening relationships between parents, children and Hispanic traditions

Sacramento, California, December 27, 2018 - The Fatherhood Program R3 Sacramento Academy will host an event of Three Kings Day on Friday 4 January to help Hispanic parents to celebrate with their children a cherished holiday tradition. The event will be held at La Familia's Maple Neighborhood Center, from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Photo by El País

Parents will enjoy a special moment with your kids and experience the rich heritage of this day, with traditional food ( "rosca de reyes"), games (the "bearing"), crafts and toy giveaway, sponsored by Toys for Tots through the Marine corps of the United States.

R3 Academy offers fatherhood programs through a federal grant and teaches parenting, financial literacy and job search skills. "These skills strengthen Hispanic parents," says Edixon Martinez, director of the Academy R3. "The role of the father in Latin America has changed, and learn communication skills and problem solving helps these parents to challenge the challenges they face."

One example is the many Hispanic parents living in the United States and fear that their children do not experience the festivities of Epiphany of his youth. "I want my children to know their traditions and love like me , " says Fernando, participant in the R3 Academy. "But no one really knew how to be a Hispanic dad Californians children. The R3 Academy taught me a lot, and my children see a difference in me. In addition, they are more open to learning about our cultural traditions, and that's very important."

The hundreds of parents that Martinez taught in the last three years "learned skills to relate to their children, listening, resolving conflicts and discipline without yelling or use" belt ". I love seeing parents as Francisco experience new levels of connection with their children".

It is also happy that R3 Academy graduates are collaborating with this event of Three Kings Day. "These guys are excited about the civic volunteering as an example for their children. And this will be a special day of fun for everyone."

Venue: 3301 37th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824

R3 Academy teaches parents skills to strengthen the three R 's in your life: your relationship with your children, your relationship with your spouse / coparental and their relationships at work. R3 programs are presented by Academia Healthy Relationships California with funds provided by the Department of Health and Human Services US Administration for Children and Families, Grant 90FK0108. http://www.relationshipsca.org/

GNC supplement removes iron market for women Women's Iron Complete due to noncompliance with requirements for childproof caps; risk of poisoning

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, December 19, 2018

Product name: Iron Nutritional supplement for women Women's Iron Complete Dietary Supplement (60 capsules)

Risk: The blister packaging of this food supplement is not childproof, as required by federal law. If a child swallows these supplements could result in serious injury or death.

Remedy: Repayments

Consumers should keep these products out of reach of children and contact GNC for instructions on how to receive a refund. Consumers can return the products uneaten to your local GNC store to request a refund.

Consumer Contact: GNC at 888-462-2548 anytime, via email at customer-service@gnc-hq.com or online at https://www.gnc.com/ and click on the link "Recall Notice" (Notice recall) at the top of the page for more information.

Recall details

Units: About 756,000

Description: This recall involves iron supplementation for women Women's Iron Complete Dietary Supplement 60 capsules. The nutritional supplement is packaged in a white box with the caption "Women's Iron Complete" printed on the front in gray and red letters. The box contains packets with a total of 60 capsules in blister packs.

Incidents / Injuries: None reported

Outlets: GNC stores nationwide and online at www.gnc.com from September 2000 to August 2018, and online at www.drugstore.com from September 2000 through August 2016 for about $ 10.

Distributed by: General Nutrition Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa.  Manufactured by: Nutra Manufacturing, Inc., Greenville, SC (a company CNG), United States.

SeguridadConsumidor.gov (English / Spanish):  https://www.cpsc.gov/es/SeguridadConsumidor/

Wrongful death of a Guatemalan man in Universal Orlando

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photo by Slash Film
By Scott Feltman, 407.920.2373 or 407.352.3535

Orlando, Florida, December 18, 2018 - A family man from Guatemala died in the park at Universal Orlando attraction address after 'Skull Island: Reign of Kong' (photo). The incident took place on December 10, 2016 when Mr. Jose Calderon Arana died in front of his wife and son. He had 38 years of age.
Just after using attraction in the park Island of Adventure, Mr. Arana collapse while waiting for his family who was in another attraction. He had said he was not feeling well and was resting on a park bench. The staff was negligent in failing to provide care and medical care in time, the family estimates they spent 10 minutes until the Lord Arana was taken by ambulance to Dr. Phillips Hospital in Orlando, during the transfer Mr. Arana complained about pain stomach. Upon arrival at the hospital died.

Universal Orlando park must inform all public through notices and warnings that attraction could cause a cardiovascular event. Guilt is attributed because they did not provide sufficient warning or warnings in Spanish around the attraction, had only ads in English for frequent local visitors. This attraction opened in 'Universal Orlando' in July 2016.

Lawyer signing Pendas, established in Central Florida, has been specifically hired to help this family during pain for their loss and prevent such incidents from happening to others.

Dedicated to providing extraordinary customer service, the lawyer's signature Pendas is one of the most outstanding in handling cases for personal injury with offices in Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. The company provides solutions in cases of personal injury, auto accidents, wrongful death, slip and falls, medical malpractice, defective products, negligence establishments, insurance claims and complaints at work. More information: Visit  https://www.pendaslaw.com/

The first Hispanic Leadership Summit at the United Nations concludes with a call for unity of the Hispanic population to lead change in 2020

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Michelle Cooprider, Michelle@weareallhuman.org & Mary Ann Schoppman, MaryAnn.Schoppman@ZenoGroup.com

Three priorities on the agenda of the leaders: academic training, financial literacy and image of the Hispanic community

New York, December 12, 2018 - The first edition of the Summit of Hispanic leadership in the United Nations concluded this week with a call to action to strengthen the unity of the Hispanic community made up of more 55 million people in the United States from a set of common goals, while the leaders expressed a desire to boost the image and voice of the community with a view to the 2020 elections.

Claudia Romo Edelman, December 10. 2018

More than 300 world leaders from business, the media, public policy and politics attended the summit, conceived as a workshop for attendees to vote on a range of topics from the development of professional skills to improve the success of Latino entrepreneurs and increasing the participation of Hispanic voters in the elections.

The three points that the leaders agreed priorities for the agenda of the Hispanic population in the United States are: access to academic training, financial education and improving the image of the Hispanic and Latino community.

" We will remember this summit and its function as a space for the development of a common agenda as the initial electoral act that drives us as a single Hispanic community in agreement , " said Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of the organizing group of the summit, the non - profit foundation we Are All Human promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Dialogue during the summit was enriched by the perspectives provided by the results of the Study of Hispanic Opinion recently commissioned by We Are All Human. Led by Zeno Group, an international communications company, the study evaluates a survey of more than 2,500 over 14 people Hispanic and analyzes the responses of those who identified themselves as Americans first and second generation, as well as persons belonging to the generation Z, Millennials, Gen Xers, baby boomers and seniors.

First edition of the Summit of Hispanic leadership in the United Nations, December 10, 2018

A key finding of the research Zeno is that 77% of Hispanic and Latino respondents were surprised to learn during the survey, at least one of the recent achievements of their community.

"Our research says that the important contributions of the Hispanic population in the United States are systematically underestimated and ignored, even among many Hispanics , " Romo said Edelman. "Leaders who attended our summit agreed that reality is no longer acceptable and we must revert to realize our true potential as the country's largest diverse community."

Other leaders stressed the need to increase the influence of the Hispanic community in the United States while the hashtag summit of December 10, # HispanicSummit2018, became trending number one on Twitter in both Dallas and New York.

" We need to tell the world that we are Americans and Latinos , " said Sol Trujillo, one of the first Hispanic in the US CEO and director of the Latino Donor Collaborative initiative during his inaugural speech.

Henry Cisneros, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development United States and former mayor of Texas, said: "2020 must be the year of the rise in Latin American politics."

For more information visit https://www.weareallhuman.org/

His House Children's Home Presents Campaign for Recruiting Foster Parents Foster Parent

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Fusion Communications, Inc., Erika Mayor / 305.632.7323, erika@fusioncomminc.com ; Julie Lugones / 786.219.6381, Julie@fusioncommuninc.com

Responding to the urgent need for foster care in South Florida

Miami, Dec. 12, 2018 - In response to the urgent need for foster care in South Florida, His House Children's Home (HHCH) has launched a campaign multifaceted marketing for encourage families and individuals consider opening their homes to a needy child. Children entering the system during these days of festivities will be placed in group homes because of the severe shortage of foster parents. To help significantly expand and strengthen the network of foster homes, HHCH received a grant to implement a comprehensive campaign to recruit foster parents.

His House Children's Home Foster Care Campaign Launch

In the state of Florida, there are 24,235 children in foster care or foster care, from newborns to teenagers. With so many children regularly entering the system and the shortage of foster homes, HHCH is implementing the grant to implement a marketing campaign. The campaign was designed to raise awareness on how to be a surrogate parent and report on the realities and misconceptions about foster children.

"Many in our community do not know the services and systems available for foster parents care. Since health insurance, financial assistance, child care and specialist assistance 24 hours, there is a wide range of systems to make the process be easier, "said Silvia Torres-Smith, executive director of His House Children's Home.

With the campaign theme, "For each foster child deserves a family" campaign recruiting His House, which will continue until next year, focuses on various audiences in Miami-Dade and Broward respaldadad by public announcements television, radio, digital and print. The advertisements show real families welcome they have opened their hearts to children driven from their homes due to abuse, neglect and irresponsibility.

"Not all children are born in a healthy family environment, and many have to be placed in the system of surrogate parenting through no fault of his own. But in today's world there are many definitions of family and no matter the equation, love all you can, "Smith-Torres said.

For nearly 30 years, His House has provided stability to the lives of over 18,000 children and remains a front line provider for residential and host. The organization is authorized by the Department of Children and Families Miami Dade, Monroe and ChildNet in Broward County as a residential program and child placement agency. For more information on how to host a child, visit www. hhch.org or call (305) 914-1799.

Cal / OSHA sanctions contractor for deadly collapse of a ditch on a residential construction site

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Santa Ana, California, December 12, 2018 - Cal / OSHA has sanctioned a construction company in Riverside with a fine of $ 66,000 for serious safety violations in the workplace that killed a worker when a trench 17 feet deep in which he was plunged. Cal / OSHA determined that Empire Equipment Services, Inc. not properly classified the ground and did not install the correct protection for the excavation.

Photo by OSHA OSHA4You

On May 9, two workers from Empire Equipment Services were installing sewer pipes on a residential construction site in Lake Forest when a section 30 feet wide sidewall of the trench collapsed. Only one worker was able to escape.

Research Cal / OSHA found that the company did not have the place was inspected by someone considered competent by the employer and familiar with the risks of the trench, soil classification and appropriate safety requirements. The terrain in the workplace was unstable and required an adequate protective system.

"Because excavation work is very dangerous, a competent person should conduct thorough visual evidence and to properly classify the ground and adequately protect employees from cave-ins manuals," said the director of Cal / OSHA, Juliann Sum. "Failure to comply with these requirements can be fatal."

Cal / OSHA issued sanctions Empire Equipment Services Inc. for two serious violations related to accidents and a general infringement with $ 66,000 in proposed penalties. One serious infringements is classified as repeated. In August 2017, Cal / OSHA had sanctioned the employer with a fine of $ 24,670 for serious safety violations after an inspection elsewhere in Lake Forest. During that inspection, Cal / OSHA found that the employer had exposed their workers to serious hazards when working in a trench more than five feet deep without proper inclination and without installing adequate protective system.

Cal / OSHA provides information and resources on safety when working in the construction industry, including how to safely perform operations in trenches and excavations . Before starting excavation work, the approximate location of all underground facilities that may be encountered during excavation operations shall be determined and shall make the appropriate notification to the appropriate regional notification center in the Northern or Southern California . You have to get a permit from the local district office of Cal / OSHA before construction excavation five feet deep or more in which a person is required to descend.

A sanction is classified as severe when there is a realistic possibility of death or serious injury as a result of real danger created by the violation. Sanctions classified as an accident related to indicate that injury, illness or death was caused by the violation. Repeated penalty is issued when the employer has removed an earlier offense for which Cal / OSHA issued a sanction and is substantially similar violation during a subsequent inspection.

Latino stars Sheila E., La Santa Cecilia and Noel Schajris help reintroduce music schools at the gala Education Through Music-LA

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Katie Boone, phone: (818) 433-7600, email: press@etmla.org

Los Angeles, December 11, 2018 - On Tuesday , December 4, 2018, Education Through Music-Los Angeles ( www.etmla.org ) presented its 13mA Annual Charity Gala at the Teatro Novo-Microsoft in downtown Los Angeles to raise funds for music education in disadvantaged schools in Los Angeles County. Supporters of the communities of music, film, business and education gathered to honor the music producer Grammy winner Sebastian Krys (Elvis Costello, Luis Fonsi, La Santa Cecilia, Alejandro Sanz), veteran teacher of music Sue Edwards (Unified School District Los Angeles), and KORG Education.

Sheila E. acting Santa Cecilia

The Grammy - winning band La Santa Cecilia and Sheila E. (Prince) kicked off the show with an electrifying Latin number, followed by a moving piece Latin Grammy winner Noel Schajris (Sin Bandera). ETM-LA students and other schools opened the holiday season with stirring and festive performances. Fees gala hosts included education advocates and celebrities Christophe Beck, Joshua Bell, John Debney, Germaine Franco, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Michael Giacchino, Michael Gorfaine, Julianne Jordan, Larisa Martinez, Julia Michels, Arturo Sandoval, Randy Spendlove, and Sergio Vallin, along with other influential leaders.

The honoree Krys, whose video tribute was attended by Juanes, Luis Fonsi and Alejandro Sanz, said, "Music education is essential [for] a complete education and development of a child." As a music educator for more than 40 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Edwards received his Shining Star award from a former apprentice, Julie West, who was also an honoree star ETM-LA in 2011.

"I always thought I had the best work in school. Teaching children to play instruments is fun, rewarding and inspiring, "Edwards said. Randy Spendlove and John Debney proudly presented the award for KORG Education.

In its 13th year, ETM-LA will serve approximately 15,000 students with weekly music instruction as part of the core curriculum.

Major corporate sponsors included BTW Productions, Gorfaine / Schwartz Agency, Inc., Full Sail University, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, Sonic Fuel Studios, BMI and Virgin Hotels.

Sebastian Krys to receive the Shining Star Award

Education Through Music-Los Angeles is an independent non-profit 501 (c) 3 with the mission to offer music in disadvantaged schools to improve academic achievement, creativity and overall development of students. ETM-LA is associated with marginalized urban schools to provide musical instruction throughout the year for each child in school, based on the ETM® (New York, 1991) model.

WEB:  https://etmla.org/#newsletter

The renowned journalist Natalia Cruz premiere of "This is Your House" by MegaTV

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Vladimir Gomez VP, Corporate Communications, vgomez@sbscorporate.com, (786) 470-1644

Natalia Cruz television contract he signed and will join the cast of the leading figures in the Mega TV news team

Big premiere of "This is Your House" on Saturday , December 8 at 7pm (est) - 4 pm (pst)

Miami, Dec. 7, 2018 - Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. ( "SBS") (OTCQX: SBSAA) with his television station, Mega TV announced the hiring of renowned journalist, Natalia Cruz , now a successful real estate agent, unveils its project as host and executive producer of "This is your House" premieres on December 8 at 7pm (EST) / 4pm (PST) and will be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays in the same time.

The renowned journalist Natalia Cruz premiere of "This is Your House" by MegaTV

The renowned journalist, Natalia Cruz, winner of multiple Emmy awards and more than 25-year career, returns to TV screens with a new proposal that promises to captivate the attention of the audience weekends in primetime chain , MegaTV.

"This is your house" is a fresh alternative, the central theme of the program revolves around the real estate market, with a focus on 'lifestyle'. Some of the items on the agenda include professional advice when buying or selling a home, investments, financial education, credit management and mortgages, decorating, remodeling, celebrity homes and interviews with experts on the subject. "This is your house" will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7pm (EST) / 4pm (PST) and will also be available on digital platforms internationally.

Winning journalist commented, "It's exciting for me to join the great team of Mega TV. With great enthusiasm and humility I get this new step in my career with the opportunity to serve the Hispanic community in the country," said Natalia Cruz.

"Natalia is a stellar signing for Mega TV," said Jose R. Perez, VP of Programming and Production of MegaTV. "Natalia represents the best of a generation of Spanish journalism, independence, innovation and versatility all contribute to our editorial multimedia process.".

Natalia Cruz is an admired television personality, who has worked with great success in Hispanic networks such as Caracol in Colombia, Telemundo Network and Univision.

Natalia Cruz will also be reinforcing our great journalistic team, and will be in charge of presenting the new edition of "Mega News - Evening Edition" from lunes10 this coming December, at 5:30 pm (EST) locally and nationally by MegaTV.

Mega TV is distributed nationally by the signal DirecTV, AT & T U-verse and Verizon Fios (NY DMA) in the United States.

Follow the conversation using the official hashtag #NATALIACRUZMEGA, discuss with others in facebook.com/megatvlive , and talk to us live @megatvlive in Instagram, Twitter @megatvlive.

Lights, menorahs and tamales: the festivities in San Antonio are a season full of culture, joy and celebrations

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

San Antonio, Nov. 27, 2018 - San Antonio is often considered one of the most welcoming and festive cities in the United States. During the holidays, this spirit is further evidenced by numerous celebrations from early November until the first week of January, many of which are free to the public.

The San Antonio River Walk literally lights up for the holidays with more than 2,000 luminarias, traditional Mexican Christmas lantern consisting of a candle set in sand inside a paper bag. The centuries-old tradition takes place this year from 2 to 4, 9 to 11 and from 16 to 18 December (PRNewsFoto / Visit San Antonio)

A unique aspect of San Antonio during the holidays are the roots culturally rich city, which come from Mexico, Spain, Germany and other countries, and that can be experienced in many ways in the city. From learning how to make authentic tamales and participate in a traditional celebration of Las Posadas to watch the parade of boats Hanukah year; from a memorable performance of The Nutcracker to an unforgettable concert by world - famous mariachis Mariachi Vargas , parties in the Alamo City are a great time to experience the diversity of the community.
Visually, San Antonio shines literally over 2,000 Mexican luminaries traditional line the River Walk, SeaWorld showcases more than 9 million lights more than in any other place of Texas- and Christmas trees and illuminated large rise throughout the city.

More than 45,000 hotel rooms are available in the city, so finding a hotel to stay is easy. Whether visitors are looking for a hotel on the River Walk in the picturesque Downtown or the Hill Country, it is easy to find special offers from the portfolio of brands Marriott, Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk and Eilan Hotel & Spa in VisitSanAntonio. com / holidays .

Add to all this mild winter temperatures averaging around 65 degrees, and the city stands out as an ideal holiday destination for the whole family.

Enter Media.Visit http://media.visitsanantonio.com/News/English/Lights,-Menorahs-and-Tamales-The-Holidays-in-San-A to see a summary of unique events that can not be missed, taking place this year in San Antonio.

Texas Toyota announces new president

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Luisa Casso, luisa.casso@toyota.com, 210-268-2732

The transition takes effect from January 1, 2019

San Antonio, Nov. 30, 2018 - Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc. (TMMTX) is pleased to announce that senior vice president Kevin Voelkel has been promoted to president of TMMTX with effect from 1 January 2019. TMMTX Voelkel joined in 2005 and played an integral role in establishing the manufacturing facility in San Antonio, including the first enclosure for Toyota suppliers in the same place.

Senior Vice President Kevin Voelkel has been promoted to president of TMMTX with effect from 1 January 2019. TMMTX Voelkel joined in 2005 and played an integral role in establishing the manufacturing facility in San Antonio, including the first enclosure for Toyota suppliers in the same place.

Voelkel then held the dual role in Toyota Motor North America vice president of Toyota One Competitiveness and group manager for product strategy. In 2018, Voelkel returned to TMMTX as senior vice president, focusing on operational and long - term business initiatives.

Incumbent President Yoshihisa Nagatani, will transition to his new role as executive vice president with Toyota do Brasil after four years of strong leadership in TMMTX.

About Toyota - Texas Team Toyota has 7,200 members and includes 23 suppliers in the same place. The facility produced 267,000 Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks in 2017. Each year, more than 22,000 people visit the center TMMTX tourists to take a tour of the plant.

Through the campaign Start Your Impossible, Toyota emphasizes how government partners with community organizations, civic, academic and to address the challenges in our society 's most pressing mobility. We believe that when people can move freely, anything is possible. For more information about Toyota, visit https://pressroom.toyota.com/

The Santa Letters United States Postal Service program provides a personalized response from Santa to the letter from his son

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sara Martin, 202-268-8386, sara.a.martin@usps.gov, usps.com/news

Excellent photo opportunity will be valued for years

Washington, Nov. 26, 2018 - Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus exists, and the United States Postal Service can help you check when Santa responds to the letter from his son even with a seal postcard North Pole.

These are the steps for your child to receive the response from Santa:

1. Ask your child to write a letter to Santa and place it in an envelope addressed to: Santa Claus, North Pole (North Pole)
2. Later, when alone, open the envelope and write a personalized response.
3. Put the response letter in an envelope and address it to the child.
4. Add the reply address: SANTA, NORTH POLE, the envelope.
5. Peque a postage stamp first class (First-Class) on the envelope, as one of the new stamps of the holidays .
6. Put the envelope full within a larger envelope, preferably a flat rate envelope delivering priority (Priority Mail Flat Rate), with the corresponding postage stamp, and address it to:

North Pole Postmark
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530 -9998

"Letters from Santa" must reach the postmaster in Anchorage, Alaska, on 15 December at the latest. Santa Claus helpers in the Postal Service will handle the rest.  Be sure to share the experience on social media using #LettersFromSanta.


* To save paper, write the answer Santa on the back of the letter from his son. If kept together, your child may also remember what he wrote.
* When responding as Santa, write the answer in the most personal way possible highlighting the achievements of his son during the last year, for example, his collaboration with chores, good grades in certain subject in school, or their involvement in activities community service.
* This is a good activity to do during Thanksgiving will like the whole family, including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other caregivers.
* The Santa Letters (Letters from St.) program adds excitement to Christmas and is ideal to arouse the interest of the youngest in the writing of letters, postage stamps and calligraphy.

A variety of postage stamps related to Christmas is available for purchase at post offices, online at https://www.usps.com/, and free phone order at 1-800-STAMP-24 (1-800-782-6724) .

Additional information is in usps.com/holidaynews:        http://about.usps.com/holidaynews/?utm_source=direct-vanity-url&utm_medium=vanityurl&utm_term=Direct%20vanity%20URL&utm_campaign=Holiday%20news%20vanity%20URL

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

Note: For media resources of the United States Postal Service, including video and audio material of appropriate quality for broadcasting, and still photos, visit the Press Room USPS:  http://about.usps.com/newsroom/

The Home Depot Foundation will allocate up to $ 500,000 to help victims of wildfires in California

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Financial Community, Isabel Janci, Investor Relations, 770-384-2666, Isabel_Janci@homedepot.com ; Press coverage, Amy Glass, Public Relations, The Home Depot Foundation, 770-384-2467, Amy_C_Glass@homedepot.com

Photo by infobae

Atlanta, Nov. 16, 2018 - The Home Depot Foundation (The Home Depot) today announced that it will allocate up to $ 500,000 to assist with relief efforts for the victims of wildfires in California. With this figure, its commitment to support disaster in 2018 reaches at least $ 4.8 million, for impacted by fires, hurricanes and floods throughout the year areas.

"We stand in solidarity with all people and communities affected by the devastation in California," said Shannon Gerber, executive director of The Home Depot Foundation. "We will continue working with organizations in affected areas to provide emergency aid to these communities during this difficult time."

The Home Depot Foundation will provide assistance in collaboration with several non-profit partners who are actively working to help California residents, including the American Red Cross and Convoy of Hope. In addition, the employee assistance program at The Home Depot, The Homer Fund, will continue to provide emergency financial assistance to employees affected by this tragedy.

About The Home Depot Foundation - The Home Depot Foundation (Foundation The Home Depot) works to improve the homes and lives of US veterans. UU., To train qualified to fill vacancies and help communities affected by natural disasters workers. Since 2011, the Foundation invested $ 250 million related to veterans and improved more than 40,000 homes and facilities for veterans in 2,500 cities causes. In 2018, the Foundation pledged $ 250 million to other causes of veterans, bringing the total will reach 500 million by 2025.

Luis Fonsi, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, and Michael Strahan join Marlo Thomas for the 15th Annual Thanks and Giving® of St. Jude

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sarah Clark, ALSAC / St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 901-229-8726, sarah.clark@stjude.org

Celebrities return to invite people to support St. Jude through all social networks during this festive season #GiveThanks

Memphis, Tennessee, November 15, 2018 - Luis Fonsi, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and Michael Strahan will again join the National Outreach Director of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ®, Marlo Thomas, to mark the fifteenth year of the campaign Thanks and Giving ® of St. Jude. The stars who join the campaign will star alongside St. Jude patients and national digital short TV ads to encourage the public to support St. Jude while doing their Christmas shopping.

Luis Fonsi with Tina, St. Jude patient

In its fifteenth year, the campaign Thanks and Giving St. Jude is transforming the holiday season in a thank you , raise public awareness and raising funds to end childhood cancer and other terminal illnesses. During the months of November and December they are asked consumers to support the campaign by buying products from more than 60 national brands leaders and spread the word by sharing the reasons why give thanks using the hashtag #GiveThanks on social networks.

"I am very excited to once again support the hospital and St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign , " said Luis Fonsi. "Over the years, I have witnessed how children traveling to St. Jude from all over the world receive the best medical care for cancer and other pediatric diseases that threaten their lives. And best of all, their families never receive a bill from St. Jude. This shows the incredible commitment and support St. Jude receives from people everywhere. "

National and digital television advertisements designed to raise public awareness, will air during the month of November, and will continue to be transmitted until year-end. This year, several celebrities including Luis Coronel and Gaby Espino join Luis Fonsi in online video supporting the campaign. Thanks and Giving will also receive support from social networks MS Banda, Banda El Recodo, Banda Los Recoditos, Caliber 50, Ulices Chaidez, Pamela Silva Conde, Phantom, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Intocable, Johnny Lozada, Voice Command, Karla Monroig, Ednita Nazario, Hurricane North, Tommy Torres and other great artists.

All funds raised through these sales will go to the hospital. During the holiday season, Brooks Brothers, Domino's, HomeGoods, HSNI, Kmart, New York & Company, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, TUMI, West Elm and Williams-Sonoma offering products to benefit St. Jude.

For joining the fight against childhood cancer this holiday season:

Dona in https://espanol.stjude.org/ and visit the site for more details.  Visit and purchase at participating stores and make your donation in the box when you pay for your purchases. Visit https://espanol.stjude.org/ to see the complete list of participating partners.  Follow @StJude on social networks and finds a photo (or take a new one) to show why give thanks. Then publish that picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using @StJude and #GiveThanks.

Goya Foods challenged students from Miami to create high fashion designs with unconventional materials: Goya products

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
ByNatalie Maniscalco, 1-845-659-6506, natalie@retromedianyc.com

Designer Judith Cabrera of Miami International University of Art & Design won the competition and received a scholarship in the name of Goya Foods.

They exhibiraron the designs in a single activation of its kind in Pérez Art Museum Miami (MMAP)

Miami, Nov. 14, 2018 - Goya Foods Inc., the company's largest Hispanic-owned US food, sponsored the first competition of design and fashion students from Miami International University of Art & Design. Participants were challenged to design clothing using products, packaging, and images of Goya. Designer Judith Cabrera won the competition and was awarded a scholarship in the name of Goya Foods for the most creative design; an evening dress embroidered with a variety of colorful beans Goya. The scholarship will help to complete his studies in fashion design. In addition, 13 designs came to life and exhibiraron during Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami Beach and the MMAP.

Cynthia Chipi, Director of Marketing of Goya Foods of Florida delivered to the winning designer Judith Cabrera scholarship for the most creative design using Goya products.

"We could not be happier to be able to support these students on their way to become fashion designers, and doing it in such a creative way, using Goya products was particularly interesting for us," said Cynthia Chipi, marketing director Goya Foods of Florida. "We are grateful to Funkshion for their passion to support innovative creations that allow designers to express their talents and culture."

Funkshion is a company that specializes in producing innovative fashion parades from idealization and conception to production and execution. As an organization dedicated to uniting fashion, music, art and culture, Funkshion event presents some of the most diverse and creative fashion world.

"We are delighted to be part of the challenge fashion Goya and give these young designers from Miami the opportunity to show your unique talent," said Aleksandar Stojanovic, founder of Funkshion Projections. "It has always been a priority for us to display the power that music, art and culture when they join through creativity".

Judith Cabrera winning design evening dress (photo at left), inspired by Goya, embroidered with various types of beans Goya.

"It was a great opportunity for students to work with Goya. This challenge makes them see the design in a very different way," said Charlene Parsons, Director of the Department of Fashion Miami International University of Art & Design. "They were using beans as accounts and packages as ornaments. This is something that can be achieved by thinking differently, bringing the design to another level." To design is to think about how your creation will be exhibited by a model on the catwalk ".

On November 10, after Funkshion Fashion Show, the 13 designs were in a single activation PAMM.

"Miami is a city full of young talent and artistic We are honored to be able to show this wonderful activation showing the reasons why our city is known and loved. Fashion, art, culture and, of course, food "said Jaime Bayo, Director of Corporate Relations PAMM.

Digital mail comes back with "Informed Delivery"

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Sara Martin, 202-268-8386, sara.a.martin@usps.gov, usps.com/news

Bridging the gap between physical mail and email

Photo by USPS News Link

Washington, Nov. 8, 2018 - Whether it's a card grandmother, an invoice or pack special surprise, the United States Postal Service has a feature that allows you to see what will reach your mailbox-anytime, anywhere-even when you are traveling. Informed Delivery (delivery reported) is at the forefront of trends in communications to help people manage their mail and get as much as possible. For this reason, before passing over the river and through the woods this holiday season, make sure you subscribe and check personally.

Participants users can preview your mail digitally via an e-mail notification, a control panel (dashboard) online or mobile application. Users also have the ability to interact with digital content such as special offers and related links directly notifications Informed Delivery .

Subscribing is easy. You only have to go to informeddelivery.usps.com and follow signs for verification. This process includes security measures to keep your private email and physical address.

And there is more…

Starting in early 2019, the Postal Service expects to offer an additional option Informed Delivery that allow customers to sign for the delivery of some packages with an electronic signature. This improvement will add convenience for customers who are not always present to sign for mail deliveries.

Best of all, Informed Delivery is free, it costs nothing to subscribe and no additional charges to take advantage of further improvements of this valuable tool. More than 13 million users already enjoy the benefits and rewards of this function every day.

All postage stamps are available for purchase at post offices, online at usps.com or by calling 1-800 STAMP-24.

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

J Balvin And Alesso will welcome 2019 at the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

J Balvin t Alesso be presented in the iconic scene "poolscape"

Miami Beach, Fla, November 2, 2018 -. Fontainebleau Miami Beach will receive the 2019 with the artist of the moment J Balvin and acclaimed DJ and producer Alesso. The artists will be performing for the audience at the legendary "poolscape" facing the sea. Those looking to join the celebration can find packages New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve) already available in fontainebleau.com/nye .

New Year's Eve at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach (PRNewsFoto / Fontainebleau Miami Beach)

"Year after year, Fontainebleau has hosted some of the best celebrations year new world," says Philip Goldfarb, president and chief operating officer of Fontainebleau Miami Beach. "It has had artists including Lady Gaga, Drake and Justin Bieber, New Year's Eve in Fontainebleau is one of the most talked about of the season and J Balvin and Alesso events this year, we are excited to again provide the most memorable entertainment the new year. "

At right, Alesso be presented at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach (PRNewsFoto / Fontainebleau Miami Beach)

With a lineup of unique packages that include tables and cabins next to the stage, guests will have the opportunity to celebrate with J Balvin and Alesso. The ticket prices start at $ 225 for one (1) general admission ticket with private tables from $ 4,000 to $ 40,000 for a private room next to the stage for up to 25 guests. All tickets include free first bar until midnight.

The package "Family Experience" (Family Experience) Fontainebleau offers guests of all generations the opportunity to give and receive the New Year together in an unforgettable event. For one night, the resort will convert the Côte, the small restaurant of the resort, and the garden of La Côte in an extension of the party by the pool where families can enjoy the performances of the night.

Available exclusively at the restaurant, guests will delight in a dinner buffet style and those 21 and older will enjoy the open bar premium open from 9 pm until midnight. The ticket prices start at $ 300 for one (1) ticket "Family Experience."

For all the details and more information, visit https://fontainebleau.com/nye, or call (305) 674-464 1. Please note that the events are rain or shine. All sales are final, no refund will be offered. Events, except those of La Côte are limited to guests 21 years or older.

At left, J Balvin be presented at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach (PRNewsFoto / Fontainebleau Miami Beach)

Journalist and Director of the Argentine American Chamber of Commerce Nancy Clara, receives the 2018 Cultural Broadcasting Award from the Argentine Film Cycle at Nova Southeastern University in Miami

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Miami, Oct. 30, 2018 - Celebrating the legacy of Hispanic Heritage, journalist Nancy Clara received the "Cultural Broadcasting 2018" Prize, awarded annually by the Argentine Film Cycle created by the actress Adriana Bianco in one of the most prestigious venues in the city, Nova Southeastern University.

This award aims to highlight journalists and media that support the Argentine and Latin American cinema, presented annually by actress Adriana Bianco and sponsored by the Consulate General of Argentina in Miami and the prestigious institucines NOVA University and Alvin Sherman Library.

Journalist Nancy Clara.   Photo by Guillermo Caminos

Journalist Nancy Clara, from the beginning of the cycle Argentine Cinema, has given its support and dissemination in local and international media which has practiced: Hispanic Target Magazine, Newsweek Argentina, InfoNegocios-Miami, Money Market Newspaper, Doral Family Journal , Radio Caracol 1260AM, Radio Paz 830am, BAE Business Journal International Trade Newspeper and also interviewed guests, directors and actors of the films throughout history.

This time, Nancy Clara received the award with great entertainment figures such as the renowned actress Lupita Ferrer and media El Nuevo Herald and Poder Latino.

"For me it is an honor to receive this distinction from the hand of one of the promoters of the most prominent art that Argentina has around the world. Do not forget that the work carried Adrianita Bianco is not limited to Miami, because Cycle Argentine cinema arrived in Geneva, Italy, Spain and other US cities that are proudly and eagerly Latin American art that Adriana prepares with dedication.

Today, this room is full of spectators summoned for a month, on Sundays at 2:00 pm. and this is due to the high cultural level proposals leading to summon the seventh art lovers who are not only Argentina, but Latin Americans proud of the master pieces created their countries to show it on the outside.

Adriana Bianco, every year chooses a Latin American country that accompanies the Argentine cinema, this time it was Ecuador, to demonstrate that migration meets art. From the Argentine American Chamber of Commerce, we support and promote this excellent work is only obtained for the love of each year as expressed by Adriana Bianco. For me it is an honor to receive this award from the hands of its creator whom I admire, "he stressed in his thanks Nancy Clara.

On this occasion, he also paid tribute to the North American Academy of the Spanish Language in the presence of the Director of the NUS Nitsy Grau.

Web:  http://nancyclara.com/

Facts and Myths about Medicare Advantage Enrollment

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

The annual enrollment period Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plan is from October 15 until December 7, with plans into effect on January 1, 2019

Free hard copy of the press release (60 seconds audio) MP3: Call 1-800-653-5313, extension 3 or send an email radio@multivu.com

Additional Material: Audios, requests for copies, contact for more information and more, all available at the following link:    http://multivu.prnewswire.com/broadcast/83921102/press.html

Information on the News:  This is a Human Report presented by.

The annual registration is here where people with Medicare Health may choose the Medicare Advantage, or Prescription Drug Plan plan better for them.

Typically people have many questions as they investigate your Medicare options.  Selecting the right plan is easier with information resources and accurate.

Dr Fernando J. Valverde, Regional President of  Medicare in South  Florida, Human:  "It is important to have all the right information to choose the right health plan. In addition to costs, be sure to take into account the network of doctors and hospitals, the list of drugs the plan prescriptions Medicare covers changes to existing plans and differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. This is going to help you choose the best plan for you and your loved ones. "

For more information, please visit by:  https://www.humana.com/medicare

Humana is a Medicare Advantage Organization HMO, PPO and PFFS, and is a Prescription Drug Plan with a Medicare contract.  Enrollment in any Plan of Human depends on the Renovation Plan.

For more information, contact:  MultiVu, 1-800-653-5313, extension 3

Halloween Safety Alert: Americans spend about $ 9,000 MDD on Halloween, while the CDC and urge Up and Away campaign to keep medicines out of sight of minors to avoid confusion with candy

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Hannah Kurowski, Hannah.kurowski@gmmb.com , 206-694-1947

Washington, October 16, 2018 - The campaign Up and Away , in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), launches a reminder to parents to keep up medicine and hidden, out of sight and reach of children, to prevent confusion with candy this Halloween season.

The National Retail Federation (NRF, NRF) projects that consumers will spend more than $ 9.000 million in Halloween celebrations this 2018, which is consistent with the record spending last year. In total, 70 percent of people who will participate in the celebration, give treats, with an approximate cost of $ 2,600 million.

That is why, on the eve of the celebration of Halloween, it is important that both parents and caregivers of young children, take special care when saving medicines, thus preventing children mistake them for candy.

"With Halloween just around the corner, it can be easy for children to confuse the medicine that was on the kitchen table with a candy , " said Dan Budnitz , director of the Safety Program with medicines CDC and administrator PROTECT initiative. "With this in mind, it is important that parents and caregivers remember to store medicine in a safe place, keeping it up and tucked it out of sight and reach of children".

Each year, approximately 60,000 children end up in the emergency room after mistaking medicines left within reach. The Up and Away campaign aims to prevent young children who are unsupervised accidentally ingested drugs, teaching parents and carers the importance of safe storage.

In order to illustrate the visual similarities between some medicines and candies, as well as the confusion that can cause among children, one of the partners of the Up and Away campaign, the Educational Foundation of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (Manufacturers Association products Health Care Consumer, CHPA), created an infographic that can be printed and video short for parents. There are also materials Up and Away available in English and Spanish, which can be found here .

The CDC and Up and Away encourage parents to be prepared for any eventuality, keeping their phone number Poison Help for help in case of poisoning -1-800-222-1222- or by sending the text message "POISON "to 797979 to save the information automatically. There are also additional resources on how to store medicines safely in UpandAway.org:  https://www.upandaway.org/

Uncover Goya Sculpture founder Don Prudencio Unanue Goya Foods Month Celebration Hispanic Heritage

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Natalie Maniscalco, 845.659.6506 / natalie@retromedianyc.com

Jersey City, New Jersey, October 12, 2018 - Goya Foods, the food company's largest US Hispanic-owned, unveiled a sculpture of the founder of Goya Foods, Don Prudencio Unanue, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at the headquarters of Goya Foods in Jersey City.

Goya and family unveiled a sculpture of the founder of Goya Foods, Don Prudencio Unanue, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at the headquarters of Goya Foods in Jersey City.

"Today is a historic day for Goya" Bob and Peter Unanue, President and Executive Vice President of Goya Foods, and Don Prudencio Unanue grandchildren said. "For generations to come, this sculpture will serve not only as a reminder of the legacy and the extraordinary life of our grandfather, but also, as shown and inspiration for all of us, that through hard work and dedication, it is possible to achieve the American dream".

In 1904, at the age of 18, Don Prudencio Unanue came from Spain to Puerto Rico. Like many emigrants he left leaving behind his home and risking everything in search of new horizons and better opportunities for his life. There he met his wife Carolina, who also came from Spain and together they moved to New York City to look for work and study. In 1936, during the Spanish Civil War they began Goya, in a small shop on Duane Street, in Lower Manhattan. Driven by the belief that there was a growing consumer market for Latin food of high quality and fresh taste, they began to serve local Hispanic families by distributing authentic Spanish products such as olives, olive oil and sardines.

Entrepreneurship and marketing vision of Don Prudencio, led him to create the brand most recognizable Latin food in the United States, which also became a symbol and iconic institution for the Hispanic community. Goya story is as much about the importance of family and values, and on the realization of the American Dream and helps cultivate the Latino culture and culinary scene in the United States.

The sculpture was designed and created by Maritza Hernandez, an artist and sculptor born in Cuba and based in Chicago. Sculpture Don Prudencio Unanue is made of bronze, it measures three feet, sits on a granite base four feet and stands at the main entrance of the national headquarters of Goya Foods in Jersey City.

For more information on Goya Foods, please visit https://www.goya.com/en/

100x35 @ 305 meets the Puerto Rican professional community in South Florida at its launch event

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Virginia Moreno, info@100x35at305.com

Calixto García Vélez, First Bank; 100x35@305 founding members Iván Tort, Yania Olabarrieta, Virginia Moreno, Rene Zayas-Freiría; and Hernando J. Novoa, First Bank.

The nonprofit organization seeks to organize Puerto Rican professionals in South Florida through networking events and other important initiatives for this community

Miami, Oct. 10, 2018  - The new non-profit initiative 100x35 @ 305 founded by Ivan Tort, Yania Olabarrieta Rene Zayas-Freiría and Virginia Moreno in May 2018 held its first event networking on Wednesday 3 October 2018 at Morton's the Steakhouse in Brickell.

Aidita Urra Alamo, Bohemian Sound; Mari Provi Florez, My Contenthood; Jorge A. Rivera, Blue Cross Blue Shield; Iris Robles, Realtor; Moraima Morales, Diario Las Américas; and Isabel Nieves and Jackie Rivera, Realtors.

More than 120 guests, including leaders of local business professionals, entrepreneurs and marketing practices connected and reconnected with old and new acquaintances. The event had the support of iconic brands like Don Q Puerto Rican, and FIRST MEDAL LIGHT BEER BANK, and others like Mortons, CCOMGROUP Inc. and CREED.

Guests arriving at the lively reception sponsored by First Bank, Don Q Rum, Medalla Light Beer, CCOMGROUP Inc., Creed and Morton’s.

Yania Olabarrieta said: "100x35 @ 305 refers to the size of Puerto Rico -100 miles by 35 miles approximately- and with the addition of one of the iconic codes @ 305 Miami area, reinforces the welcoming spirit and unity Puerto Ricans who have been in Miami for a while with professionals who have recently moved to the city after hurricane Mary ".

Francisco J. Cerezo, DLA Piper; Antonio Oritz, Eagle Home Mortgage; Richard Kleis, Aviation Quality Assurance; and Jose Salazar, Morgan Stanley.

Rene Zayas-Freiría added: "Since Mary has been known that approximately 140,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to the United States and most it has in Florida I am one of them and I hope that everyone can benefit from these networking activities, communicate and. learn from each other through this network of support. "

Calixto García Vélez, First Bank; Moraima Morales, Diario Las Américas; Hernando J. Novoa, First Bank; Sheila Ocasio, First Bank; Ramón Casanova, First Bank; Maria Cristina Salas, McConnell Valdés; and Alfonso Gómez, Gulf Plaza, Inc.

100 x 35 @ 305 is a professional Puerto Rican community leaders who want to interact with like - minded people to establish and maintain meaningful social and professional connections.

Eduardo Sánchez, Titan Products of Puerto Rico/Medalla Light; Luis González-Esteves, CCom Group, Inc.; Josue Rivera, Titan Products of Puerto Rico/Medalla Light.

Mari Pelaez, Clyde & Co.; Yarissa Molina, Novae; Juliana Ubiñas, Euro Design Group; and Vivian Antunez, Modern Luxury.

Heat, the application prevents diseases caused by heat for agricultural workers, is presented in the Apple store applications

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Adriana Maestas, (949) 336-2788, adrianam@gmail.com

Shafter, California, October 8, 2018 - On Sunday 7 October, Apple demonstrated the capabilities of health of your Apple Watch presenting "Heat", a new application designed to protect rural agricultural workers working in the fields picking summer crops of fruits and vegetables in the nation.
Faith Florez test the Heat application in the fields.

Heat, conceived and created by Faith Florez 18, alert to farm workers about their health during hot weather. Between 1992 and 2016, excessive exposure to environmental heat killed 783 American workers and injured more than 69,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Agricultural workers are particularly vulnerable because they are often poor and are afraid to take breaks to drink water and cool off in the shade due to them.

Heat helps protect workers with an Apple Watch app that alerts them about weather conditions and when hydrated and take breaks as required by law. It allows workers to receive notifications educational videos about what to wear and what to eat and drink to prepare for their turn in the fields. The application also functions as a 911 hotline for workers who need medical care in the camps often sections.

An app to be piloted in the hot agricultural fields of California that protects the lives of farm workers with a wearable watch application that provides immediate heat warnings, health notification and proactive heat stress education. My mission is to change “work or health to work AND health.”

This application is the first project of the American Legacy Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization founded by Florez to empower women to address issues of social justice in Latino communities. In 2017, Florez was named a national scholar HERLead, allowing access to initial funding for videos in Spanish and English. Florez also worked with a team of developers student at the School of Engineering of the USC Viterbi to encode the original application of the concept.

Florez spent his childhood in Shafter, California, a small farming community in the Central Valley. The freshman at USC descends farmworker, and her great-grandmother died of a disease caused by heat.

"Being able to create heat is significant for me and my family. I have always heard of the dangers in the fields of my elders, and my great-grandmother sacrificed his life for his work. I want to make sure other families do not have to suffer the pain and workers do not have to sacrifice their health for their work, "Florez said.

Florez has raised more than $ 60,000 for releasing heat, and the funds raised were used to partner with FocusMotion to develop a single qualified methodology to monitor the health and activity of the farm worker, creating an efficient solution that benefits both farmers and workers . Heat has been tested on three farms in the Central Valley of California.

LINK:  https://calorapp.org/

Three important rules when children find a gun: Stop. Run out. Tell an adult.

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Leslie Champlin; American Academy of Family Physicians; (800) 274-2237, extension 5224; lchampli@aafp.org

Leawood, Kansas, October 1, 2018 - Jacob 12 years and cousins, bored with the conversation of their parents at a family reunion, decided to leave the picnic tables and start a game softball. When the game was tied, it was the turn at bat of Kelsey premium. She hit the ball out of the field where it fell into the nearby bushes. When the gardener Jacob ran to gather the ball, he discovered. A Beretta 9mm pistol loaded, covered with dirt.

Photo by Boom

At the age of 12, Jacob knew what he had to do. In the course of the years, her parents had discussed many times the safety of firearms. Jacob stopped, he left the gun, and ran to the picnic tables to tell their parents.

"That's exactly what they should do if they find a gun children , " said Kathleen Eubanks-Meng, DO, medical family in Kansas City. "As parents, we can protect our children at home, but you also have to make sure they are safe and sound wherever you are - in a park, in a friend 's house or elsewhere".

Research has found that firearms injuries are the third leading cause of death among young people aged 17 years and younger. Security of firearms at home -Keep the firearm and ammunition in separate places and closed with key- is the most important safety measure parents can take. But teach children how to respond when they see a gun is also necessary, according to Eubanks-Meng.

"Almost one in three families with children under 12 have a gun in the house , " he said. "Because of this, while ensuring that their own firearms are stored safely out of reach of your children, we recommend that parents discuss in advance with people from other houses that your child will be visiting to see if they have guns fire. This includes the homes of friends, relatives and even the babysitter ".

Photo by Desde el Exilio

Parents may feel uncomfortable asking if there 's a gun in the house and, if so, whether it is locked closed and stored properly. But thus it helps avoid accidents. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzed by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence show that between 2012 and 2016, an average of seven children and teens die and 39 are injured by firearms every day . This translates into 2,737 deaths and 14,470 injuries resulting from the use of firearms each year.

"Injuries caused by firearms occur too often among children who do not understand that real guns are not toys need to understand that, of being a firearm, should follow safety rules. Stop, do not touch, move away from place and tell an adult , "Eubanks-Meng said.

To learn more about the AAFP and family medicine, visit  https://www.aafp.org/media-center.html . Follow us on Twitter , and become a fan on Facebook . For information about health care, health conditions and wellness, visit the award - winning consumer website at  https://familydoctor.org/ .

Faraday Future (FF) designates Butch Darrow to lead functions related to quality

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By John Schilling, Director of Public Relations, john.schilling@ff.com

The latest contract brings executive leadership in technology and motorsports as vice president of Quality, located in North America

Los Angeles, Sept. 27, 2018 - Faraday Future (FF) today announced the appointment of Herbert "Butch" Darrow as vice president of Quality, located in North America. Darrow joins FF from Philips, where he served as director of product excellence in moving ideas to market and product safety, as well as being general manager of Philips Innovation Services.

Future hires Faraday Herbert "Butch" Darrow (photo at left) for the position of vice president of Quality in North America.

In FF, Darrow report directly to YT Jia, founder and global CEO. In his new role, Darrow brings nearly three decades of experience in engineering and product quality in the automotive and technology sectors. Darrow will be responsible for maintaining both internal quality and suppliers quickly deploy knowledge to promote excellence in products, processes and simplify validation to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

"The skills Butch brings perfectly complement climate-driven innovation FF, which brings together the best of the automotive and technology to create a new kind of auto sectors," said Johnson Qiang, vice president of Human Resources. "The role of Butch within FF is crucial, as we move towards the launch of our first vehicle, the electric vehicle ultra - luxurious FF 91: https://www.ff.com/us/ff-91/  Faraday Future of hiperdesempeño in the first half of 2019".

Before his most recent Philips, director of product excellence in moving ideas to market and product safety, and as general manager of Innovation Services Philips, cargo Darrow worked in the team of Quality and Regulatory Philips, focusing on the quality of engineering operations and quality of suppliers. Before joining Philips, Darrow spent more than two decades at General Motors, where he started in engineering chassis systems and moved up to positions as a manufacturing engineer, launch manager body shop, engineer vehicle systems, and vehicle line director, and finally ended his tenure in the company as director of Quality Products General Motors North America.

Darrow various tasks in General Motors led him to travel from Michigan to Kansas City, South Korea, Thailand, China and other parts of the world. Positions held in Philips, including most recently based in the Netherlands function, gave opportunities to lead and gain experience on a global scale.

"FF is a truly global company with corporate headquarters in California and personnel from all over the world to make real the sisters visions of FF 91 (photo) and connected global ecosystem," said Darrow. "I am excited to be part of that reality with FF and thus be part of the team that corresponds help redefine what should consist of clean and intelligent mobility".

Darrow to a growing list of strong leaders who have joined FF from companies like Apple, Ford, Google, Honda, General Motors, Tesla and many other adds.

Darrow said: "As someone who is proud to foster innovation with attention to detail and a strong emphasis on quality, I am delighted to have the opportunity to help lead the next FF of the many milestones to come."

Darrow received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Automotive and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University in 1992; his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Control and Dynamics of MIT in 1994; a master's degree in business administration for executives of the University of Hong Kong in 2011; and a Masters in Business Administration for Executives Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, also in 2011.

The New York City FC expands its partnership with Goya Foods to promote sport and healthy eating

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

New York, September 21, 2018  - The New York City FC (NYCFC) and Goya Foods, the food company's largest Hispanic-owned US today announced the renewal of its partnership to further promote the importance of living a healthy life through sports and proper nutrition.

To celebrate the renewal of multi-year partnership, NYCFC and Goya launched a new version of the curriculum Healthy Hat-Trick for the new school year and organized a youth soccer clinic with defending NYCFC, Ronald Matarrita, on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 the PS 49 in the Bronx. (PRNewsFoto / Goya Foods)

Since the inaugural season of the Club in 2015, Goya has been an excellent partner NYCFC and is now expanding its partnership adding more youth clinics and becoming the host partner Healthy Hat-Trick, an educational curriculum that uses football to teach and encourage children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through a balanced diet, exercise and goal setting. With the renewal of this partnership, NYCFC and Goya may have an even greater impact on local youth.

To celebrate the renewal of multi-year partnership, NYCFC and Goya launched a new version of the curriculum Healthy Hat-Trick for the new school year and organized a youth soccer clinic with defending NYCFC, Ronald Matarrita, on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at PS 49 in the Bronx. The workbook will be used at PS 49 and a total of 14 public elementary schools throughout the city as part of the school program and free extracurricular football, made possible thanks to the charity City in the Community, which it is supported with pride. by NYCFC.

Senior Vice President of Goya Foods, Joe Perez, said:  "We expect a large multi-year partnership with New York City FC and the thousands of football fans who have supported the team since its inception. Goya has always believed in providing families with healthy food and support initiatives that will benefit the general welfare of our communities. we believe this partnership is an ideal way to help teach our children healthy habits and to build the foundation of a healthier future "option.

President of New York City FC, Jon Patricof, continued:  "We are pleased to extend our partnership with Goya. They have been excellent club members and ambassadors of our sport. Through our partnership, Goya has helped us to provide unique experiences to our fans and to promote healthy lifestyles in multicultural communities we are proud to represent, bringing healthy food and football.

Know your Social Security benefits

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By usamedia@gsa.gov , 202-969-7143

At different times in the life of every person, Social Security provides benefits and services

Washington, September 18, 2018 - If you want information or have questions about your current or future Social Security benefits or Medicare, not the opportunity to ask their questions to the specialist waste management Social Security (SSA acronym), Diana Varela. She will live in GobiernoUSA.gov Facebook page on Thursday September 27th at 7 PM (ET) in Spanish by answering questions from the public.

Social Security is more than a number

A service which will be discussed during the talk is the account my Social Security (in English) . When you open your account, you can check the status of Social Security account, make changes to your information, apply for benefits and protect your identity. To learn more about this account, here we answer some common questions:

Do I need my Social Security account?

Yes, if you work or are retired. With this account you can know your current or future benefits and also prevent identity theft.

How do I open my account?

The process to open the account is in English, but the instructions are available in Spanish (PDF, download Adobe Reader ).

What I can do with my account?

If you are already receiving benefits or Medicare, you can ask for a replacement Social Security card, apply for other benefits and view the status of their applications, start your direct deposit and change your address, among other things.

If you do not receive Social Security benefits, you can see how much you have accumulated in your statement and how much you receive according to their retirement age.

How do I protect my account?

You can reduce the possibility that stolen identity. As a person you can only open an account Social Security m, a scammer can not do it on your behalf if you already opened.

Continue learning about Social Security in our GobiernoUSA.gov:  https://gobierno.usa.gov/seguro-social

GobiernoUSA.gov is part of USAGov , a federal program that connects you to information and services agencies, departments and programs of the US government. USAGov helps you find answers to your questions in English and Spanish. Contact us by phone, e-mail or chat or order free Consumer Guide.

Stars shine for global awareness campaign on pet adoption Remember Me Thursday®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Director of RR. Jessica Gercke PP and Communications at (858) 756-4117 x 335 or jessicag@animalcenter.org , or RR Manager. PP and Communications Fernanda Lopez at (858) 756-4117 x 379 or fernandal@animalcenter.org

Wynonna Judd spokeswoman 2018 and more than 70 celebrities bring together animal lovers and pet rescue centers for homeless

Rancho Santa Fe, California, September 18, 2018 - This month, the Helen Woodward Animal Center will meet again with proponents and animal welfare organizations around the world to the 6th. annual edition Thursday Remember Me ® (Thursday recall). Held the fourth Thursday of September, the campaign asks the pet lovers and rescue groups of animals that create an integrated and unstoppable voice that promotes the homeless pets live in permanent homes, not to die waiting for them . Community ceremonial candle lighting and a global avalanche of movement in social media will cast light on the millions of animals still waiting for adoption, and encourage communities to choose to adopt and reduce the millions of homeless pets that are killed each year . As in previous years, some big names are stepping forward to lend their support to the cause, including five-time Grammy winner, Wynonna Judd, who has been appointed Official Spokeswoman for the 2018 campaign. The Helen Woodward Animal Center encourages the world to join these philanthropic celebrities and be part of this very special day, Thursday September 27, 2018.

Vocera Remember Me Official 2018 Thursday (R) Wynonna Judd. (PRNewsFoto / Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Officer Vocera 2018 campaign, Wynonna Judd is an icon of American music, won five Grammys and author included in the list of bestsellers of New York Times. Lifelong philanthropist, Wynonna always uses his voice to defend causes in which he believes, and is an animal lover forever. When not on tour, Wynonna she can be found spending time with the ones that have many animals on his farm. There are 34 in total, including dogs, cats, horses and buffalo. His dog, Starlet, and affection that must be seen in the public service announcement for Remember Me Wynonna ® Thursday, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ZNXQVMGJM

Regarding his love for animals, Judd said.. "All my life I had a special bond with animals do not know what I'd do without my own rescued pets and their unconditional love Unfortunately, there are animals in shelters across the country still waiting eagerly give their love to someone. remember me day Thursday ®, please take a moment to defend and remember these special animals. defend the adoption of animals!

Judd leads an impressive list of celebrity supporters also align with Remember Me ® Thursday. notable stars of pets in social media personalities, professional athletes, specialists in animal behavior and signed as "luminaries", pledging to share their thoughts on pet adoption on video and through their social media accounts over the bell. At the time of going to press, more than 70 influential luminaries have joined the cause, including:

Remember Me Thursday ® was established in 2013 by President and CEO Helen Woodward Animal Center, Mike Arms. Touched by the staggering statistic 1 2.7 million homeless pets lose their lives each year in the United States, Arms called to rescue organizations in an attempt to create a global awareness campaign. As creator of the International Pet Adoptathon (International Marathon Pet Adoption) and the International Home 4 the Holidays ® program (which has been placed in homes to more than 14 million pets since 1999) could send an expansive request and the response was significantly .

For more information about Remember Me Thursday ® and a complete list of celebrities and organizations for animal welfare participants, go to https://remembermethursday.org/. For more information, call (858) 756-4117 or https://animalcenter.org/.

Official Vocera 2018 Thursday Remember Me Wynonna Judd lends her voice to the cause. Join us to share the message of saving orphaned pets on Friday, September 27, 2018!

Remember Me Thursday is the Thursday, September 27! Join in with the global movement and share their support on social media using #RememberMeThursday and @hwac. We can save orphaned pets.

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ZNXQVMGJM

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0-sB4Qxylc

Hennessy offers a toast to the new world middleweight champion - Canelo Alvarez

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photos by Lauren Cowart
By Felicia Quaning, PMG Media Group, Felicia@pmg-mediagroup.com ; Anna Loeschner, Moët Hennessy, 212-251-8275, Anna.Loeschner@moethennessy.com ; Ramiro Gonzalez / Gabriel Rivas, Golden Boy Promotions: (213) 489-5631

The Path "Never stop. Never compliant." Canelo Alvarez world champion takes center ring as the boxer wins the most anticipated fight of the year

New York, September 17, 2018 - Hennessy cognac sold in the world, celebrates the monumental victory as Canelo Alvarez becomes the world champion WBC middleweight , WBA and Ring Magazine in the year's biggest fight.
Canelo Alvarez and Giles Woodyer.

The continuous path of "Never stop. Never satisfied" (Never stop. Never settle.) Canelo reached the pinnacle this weekend, just a few minutes before the Day of Mexican Independence, when he entered the ring to represent your family , his country and his legacy. Towering pride of Mexico and boxing face Canelo's victory served as a timely reminder of his unshakable quest to be champion.

"The drive, determination and the constant search for Canelo to further limits their potential represent the collective dream of their country and agree with the philosophy of our brand. We are honored to have partnered with such an inspiring individual," he said Woodyer Giles, senior vice president of Hennessy US.                              (Photo at left Canelo Alvarez after the fight)

Aimed at encouraging others to not stop and do not settle, the association of Hennessy with Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya, now in its second year, it includes support for Hennessy's side of Golden whole Boy with personalized content around a televised fights for ESPN, along with a series of videos, special events and multichannel promotions.
Hennessy invites boxing fans around the world to make a toast to the victory of Canelo with this special cocktail VSOP Privilège:

Hennessy VSOP Privilège Despacito

1½ ounces Hennessy VSOP Privilège
¼ ounce of elderflower liqueur
¼ ounce honey syrup (equal parts of water and honey)
½ ounce fresh lemon juice
2 ounces of apple juice unfiltered
6-8 mint leaves

Method: Combine all ingredients, stir and cast into a glass on the rocks with ice.                            (Photo at right, Giles Woodyer)

For more information, visit https://www.hennessy.com/en-int/US

Goya Foods partnered with Make - A-Wish New Jersey to grant an adolescent desire to have a quinceanera

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Michael Dominick, Director of Communications, mdominick@nj.wish.org / 215-272-5032
By Natalie J. Maniscalco, RETRO Media NYC, natalie@retromedianyc.com / 845-659-6506

Jersey City, New Jersey, September 13, 2018 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - Sharlin, a 15-year-old Andover, New Jersey, experienced a special cultural milestone in his life: A Quinceañera in your Honor. This desire to Sharlin, sponsored by Perona Farms in Andover, was granted by Make-A-Wish New Jersey in partnership with Goya, through the already established Goya Gives program. Make-A-Wish and Goya came together to create an unforgettable experience for Sharlin and his family.

Sharlin, a 15-year-old Andover, New Jersey, experienced a special cultural milestone in his life: A Quinceañera party in his honor. This desire to Sharlin, sponsored by Perona Farms in Andover, was granted by Make-A-Wish New Jersey in partnership with Goya, through the already established Goya Gives program. Make-A-Wish and Goya came together to create an unforgettable experience for Sharlin and his family.

"All girls dream of being a princess one day and we are very happy to be part of realizing the desire to Sharlin" says Rafael Toro, Director of Public Relations of Goya Foods. "Through Goya Gives, we can make significant contributions and a difference in the lives of those most in need."

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to change the lives of critically ill children. Sharlin diagnosed with a critical heart condition, said his real desire was to celebrate this significant moment in his life, consistent with their Mexican culture, with their closest friends and family. Sharlin heart condition has caused many difficulties, but she has faced a lot of courage and a positive attitude. When told to Maricruz, Sharlin mother, that her daughter would be granted the desire to have a Quinceañera, he began to mourn with joy.

The evening began when Sharlin and his family arrived at Perona Farms on a horse-drawn carriage, where they were greeted by more than 75 guests, including friends, family, staff Make-A-Wish, volunteers and friends of Goya. Through their partnership, Goya provided financial support to the desire of Sharlin covering the costs of holding, working with community partners to ensure a dress with custom settings Arecia's Creations in Weehawkin, designing and printing invitations to the event and providing volunteers to assist in the successful implementation.

"How proud we are to call Goya partner while Sharlin celebrate on this special night," said Tom Weatherall, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish New Jersey. "They have gone further in its commitment to the desire to Sharlin an experience that will change your life, giving hope, strength and joy to a child when you need it".

In addition to the horse-drawn carriage, the evening included a special dance with her father, traditional ceremonies, food, music, dancing and a celebration of Sharlin.

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=317SyxknyQY

Goya Gives is committed to promoting and supporting the general welfare of the community through social responsibility national initiative, environmental initiatives and values of the company.

For more information on Goya Gives visit goya.com and Make-A-Wish New Jersey, visit  http://nj.wish.org/

To commemorate the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the Chamber of Commerce Minority US announces the arrival of a key member to the island, the company's high - tech world famous, Data Stream Mobile Technologies, specializing in satellite telecommunications for disaster recovery

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
BY Mr Sean Lee - CEO, (407) -766 to 0225 Ft Lauderdale, Florida, (787)390-9213 / Carolina, Puerto Rico, slee@dswltech.net

It is imperative that the reconstruction of Puerto Rico, take advantage of changes in the world through innovation, to build better resilience and bring architecture, and the need to promote and institutionalize its use structure as a key means to achieve better post natural disaster results.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 11, 2018 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - The Minority Chamber of Commerce of the United States (CCMUSA) announced that the US global company, Data Stream Mobile Technologies, has been established in Puerto Rico to provide communications solutions via satellite to all sectors of the island.

Data Stream Mobile Technologies (photo at left)

Hurricane Maria, an unprecedented storm that hit the island last September 20 in every room, is a hard message of the importance of being strong and prepared with modern tools, lower cost and to ensure better infrastructure criticizes on the island.

Data Stream Mobile Techologies bet that Puerto Rico prepare your critical infrastructure and internet telephony with what it offers. And it ensures to work at the highest level to connect to Puerto Rico with the rest of the world in case of an emergency, to such effect, will hold a massive demonstration of communications technology this coming 18 to September 22 for 12 cities on the island municipalities. At the same time, offer the private sector, an exclusive conference on Monday 17 at the facilities of the Association of Industrialists of Puerto Rico at 2 pm.

"The planning and post - disaster through communication reconstruction must be a priority for the government of Puerto Rico, municipalities and the private sector , " said Doug Mayorga, CEO of CCMUSA, "This innovation is extraordinary rebound and relief offering voice communication, Internet communicator and radio, whose satellite telephone connections creates clear advantage without resonance. "

"We are committed to bringing our innovation to reconstruction and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. With this development we ensure that the island will never miss the phone or Internet service , " said Mr. Sean Lee, CEO of Data Stream Solution. "Our mission is to create for Puerto Rico through Alta- telecommunication technology, a new type of easy- to -understand, during a natural disaster , " said the executive.

Puerto Rico has four active traditional cellular operators, including 3 with a service operator 5G mobile network license. These companies are responsible for most of the 15,000 cellular telecommunications towers on the island supplying mobile networks used by most cell phone companies in Puerto Rico: ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and Claro, which are the main customer operators, estimated at 2 million users.

Tzu Chi Foundation supporting the survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Nancy Wei, nancy_wei@tzuchi.us , 646-226-0887

San Dimas, California, September 11, 2018 - In honor of the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria this September, the Tzu Chi Foundation join efforts with FEMA Recovery Center in San Juan from 13 to September 15 to provide disaster relief to residents and Puerto Rican communities and create a better future after Mary.

"NGOs doing relief work in Puerto Rico have been a blessing to our island. Tzu Chi complete the things it needed most in a society. Tzu Chi is a snap."- Mitzy Rivera Santiago, FEMA, Director of Volunteer Agency Liaison

Tzu Chi gave cards with money to recipients in Puerto Rico in January 2018.

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, causing widespread destruction across the island, leaving many places uninhabitable for an extended period of time. The storm caused an estimated 2,957 deaths in Puerto Rico.

Light has been officially restored, however, many residents remain with power outages and blackouts. From 13 to 15 September 2018, the Tzu Chi Foundation distributed 3,000 LED bulbs portable solar power to the residents of San Juan, Bayamon, Comerio, Orocovis and Jayuya - low-income municipalities impacted by Mary. These bulbs use 25% -85% less energy than traditional incandescent, and last 3-25 times. This gives Puerto Ricans living a cost-efficient solution for immediate and long-term electricity needs.

"Our long-term goal is to empower the people of Puerto Rico on how to be more environmentally conscious. These bulbs LED portable solar power are the beginning." - Yuanliang Ling, CEO of the Tzu Chi Foundation, Central Region

The distribution of these portable lamps will bring hope and light to many families living in the dark while simultaneously supporting long-term goal of the Tzu Chi Foundation to educate communities about environmental consciousness through reducing plastic consumption.

Financial assistance will also be distributed to help families buy essential items of daily use and make necessary repairs at home. These debit cards estipendian case by case basis after an assessment of damage.

About the Tzu Chi Foundation - Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a global humanitarian NGOs whose missions of charity, medicine, education and disaster relief have reached more than 95 countries since 1966. In 2017, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation distributed more than 9 million dollars in aid, benefiting those impacted by 68 disasters in the United States. The word "Tzu Chi" in Chinese language means "compassion and relief '. Learn more at https://www.tzuchi.us/

Barrow historic donation will seek cure for brain cancer

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Lynne Reaves, 602-406-4734

$50 million "Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation" in association with "Barrow Neurological Foundation" will help in the fight against glioblastoma.

Phoenix, Sept. 10, 2018 - More than 138,000 Americans are currently living with a malignant brain tumor and 9 out of 10, diagnosed with glioblastoma, die within a few days. Market forces and a series of failures in high profile clinical trials have resulted in patients with malignant brain tumors are no longer a priority for the pharmaceutical industry. Between 1998 and 2014, 78 drugs were added to the assessment of advanced clinical trials, of which 75 failed.

Faced with this situation, the Institute of Neurology Barrow has initiated an effort to $50 million, from the largest grant in the history of brain tumor research, with the goal of finding a cure for the most lethal form of brain cancer . Funds Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation will be used precisely to drastically accelerate drug discovery and clinical trials for glioblastoma in the newly formed Center for brain tumors Ivy, the Barrow Institute.

Photo by Tech Gadget Central

The Ivy center will become a cornerstone of Barrow, where the brain more operations than any other hospital in the nation, and is part of the Medical Center Hospital and St. Joseph's Health Dignity performed. The funds received will allow all patients in the new center, regardless of their diagnosis or tumor status, have the option to receive an individualized experimental therapy.

Catherine Ivy, president of The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation, said the main objective of the center is to cure brain cancer. "The more we discover, the more we can do to help patients and their families. Our Foundation has partnered with recognized medical and research programs throughout the United States and even internationally, he said. After years of evaluation, we decided to invest Ivy in the center of Barrow. Barrow and believe that the new center of brain tumors are our best option. "

Dr. Nader Sanai, director of neurosurgical oncology, agreed that the grant will accelerate discovery and provide support and hope to those who fight against glioblastoma and other malignant brain tumors. Dr. Sanai is a pioneer internationally renowned research of glioblastoma and direct the new center. "The formation of the center of brain tumors Ivy boost our unique research strategy to a new level of personalized medicine, while we put a laser focus on the discovery of the cure," he said, adding that the commitment of the Ivy Foundation is a true gift of hope.

In 2016, in the absence of new drugs, Dr. Sanai launched an audacious to treat glioblastoma with evidence of 'Phase 0' Barrow method. In a test phase 0, a patient receives a small dose of an experimental drug day before surgery. During the operation, surgeons collect patient samples and a team of scientists immediately check the effectiveness of the drug. Results are available in days and, if the test drug proves effective, the patient receive aggressive treatment with higher doses. This method is a unique form of personalized medicine and the first of its kind for patients with brain tumors.

Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the largest non-governmental funding mechanism for research into brain tumors in the world. It has committed more than $123 million in research on gliomas in patients, a type of tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord. Ivy became involved in the investigation of brain tumors when her husband, Ben, lost his battle with glioblastoma in 2005

"Thanks to the inspiring commitment of the Ivy Foundation, Barrow Neurological Institute has established the Center for Brain Tumors Ivy with modern 20,000 square foot facility featuring Dr. Sanai and his team of scientists and clinicians to cutting edge resources focus on accelerating clinical trials and save the lives of patients, "said Katie Cobb, president of the Barrow Neurological Foundation.

Developmental Disabilities: dedicated caregivers help women with disabilities in their battle against cancer

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Linda Blankenship; linda@lindablankenship.com ; 818.224.8221

The Regional Center of Orange County pays tribute to Jessica Morales and Sandra Martinez during National Recognition Week Direct Support Professional from 9 to 15 September 2018

Santa Ana, California, September 5, 2018 - Sandra Martinez and Jessica Morales, who work for the Steps Foundation of Life (Life Steps Foundation):  http://www.lifestepsfoundation.org/, are more direct support professionals for women with disabilities that they serve. They are the companions Carla apartment, and as a family for her and her parents. The dedication of them to improve the lives of Carla was more evident after she was diagnosed with cancer in stage 4. The two Rossmoor residents helped this young woman and her family to fight the disease, with a mixture of faith and hard work .

Sandra Martinez (left) and Jessica Morales

For three surgeries, 60 radiation treatment sessions, two years of chemotherapy and a host of appointments, Sandra and Jessica were his constant caregiver, her fellow enthusiasts and passionate defenders. Carla chaperone to appointments with doctors and chemotherapy sessions, to make her feel calm and safe, the tireless support of Sandra and Jessica impressed the medical professionals who treated her. Carla currently is healthy and plans his 35th birthday party: "! Invite everyone you know," he said.

As a tribute to this exceptional dedication, the two women were honored by the Regional Center of Orange County (Regional Center of Orange County, RCOC) with the Award for Professional Direct Support Featured (Direct Support Professional Spotlight Award) 2018 organization .

Describing what more she loves her work, Jessica said: "It's a personal relationship, and she taught me a lot. To be strong and brave I learn something from it every day!".

"Sandra and Jessica are wonderful examples of direct support professionals who are always willing to help people with developmental disabilities," said Larry Landauer, executive director of RCOC. "The system of regional community care centers in California simply could not function without talented professionals like them, and we are very grateful for the passion and commitment they bring to this important work."

About the Regional Center of Orange County - The Regional Center of Orange County (Regional Center of Orange County, RCOC) is a private non-profit organization that has been contracted by the state of California to coordinate services and permanent support for more than 21,000 residents of Orange County with developmental disabilities and their families. Among developmental disabilities are intellectual disabilities, autism, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Learn more at  http://www.rcocdd.com/

About Appreciation Week Direct Support Professional - Recognition Week Direct Support Professional (Direct Support Professional Recognition Week):  http://www.ancor.org/2018-dsp-recognition-week-%E2%80%93-september-9-15 is part of a nationwide campaign promoting the American Network of Community Options and Resources (American Network of Community Options and Resources, ANCOR). Held each year throughout the country, pays tribute to the tens of thousands of workers who allow people with developmental disabilities and other significant disabilities and their families to lead a healthy life in their community.

Concussions can happen to anyone, not only the players

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Megan Moriarty, American Academy of Family Physicians, (800) 274-2237, Ext 5223,. Mmoriarty@aafp.org

Leawood, Kansas, September 5, 2018 - Imagine this: Your son is playing a game of football or basketball. When advancing to kick the ball or stop a shot rival team accidentally collides with another player and they both fall to the ground, dazed and a little dazed. Or this: driving home, you crash the car from behind and throws him violently collision forward and backward, and left him with a headache and dizzy.

Photo by ftw.usatoday.com

What these situations have in common? Both can cause a concussion, traumatic brain injury as a result of a shock, a blow or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and the brain quickly move forward and backward.

"Concussions can happen to anyone, for any activity," says Dr. Melinda Dunn, who is a doctor of family in Overland Park, Kansas. "Not to be practicing a sport: it can be a fall or other accident Even if it's a mild concussion, can have serious consequences.".

As a family physician, Dunn sees patients of all ages, from babies and toddlers to teenagers, adults and seniors. Dunn is trained to handle a variety of health problems, including chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and severe injuries such as concussions.

As students return to school and begin in autumn sports equipment, it is extremely important that parents are aware of the causes and symptoms of a concussion. According to familydoctor.org , more than half of visits to hospital emergency rooms for traumatic brain injuries are children between 5 and 18 years. Although usually hear from those injuries in football news, concussions can occur in almost any sport or activity.

It is important to know what to look for after receiving a blow to the head to take measures to prevent even greater damage in the future. Symptoms of a concussion may be headache, trouble concentrating, memory loss, appearance of lightheadedness, confusion, dizziness or balance problems, blurred vision, nausea, sensitivity to light or noise and status changes mood, behavior or sleep. The signals may occur soon after the injury, but some symptoms may not occur until after several hours or even days.

If you suspect that there has been a concussion, see your family doctor. Be prepared to tell what happened and to explain what symptoms are present. If the incident occurred during a sporting event, parents should not let your child return to play until the doctor gives its approval.

When someone has suffered a concussion, the risk of another increases. And a second concussion can be more severe.

"Safety should always be the first priority," says Dunn. "There is no guaranteed way to prevent a concussion, but can reduce the risk by using protective equipment that fit well, like a helmet, and always wearing a seat belt."

For more information about symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment of concussions, enter https://familydoctor.org/condition/concussion/

The FDA recommends safety this fall juices

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Silver Spring, Maryland, September 5, 2018 - Nothing better describes the fall as driving through the countryside or taking cider or fresh juice. Unfortunately, serious outbreaks of foodborne illness, often called "food poisoning", have been linked to the consumption of cider and fruit juices and vegetables unpasteurized or otherwise processed to remove harmful germs that cause disease. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States reminds consumers to read labels carefully before buying and consuming juice and cider products.

Fruit juices and vegetables provide important nutrients, but consuming juices that have not been processed may pose risks to your health and your family. When juices or vegetables freshly squeezed as much raw, the germs that cause disease products can end up contaminating their juice or cider are consumed. Unless the product has been processed to destroy any germs that cause illness, the juice could be contaminated. While the immune system of most people can combat the effects of foodborne illness, children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immune system (such as patients transplantation and individuals HIV / AIDS, cancer or diabetes) are likely to attract serious illness or even death by eating raw juices.

Most juices sold in the United States are pasteurized (heat processed) to kill germs that cause disease. The juice may also be subjected to non-thermal processes for the same purpose. However, some grocery stores, health food stores, cider, farmers' markets and local juices sold packaged juices that are prepared at the same time and have not been pasteurized or otherwise processed so that their safety is guaranteed . These unprocessed products must be kept refrigerated and include the following warning on its label:

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems

However, the FDA does not require warning labels on these juices or ciders freshly squeezed and sold by the glass, such as in apple orchards, farm markets, roadside stalls and establishments juices.

Follow these simple steps to prevent illness when buying juices:

Look for the warning label to avoid buying raw juices. You can find the unpasteurized products or otherwise processed in the refrigerated section of the supermarket, in the refrigerators of frozen or refrigerated containers are not as containers, bottles or cans of juice. Unprocessed juice is usually found in the refrigerated section of grocery stores.

If you are not sure if the label is not clear, or if the juice or cider is sold in glasses, do not hesitate to ask if a juice product has been processed.

Foodborne diseases: Know the symptoms

Consumption of food contaminated with germs that cause disease usually causes discomfort between 1 and 3 days after eating the contaminated food. However, the discomfort may arise in 20 minutes or up to 6 weeks. Symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and like flu (such as fever, head and body dollar pain) symptoms. If you think you or a member of your family suffers food poisoning, call your health care provider immediately.

Read more:  https://www.fda.gov/Food/FoodborneIllnessContaminants/BuyStoreServeSafeFood/ucm210573.htm

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® will hold its national series of walk / run event in 65 communities

By PRNewswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Jennifer Godwin, jennifer.godwin@stjude.org , 1-901-578-2433

The movement in recognition Awareness Month Childhood Cancer has the support of thousands of people, including actress Lucy Hale, corporate partners and influential people in the digital world

Memphis, Tenn, August 30, 2018 -. This September, in honor Awareness Month Childhood Cancer, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ® wears gold to summon hundreds of thousands of people across the country with a common goal: ending childhood cancer.

St. Jude is leading efforts to understand, treat and beat childhood cancer and other terminal illnesses worldwide. Among people who help raise awareness for this mission is the actress Lucy Hale , recently appointed ambassador to St. Jude Awareness Month Childhood Cancer.

Hale will be added to this movement, two dozen corporate partners, as well as several influencers of the digital world and content creators of games that are getting support from contributors in their communities and raising awareness around the digital realm. In addition, Hale participate in one of the 65 events Run / Walk St. Jude Childhood Cancer to be carried out in different parts of the country.

Since its founding over 50 years ago, the treatments developed at St. Jude have helped increase the survival rate for childhood cancers from 20% to over 80%, and will not rest until no child dies from cancer .

"While we have made tremendous progress in the field of research and treatments thanks in part to St. Jude, we must act urgently to help end childhood cancer every year, affecting almost 300,000 children around the world and remains today the leading cause of death by disease in children EE. UU. "said Richard Shadyac Jr., President and CEO of ALSAC, organizing fundraising and awareness of St. Jude children's Research Hospital. "We are grateful to have Lucy Hale, all our partners and the many collaborators who make a difference by raising awareness and building support for our important mission: to discover the cures that save children."

Walk / Race St. Jude Childhood Cancer will be held in 65 communities across the country throughout the month of September. People can register to participate in this family event that raises funds to support St. Jude's mission to save lives. Participants have the opportunity to participate in a walk or a 5k.

"We thank these communities coming together to help end childhood cancer, because you are giving to St. Jude freedom to focus on what matters most - saving the lives of children regardless of their economic situation," said Shadyac. "Events like these help ensure that families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, transportation, lodging and meals - because the only concern should be to help families their children to live."

People also can get involved by donating participants or volunteering at one of the events. Visit
https://espanol.stjude.org/como-involucrarse/caminata-carrera-contra-el-cancer-infantil.html for details or find the Walk / Run St. Jude Childhood Cancer in your area.

People who wish to work may also contribute to this fundraising event on the website of St. Jude on Facebook from 1 September.

‘Canelo vs. GGG 2’ – Historic Rematch Between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin – Live in Movie Theaters September 15

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Fathom Events, Golden Boy Promotions and GGG Promotions Present The Highly-Anticipated Bout in U.S. Cinemas Live From the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

Denver – August 27, 2018 – Lineal Middleweight World Champion Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) and WBC/WBA/IBO Middleweight World Champion Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) return to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for a highly anticipated rematch. The first fight sold out in only two weeks, and once again fans across the country will be able to get front-row seats to the 12-round, mega-fight -- “Canelo vs. GGG 2” – live at their local movie theater. Fans won’t want to miss this epic match-up of two of the most explosive, heavy-handed fighters in the sport today. And they have promised they will not leave the rematch in the judges' hands.

The live broadcast of “Canelo vs. GGG 2,” presented by Golden Boy Promotions, GGG Promotions and Fathom Events, is set for Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. ET/ 7:00 p.m. CT/ 6:00 p.m. MT/ 5:00 p.m. PT/ 4:00 p.m. AK / 3:00 p.m. HI.

Tickets for “Canelo vs. GGG 2” can be purchased online by visiting  https://www.fathomevents.com/events/canelo-vs-golovkin?utm_source=fathom&utm_medium=press+releases&utm_campaign=canelo+v+golovkin+2 or at participating theater box offices. Fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in more than 450 select movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). A complete list of theater locations is available on the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

Canelo said, "I'm delighted to once again participate in one of the most important boxing events in history," said Canelo Alvarez. "This second fight is for the benefit and pleasure of all fans who desire to see the best fight the best. This time, [Gennady] Golovkin won't have any excuses regarding the judges because I'm coming to knock him out."

Golovkin said, "It feels right that the rematch returns to the scene of the crime. This time there will be no drama with a decision. I won the first fight and left the ring as world champion wearing all the belts. And I am going to win the second fight. It is going to be a record fight and a golden night for me and boxing at T-Mobile Arena."

Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions said, "There is no better place to host the historic rematch between Canelo and Golovkin than T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Las Vegas on a fight weekend during Cinco de Mayo is electric, and I know fans will travel from around the world to be here to participate in the celebratory atmosphere. Historic boxing matches like Canelo vs. GGG 2 belong in a place like Las Vegas, which offers fans the full and rich experience they are looking for on a big fight weekend."

“Canelo vs. Golovkin: Supremacy left the fight world clamoring for this epic rematch. We are proud to once again team up with some of the very best in the boxing business to bring this fight to cinemas nationwide,” said Ray Nutt, Fathom Events CEO. “Fight fans are in for a real treat when these warriors head back into the squared circle and we’re excited to be bringing it to their local cinemas.”

Video:  https://youtu.be/Oax1yE1DlbY

Vornado Air Recalls Electric Space Heaters Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, August 22, 2018

Name of product:  VH101 Personal Vortex electric space heaters

Hazard:  The electric space heater can overheat when in use, posing fire and burn hazards.

Remedy:  Refund, Replace

Recall date:  April 4, 2018

Units:  About 350,000

Consumer Contact:  Vornado toll-free at 855-215-5131 from 8 a.m. to 5p.m. CT Monday through Friday or online at www.vornado.com and click on “Recalls” in the lower right corner of the homepage or  http://www.vornado.com/recalls and click on the VH101 Personal Heater recall button for more information.

Recall Details, Description:  This recall involves Vornado VH101 Personal Vortex electric space heaters sold in the following colors: black, coral orange, grayed jade, cinnamon, fig, ice white and red. The heaters measure about 7.2 inches long by 7.8 inches wide by 7.10 inches high and have two heat settings (low and high) and a fan only/no heat setting. “Vornado” with a “V” behind it is printed on the front of the unit. The model/type “VH101,” serial number and ETL mark are printed on a silver rating label on the bottom of the unit.

Remedy:  Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled heaters and contact Vornado for instructions on how to receive a full refund or a free replacement unit, including free shipping.

Incidents/Injuries:  Vornado has received 15 reports of the heaters catching on fire.

Sold At:  Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Menards, Orchard Supply, Target and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com, Target.com, Vornado.com and other websites from August 2009 through March 2018 for about $30.

Importer(s):  Vornado Air LLC, of Andover, Kan.  Manufactured In:  China

Recall number:  18-136

Report an Incident Involving this Product:  https://www.saferproducts.gov/CPSRMSPublic/Incidents/ReportIncident.aspx

This recall was conducted, voluntarily by the company, under CPSC’s Fast Track Recall process. Fast Track recalls are initiated by firms, who commit to work with CPSC to quickly announce the recall and remedy to protect consumers.

Cal / OSHA issued sanctions outdoor advertising company electric shock accident billboard

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Los Angeles, August 17, 2018 - Cal / OSHA has issued sanctions to an outdoor advertising company for serious safety violations after a worker suffered third degree burns when a metal stick used to install a sign on a billboard contacted an overhead power line.

On 6 February, two workers hanging signs for Outfront Media working at a height of 25 feet above the ground on the platform of a billboard for installing a vinyl sign on West 3rd Street. The workers used sticks 11 feet to place the sign 14 by 48 feet. One of the metal sticks touched an energized power power line near the edge of the card, resulting in serious burns to one of the workers 25 percent of the body.

Photo by Robert Gumpert

"Employers should identify and assess all hazards in the workplace," said the director of Cal / OSHA Juliann Sum. "When energized airlines are present, the employer must ensure that employees maintain the required clearances or minimum safety distances between them and the airlines, to protect against electric shock or electrocution."

Cal / OSHA issued three sanctions Outfront Media for a total of $ 32.435 in proposed fines. It was issued to the employer a serious sanction related to an accident for violating provisions to prevent accidents due to proximity to overhead power lines (https://www.dir.ca.gov/title8/2946.html), which require a minimum of six feet for work near lines of 34.5 kilovolts is maintained. Severe sanction was issued for failing to identify and evaluate hazards associated with the installation of signs on billboards near power lines. Cal / OSHA also issued a general sanction the employer for having an inadequate plan prevention of diseases caused by the heat for their workers who work outdoors.

Since 2015, Cal / OSHA has initiated 11 inspections with employers outdoor advertising and ads. These inspections there were six accidents, including an incident electric shock last year when an employee's ladder came into contact with overhead power lines while preparing to hang a sign.

Photo by Kevin Jarrett

A sanction is classified as severe when there is a realistic possibility of death or serious injury as a result of real danger created by the violation.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health of California or Cal / OSHA, is the division within the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) that helps protect California workers against the dangers of safety and health in almost all places job.

Cal / OSHA offers a fact sheet meeting on safe work in or near overhead power lines. The Consultation Services Cal / OSHA provide free and voluntary employers to improve their safety and health programs help. Employers should call (800) 963-9424 for assistance Consultation Services Cal / OSHA.

Employees with questions or complaints related to work can call the Call Center of DIR in English or Spanish to 844-LABOR-DIR (844-522-6734). The complaints also occur confidentially in district offices Cal / OSHA .

Xtava removed from hair dryers Allure market due to risk of fire, burns and electric shock

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, Aug. 15, 2018

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1973 and charged with protecting the American public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call the CPSC hotline at 1-800-638-2772, or visit    https://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx

Summary recall

Product name: Hair dryers Allure and Allure Pro

Hazard: The hair dryer and power cord can overheat and ignite, posing a risk of fire, burns and electric shock.

Remedy: Replacement

Consumers should stop using immediately and contact dryers Xtava to receive a free hair dryer replacement.

Consumer Contact: Xtava free at 877-643-8440 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST or online at https://www.xtava.com/ and click on "Product Recalls" (recalls of products).

Recall details.  Units: About 235,000

Description: This recall involves hair dryers Ceramic Pro 2200W Allure and Allure ions. Portable hair dryers are black or white and bring a concentrator nozzle. Hair dryers were sold separately or as part of various packages hair care products brought hair treatment, a plate or a diffuser. Many units have a tag placed under the back of the unit, with the following SKU numbers (unit inventory control): XTV010001, XTV010001N, XTV010002 or XTV010002N. All units have the word "xtava" printed on the blower end of the dryer.

Incidents / Injuries: The firm has received 193 reports dryers or electric cables overheated, melted, burned or flared, including 18 reports of burns and two reports of minor electric shock. Four reported incidents of burns caused a blister on the hand, wrist or finger. One consumer reported a serious burn.

POS: Online at Amazon.com, eBay.com, Walmart.com, Xtava.com, Groupon.com and other websites from October 2014 through August 2018 for between $ 15 and $ 60 when sold separately and from $ 20 to $ 80 when they sold as part of a package of hair care.

Imported by: Xtava LLC, New York.  Manufacture: China

Military families are still available to help the recovery from the effects of hurricanes

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Aaron Taylor, senior director of Media Relations, Aaron.Taylor@OperationHomefront.org, (210) 659-7756

Operation Homefront continues to support victims of disasters of 2017

San Antonio, Aug. 9, 2018 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - At a time when the United States prepares for hurricane season 2018, Operation Homefront, thanks to the generous support of Walmart Foundation and other donors, ensuring not be forgotten military families in Florida and other locations affected by the devastating series of natural disasters in 2017. the need for help for these families still stands, as they are now expiring moratoriums and federal programs storms that were implemented to help the victims of these disasters.

Military families that because of these disasters were displaced from Puerto Rico and now living in Florida and other locations in the continental United States are eligible for aid.

A military families living in places "declared disaster area" and who suffered damage from natural disasters the year 2017 throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, are also encouraged to apply assistance through the Financial assistance program Review of the organization.

Operation Homefront can provide military families and veterans in need of assistance payments and temporary residence hotel, mortgage payments and rent, utilities, car payments and repairs, vehicle insurance and food aid. All needs will be examined case by case.

Financial Aid Review is available to help families of military veterans sick or injured who were discharged honorably discharged from active duty within the last seven years (or after September 11, 2001 to help with home repairs); It is also available for staff of the Reserve and National Guard actively participating in military exercises. To be eligible for this assistance, families must demonstrate a critical need help. You can be obtained detailed information about the eligibility criteria on the website of Operation Homefront in OperationHomefront.org. Military families can call 877-264-3968 for help in English or Spanish, a social worker who can help them complete their application.

About Operation Homefront: Founded in 2002, Operation Homefront is a national non-profit organization with the mission to build families strong, stable and secure military so that they can thrive, not just survive, in communities that have protected with so much sacrifice. Recognized for its excellent performance by major independent groups that oversee the work of charitable organizations, 92 percent of the cost of Operation Homefront goes directly to support programs that each year tens of thousands of military families. Operation Homefront provides essential financial support, transitional and permanent housing and family support services to prevent the short - term needs become chronic long - term problems. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and support from thousands of volunteers, Operation Homefront proudly served the families of United States military. For more information, visit https://www.operationhomefront.org/

Allstate Introduces First All-America program created to distinguish the best soccer players in high schools in the country

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Maggie Maskery, Taylor, 312-577-7617, mmaskery@taylorstrategy.com ; Laura Strykowski, Media Relations for Allstate, 847-402-5600, Laura.Strykowski@allstate.com

Continuing its long - term commitment to football, Allstate announced it is the official sponsor of the program for young Hispanic Dream Alliance

Northbrook, Illinois, July 31, 2018  - Allstate Insurance Company today announced the launch of its first platform Allstate All-America Football created to recognize the best players in the national high school football as part of its ongoing commitment to the football community to provide superior protection fans in the places where they live, work and play.

Photo by Soccer America

In collaboration with MaxPreps, the American journalistic source covering sporting events in high schools, Allstate will identify the best soccer players during his junior year and awarded them the title "Allstate All-America" ​​to a select group of 125 female players and 125 male players. Of the 250 players and soccer players, 40 men and 40 women who will have the unique opportunity to compete in the inaugural tournament Allstate All-America Cup will take place in the summer of 2019, in the city where it takes will be selected out All-Star game Major League Soccer (MLS) presented by Target.

"For over a decade, Allstate is proud of its commitment to the football community, always aiming to provide superior protection fans and the sport they love." said Pam Hollander, vice president of Market. "The goal of Allstate All-America program is to give visibility to student athletes who stand out among more than 800,000 high school students who play soccer in the United States. Extends commitment to Allstate with American football began in 2011 when we became the official insurance of MLS. "

Estrellares four technical directors will be appointed to lead the 80-man squad for the tournament Allstate All-America, who will be divided into two female and two male teams. The matches will be broadcast on ESPNU television during the week-Star Game MLS. In addition, those invited to play at the Allstate All-America event will receive a mention in the field during halftime of the NBA All-Star 2019 MLS presented by Target.

Throughout the year, Allstate held the Allstate All-America event with a comprehensive content campaign full of shocking stories about the selected players, original content of the technical directors estrellares and social impact of the activities that will be taking place in Week All-Star Game MLS.

"An example of the commitment of Allstate with football is the platform design football Allstate All-America, and it is an honor for us who have selected the Week Star Game MLS hosted market," said Jennifer Cramer , Associate vice President of Market MLS group. "Allstate continues to expand its ties with people at national and local level, and we hope to see this platform come to life in 2019."

Jonathan González.   Photo by nguoi-viet.com

Selected for the tournament Allstate All-America will be announced during the football season high schools. an important announcement will also be included in the autumn of 2018 and another in spring 2019. The final list will include at least one player from each of the 50 states.

In addition, as a continuing long-term commitment of Allstate youth football initiatives, the company will be the official sponsor of the Dream Alliance program organized by the Alianza de Futbol. Alianza is the premier organization in the country dedicated to the support and development of amateur Hispanic soccer in the United States. Allstate Dream Alliance gives them an opportunity to young Hispanic players in the country's professional clubs to discover them and have a chance at soccer stardom. Jonathan González, who found his current club in Monterrey during the 2013 Allstate Dream Alliance program, will be the spokesperson for the program.

Ilia Calderon de Noticiero Univision and Jorge A. Plasencia Republic are selected to receive the awards BRAVO! Journalist and Piñonero of the Year 2018 by the National Hispanic Public Relations Association

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Andy Checo, copresidente, 917-880-8702, checo@havasformulatin.com

New York, July 30, 2018 - The National Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) is proud to recognize Ilia Calderon, co - anchor of Noticiero Univision, and Jorge A. Plasencia, cofounder, president, and CEO of Republic as prize winners BRAVO! Journalist and Pioneer of the Year 2018, respectively.
Ilia Calderon (at left), co-anchor of Noticiero Univision (PRNewsFoto / Hispanic Public Relations Assoc)

"Every year, the HPRA identifies pioneers in our industry media and public relations, whose impact on the Hispanic community gives voice to those most in need , " said Veronica Potes, national president of the HPRA. "Ilia and Jorge have been galvanize our industry for decades and shaping the future for our next generation of leaders in journalism and communications. HPRA is pleased to recognize these two innovative for their tireless efforts and outstanding achievements during his years of influence."

"Before becoming co - anchor of flagship nightly newscast of Univision Network," Noticiero Univision , "Calderon was co - anchor of" Noticiero Univision Edicion Nocturna "and" Primer Impacto. "Prior to joining Univision, he worked as conductor of several newscasts including" Every Maria Antonieta Collins day "and Telemundo morning news weekly covering major national and international events, and interviewed prominent politicians and celebrities. a native of Colombia, lives in Miami with her husband and daughter.
Jorge A. Plasencia, co-founder, president and CEO of Republic (PRNewsFoto / Hispanic Public Relations Assoc)

More than a decade, Plasencia cofounded Republic, an international marketing agency that creates significant and lasting connections between brands and people through culture, language and technology. Before that, he held leadership roles with Univision Radio, Estefan Enterprises and Florida Marlins. At the age of 17, Plasencia co - founded Amigos For Kids, a non - profit organization that serves abused and disadvantaged children and their families. He is vice chairman of the Miami Dade College Foundation, and member of the board of trustees of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and Friends of the Underline. Plasencia is Cuban-American and lives in Miami.

Presented in New York City for the fourth consecutive year, the National Awards BRAVO! 2018 celebrate the best teams in corporations, agencies, and public relations and marketing non-profit, and pioneering work they produced. The event, which will take place on October 2, is done in part through the generous contribution of The Coca-Cola Company, Wells Fargo, Moet Hennessy USA, Havas FORMULATIN, Cision and HispanicAd.com, that become sponsors awards.

For more information about the awards program, visit: https://hpra-usa.org/pages/bravo-awards/

JUGOtv, official partner of digital content for the International Champions Cup

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire

JUGOtv create and distribute original and exclusive digital video content in English and Spanish

San Francisco, July 18, 2018 - JUGOtv, https://www.facebook.com/JUGOtv/, sports and digital multiplatform content production for the Mexican and Hispanic audience in the United States, will become an official partner of digital video for International Champions Cup  https://www.internationalchampionscup.com by Heinkeken, competition level summer largest clubs.

The International Champions Cup has become the most recognized summer tournament in the world, it presents the best European clubs, which face in different countries, crowning one champion. The sixth edition, same that will be held in this 2018, is the largest so far and has the participation of 18 teams that will play a total of 27 games in 22 cities from 20 July to 11 August.

JUGOtv, based in San Francisco, will create, select and distribute exclusive content of the International Champions Cup for the Mexican and Hispanic community in the US: images behind the scenes, original programming and featured images of each of the 17 games that will be out in the United States.

Production studios of JUGOtv produce video content in English during meetings in the United States, Europe and Singapore, which will be available both on the website of the International Champions Cup, and its mobile application and official social networks event.

With a mass audience in social networks, JUGOtv continue to create highly engaging video content on digital platforms and social networks, providing digital marketing solutions for its customers.

ABOUT JUGOtv - JUGOtv is a digital platform for Hispanic sports soccer, which handles celebrity fans and generates unique content "behind the scenes". In JUGOtv more than 200 videos are produced per month, seeking to impact and connecting to a highly desirable community to reach and difficult. JUGOtv includes original, authentic and culturally relevant, produced for consumption in social networking content.

Adam Gentner, Sonnen, designated for the first 40 Under 40 class Solar Renewable Energy World

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Eric Fischgrund, FischTank Marketing & PR, eric@fischtankpr.com , 646-699-1414

Gentner has led the expansion of Sonnen Latin America and played a crucial role in deepening the humanitarian relief efforts of the Foundation del Sol in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Los Angeles, July 12, 2018 - Sonnen, the global market leader in intelligent residential energy storage, announced today that Adam Gentner, Director of Business Development - Expansion Latin American and Director of Operations the Foundation of the Sun for Energy Security , was appointed at the inaugural list Solar 40 Under 40 Renewable Energy World, where he was recognized as an agent of change in the solar industry. He received this award in large part for his work on the use of solar microgrids, intelligent energy storage PV Sonnen more to restore electrical power to communities throughout Puerto Rico

Photos 1,2, 3:  Puerto Rico's Solar Powered School.

Sonnen has been present in Puerto Rico since 2015, when the company began selling intelligent systems for energy storage to residential customers and work with local partners to install solar energy as pure energy. Gentner's passion for clean energy and his ability to work with local leaders has been instrumental in increasing the presence of Sonnen in Puerto Rico and establish the company's expansion in Latin America. It has successfully identified new markets where solar energy + storage carrying value to residents, successfully expanding the scope of Sonnen beyond North America.

In October 2017, shortly after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, Gentner, along with team members Sonnen and local installation partners joined in support of the people of Puerto Rico by donating 13 humanitarian microgrids. These microgrids, consisting of an intelligent system of energy storage Sonnen and a solar system, have restored electricity in crucial places on the island, in communities where electricity distribution network had been destroyed, including schools, clinic health care and community kitchens, saving and improving lives effectively. Gentner worked with local community and government leaders to assess needs across the island, and identify the best locations for installing these microgrids.

As part of the ongoing commitment of Sonnen with independence and energy security of Puerto Rico, company executives, including Gentner, they formed the foundation of the Sun for Energy Security , a non-profit organization that will continue to provide clean, reliable power and resilient to those most in need. Gentner acts as Director of Operations for the foundation, which continues to drive the adoption of clean energy solutions with the goal of creating a network of resilient communities in terms of energy covering the entire island.

Adam Gentner.   Photo by Linkedin

"Adam Gentner, has been a great leader for Sonnen in Puerto Rico and Latin America, and we are incredibly proud that the industry recognizes the impact of their work to expand the scope of clean energy," said Blake Richetta, senior vice president of Sonnen and director US Operations. UU. "Through practical to disseminate technology and message Sonnen approach has worked closely with partners and installers, and perhaps most importantly, established leaders in the communities, promoting the benefits of solar energy + storage. Its drive and dedication not only inspire their colleagues, but also inspire a broader movement aimed at empowering people to take charge of its energy future, especially against future natural disasters like hurricane Mary ".

Gentner has worked in the renewable energy industry for six years, and shows passion for working for change in the way that humans produce, consume and interact with energy. Holds the position of Director of Business Development - Latin American Expansion Sonnen and COO for Sun Foundation since January 2018. Previously, he was Director of Service Gentner for Sonnen, developing a service platform for the US market, implementing better practices and coordinating with production and sales teams and customers with solar energy + storage. Gentner, along with other designated for Solar 40 Under 40 list, was recognized during the Intersolar North America Conference 2018 in San  Francisco.

Web:  https://www.delsolfoundation.org/

Trolli honor the Most Valuable Player of the NBA, James Harden, with his most valuable candy

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Periscope Kelsey Soby, 612-399-0623, ksoby@periscope.com

Replicas rubber shoes editing MVP Harden commemorate the victory of brand ambassador

Chicago, July 11, 2018 - Trolli recently launched the Candy Most Valuable (MVC) to immortalize the world's first victory James Harden Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the National Basketball Association Awards on June 25, 2018. The giant rubber shoes, which are replicas of the MVP edition sneakers Harden Vol. 2 S Adidas were created to honor the brand ambassador of candy for the last three years. The shoes are priced at $ 2,677 a pair, the same number of points as the leading scorer in the league reached this year, and the proceeds will go to the foundation of Harden: 3 The Harden Way .

Three pairs of these shoes James Harden limited edition rubber, weighing nearly 12 pounds, will be sold exclusively at Amazon . They are also competing to be named by Guinness World Records as the Most Valuable Candy that has ever been sold.

"For us, James Harden is not only the most valuable player: it is also an extremely valuable partner," said Allison Wyrwicz, senior brand manager Trolli in Ferrara Candy Company. "Embodying the Weirdly Awesome spirit of Trolli every day, Harden has helped expose the world all the inventive and unexpected fun that our candy inspired. We wanted to thank him and honor him in a way that we knew our fan favorite to sneakers appreciate ".

"It's a real honor to be the ambassador Weirdly Awesome Trolli" said James Harden, Houston Rockets guard. "I'm a fan long the Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and Weirdly Awesome because it represents my own attitude to life campaign. Trolli is unique. I am unique. We both like to transcend boundaries and be creative. So it is that we work well together. "

By design, MVC offers the best performance in flavor and has the same style of tingling on the tongue that propelled the NBA star to MVP status. These candies Hardens lifesize come in the following flavors: raspberry, lemon, strawberry and blackberry. Will also be on sale small packages rubber shoes candy Sour Brite Sneaks Trolli, inspired by Harden, for the first time on Amazon after an exclusive release at 7-Eleven last March.

About Ferrara Candy Company, Inc. - Ferrara is the third largest confectionery without chocolate largest US. The company, based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, specializes in gums, candies seasonal fruit snacks and other candies general line, and offers its portfolio of desirable consumer brands and private label products through retail predominantly the United States. For more information, visit the company web site,  http://www.ferrarausa.com/ .

Purina Dog Chow launches the campaign 'Service Dog Salute' to donate up to $500,000 for veterans and service dogs through the Animal Rescue Foundation of Tony La Russa

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Alice Hennessy, Endeavor Global Marketing, 212-774-4652, ahennessy@endeavorco.com ; Emily Goldkamp, Nestle Purina PetCare, 314-982-1698, emily.goldkamp@purina.nestle.com

The campaign honors the armed forces and the faithful dogs that help them

St. Louis, July 9, 2018 - Purina Dog Chow has supported the US armed forces for many years and knows the great impact that service dogs can have on the lives of our veterans by offering stability and company as they settle back into civilian life, as well as help those who have symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dog Chow remains committed to the armed forces this summer to launch the campaign Dog Chow Dog Service Salute. With the help of dog owners, from now until Veterans Day, Dog Chow will donate up to $ 500,000 to the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) Tony La Russa to support its program for veterans. The ARF joins rescued dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD and other problems and addresses veterans on a 10-month program in which they train a dog to be your own fellow expert service.

From 4 July to 11 November 2018, Dog Chow has joined BuzzFeed to help share the powerful stories of brave veterans and rescued dogs that have been linked through the ARF to complement their lives together. Those who love dogs are invited to see the video in www.DogChow.com/Service and for each person to share it on Facebook, Dog Chow will donate $ 1 to the ARF program for veterans, up to $ 250,000. In addition, during these months, the brand will donate five cents to the ARF program for veterans for the purchase of each bag Adult Dog Chow Complete with Chicken especially marked up to $ 250,000.

"Dog Chow has supported the men and women of our armed forces for long," said Arik Frankel, Director of Purina Dog Chow Marketing. "Our collaboration with the ARF demonstrates our consistent commitment to helping our American heroes and demonstrate the powerful connection between dogs and their owners".

Dog Chow has a history with strong military roots, including the foundation of the brand nearly a century ago. When the founder of Purina, William Danforth, returned voluntarily participating in the First World War and created the first dog food Purina in 1926, he was named Dog Chow reference to the lines for "chow" (an informal word food) who held the Americans in the armed forces during the war. In the last 92 years either through food donations, monetary donations or hiring veterans, Purina Dog Chow and have maintained their commitment to honor the men and women who are part of our armed forces.

Donations collected during the campaign Salute Service Dog help fund the expansion of the ARF program for veterans, and even help needy veterans. This innovative program invites veterans to train their own rescued dogs to become service dogs with the help of a coach graduated from the training facility of the ARF, turning a belt into a loop of hope for both rescued dogs and veterans of our nation.

"Our veterans program changes lives and has already joined more than 600 animals with military families, including 45 potential service dogs in the past year," said Elena Bicker, the Executive Director of the ARF. "This generous support of Dog Chow will help us grow our program and continue to help save lives at the two ends of the belt".

Bags Adult Dog Chow Complete with Chicken marked are especially available in stores nationwide. To learn more about the campaign Dog Chow Dog Service Salute and forms involved, visit  https://www.dogchow.com/service-dog-salute?utm_campaign=2018ARF&utm_source=vanity&utm_medium=pr

Declaration of the National Hispanic Medical Association on immigration policy Trump

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Pedro Montenegro, (202) 628-5895

Photo by The Way of Improvement Leads Home

Washington, July 5, 2018  - Professionals Latino health care are outraged by the zero tolerance policy administration Trump, with respect to refugees fleeing persecution and other immigrants - which has 2,000 separate children from their parents on the Mexico-United States border. Our organization's priorities are to improve the health and well-being of Latinos, and this federal immigration policy will lead to a worsening of health disparities in our communities.

Medical research shows that children do not have the ability to cope with an overwhelming and devastating environment that causes immense stress levels in the short term, and mental and physical long-term illnesses. Pathways deregulated healthy stress of children affected lead to serious mental illness in the future such as depression, suicide and schizophrenia, decreased immune protection causing cancers and cardiovascular diseases and other diseases, and cognitive abilities reduced.

Photo by Brewminate

The Office of  BrewminaRefugee Resettlement (ORR) of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States sends to the separate detention centers nationwide children and handed over to relatives or foster families. There are protocols to monitor the situation of parents and children simultaneously, parents and children keep in touch with each other, or eventually reunite. In some cases, the service Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security United States deports parents before reuniting them with their children. Moreover, we believe that our broken immigration policy will not deter other immigrants coming to the United States in search of a better life.

We believe that the United States must comply with international human rights law created after World War II that says that separating parents and children is prohibitive. We ask Congress to focus on comprehensive migration policies including reducing the backlog in immigration applications, shorten the legal review process for refugees and others at the border, increase the number of judges and lawyers federal immigration and related workforce, and protect dreamers with a new path to citizenship. We ask policies that will improve the quality of life of all Americans.

Do not wait for the flu: Prevention is key

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Megan Moriarty, public relations strategist, (800) 274-2237, extension 5223, mmoriarty@aafp.org

Photo by The Wellness Way

Leawood, Kansas, July 2, 2018 - It starts with a small sneeze, or perhaps a slight headache. The climate is changing and, after all, you suffer from allergies. Surely you are not getting sick. However, before you know it, you're in bed with body aches as strong as if he had gone over a truck. And it happened so fast. Fever and the last thing you want to do is eat.

This is not change fall season, and pollen: has the flu, something that could have been avoided.

Photo by Everyday Health

"The best way to fight the flu is with a flu shot before getting sick," said Michael Munger, MD, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians (American Academy of Family Physicians). "Remember, the flu is not contracted the flu vaccine, and is one of the easiest ways to keep you and your family healthy."

The flu vaccine is generally available each fall before flu reaches its peak, which usually occurs between December and February. But the flu season can last until May, according to the CDC. Check with your doctor to see when you can get the flu shot. All health care insurers even pay. If you do not get the flu shot at your doctor's office, remember your doctor where he received.

Photo by Greatist

"There are also other preventive measures you can take," said Veronica Anwuri, MD a family doctor practicing in Kansas City, Missouri. "Always wash hands with soap and water, and cough or sneeze top shirt sleeve, and not in the hands; eat well and rest enough".

If your doctor diagnoses flu, antiviral drugs available drugs that, when taken quickly enough after getting sick, can help reduce flu symptoms and shorten the time you are sick. Counter medications that can help include acetaminophen, which can reduce fever and help with body aches. For children, Anwuri not recommend using nasal sprays or decongestants; nor take cough and cold, as there is little evidence that they are effective in treating influenza in children.

Photo by UC Irvine Health

Hopefully, it will not come to that: remember that prevention is the key and that the flu vaccine is the best way to keep you and your healthy before the arrival of the flu season family.

For more information about the AAFP and family medicine, visit https://www.aafp.org/media-center.html. For more information about health care, medical conditions and welfare, visit the award - winning consumer website of the AAFP, in https://familydoctor.org/.

UCI statement concerning the rejection of the offer DISH extension and service interruption

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Bobby Amirshahi, 646.560.4902, bamirshahi@univision.net

New York, June 30, 2018  - It is outrageous that DISH has rejected our offer of a two-week prorogation of allowing our customers and our viewers continue to have access to popular chains and Univision stations. Even though there DISH service interruptions routinely used against their diffusive transmission interruptions His 68 since 2010 far exceed those of all other distributors in that period- Univision expected to DISH take seriously our negotiations and its commitment to Hispanic consumers after they told clients this week he wanted to "reach a mutually beneficial agreement" with respect to "high quality content" of Univision.

Instead of fulfilling his promise to its customers, DISH has decided to devalue our programming implausibly offering a fraction of what you pay them to our counterparts in English. We are ready to continue negotiations and accept a short extension to the service in particular is restored because DISH customers are losing our coverage of the presidential elections in Mexico, which many describe as the most important in the history of That country. DISH must do the right thing for his Spanish-speaking audience, accepting restore service and negotiate an agreement in good faith.

Invasive species threaten biodiversity

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Mercy Padilla, 202-360-4112, mercy.padilla@hcnmedia.com

Washington, June 27, 2018 - More than 3 million people visit Puerto Rico every year. Many come from the US mainland to visit relatives and friends or to enjoy the flavors of our food, natural beauty and learn about our history and traditions.

Undoubtedly, our island is one of the most biodiverse places worldwide. We have an extraordinary natural beauty, with a variety of fruits, flowers and unique plants that enrich our natural resources. As in other ecosystems, Puerto Rico is also home to insects and invasive species not found elsewhere, including the continental United States.

Unfortunately introduce these invasive species in an alien ecosystem to yours is like opening Pandora's box. Few know that introducing invasive pests that pose a threat to biodiversity. In the United States and Puerto Rico, these pests and diseases cost trillions of dollars each year in damage eradication costs and loss of earnings in trade. This in turn can lead to higher food prices due to reduced harvests.

Although often unintentionally, man collaborates with the movement of pests. Many do not realize that this situation can completely destroy the agricultural industry and natural resources as a result cause the loss of jobs. It also impacts food sustainability of a country. It is therefore important to note that when we travel to other parts of the world and Puerto Rico, the transport certain agricultural products such as fresh flowers, plants, seeds or even handicrafts made of palm leaves, can cause truly devastating effects. However, prevent these damages is very simple, we just follow the rules and policies of the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

It is in our hands to take precautionary measures in order to help protect agriculture, the environment, and forests of Puerto Rico and the United States of these invasive species that can consume and kill many species of trees and crops.

There are also some products that are prohibited to the United States. These are mangoes, citrus leaves, fresh pigeon peas, sweet potatoes, cotton seeds, plants with soil, cactus, etc. When in doubt it is always best to call the local office and check the list of prohibited or restricted products. It is important to note that the same applies to products sent by mail. If you want to make a shipment with fruits, seeds, plants or plant someone in the United States, we urge that you first accessed the website of US Department of Agriculture (USDA for its acronym in English) to find out what is permitted or restricted. They can also call our offices and we will gladly help.

It is very important that we value the natural resources we have. Just as we like to protect the place where we live, we must protect the biodiversity of others. We can only continue to enjoy the places we visited if we decided to do our part to preserve them.

We can all take care of our environment, no matter how small it seems the action we take. So when you see unknown insects or agricultural material signs of damage, they can put their bit and inform USDA APHIS PPQ. This can be done in the section "pests report" on the website of  https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/resources/pests-diseases/hungry-pests/espanol. In other words, USDA needs your help.

Therefore, if your travel plans include a visit to Puerto Rico, the United States Department of Agriculture invites you to joys of adventure and bring back unforgettable memories. The pests can leave. We count on you!

Leyinska U. Wiscovitch is the State Plant Health Director for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. UU. Occupies this position since October 2002. "I love my job, and every day is a new opportunity to learn something different", said Ms. Wiscovitch who, to assume the duties, responsibilities and expectations of this position, has extensive experience accumulated after assuming different roles within the agency. Before assuming the post of director, Ms. Wiscovitch was responsible for overseeing operations and program performance at different levels within the Health Inspection Service Animal and Plant (APHIS for its acronym in English), Plant Protection and Quarantine ( PPQ). The Ms. Wiscovitch holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

Family physicians help patients and families cope with harassment (bullying)

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Stephanie Wilken, American Academy of Family Physicians, (800) 274-2237, extension 5221, swilken@aafp.org

Leawood, Kansas, June 25, 2018 - When the family physician Michael Munger, MD, reaches one of his examining rooms, not always know what to expect. Sees patients from all backgrounds, all ages and all genres. It recently entered the exam room where he found one of his patients, a teenager who call Mitch, sulking in a chair next to her mother. He knows because he's Mitch care since childhood happy without any concern small.

Something happened recently and Mitch mood changed. His grades began to fall, invented excuses not to go to school, and I was not interested in playing lacrosse. Mitch longer felt embarrassed by his size 14 shoes, and now was being harassed because of their acne. In fact, the harassment got so bad I was afraid to report it for fear of reprisals.

Mitch's story is quite common. Harassment (bullying) can happen anywhere and may have different shapes as aggressive and unwanted behavior that includes a real or perceived imbalance of power.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that last year, 20 percent of young people have been victims of bullying on school property, and 16 percent have been victims of electronic harassment. Verbal and social bullying is the most common, followed by physical harassment and cyberbullying. 70 percent of young people reported that their schools there are students who are bullied.

"The experience of being a victim of bullying can have a lasting and devastating effect on people of all ages, but especially children during the formative years," Munger said, who has a family practice in Overland Park, Kansas, and is the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians. "Parents and children sometimes can not solve a problem by themselves, and well ask for help".

Family physicians can help families identify and address the harmful effects of harassment such as physical injury, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Kathleen Eubanks-Meng, DO, a family doctor in Lee's Summit, Missouri, has cared for high school students with symptoms of depression related to bullying online and in person. He said that harassment often arises from envy rising romances of others, or when girls disparage other girls for their height, weight or body type. He has even seen cases where teachers have been the source of harassment or stalking victims themselves.

"Whether insult someone, spreading rumors or excluding someone by the way, children can be cruel without understanding the harm they are inflicting," Eubanks-Meng said. "My job as a family physician is to advocate for my patients. Sometimes this means meeting with school administrators, coordinate orientation sessions, and develop customized plans that include school systems and home support."

Munger and Eubanks-Meng agree that a team-based approach to curb bullying can produce positive results, but emphasize the need to seek early help and be consistent. In doing so, it sends a message to the harasser that the behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

For more information on how to prevent and deal with bullying (bullying), visit  https://familydoctor.org/helping-kids-deal-bullies/, and a press kit in  https://www.aafp.org/media-center/kits/bullying-media-kit.html

More Americans rely on family doctors than any other medical specialty.  To learn more about the AAFP and family medicine, visit  https://www.aafp.org/media-center.html.  For information about health care, health conditions and wellness, visit the award - winning consumer website of the AAFP,  https://familydoctor.org/

SoloProtect launch revolutionary new device for lone workers

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Jenny Dunne, 972.350.7751, jenny.dunne@soloprotect.com

Camcorder body brings innovation to protect lone workers

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Coppell, Texas, June 22, 2018 - SoloProtect, international security for lone worker company is launching a key added to its product offering with SoloProtect ID Pro , a new highly innovative product in the space of apparatus for lone worker. ID Pro offer the most comprehensive platform for the safety of the lone worker, and give users the option of downloading videos for faster verification when receiving a message from Red Alert, receiving risk message sent depending on the location and indoor location capabilities powered by Bluetooth and WiFi. SoloProtect will make a joint announcement this month in two events: The Safety & Health Expo (Exhibition of Occupational Safety and Health) and IFSEC International, to be held at ExCeL, London, from 19 to 21 June.

The announcement ID Pro crown a very exciting year for SoloProtect. This release reflects the way many employers may have wide-ranging applications for lone workers and diverse needs regarding the protection of personnel and business. SoloProtect ID Pro is designed in that sense, but also offers genuine innovation in the market for lone workers who traditionally addressed, since the birth of the industry, the lone worker risk - based audio solutions.

While it is a device for solo (lone worker device, LWD) special functionality Video ID Pro also makes it a device body camcorder (Body Worn Video, BWV), but with a greater focus on their suitability to civil applications where testing video downloads and discretion are a requirement. It is the smallest and lightest BWV device market, and since it is designed as an identity card, it is easy to integrate with clothes and can regardless of their ability to use video, as needed.

John Broady, CEO of SoloProtect said: "Our trip to take SoloProtect ID Pro to market is an enormously important to our business step has largely been part of our focus to provide a tangible experience and high quality from the start to the. lone worker, both for our existing customer base to generate more interest in a greater number of applications for lone worker and sub-sector that would benefit from this solution. "

The ability to download video and audio directly to their respective Monitoring Center SoloProtect during an alarm gives SoloProtect ID Pro several distinct advantages over traditional BWV devices:

*Video recording ID Pro is not "always on", allowing a shorter range of the device but also makes it more accessible and not cumbersome as a lone worker to integrate it into their daily attire. With a weight of 103g, ID Pro is the lightest discharge device BWV there.
*Live video downloads Monitoring Center SoloProtect during a red alert. The possibility of comprehensive verification of video (with audio event) gives the operator full description of an event and better intelligence scenarios in which the tone and discernable timbre does not reflect the level of threat or an unknown weapon. This will substantially speed up the response to a given incident.

*SoloProtect ID Pro is a product for privacy BWV accessible recording implementation of user defined mainly focused on threats within the personal space of the lone worker.
*SoloProtect manages data for the customer resulting video. The customer is not the need to review the systems or infrastructure that generates the need to store large amounts of video or having to deal with problems related to writing and erasing. SoloProtect gives the customer a related only to his "Red Alert" real video, and write, store and erase, meeting the stringent requirements reflected in our privacy policy, drafted regarding the handling Data Protection.

SoloProtect announcement ID Pro is the first global launch of a product that the company in 2018, and is expected to be available in all operating markets early in the fourth quarter of 2018. SoloProtect provides solutions to lone workers in more than ten countries, and continues to advocate greater empowerment of lone workers, better support mechanisms and a review for managers, and higher ROI metrics for top executives.

In addition, SoloProtect ID Pro offers the use of Bluetooth Beacons and is enabled with WiFi finder to assist in the location of lone workers when in indoor environments where to establish the precise location can be problematic especially in a big place or in a multi-storey building. A network of beacons (beacons), existing or new, can be administered in SoloProtect Insights, and in case of "Red Alert", the Monitoring Center SoloProtect may request a response based on the location taken by the most recent beacon or point network detected.

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You can also implement risk messaging (Risk Messaging) delivered via ID Pro for lone employee manager using SoloProtect Insights, manually and automatically when shooting by location. It can be used to keep something more serious (the knowledge of an incident with police involvement in a specific area of ​​a city) about the situation (eg a warning of severe weather situation) staff, or.

The extended functionality within SoloProtect ID Pro also has close links with additional options to be implemented in SoloProtect Insights, the Portal Customer Involvement of the company. New features allow managers lone employees create parameters for messaging as risk and manages a network of Bluetooth Beacons along with additional analysis, providing comprehensive and actionable information that summarizes the ROI.

For more information about SoloProtect ID Pro, please visit  https://www.newgenbwv.com/uk/

Telemundo statement regarding the separation of families

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By Krystyna Hall, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, 305-213-8121, Krystyna.Hall@nbcuni.com

Miami, June 20, 2018 - With regard to the separation of families at the border, Telemundo issued the following statement:

"Telemundo is scandalized with the current situation in the US border and urges our government to prevent officials separaren families. The current policy of separation of families is an affront to human and contrary to the principles decency and values ​​on which this country was founded. the government has the power to rescind this policy and it must do so immediately. "

About NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises: NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises is a media company world-class industry leader in the production and distribution of high quality content in Spanish for Hispanics in the United States and the public around the world. This multi-platform portfolio of rapid growth is made by Telemundo and Telemundo Station Group, Telemundo Sports, Telemundo Studios Global, a unit of Universe and Digital Business and Emerging Business. Telemundo offers original content in Spanish entertainment, news and sports that reaches 94% of Hispanic households in the United States in 210 markets through 27 local stations, 51 affiliates and national landmark. Telemundo also owns WKAQ, a television network that serves viewers in Puerto Rico.

What such a disgrace..... Absolute unity is the key

By William Hawk / Facebook

June 20, 2018 - The citizens better unite against the tyranny before the citizens themselves are the ones in dog kennels.

Believe it or not, the people have more power than they're led to believe.....

H & M donates $ 200,000 to the San Jorge Children 's Foundation

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire.   Photos by Gladys Vega/Getty Images for H&M
By Patrick Shaner, Patrick.Shaner@hm.com, 646 336. 3200

Hector Rodriguez (H&M Store Manager) poses as part of H&M reopen at The Mall Of San Juan on June 7, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

New York, June 12, 2018 - In honor of the reopening of its store at The Mall of San Juan, H & M is proud to make a donation of $ 200,000 to the San Jorge Children 's Foundation.

Photos 2, 3 & 4:  Employees pose as part of H&M reopen at The Mall Of San Juan on June 7, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In advance of the reopening on June 7, his shop in The Mall of San Juan in San Juan, Puerto Rico, H & M support the local community through the Foundation for Children San Jorge. H & M was initially associated with the non-profit GLAM4GOOD organization, donating more than 2,000 items of clothing for a "pop-up" shop complimentary Children's Hospital San Jorge on May 23, to patients and their families, as well as for doctors and nurses of the hospital. Based on this initial scope, revenues from sales of both local H & M in Puerto Rico between 7 and 10 June were donated to the Foundation for Children San Jorge, adding a donation of $ 200,000.

"We are pleased to help the local community in Puerto Rico with this donation to the Children's Foundation San Jorge," said Daniel Kulle, president of H & M in North America. "We are also happy to re-open our first store on the island for our customers and employees."

H & M opened its first store in Puerto Rico in The Mall of San Juan on June 9, 2016 and its second store in Plaza del Sol in Bayamon on 1 September of the same year. The company currently employs about 50 people on the island of Puerto Rico and is proud to support the local community.

The GLAM4GOOD Foundation is a nonprofit organization that creates and celebrates the social impact and empowerment through the beauty and style. The Foundation partners with non-profit organizations, media and fashion brands and beauty to provide makeovers life-changing gifts of clothing and initiatives beauty and fashion that reinforce the confidence to everyday heroes and people in need.

Stephanie Moore, head of San Jorge Children's Foundation poses with patient of San Jorge Children Hospital as part of H&M reopen at The Mall Of San Juan on June 7, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The San Jorge Children's Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to health and well-being of children in Puerto Rico in order to help improve the quality of life of patients. The foundation is committed to providing services to needy families and has a network of more than 1,500 active patients.

For more information about GLAM4GOOD:  https://glam4good.com/

For more information about the San Jorge Children 's Foundation:  http://www.fundacionsanjorge.org/

Line of customers in the H&M reopen at The Mall Of San Juan on June 7, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

About the location of The Mall of San Juan: H & M, Hennes & Mauritz (H & M) in The Mall of San Juan is located at 1000 The Mall of San Juan Blvd, San Juan, PR 00924 . You can contact the store by phone at (855) 466-7467. Store hours will be Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 am - 9:00 pm and Sunday from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Montefiore get national recognition for focusing attention on patients, not only in their cancers

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By Tracy Gurrisi, 718-920-8274, tgurrisi@montefiore.org

Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care achieved the highest recognition for research and assistance

New York, June 19, 2018  - The Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care has achieved one of the highest honors for a cancer center: the three - year accreditation "Gold Level" of the Commission cancer (CoC, its acronym in English) of A merican College of Surgeons. This is one of the most respected designations nationwide in assisting cancer patients. It is a reflection not only of the excellent clinical care and medical outcomes, but also a social and emotional support unprecedented patients facing a diagnosis of cancer.

Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care

"Our focus is not only cancer, but the patient and the support system available," says Shalom Kalnicki, MD, professor and chair of the Department of Radiology Oncology, Montefiore Einstein, and chairman of the Cancer Committee. "When you work at the Albert Einstein Cancer Center (a center recognized by the National Cancer Institute, and supported at the highest level by Montefiore Einstein) you have a number of ongoing investigations unprecedented to identify and address all aspects of the disease, including obstacles to the reintegration of patients as productive members of society. "

For a cancer program for the voluntary accreditation of the CoC, must meet or exceed 34 quality standards of medical care, undergo an assessment every three years and maintain standards of excellence in the quality of patient care, including prevention, education, research and survival. Evaluators praised Montefiore investigations in areas such as breast cancer and bone marrow transplant. Montefiore was also celebrated for its extensive programs on stress, and their educational work on the collection and sharing of data from the community.

"High marks the CoC are an illustrative example of our level of commitment to optimal medical service for all , " said Linda Fisher, director of the Cancer Registry Services. " I could not be prouder of our team, which included our patients and their loved ones. They are on the frontlines against cancer and all the side effects and stress that this entails. Its value inspita us all days to provide an absolutely optimal medical care. "

Montefiore and becomes part of an exclusive group of accredited centers and recognition of three years. In addition, just get the "Award of Excellence" (Outstanding Achivement Award) with which the CoC recognizes the quality of medical care. Only 6% of the programs designated by CoC surveyed in 2017 obtained the Excellence Award.

Established in 1922 by the American College of Surgeons, the CoC is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving medical outcomes and quality of life of cancer patients. This is achieved by setting appropriate standards and through prevention, research, education and monitoring of comprehensive quality care. More information:  https://www.facs.org/quality-programs/cancer

More information about the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care in http://www.montefiore.org/cancer%20o%20llame%20al%20718-862-8840 or call 718-862-8840 .

Presenter Natalia Denegri MegaTV presents the award - winning short film "Hope" about Hurricane Maria

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Vladimir Gomez, vgomez@sbscorporate.com, (786) 470-1644

The documentary nominated for three awards will be presented worldwide in "Now with Oscar Haza" at 8 exclusive pm/7c only MegaTV

Miami, June 12, 2018  - The leading presenter Natalia Denegri and Hassenfeld Family Foundation with MegaTV present the acclaimed short film "Hope" by the producer Trinitus Productions, with the company EPIC in motion, Alain Maiki and Henry zakka. The short film highlights the Puerto Ricans lived by children and elderly after the destruction of Hurricane Mary in 2017. "Hope" is the only thing they have left millions of people on the island. The short documentary highlights the needs of the community and shows personal and tragic of those seeking medical care in the United States stories. The appointment is tonight Tuesday, June 12 at 8:00 pm (EST) / 7:00 pm (CT) in "Now with Oscar Haza". The prominent journalist Oscar Haza offered his helping hand with Natalia to bring supplies to the Island of Enchantment after Hurricane.

The short film tells the disaster caused by Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico and all the intimacy of solidarity trip that Denegri, by the Hassenfeld Foundation from the United States, with two humanitarian aircraft which led basic elements of survival and medicines to the victims. It also shows how they managed to move several sick people to Miami, where they received proper treatment to save their lives.

The shocking images are accompanied by a soundtrack orchestra that allows the viewer to feel the sensations experienced by each of them during this trip, transforming it into a unique experience.

"Hope is the documentary one of the moments of life that most touched me. Being able to help the people of Puerto Rico by the Hassenfeld family was unique. The fact that the short has been nominated and three film festivals as important, and that will allow many people to see what we did, raises my wishes and inspires me to continue to help, "Denegri, who was highlighted by the United States Congress for this assistance to Puerto Rico and was just named said one of the 25 most powerful US by People magazine in Spanish for his humanitarian work Latinas.

"Hope" earned three nominations at international festivals Manhattan Film Festival, Film Festival and Awards Utah, both of the United States, and the International Filmmaker Festival in Nice, France.

Remember have an appointment today! June 12 with Natalia Denegri today "Now with Oscar Haza" at 8pm (EST) / 7 pm (CT) by MegaTV. "Warriors Hearts" program led by Natalia Denegri not to be missed Saturdays at 8pm in Miami, Florida, and nationwide Tuesday at 4pm (EST) / 1: 00pm (PST).

Get to Toronto Latin hottest celebration of Canada!

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By Bruna Aloe | Director of Communications and Marketing 416.744.5745 | bruna@salsaintoronto.com

The award - winning TD Salsa festival in Toronto announces its schedule for July 2018. 
FREE TD Salsa on St. Clair - Saturday & Sunday July 7 July 8

Toronto, June 11, 2018 - Salsa Festivals Canadian organization Project announces the programming hottest Latin party in Canada: the festival award - winning TD Salsa in Toronto , to be held during the month of July. The most important event of the festival will be TD Salsa on St Clair which will include the participation of international artists from countries such as Panama and Colombia.

As part of the program, the TD Salsa festival in Toronto will display the Colombian visual artist Mao Correa, parties and free salsa classes that serve as a prelude to the 14th annual TD Salsa on St. Clair on July 7 and 8.

Latino festival fun arrives this summer on its 14th anniversary to turn Toronto into a dance floor and feel the Latin heat. TD Salsa on St. Clair is a family holiday where you can enjoy professional dance shows, but also ... join the party! There will be live music, folk dances of Latin America, free classes for beginners, traditional cuisine and entertainment for children.

"Through The Ready Commitment, TD is proud to sponsor Salsa in Toronto and celebrate the largest Latin festival in Canada. We have supported this event since 2014, because we recognize that cultural festivals have the power to unite and educate ourselves on the other. salsa in Toronto offers music and dance experiences that open the doors to a more inclusive and sustainable future by connecting diverse communities and ensuring that all feel part, "said Andrea Barrack, vice president of Global Corporate Citizenship at TD Bank Group.

"Being a Canadian ambassador lifestyle, music, dance, arts and Latin gastronomy, the mission of the Canadian Salsa Festivals Project (CSFP), a nonprofit organization, is to show the rich diversity of Canada and the contributions of various groups multicultural and communities to Canadian society, "said executive director of CSFP, Marana Bayon-on. "Our goal is to celebrate the best of Latin culture in Canada, enjoyed by 1.8 million Spanish speakers in the country, and all Canadians interested in the Latino lifestyle," he added.

"As the company's most influential Canadian multicultural media, TLN Media Group is proud to be the official sponsor of the festival every year since its inception in 2005," said TLN President Media Group, Aldo Di Felice. "TD TD Salsa Salsa in Toronto and St. Clair are excellent examples of how TLN Media Group has joined cultures and communities on television, telling their stories for over 35 years. What started as a two-day event organized by TLN together Hillcrest Village BIA, is now a national celebration, "he added.

Join the party on 7 and 8 July and Dance with us!  Visit  http://www.salsaintoronto.com/ for details.

Alert to prevent entry of invasive pests from Puerto Rico

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Mercy Padilla, 202-360-4112, mercy.padilla@hcnmedia.com

Bring memories but not pests!

Washington, June 12, 2018 - The Inspection Service Animal and Plant Health (APHIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched an awareness campaign for hundreds of thousands of people who visit Puerto Rico to stop the spread of invasive pests in their return trips or tourism mainland.

The USDA prohibits or restricts the entry of certain agricultural products from Puerto Rico to US mainland. UU., Including fresh fruits and vegetables and certain types of plants and flowers. That is because these items could harbor pests or invasive disease.

Invasive pests can cause millions of dollars in damages, costly eradication efforts, loss of business income and an increase in food prices. It takes only a fruit or a plant that is carrying a pest or disease to cause all this damage. Therefore, it is important to know those items or agricultural products that are not allowed to mail, ship or transport.

It is in our hands to take precautionary measures in order to help protect agriculture, the environment, and forests of Puerto Rico and the United States of these invasive species that can consume and kill many species of trees and crops.

Before leaving Puerto Rico passengers must present to the USDA inspector at the airport all food, plants and other agricultural items they plan to carry in your luggage. If your items are permitted, the inspector will check to make sure they do not have pests and diseases.

Under federal law is restricted the movement of some agricultural products and others will require to be treated or processed according to USDA regulations.

APHIS encourages travelers to know the guidelines established to transport agricultural products to the United States by visiting 
https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/resources/pests-diseases/hungry-pests/?utm_campaign=crosby-2017&utm_source=hungrypests-com&utm_medium=redirect&utm_keyword=home and get information and tips when traveling. It is also important that people who think transporting fruit, vegetables or plants know to contact their local USDA office for additional details.

Aguada: (787) 986-7240
Aguadilla: (787) 931-7900
Carolina: (787) 710-7443 or (787) 710-7282
Ponce: (787) 709-4957
San Juan: (787) 919-0585

Goya makes initial donation of three tons of food for victims of the volcano in Guatemala

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Natalie J. Maniscalco, 845.659.6506 / natalie@retromedianyc.com

Jersey City, New Jersey, June 11, 2018 - Goya Foods, the food company's largest Hispanic-owned US makes an initial donation of three tons of Goya products, including beans, meat and canned vegetables, for victims of the volcano in Guatemala.

Goya makes initial donation of three tons of food for victims of the volcano in Guatemala (PRNewsFoto / Goya Foods)

"It was devastating for the people of Guatemala time and are working diligently with officials and organizations to ensure that people who need it most directly receive food," said Joe Perez, Senior Vice President of Goya Foods. "Our thoughts and prayers are addressed to all those affected by the volcano and we thank all those who are helping to make this donation possible."

The donation is part of Goya Gives, an organization committed to promoting and supporting the general welfare of communities through social responsibility national initiative, environmental initiatives and values of the company. Goya has always played an active role in providing food donations in times of crisis, including the donation of latest food company to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, as well as international donations in Mexico, Haiti, Chile, Peru and El Salvador, among others.

About GOYA: Founded in 1936, Goya Foods, Inc. is the largest food company owned by Hispanics in the United States, and has established itself as a leader in Latin American food and condiments. Goya manufactures, packages and distributes over 2,500 high - quality food of Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Goya products have their roots in the culinary traditions of Hispanic communities around the world. The combination of authentic ingredients, robust seasonings and convenient preparation makes Goya products ideal for every taste and every table. For more information on Goya Foods, please visit https://www.goya.com/en/

Istituto Marangoni Miami announces winner of the inaugural award for academic excellence

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Cece Feinberg / Sabrina Gaggia, Cece Feinberg Public Relations, E cece@feinbergpr.com / sabrina@feinbergpr.com , T (212) 939-7265 / (305) 532-3467

Destiny Charles, senior High School of Design and Architecture (Design and Architecture Senior High School - DASH) is the first student to win the scholarship of $ 72,000.00

Miami, June 5, 2018 - Istituto Marangoni Miami, considered one of the top ten fashion colleges in the world, named Destiny Charles, senior DASH, the inaugural winner of the new scholarship Academic Excellence Scholarship of the prestigious university. Launched this year, the goal of the scholarship is to promote and support excellence in education and design through financial support to the enrollment of a student on the campus of Miami. The scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates the ability and potential to make an exceptional fashion industry and the surrounding community contribution.

Massimo Casagrande, Destiny Charles, Pablo Arbelaez

"We are proud of Destiny to win the prestigious scholarship Istituto Marangoni," said the director of DASH Fashion Design, Giovanna Sorondo program. Outstanding in art, design and academic level, positive attitude, along with a sense of purpose, become a very successful college student.

Destiny grew up in a family that works in the fashion business, encouraging his emerging talent for design. His designs are inspired by social issues and topics that wants attention, exploring the contents of your heart and Caribbean heritage.

There were six finalists were evaluated on their academic performance, fashion portfolio and community service by teaching staff of the School of Design and Architecture, and Massimo Casagrande, Director of Education Istituto Marangoni.

"We are delighted to be the new incubator of talent to support and further develop young artists and make this dynamic city's new fashion center for the Americas," said the president of Marangoni campus, Hakan Baykam.

The two schools not only share an endless passion for art and design, but also share a connection with Colombia's world-renowned designer Esteban Cortazar, who graduated from DASH and now a member of the advisory board of the Istituto Marangoni in Miami .

Istituto Marangoni on:  Istituto Marangoni was founded in Italy in 1935. The school currently has nine international campus and is one of the largest educational institutions of fashion, with a student body of over 4000 students. Its famous alumni include Domenico Dolce and Franco Moschino. Through its Inter-school project, students can move between campus while completing special tasks in Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Mumbai and Miami.

AUDIT NOW: Campaign launching in New York

By Frente Ciudadano por la Auditoría de la Deuda, auditoriayapr=gmail.com@mail151.wdc02.mcdlv.net

Web:  http://www.auditoriaya.org/

Colombia, the guest of honor at the Miami Fashion Week 2018

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Ismael Trivino, 786-282-7197, ietrivino@procolombia.co

Under the slogan "Colombia is the best kept secret of the Americas', the South American country will star in the MFW 2018 from May 30 to June 3. The momentum of the Colombian fashion abroad, their design, creativity and quality are the factors that make today is in the eyes of the world.

Miami, May 30, 2018 - Colombia is positioned as the factory designers of Latin America, is a country where sophistication and luxury are evident in the innovation of its companies in the Fashion System. Dishes inspired by the tropics for luxury consumer arrives Colombia to Miami Fashion Week 2018. A total of five designers with high international profile as Daniella Batlle, Lina Cantillo, Carolina Estefan, Goretty Medina and Divine Chastity will be on the fashion platform more cross between American and Latin American culture.

ProColombia, government entity that promotes non-mining-energy exports, tourism and investment, will lead the participation in the event with the slogan "Colombia is the best kept secret of the Americas'. "The Colombian design has managed to mix creativity inspired by the country's biodiversity, respect for natural resources and support for vulnerable communities, so we consider our indutria fashion as a worthy gem show," said Felipe Jaramillo, ProColombia president.

Miami Fashion Week is very important for positioning Colombia as a supplier of fashion for the US and Latin America scenario. The United States is already the most important Colombian industry exports destination. In 2017, Colombia exported US $ 286.4 million in this sector to the American market taking advantage of the tariff benefits of the FTA between the two countries.

The biggest dinosaur ever discovered arrives at the Field Museum

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By media@fieldmuseum.org , 312.665.7100

Chicago, May 2018 / 31 - This week, the Field Museum in Chicago presented the cast of the largest dinosaur ever discovered so far, and is called Maximus. The cast of 122 feet (37 meters) long, which can be played, occupies a third of the Stanley Field Hall, the main hall of the museum, and his head looks out over the balcony on the second floor, 28 feet tall. The titanosaurus, a recently discovered dinosaur in Argentina is called Maximum up to its enormous size and his Argentina homeland. Max will not be alone, since, as part of the substantial renovation of the museum of its iconic Stanley Field Hall, will be joined this week by life-size replicas of a flock of giant flying reptiles, as well as modern hanging gardens. These additions will transform the living room as part of the 125th anniversary of the Field Museum.

Meet Maximus, a mold of the skeleton of the largest dinosaur ever discovered at the Field Museum in Chicago. © Field Museum

"As an institution, we aim to offer visitors the best possible experience regarding dinosaurs, and we want to start from the moment visitors set foot for the first time the Stanley Field Hall," said Richard Lariviere, president of the Field Museum. "The new titanosaurus is huge and looks incredibly well at Stanley Field Hall. This is the perfect place to show the world's largest dinosaur."

The new dinosaur is a mold created from fossil bones Patagotitan mayorum, a giant long-necked herbivore that lived in what is now Argentina and belongs to a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs. The mold is the only Patagotitan in the world that visitors can touch and even walk under it, and only the second presented in an exhibition. Together with the mold skeleton titanosaurus some of its real bones, including a femur 8 feet long are also shown. Maximum pink tone matches the color of authentic fossils, which acquired the reddish color due to the red clay earth where they were found.

The flock of pterosaurs (flying reptiles and were not dinosaurs) accompanying Máximo give visitors a realistic impression of the animals that shared the planet with dinosaurs. Pterosaurs also serve as a tool for guidance from Stanley Field Hall to the rest of the dinosaurs and the new home of SWE in the permanent exhibition The Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet. The largest of the pterosaurs have a wingspan of 32 feet, the length of a school bus.

Max, flying reptiles, gardens, and renovations to SUE T. rex (which are being subjected to scientific updates before submission in its new gallery with the other dinosaurs museum in early 2019 have been made possible by the generous donation of $ 16.5 million by Kenneth C. Griffin, CEO of Citadel, and are just the beginning of revolutionary changes that will take place at the museum this year. "over the years, my children and I have been amazed and have greatly enjoyed our visits to the Field Museum, "says Griffin." I am proud to support such an outstanding institution so that children and their families to understand and appreciate better the dinosaurs and their history."

Video:  How is armed to the world's largest dinosaur? And summarizes four days of work in less than a minute. © Field Museum:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht3EQrpOpko

For more information, visit us at  https://www.fieldmuseum.org/

Samaritan's Purse supports Puerto Rico in its long - term recovery

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Scott Knuteson, sknuteson@demoss.com, 770.317.0499 & Jessica Brown, jbrown@demoss.com, 404.545.8944

The plan includes repairing churches and houses and a new power source for a community hard hit

Maria Martinez Burgos (daughter), Cecilia Burgos (mom, 88 years old, homeowner) and Cecilia Diaz Martinez (granddaughter) pose for a photo inside their house, which was the first home in Puerto Rico to receive solar power from Samaritan’s Purse. The organization plans to complete solar projects for 100 such homes in Yabucoa.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 30, 2018 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - As hurricane season approaches, people in Puerto Rico are still suffering the effects of devastating storms last year - Irma and Maria. For this reason the international Christian relief organization Samaritan's Purse has announced a recovery plan multi-year project to rehabilitate more than 390 homes and 55 churches in central and southern Puerto Rico.

" It is important that people of Puerto Rico know that they are not forgotten, that God loves them, " said Franklin Graham , president of Samaritan's Purse. "We've been on the ground in Puerto Rico since the day that Hurricane Maria reached the island, and we will continue helping them rebuild their lives."

Samaritan’s Purse Solar Energy Program Manager Zachary Sprau works with staff member Jon Reichert to install the first solar panels on a home in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, owned by an 88-year-old woman who has suffered four strokes and needs reliable power for a refrigerator that preserves crucial medications.

The organization also plans a solar energy project necessities for 100 homes in Yabucoa, one of the hardest hit areas on the island, where residents still affected by rolling blackouts.

The teams begin to install solar units this summer. The solar project is the first of its kind for the group relief. The installation process takes a long time to supply enough electricity for a small house, enough including electricity to run a fridge, which is very important when there is no electricity because it will help residents keep their prescription drugs and prevent sensitive foods temperature spoil.

Pastor Jorge Sosa of Iglesias de Dios Mission Board says he is thankful to Samaritan's Purse for promising to rebuild his church in Ponce.


Interviews remotely or in person with disaster relief specialists in Puerto Rico
Central and southern Puerto Rico: reconstruction efforts with local churches and houses
Yabucoa: installing a solar energy project

STATISTICS OF PUERTO RICO - The help of Samaritan's Purse post Hurricane Maria

Samaritan's Purse is repairing Iglesia Cristiana Carismática Monte De Sión in Puerto Rico, one of more than 55 churches the organization plans to repair on the island.

More than 1,900 kits generators
75,000 tarpaulins, helping households to stay dry until permanent repairs made
34,000 boxes of groceries, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency
Over 6,000 sunlamps
24.000 Sawyer water filters
1,400,000 tablets for water purification
Tens of thousands of drums and pails used to carry water
1,540 Bibles
3,100 people served by 67 free mobile medical clinics

Samaritan's Purse landed in the remote area of Orocovis, Puerto Rico, to distribute a generator kit to a family without access to electricity.

756 helicopter trips to transport tons of food, supplies and personnel to remote or inaccessible areas
In addition to the 1,900 kits and generators have been distributed on the island in April, Samaritan's Purse dispatched another 500 kits generator, including a generator, oil, a fuel canister and solar lights. The kits are being distributed to vulnerable families still without electricity in remote areas of the central part of Puerto Rico.


Samaritan's Purse dispatched first teams of specialists in disaster response to several immediately following Caribbean islands to Irma and Maria hurricanes to provide medical aid and distribute food, materials for emergency shelter, clean water, hygiene kits and solar lights needy families.

Samaritan's Purse distributed more than 75,000 tarps to families in Puerto Rico. This heavy-duty tarp is highly visible on rooftops of homes in the southern region of the island.

During the weeks and months ahead , the cargo plane DC-8 organization made 44 trips back and forth from North Carolina to the Caribbean, carrying more than 1,000 tonnes of emergency relief supplies and key personnel. With the completion of the emergency response phase, the organization is now sending additional supplies on barges, with more than 2,000 tons of aid sent by air and sea to the Caribbean to date. Many provisions have been obtained locally as well.

In addition to distributing relief supplies, the organization established 16 points of clean water throughout the Caribbean that provided permanent sources of clean water.

Video:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/demosspr/video_source/RF-180414_Puerto_Rico_B-roll%20(1).mp4

The 16th. annual FedEx / St. Jude Angels & Stars brings one night with the style of the 1950s and the classic glamor of Miami south Florida and collects a million dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Alex Flores, ALSAC, organizing fundraising and awareness for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, office (901) 572-6905; cell (901) 229-7757, Alex.flores@stjude.org ; Media contact the venue: Susan Stipcianos, The Dream Team Agency, Cell (786) 683-6749, susan@dtapr.com

Julia Rodriguez, María Elena Salinas y Victoria, paciente de St. Jude, en la 16a. gala FedEx St. Jude Angels & Stars

Miami, May 21, 2018 - The community of South Florida joined against childhood cancer on Saturday 19 May, when 500 guests filled the Grand Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel in the center Miami to celebrate the 16th. gala annual FedEx / St. Jude Angels & Stars . Philanthropists, influential personalities and celebrities gathered to pay tribute to the real stars: patients and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ® . This annual event, chaired by Javier Polit, president and chief information officer of The Procter & Gamble Company, raises funds to ensure that families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, transportation, lodging or food, because the only concern a family should be helping their children to live.

Maria Elena Salinas, television journalist, news anchor and author, called "The Voice of Hispanic America" ​​by The New York Times, received the Lifetime Achievement Award FedEx / St. Jude Angels & Stars 2018 for its outstanding commitment to the community.

"My mission has always been to inform and empower my community, and I am very happy to also share the wonderful stories of courage and inspiration of St. Jude; this is a real honor which I accept with the greatest responsibility," says Salinas.

Monica Rabassa, vice president of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Univision Communications also received an award for its historic commitment to the families of St. Jude. This event was co-founded in 2002 by the model and businesswoman Daisy Fuentes. Since then, Miami Gala has raised more than US $ 7 million.

"These events are very important for us to continue raising awareness and raising funds for our mission of saving lives throughout the United States and beyond," said Richard Shadyac Jr., president and CEO of ALSAC, organizing fundraising and awareness of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "We congratulate Maria Elena and Monica for their commitment to patients and families of St. Jude, and we appreciate their continued support."

Carlos Ponce, Javier Polit y Karla Monroig en la 16a. gala FedEx St. Jude Angels & Stars

The gala was supported by some of the biggest stars of television and music, including Carlos Ponce, Karla Monroig, Victor Manuelle, Zuleyka Rivera, Ilia Calderon, William Valdes, DJ Mauricio Parra, Sebastián Villalobos, Jorge Bernal, Quique Usales, Boris Izaguirre, Marc Clotet, Candela Ferro, Khotan Fernandez Poncho de Anda, Maky Soler and Federico Diaz, among others.

The sponsors of the gala this year were: FedEx Express, Bancrédito International Bank, Salesforce, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Dell Technologies, CISCO, Softtek, Carnival Foundation, AT & T, C-Comm Group, Accenture, Diario La Americas, Rana Furniture, Clarins and International Dermatology Research.

To join the mission of St. Jude, visit  https://www.stjude.org/

CPSC urges drivers not to use off - road vehicles and ATVs on roads in a new public service announcement

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Washington, May 23, 2018  - As we approach the weekend Soldiers Memorial Day (Memorial Day, by name) and the season when people go to drive your ATV or ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs, by name and acronym), the Safety Commission US Consumer Product (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) is launching a new public service announcement to encourage drivers not to use off-road vehicles on the road. Each year, about 650 deaths and about 100,000 injuries associated with ATVs are reported, according to the Annual Report of the CPSC (in English).

"Even as the laws of your county or city permit to drive an ATV on pavimentas road urge drivers to be cautious and not to use their vehicles off-road in such ways," said Ann Marie Buerkle, acting chairwoman of the CPSC . SUVs are not designed to be driven on paved surfaces; collisions with cars and other vehicles traveling the road can be fatal for drivers of an SUV. "

Almost a third (32%) of reported deaths, or at least 770 deaths (over a period of four years from 2010 to 2013 *) were linked to incidents involving an SUV driven on a road or paved parking. It is important that each driver, whatever their age, know the following:

SUVs or ATV vehicles are designed to operate only on unpaved terrain. This includes recreational vehicles (all-terrain vehicles, ATVs, and recreational off-road vehicles, ROVs), SUVs "side by side" offroad motorcycles and other utility vehicles.

ATVs are difficult to control on paved terrain and the risk is that they can tip over.
In paved terrain, off-road vehicles have a higher risk of crashing into cars, trucks or other vehicles.
In many states, it is illegal to drive off-road vehicles on paved roads.
More than 2,400 deaths related to ATVs were reported over a period of four years from 2010 to 2013, deaths occurring in any type of surface, includyendo paved surfaces. An estimated 430,000 injuries associated with ATVs were treated in emergency during this same period.

Besides knowing the dangers of driving on paved surfaces, drivers should always follow the safety tips below to operate an off-road vehicle:

Always wear a helmet and other protective equipment such as eye protection, boots, gloves, long pants and long sleeves.
Never carry more passengers than the number of seats available. Most ATVs are designed for one driver.
Get practical training from a qualified instructor.
Passengers under 16 must only drive models suitable for young off-road vehicles; never ATVs for adults.

For more information, including deaths by state, visit  https://www.cpsc.gov/Safety-Education/Safety-Education-Centers/ATV-Safety-Information-Center/.

Video:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2qid8gnzc5g5lrj/AAB-Y2vkrm8z3qn-pAyTuuq6a?dl=0&preview=ATV+Safety+30+ENGLISH+Second+Final.mp4

Abbvie donates 100 million dollars to strengthen access to health care and housing in Puerto Rico, devastated by Hurricane

By PR Newswire-Hispanic PR Wire
By Media for Abbvie Doris Torres Torregrosa, +1 (787) 717-9015, doris.torrestorregrosa@Abbvie.com; Media for Habitat for Humanity International: Rowena Sara, +1 (404) 420-6732, rsara@habitat.org or newsroom@habitat.org ; or Media for Direct Relief: Tony Morain, +1 (805) 964-4767, tmorain@directrelief.org

Our partners Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity International will focus primarily on rebuilding the primary health care system and ensure access to affordable housing disaster resistant to residents of the affected communities

North Chicago, Illinois, May 22, 2018 - Abbvie, a global biopharmaceutical company based on research, today announced a donation of $ 100 million to Puerto Rico, to be used in specific projects through two nonprofit organizations, Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity International, to strengthen access to health care and housing on the island. Both organizations will each receive 50 million dollars. This donation joins the more than 4 million dollars contributed Abbvie after natural disasters unprecedented 2017 to the most affected cities in the United States.

"Abbvie has a solid with people of Puerto Rico commitment, it has operations on the island for nearly 50 years. The two hurricanes that occurred in 2017, especially Hurricane Maria, was devastating, but we are proud that, thanks to the vision, determination and continuity of operations carried out by our teams in Puerto Rico, the operation of the company was not affected and patients who rely on our could continue to receive treatment, "said Richard A. Gonzalez, president and chief Abbvie executive. "We greatly appreciate the hard work and commitment of our employees business operations and manufacturing as well as all the people in Puerto Rico, and we hope this announcement today reaffirms and strengthens our longstanding relationship and commitment to the island. Together with Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity, infrastructure build stronger health services and contribute significantly to rebuild homes of Puerto Rican families were severely affected in some of the municipalities where hurricane Maria caused extensive damage and devastation. "

For his part, the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricky Rosselló said that "this important contribution that makes today the company Abbvie with grants that go directly to health and housing, two priorities under